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  1. Tophes Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST) v3.1.0 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [oops] >>>DOWNLOAD FROM ARMAHOLIC<<< Link if Armaholic is overloaded: HERE =============================================== 1 MINUTE HOW-TO QUICK GUIDE TADST v3.1.0 The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers. This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like. TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments. All necessary files will be created in a folder called 'TADST'. You can save different profiles to easily switch between server setups. In the folder TADST a new folder for each profile will be created. This folder contains all files associated to the profile. INSTALLATION ============= Copy the file 'TADST.exe' to your Arma game folder. * Note that it's important that the file is in the game root folder i.e. C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 * If you are upgrading from an earlier version of TADST you should delete your old TADST folder so the program can create new settings files. You also need to have .NET installed. QUICK START ============= Set up your firewall. To run a dedicated server you must make sure you have set port forwarding correctly in your firewall/router. Normally you need the ports 2302-2305 to be open. Click the port info button to get info on your selected ports. Set Server Name and Server File TADST is set to start the server with default settings so the only two things you need to set to get a server up and running is Server Name and Server File. If you double click the text fields, TADST will try and set appropriate values. FUTURE PLANS ============= Options for allowedFileExtensions, allowedPreprocessFileExtensions, allowedHTMLLoadExtensions, allowedHTMLLoadURIs Options to launch headless clients Steam server update thingy Individual difficulty settings on missions System for setting Mission Parameters. Start as service. Process monitoring, restart server on crash. Remote server/client protocol (probably wont't happen, but hey) SUPPORT TADST ================== I'm doing this for fun and for love to the community, but if you like TADST you can support me by donating some coffee-money. You can also follow my music project Meadows on facebook. That would make me equally happy! THANKS ============= To Bohemia for keeping it real To Australian Tactical Combat League, Rune "TheFlyingCorpse" Darrud, Dave, Bill, Krijn and Rafael for generous donations To Baconeo and James Kingsley for code contribution To The Arma community for everything Östgöta Ops for testing, playing and supporting VERSION HISTORY ================ v3.1.0 - 2017.09.23 (Thanks to Bradon Hall) Fixed: Include 64 bit server exe in file list Fixed: Open RPT for 64 bit server Improved: Add empty allowedVoteCmds when voting disabled v3.0.0 - 2016.06.12 New: Settings for Max Ping, Max Desync, Max Packet Loss, Max Disconnect timeout and Kick Clients On Slow Network. Improved: Updated some tooltips v2.96 - 2016.05.08 Fixed: Critical dependency error where a tiny line made the whole universe implode. Crash fixed. (Thank you sergistark and baconeo for helping me debug). v2.95 - 2016.05.08 New: Added support for autoinit with persistent battlefield Improved: Some minor text errors Fixed: Setting default difficulty now puts correct value in profile v2.91 - 2016.05.07 Fixed: Difficulty bug, causing crash v2.9 - 2016.05.06 New: loopback settings added Fixed: Difficulty settings now reflect the correct properties Improved: Cleaned up UI from unsused difficulty settings v2.8 - 2016.05.02 Fixed: Difficulty system overhaul (Thanks to Baconeo) v2.7 - 2016.01.03 New: Added serverCommandPassword New: Information about which ports to open New: Checkbox to enable Upnp. New: Allowed File Pathing selection New: Headless client settings now have settings for localClient as well. Fixed: Bunch of minor bugs Fixed: HeadlessClient config entries was a bit messed up Removed: Required Secure ID, not used anymore Removed: Steamport settings, not used anymore. Hardcoded from gameport. (expand spoiler for complete history) Please report any bugs, problems, ideas, suggestions, smoothie recipes etc. in this thread
  2. As the title says, im having a problem, and i have not the faintest idea on what. Im a mission creator for my group. Im experiencing that in missions i've made with player slots that has custom loadout i've made through the virtual arsenal in the eden editor, end up being naked when they spawn into the game. It was not always like this, but suddenly a few weeks back - it started. No idea why. This is really annoying, and somewhat game breaking for my missions at the current time - so if anyone has an idea on whats going on here, please help! Its somewhat urgent timewise - we're playing a mission this saturday, and if I dont have a fix till then i'll have to make some really unconvenient workarounds. This is the modlist we're using (steam collection): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1627983524
  3. Greetings, I have been running a dedicated Arma 3 server for about 10-15 players with 32 mods. I've noticed that players weapons, after they were done firing, would continue to fire. For example, if player X fired down range then holstered his rifle, his rifle would continue to fire for all the other players in the server. This happens when there's 2 or more players on the Zeus server without anything else spawned in. Its more so obnoxious when 10-15 players are in a firefight and there is continuous rifle fire even though the battle has ended and everyone is yelling at each other to stop firing. The players on the server all have a ping of 100m/s or lower. The server specs are decent. I've tried running the server without mods to see if this was a mod related issue but found it continued to persist. I've spoken with another community about this issue and they have also experienced the same problem. Anyone know what might be causing this and if there's a way to fix this?
  4. Hi. I am stumped. I want to add color text and an icon to an arsenal action scripted onto a vehicle with a vehicle respawn module. that modules expression field I have added color text and icons to every other action but I can't figure out where to put it here because its not an addAction. Please help out here.
  5. Hi, I put together a script that allows players to choose where the mission AO is going to be. Mark.sqf Works great on local hosted multiplayer, but when it is run on a dedicated server it doesn't connect with EOS and no enemies spawn. I have been through this "not working on a dedicated server" a lot lately and i think "call EOS_Spawn" has something to do with it. remoteExecCall is what I am thinking but I don't know how to do. I am totally green on dedicated server script syntax and functionality. I need help. If anyone who has the knowledge and has the time to help I would really appreciate an explanation and a rewrite on the script to get it functional on a dedicated server.
  6. Hi, I am having a dedicated server issue where I , my character P_1, loses its support calls if I drop to the lobby or log out. The support requester module doesn't have an expression field, so I am lost. I have researched this issue and found a script that one would add to the init.sqf that transfers the support calls when a player teamswitches: Am I on the right track with thinking this is a teamswitch/ transfer supports issue? Please help me.
  7. Hello everyone! I have a problem with scripting for dedicated servers. I have a mission for Multiplayer, but there is an AI bot that should get in a helicopter and fly to some waypoint, land and get out. I used the following script for that and it worked. But I've tried to use it now and it works appropriately only in Eden Editor or hosted server. Please help me what am I doing wrong. Also I'm trying to move an object (hedgehog) with the scripts presented below, but there is a strange behavior. They are rotating before move and are moving with delay. I have this code in init.sqf file Thank you in advance! if (!isServer) then { border1 addAction ["<t color='#0000FF'>Lock western way</t>", { [] call moveToWest; }]; pilot1 addAction ["<t color='#00FF00'>Go!</t>", { [] spawn goToAirport; }]; }; moveToEast = { removeAllActions border1; border1 addAction ["<t color='#0000FF'>Lock western way</t>", { [] call moveToWest; }]; if (!isDedicated) exitWith {}; [30, [], { border1 setPos [11310.616, 5955.567, 0]; border1 setVectorDir [0.152, 0.764, 0]; }, {}, "Moving blocks..."] call ace_common_fnc_progressBar; }; moveToWest = { removeAllActions border1; border1 addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Lock eastern way</t>", { [] call moveToEast; }]; if (!isDedicated) exitWith {}; [30, [], { border1 setPos [11280.235, 5917.037, 0]; border1 setVectorDir [359.389, 2.748, 285.230]; }, {}, "Moving blocks..."] call ace_common_fnc_progressBar; }; goToAirport = { removeAllActions pilot1; if (!isDedicated) exitWith {}; pilot1 assignAsDriver helicopter1; [pilot1] orderGetIn true; waitUntil {pilot1 in helicopter1; }; sleep 5; _grp = group pilot1; _wp1 = _grp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "wmt_west_heli_target", 0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp2 = _grp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "wmt_west_heli_target", 0]; _wp2 setWaypointType "GETOUT"; };
  8. Hey, after looong hours in the editor I found out that the tasks in my mission don't show on my dedicated server. Since I have two seperate player groups, I need to assign the tasks to both groups seperately. Therefore I linked the tasks with the individual group via "Groups of synchronized objects" (I also tried synchronized objects only). But the tasks won't show up while playing on my dedicated server. Running the mission locally it works. When I set the tasks to "all playable units" it works but then all players see all tasks. I tried also to have one unit group as BLUFOR and the other IND and assign the tasks for either side seperately. But for unknown reasons IND don't get the uniforms I equipped them with. So back to the initial idea with synching the tasks.... Any idea to solve that or to bypass this? Thanks!
  9. Hi, i have dedicated server running with ports forwarded in ,router between the machine and internet, the server is internet discoverable, after i'm trying to connect with rCon by the server's internet ip the rCon stucks with this ('s ip), but it looks like it works with local ip. When i'm trying to connect to the server with game it keeps black screen until client kicked for timeout Would highly appreciate any help edit: ports used are default, so all the 5 symbols numbers randomly issued by router's DHCP server i guess. windows,router 's firewalls and antivirus have no effect on this
  10. Hello! My recent and ever existing problem was that whenever I try to host a server ( as basic the basic method of ingame multiplayer/host a server/ ) none of my friends seemed to find it, either by direct connecting or searching for it in the server browser. I also tried it with port forwarding, which didn't work either, not even with a static IP, not even configuring my ESET security program. So then a couple of days ago I tried again, basically went through the same process to get the same results, so I moved onto making a dedicated server (hoping that it could be reached ), following this guide : I did everything "by the book" (using Arma 3 server tool, setting it up, etc...) , but the UPNP never got enabled so the server is not visible for the public (...and neither for me for reasons unkown at this point) even though I fixed the problem with the mismatch of steamappid (by alternating it to the expected volume) . So as of now I would like to ask for experienced help in the matter of making at least this dedicated server up and going...! Current things I have tried to make UPNP enabled (recently) : - checking IF it WAS enabled (both in my router and my security system) : IT WAS ENABLED - Setting up a rule for Eset Internet Security to enable the given ports needed for Arma 3 (server tool) to work with (still UPNP was not enabled when running the server) Previously with a friend of mine we have also tried to use Hamachi in order to be able to connect to each other via the default (or listening server/ basic ingame) server hosting method, but it failed even after several attempts, as the server/ game I hosted never showed up in the "LAN" part of the server browser (either ingame or at the launcher). I hope someone will be so kind and resource to be able to help me, but I'm thanking in advance for any help and suggestions! I am trying to be as fast at answering as possible (as I would like to solve this problem ASAP)
  11. Hi, I'm not sure how much control BIS has over this but it thought it would be nice if we could download workshop mods without owning arma3. I'm currently trying to automate a dedicated server on a shared box, so no one wants to put their own steam credentials in the scripts. A new steam account lets me download the server, but I can't get the mods because this new account doesn't own the game. Can this issue be solved on Bohemia's end somehow? Do I have other alternatives to keep my mods up to date with steam workshop? Thanks! BobChaos on behalf of the A3-Antistasi Official Community
  12. I have an issue with my server that causes the loading sequence to be wrong in regards to how quickly the "remove all objects" module functions. I presume that the loading sequence is the issue anyways, considering that the vehicles that are placed in those areas become destroyed because of the objects that were intended to be removed, but were removed too slowly. Does anyone have any idea of how to resolve this issue? I'm running the mission through a dedicated server.
  13. I've been racking my brain on this for a week now and can't figure this out, I'm trying to launch a dedicated server with about 40 steam workshop mods that we transferred over to a seperate box using steamcmd and copy/paste. Here is the command line and here is our most recent .RPT
  14. So, as the title suggests i'm having a problem getting self-made missions to work on a dedicated server. I can't figure out why this is happening and it's really begininng to frustrate me, it's also hard to test these kinds of things for other reasons but let me run down this first. I know the mission works on my pc, I know it works on someone elses pc with the same mods. The Dedi-server is running the same mods collection both of the other pc's are running, however for some reason the "role selection" appears blank on the dedicated server. This is driving me nuts and i can't seem to find a probable cause for this to happen and because i can't find the cause i cant find the fix. Please if anyone can help it would be SO muchly appreciated.
  15. There is no server like this Here is the latest list of options and rewards on our ARMA 3 server • Reputation System • Redesigned UI • Hide UI option with #8 key • Redesigned Apoc Airdrop system • Rotating Vendors at restart • Store discount system with reputation gain • Instant AI killing cash • Parking system • UI Redesign Private Message system • Redesign stats bar • Restart notified UI • Customizable on screen compass • Rank system base off Reputation • Loadout slot saving system base off reputation • Unique Server info menu system • Unique Air bus transit system • Added Towns and Vehicle vendor on islands • Unique starting equipment • Uniform Painting • Vehicle Painting • Bank limits set by Reputation • Reputation rewards with Territory owned • Reputation rewards with ALL Kills • Reputation Deduction with teamkills • Hide Body option Website http://PlayingWithFriends.com Server Name: 10k-Start -PWF- Wasteland | Savable Loadouts | AirDrops
  16. ABOUT THE SERVER Our public Insurgency server is a Dedicated Server built to run fun ArmA 2 style Insurgency ACE & ACRE missions, but with ArmA 3 with updated and modern versions of addons such as ACE and Task Force Radio. For those who played ACE and ACRE Insurgency servers back in ArmA 2, we are trying to revive the gameplay style along with other servers doing the same to provide a fun and realism experience on a public server. This server will be up 24/7 unless updates or restarts are needed. The server may under go mission changes as we like to switch the terrain up from time to time, so don't worry about having to play the same terrain over and over again. We will keep the mission style to insurgency but some missions may have a slight difference depending on the scripting that went into the different missions. These missions are pulled from mission devs that are not part of our group, but will be modified for a better experience, such as adding ACE, Task Force Radio and CUP Terrains. HOW TO JOIN To join our server, all you need is the required addons and the latest version of ArmA 3. REQUIRED ADDON LIST ACE3 ACEX CBA A3 CUP_Terrains_Core CUP_Terrains_Maps Task Force Radio HOW TO PLAY For those of you new players that have not played these style of missions, we will describe how to play. Insurgency is a mission of clearing red grid squares that indicates towns or buildings, within those red markers are hostiles. You objective is not only to clear red squares to turn them into blue or green squares, but also retrieve intel of ammo caches in the region. Intel can be in forms of cell phones, radios, documents, pictures and even talk to civilians for intel. Once intel is acquired, red question marks with a number next to it will pop up on the map. Those question marks will give the approximate distance in meters of the cache from the marker. Once you find the cache, you are to detonate the cache. Once all 12 ammo caches are detonated around the map, the mission will end and restart or move on to the next insurgency map. If players do not want to cache hunt anymore, that is fine. There are also randomly generated side missions that generate around the map, such as, Eliminate HVT's, destroy IED factories, Destroy enemy convoy, Capture and much more. These missions will also give the players rewards such as new vehicles and equipment back at main base if the task has been a success. Being part of our server with the Task Force Radio addon requires all players to join our Teamspeak server for communication. This allows players to have a better realism experience having to use radios to communicate from one side of the map to the other. This also allows better organization in the server for multiple teams of people to communicate with out stepping over each other with default in-game communications. SERVER INFORMATION Game Server IP = Game Server Port = 2318 Teamspeak IP = Unit Website = http://www.1strb.us
  17. Everytime I start the dedicated server with its server.cfg file and then open the game on the same computer I get this "Session Lost" message within a second of joining the server I did on my own computer. I have tried on different computers both launching game AND server on them, I've also tried to start the server on my own computer then have someone else join it and vice-versa SAME THING HAPPENS. I know it is an old game. It is not an answer to attest to such facts. Also is there an option to make a LAN server, something I can put on the server.cfg file? I am very pissed off this is happening. THINGS I'VE TRIED: REINSTALLING THE GAME AND ALL DLCS SEVERAL TIMES IN ORDER: arma 2, arma 2 oa, arma 2 baf, arma 2 pmc, arma 2 acr. server.cfg BattlEye = 0; verifySignatures = 0 through 2; equalModRequired = 0 and 1; loopback = true; this one was successful but only to connect to the dedicated server from the computer you're executing the dedicated server from. Which is pointless. Whether it is a BattlEye problem only or whatever, I have no clue. HELP
  18. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I run a local dedicated server. i.e. it is a dedicated server running on the same PC that I am using for to run the ArmA 3 client. This has a separate directory for the server files. Until recently when I ran this server it picked up the ACE serverconfig.hpp file from my ArmA 3 main installation directory (not the separate dedicated server directory). However yesterday this stopped (thought I am not sure in fine detail when the problem started). Now it does not appear to pick up the ACE serverconfig.hpp file from anywhere and just gives me the default values (I'm mainly interested in modifying the medical system and I don't want to use modules). Running the dedicated server on a separate box does work but that has its own userconfig\ace\serverconfig.hpp file but at least shows the serverconfig.hpp file is OK. Anyone else seeing this problem? I know there seem to have been some minor updates to ArmA/ACE recently and am wondering if these have introduced a bug/feature or am I doing something wrong? I have tried putting the ace\serverconfg.hpp file in the local dedicated server directory but that had no effect. S Edit: I also tried running as a 'server/client' and that does not seem to pick up the userconfig\ace\serverconfig.hpp file. Starting to wonder if this is more an ACE issue than an ArmA one : / Edit2: OK issue was I was not including aceServer in my list of mods. That solved the problem.
  19. Hello, I I am using an entitykilled mission eventhandler how to run a custom radio message each time a certain unit gets a Kill. Everything is working fantastic accepted that I would like to have a delay before the radio message gets played. I've been trying to use sleep and it is not working. Does anyone know how to get sleep to work with entitykilled or perhaps a viable alternative to achieve the results of getting a delay before a radio message after a certain unit gets a Kill? Any help is very much appreciated, as always :-)
  20. Hello, I'm having an issue getting this event handler to fire on dedicated server. Everything works perfect in player hosted server. I've tried to use the event handler with "remoteexec" but cannot seem to get that to work on player hosted or dedicated servers. I do believe "remoteexec" is the answer but I somehow have it setup wrong. Here are the codes ran from initserver.sqf This one works exactly as I want it to on player hosted server but does nothing on a dedicated server. while {true} do {sleep 5; {_x removeallEventHandlers "Handleheal"} forEach allUnits;{_x addEventHandler ["Handleheal", {_this select 1 addScore 1; _this select 0 disableai "move"; fire_enableaimoveforheal_trigger_1 = true}]} forEach allUnits }; This one above works exactly as I want it to on player hosted server but does nothing on a dedicated server. while {true} do {[{_x ["Handleheal", {_this select 1 addScore 1; _this select 0 disableai "move"; fire_enableaimoveforheal_trigger_1 = true}foreach allunits]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler", 0, true] }; This one above was my progress to get the Event Handler to work on dedicated server using "remoteexec". I cannot get this one to even do anything on player hosted server so I'm pretty sure I have some type of error in there but I'm getting no error code. Anyone that attempts to help is very much appreciated :-)
  21. Commander Salamander

    Defunct Mission Running

    In an attempt to upload mission files (which I believe was a success), I accidentally deleted the mpmissions folder for some reason, but I reuploaded the files. I was automatically directed to the Takistan mission when I launched the server, and upon attempting to run the Summer Chernarus map, it simply redirected me to the Takistan mission; I believe that I experienced this issue before, but you resolved it by uploading the map (Summer Chernarus) to the server.
  22. Hello, I'm needing a script to give players points for successfully using the support modules, such as getting kills using artillery strikes. Our friend Larrow helped me a ton with this and got the script working for player hosted servers but I still need to get this to work on a dedicated server. Here is the test mission with the script created by Larrow and I very much appreciate anyone who might be willing to put effort towards getting this to work on a dedicated server. Thanks so much :-)
  23. Video of problem: https://youtu.be/sdLyEm3NNRM Feedback tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125385 Hello! I've been using kbTell for some time now with solid success, however I recently noticed a bug. I'm actually not certain if this bug has always been present, or if I am just now noticing it. The reason for this post is to make sure it isn't my usage that's creating the issues. I am going to throw this into the feedback tracker as well. To sum up the video above, when kbTell is used on units that are not local to the person observing the conversation, only one person will speak at a time. So if player A is next to Bob and Bill, and Bob is supposed to talk at the same time Bill is, Bob will need to wait until Bill is done speaking, but Bob will lip sync on time. Now you might think this isn't a bug, in that they are having a conversation. The problem will be if Bob is miles away from Bill, talking about two different topics, Bill would still not say a darn thing until Bob is done, or vice versa. Now, if the units speaking are local to the observer, there is no issue. They will speak over each other if required. The video does a better job, showing both scenarios, so please take a gander if you have time. Here is the code used in the video: In game script: Ermy linkItem "ItemRadio"; Carl linkItem "ItemRadio"; Ermy kbAddTopic ["testTopic", "sentenceDB.bikb", "", ""]; Carl kbAddTopic ["testTopic", "sentenceDB.bikb", "", ""]; [] spawn {Carl kbTell [Carl, "testTopic", "Carl1B", ["",{},"",[""]], false]; sleep 0.5;Ermy kbTell [Ermy, "testTopic", "ErmyHelpPlane", ["",{},"",[""]], false];}; SentenceDB.bikb (located in the missions root) class Sentences { class ErmyHelpPlane { text = ""; speech[] = {"\BND\sound\Ermy\ErmyHelpPlane.ogg"}; variant = ""; variantText = ""; class Arguments {}; }; class Carl1B { text = ""; speech[] = {"\BND\sound\Missions\G01\Carl1B.ogg"}; variant = ""; variantText = ""; class Arguments {}; }; };
  24. Evening all, I am running a dedicated server that i rent from gtxgaming.com - The server normally runs fine but i have noticed that since the last Arma updated the #missions command no longer works. I am logged in as Admin and in the lobby for one of my custom missions, the whitelist in the server.cfg is empty so there should be no restrictions! - what i want to do is load the Escape from Malden mission by Bohemia - In order to do this i would normally type #missions and this would bring up the standard bohemia created missions selection screen where you can select missions such as the coop and zeus missions for Altis, Tanoa and Stratis etc. Does anyone know why this is not working? I really want to run Escape from Malden with the guys i play with on the dedicated server instead of hosting on a local machine! Any help would be greatly appreciated