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  1. ServerifyA3 CDLC support Download link: ServerifyA3 (github) Little confession time - at the time, when i released this tool 2 years ago, i had a big plans on supporting it, adding new features etc. But when i started working with the codebase which, i basically hit concrete wall. There are two major problems with the ServerifyA3 app: 1. WPF is horrible UI framework, literally the worst i dealt in the my entire software engineer career span. 2. Due to point 1. the codebase of application is full of quirks and workarounds around WPF (don't let me start on how painful is to call message box in WPF without breaking MVVM design principle or to update the UI modlist without observable copy of List object), and it basically made it unsupportable - every time you change or add something, another part of app breaks in some convoluted, twisted way. I fully experienced it when i worked on update, and i can definetely say that without Dahlgren's pull requests (huge thanks to him) wouldn't happened at all. App basically requires full rewrite from groundup, and, to be honest, since my focus shifted and Arma 3 is almost 8 years old game - i'm not willing to do it. I think that ServerifyA3 still suits basic needs on one single dedicated server configuration and i still use it every time i want to host A3 game for my friends, but for anything more than that you should use FASTER - it is better in almost every way. Sorry for inconvinience.
  2. You donwloaded the source code. The compiled, ready to use app is in .7z archive on the same page.
  3. ServerifyA3 Third Person View 2.00 options support UI controls library update Removed obsolete text from -limitFPS tooltip Download link: ServerifyA3 (Github)
  4. Well, i can only suggest to do full clean reinstall Arma 3 Server instance.
  5. Hi! I'm using it too, and i have no problem with 2.00 update. What is not working? Btw, small update is planned, if i find source of your issue, i will deliver fir for it in this update too.
  6. @thirith The app already checks the root folder of server executable (you can use it as temporary solution). About your suggestion - this seems doable, i will try to implement this in the next update. This couldn't be implemented, because Arma 3 strictly uses missions and mpmissions folders. BTW, TADST has the similiar mechanism, it simply does not launches if the executable is outside the Arma 3 root folder. Anyway, i will take a look at what could be done (maybe i could implement the ability to target the folder and copy all missions from it into mpmissions folder 🤔), but no promises there. Will implement this, i think i already have Select All button on Modifications tab, so it could be easily ported. Well, i noticed this thing too (i have about 1000 missions in mpmissions folder, so it lagged for me too, but no crashes) and tried to fight this kind of behaviour, but still no luck. It is somehow tied to WPF internal render mechanism, because mission grabbing asynchrous task does it job pretty quickly.
  7. @thirith Well, TADST hasn't updated for years and requires a lot of manual config file tuning (especially difficulty settings) since a lot of things have been changed post-Apex, but it still does it's job pretty well. ServerifyA3 has more config options and different UI, and, hopefully, should be a more stable than previous release (it was somewhat broken for multiple servers configuration, this situation is a lot better since Tbh, i still think that absolute winner there are FAST/FASTER tools since they can update mods via Steam API and have a lot of functionality that neither TADST nor ServerifyA3 could offer. Maybe it was even better to contribute to TADST source code instead of writing my own tool, but i still don't like it's UI and Windows Forms as UI framework, so i decided to develop my own tool on WPF for tuning my own private server and then decided to share it with the community. WPF turned out to be an absolute nightmare in disguise, this is why development of tool slowed down to a point where i could deliver only one update in a year. Anyway, as the ServerifyA3 developer, i will continue to use ServerifyA3, so i'm biased on this topic. 😄
  8. Well, this took a lot longer than i initially expected, but the update is finally there. ServerifyA3 Absolute modification path support; Localization update, typo and wrong localized values fixes; UI rework due to upgrade to latest MahApps.Metro version; A lot of bugfixes, especially on profile, mission and modification app subsystems; Start headless clients together with server; -limitFPS support; -steamProtocolMaxDataSize support; 1440 as default value for MaxPacketSize; Upgrade to .Net Core 3.1; Also, thanks @Dahlgren for some PRs and especially for Github Actions integration. Download link (github): ServerifyA3
  9. sadfrog17

    SQFLint for Visual Studio Code

    How to use Debugger (RPT monitor)? Is there any guide around?
  10. @thirith I'm working on a direct mod referencing support at the moment. Hopefully, it will be released in the next major update.
  11. I'm not sure if it is intended, but anyone have comment hotkey (CTRL + / by defauly) is not working at all?
  12. It looks like that two latest versions are buggier than the previous ones. At this point i reccomend to use version since it is somewhat more stable for ordinary use. App basically requires total rewrite of some of it's parts (profile management, at least).
  13. @Rockapes Thanks for report, will include fix for this in the next version.
  14. ServerifyA3 "Save Current Profile" button remembers saved profile as default and will try to restore it on next app launch now; Localization Updates; Attempt to fix endless mission tab loading that happens on some user PCs. Download link: ServerifyA3 (github) Not sure what caused mission tab freeze (no luck in bug reproduction) but try this version and tell me if problem still persists.
  15. ServerifyA3 Deutsch Localization (credits to Fallingstorm, 8th SFG Titan Platoon); .resx localization support (groundwork to be able to localize some strings that were unlocalizable before); NuGet packages updates - CommonServiceLocator (1.3.0 -> 2.0.4), MvvmLight (5.3.0 ->, Microsoft.Interactivity and other tied libraries were replaced with more modern and robust Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviours.Wpf. Download link:ServerifyA3 (github) I have been busy lately, so the development of the app slowed down a lot, but promised features (mainly log viewer and better headless client integration) are still in development.