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  1. I am much more active on Discord than on the forum. I often miss notifications here but I'm always active on FASTER's discord server.
  2. This is due to a steamCMD limitation and there is nothing I can do to fix it. SteamCMD is simply unable to download more than 1Gb at a time. I am working on 1.8 to get rid of SteamCMD and switch to a new solution, fixing all issues, hopefully. No ETA sadly. I am having a lot of work with 1.8 release and still much to do before it's done and stable. But when it's out, all DLCs should be suupported. In the meantime, consider using the extra commandline arguments. Also, join the discord, the commuynity might find a solution to your issue
  3. @B.Miller THis is due to a Steam API limitation. You need to increase the value of the SteamProtocolMaxDataSize
  4. (also I hope the admins will pin this topic with the others like FAST2 and TADST)
  5. Sorry for the late reply @CRCError1970 I am much more active on Discord and rarely check the forums Headless limit should increase for next update (1.8). TBH, users rarely use that many HCs so I never thought I'd have to increase the limit
  6. This is not possible without a bit of tweaking. Depending on how the mission is using its database it might be even trickier. Usually, you'll wan to copy the ArmaProfile.vars file from the old profile to the new and rename it. Might work
  7. To answer that, intel says that the button was rarely used by very few users and was quite a buggy feature. I removed it to clear up the UI a bit. You can easily open your profile folder by right-clicking the profile name on the bottom since 1.7. If enough people require that feature again, I will add it back. I haven't see that feature on the wiki. I'll search that a bit and see about it. Should not be difficult to change tho Thanks for all that feedback !
  8. This is an issue I had a few times and yeah, I genuinely have no idea why. I managed to reproduce this bug but I think it's due to RDP. Maybe it's an error when converting the color of the profile names but IDK
  9. New MAJOR release today ! Update 1.7a Changelog : Added : UI Fixes NEW PROFILE SYSTEM FASTER_Maintenance module (check the wiki : https://github.com/Foxlider/FASTER/wiki) Load mods preset from html file into your profile Support of Arma3 Performance Branch Support of Folders ! Now you can load PBOs and Mission folders Support or OPUS Voice CODEX Modified Mod Keys behavior Network Config Presets Sort mods by ID or Name Fixed : Crash when adding a mod with a big ID (int maxValue overflow) Fixed some config glitches Fixed some network glitches NOTE : If you need a 32 bit version, contact me directly IMPORTANT NOTE : Please read the Wiki VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : You will lose all your profiles with this update if you don't run the FASTER_Maintenance Program. GitHub link
  10. ////// IMPORTANT /////// There have been a major delay in the release for 1.7 because of a few glitches that arrived a bit late. These have been fixed and it's been about a week with no bug reports so release should be arriving soon. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE WIKI ABOUT FASTER_Maintenance.exe FOR THE MIGRATION TO THE NEW VERSION OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT LOOSE YOUR PROFILES
  11. Update 1.7 also contains very important fixes about adding mods causing crashes
  12. Brace yourselves ! Tomorrow (or Saturday if I'm late) I will release FASTER 1.7 featuring the new Profile View and the FASTER Maintenance executable A migration procedure is in the latter to easily convert your old 1.6 profiles to 1.7 without losing any data The git repo have also changed : https://github.com/Foxlider/FASTER
  13. My least favorite bug ! From the Discord FAQ channel : 3. FASTER does not start anymore / keeps crashing ! Check in your logs if you are having issues about missing DLLs. The message should look like the following : System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Something.I.Gess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=blahblahblah'. The system cannot find the file specified. This is a known bug. FASTER files are extracted in the temp folder while running and windows likes to "clean" this folder. Current workaround is to set the DOTNET_BUNDLE_EXTRACT_BASE_DIR environment variable to some path such as C:\Users\your_user_name\Documents\Apps\FASTER (refer to #faq n°7 for this procedure). It should prevent Windows from deleting the files. 7. Wait, how do I change Environment Variables ? Search into your Windows Search bar for "Environment" Then Edit your System Environment Variables > Environment Variables... > New... and fill the information like so
  14. It's far from finished but the UI changed a lot and should be *roll drums* FASTER
  15. Sneak peak of the new profile ! For more updates and previews, head to the Discord server.