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  1. sadfrog17

    SQFLint for Visual Studio Code

    How to use Debugger (RPT monitor)? Is there any guide around?
  2. @thirith I'm working on a direct mod referencing support at the moment. Hopefully, it will be released in the next major update.
  3. I'm not sure if it is intended, but anyone have comment hotkey (CTRL + / by defauly) is not working at all?
  4. It looks like that two latest versions are buggier than the previous ones. At this point i reccomend to use version since it is somewhat more stable for ordinary use. App basically requires total rewrite of some of it's parts (profile management, at least).
  5. @Rockapes Thanks for report, will include fix for this in the next version.
  6. ServerifyA3 "Save Current Profile" button remembers saved profile as default and will try to restore it on next app launch now; Localization Updates; Attempt to fix endless mission tab loading that happens on some user PCs. Download link: ServerifyA3 (github) Not sure what caused mission tab freeze (no luck in bug reproduction) but try this version and tell me if problem still persists.
  7. ServerifyA3 Deutsch Localization (credits to Fallingstorm, 8th SFG Titan Platoon); .resx localization support (groundwork to be able to localize some strings that were unlocalizable before); NuGet packages updates - CommonServiceLocator (1.3.0 -> 2.0.4), MvvmLight (5.3.0 ->, Microsoft.Interactivity and other tied libraries were replaced with more modern and robust Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviours.Wpf. Download link:ServerifyA3 (github) I have been busy lately, so the development of the app slowed down a lot, but promised features (mainly log viewer and better headless client integration) are still in development.
  8. @Mack. It is not possible in the current version, but i think i can add this feature soon. 😉
  9. @maquez Thanks for details. It is really strange, but i can't repeat your situation on my environment. It is really stupid question from me but - can you check the version of ServerifyA3 on the about page (question mark in lower left corner)? Is it I'm asking it because this is what hotfix should fix. The problem was in case sensitive mission folder check (basically it could find missions in MpMissions folder, but couldn't in mpmissions, this is what hotfix should fix). If it is it looks like that problem is still somehow persists.
  10. @maquez It is really strange, if you have spare time - can you provide more details (folder path and screenshot of A3 Server folder structure)? Because both mods and missions shows in according data grids in any server location (other than "...\steamapps\common\Arma 3\") after the update: @otarius-big Workshop mods referencing support will come in the next update.
  11. @Panadero98 Well, technically Linux port is possible, but will be somewhat difficult for me - unfortunately, WPF is Windows-only and i have no sufficient knowledge of other OSes than Windows. So i need to switch from .Net Framework 4.7.2 and WPF to .Net Core and basically do a new UI from scratch on some crossplatform UI framework (something like AvaloniaUI). Anyway, I consider to make a cross platform version when ServerifyA3 will be somewhat feature complete, but this is definetely a long way to go.
  12. ServerifyA3 Resolved a bug - mission folder match check was case sensitive; Mission/Modification data grids updates on Server Profile changes on Profile hamburger menu tab from this moment. Download link: Serverify A3 (github)
  13. @maquez @otarius-big I am investigating this issue right now, hotfix will come soon.
  14. Ok, i will consider to implement that feature.
  15. @.kju Well, if i understand you correctly - regex filter is some sort of "show strings that match regular expression only"? I think i can add this feature into the next major version 😉