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Found 11 results

  1. Hello guys, inspired by the great MarkXIII and with a new audio engine around the corner here we go with ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~ What? A place to ask questions (no matter how stupid you think they are) related to the creation and implementation of audio into Arma 3. Be precise, if you have RPT problems, post the RPTs into code boxes so they don't take away half of the site space. Creation -> audio engeneering, sound waves. Implementation -> configs & tools, programming. Valid questions: I have a sound X, how do I put it into the game? how does the whole wav <-> wss/ogg system work? I want the pitch of my engine sound to change, how do I do that? my audio sounds like Y but I want it to sound like X, how do I do that? Not valid questions: when will bohemia release X? is mod X compatible with mod Y? sound-system related questions (my headphones don't work in 5.1 mode) Why? There is no central ArmA 3 sound modding thread. We are all spread around Skype, Discord and PMs, this should serve a central meeting point. Game audio is very closely connected to technical stuff so this should be good for people who can create audio but have problems with implementing it into the game. Good for newcomers: open PBOs and edit current sounds add their own sounds to the game create certain sounds for the game create their own workflow Who? Anyone who wants to help out should help. We already have experienced Arma-Audio advanced users here such as Audiocustoms, TheMaster303, Myself, Laxeman and LordJarhead (probably more that I forget, please PM me their names) all being active community members and having their own areas of expertiese who can surely help. Content I will start producing educational content. Also YOU guys are the content. Ask away. Text Bohemia Wiki - Sound Page, learn about audio configuration Custom script to make the AI fire in full auto, full weapon speed at player position View sound controllers (For the first time in ArmA!) Videos What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow Current to-do list for me: What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Basic sound replacement (will probably wait with this until the new engine is out). Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow. Understanding config files & tree structure More detailed explanation of parameters in configuration. Additional Some info about the current state of the "interior" controller used for weapon tails.
  2. Serverify A3 An Arma 3 dedicated server configuration tool. Features Supports latest A3 version (1.98) and almost every (only 3-4 config properties are temporarily missing) configuration setting; Supports Arma 3 startup parameters, basic.cfg, server.cfg, A3 user profile. Profiles system to store settings for various server configurations; Modern, nice looking and responsive UI; Localization support; Visual themes. Prerequisites Windows 7/8/10 .Net Core 3.1 Steam account, purchased Arma 3 on it Installation and usage guide Download latest version of Serverify A3 (Github Releases Page); Unpack the archive to the any folder you like. Launch ServerifyA3.exe, tune your dedicated server. When you're done with server's settings tuning - simply launch your server from General server screen. Future Plans Mission Voting settings; Bugfixes, UI redesign, 100% test coverage, refactoring... 🧐 Feedback If you have any suggestions, localization errors, bug reports or feature requests - feel free to contact me via PM or create an issue in the repository - Issue Tracker. Links Github Repo Screenshots
  3. I want to share some improvements to the default keybinds because I have found them quite good during my use of them. Make individual suggestions or whole alternatives here if you like. The actual configuration text for the keybinds is included for those who want to immediately improve the default controls without having to go through the long process themselves. The keybinding is organized into combiner keys which further group similar functions: Left Ctrl is for movement like stances, zeroing scope, changing weapons. Right Ctrl is for activations like toggling engine and wheel brakes, opening the journal and such things that are dangerous to do by accident. The LWindows Key is for communication, because CapsLock on my small keyboard is already it's own combination key. The windows key is commonly used by mods, so I avoided it for most vanilla functions. But people often need to rebind buttons for such things as TeamSpeak and Discord anyway, so for VON I have made an exception, because CapsLock even on normal keyboards is not enough. The LAlt key is extended further as the view combination key. For example it now controls zoom with C [Closer] and X [Farther]. Y is removed as Zeus key mainly to avoid annoying Zeus accidentally. It was my original key combination key for zoom and view functions before I added LAlt key combinations to make view controls more consistent. Some highlights of the key binds: VoiceChat: LWindows + Q or E changes the selected voice channel. Any Left combiner key and LWindows is an additional way to talk on the selected voice channel. Combine LWindows with left bottom row keys instead for immediate use of individual voice channels. Double tapping the windows key activates VON for when you want to do anything without holding the button. CapsLock is still bound as a simple key for players to find before they decide to rebind it and find alternatives already set. Players should find that they will be pressing shift anyway when trying to talk in a hurry. Infantry: LCtrl + Scroll sets sight range distance, same with LCtrl + Q & LCtrl + E LCtrl + bottom row keys expands the stance keys to include a direct selection of the main stances instead of just a toggle. Moving directly to prone crouch or stand is useful for when animation delays bugs or panic leaves you confused about where your stance toggle is going to go stop. W x2 is for sprint for when you don't want to hold shift. There is no toggle for sprint so that it's behavior is reliable. Holding the Ctrl key while holding a movement key helps control your pace by temporarily toggling walk or run. This adjusts your accuracy of aim vs speed while moving. It is better than using only W + S because it avoids loosing weapons sights and does not stop you temporarily for the animation. It also makes holding alt while looking down sight a more usable feature. Arguably LCtrl + S to duck your head further during crouch walk does the same thing to improve aim on the move. This is an alternative to that. Command: I treated getting into Tactical Mode as a view mode because the first thing you do in it is is zoom all the way out, which is again made a button to be right beside it. But no need to move your hand now. Press Alt + Z to get into it. Flight: The dangerous AutoHover and Auto-vectoring button now requires left control. X alone is now for speed-brake. This allows you to just hold Z to glide as the VTOL and not worry about how much the speed-brake is slowing you down. Which is a problem in the slow to land, quick to stall BlackFish. X in helicopters instead releases trim which is set with Ctrl + W|A|S|D. Trim set is unbound because it just causes unexpected loss of control with mouse flying. Ctrl + Shift|Z for helicopter analog collective is bound because it allows instant collective control in advanced flight model with just a keyboard. It can be moved from max to min to center instantly by how you use the left Ctrl key in combinations with Shift and Z . Hold Ctrl + Shift it goes to max. Release Ctrl and it stays at max. Release instead shift and it stay at center. Same with Z. There is similar functionality with planes using Ctrl + Shift for instant 100 percent throttle or zero throttle. This is great for saving the Blackfish when you make a miscalculation. Accidental button presses may trigger this unexpectedly though, so it's mostly about about high performance flying. Turrets: Though i made alternatives to these keys, I find it more comfortable to use Y key combinations. I left it in for curiosity sake and especially for turrets because it rests the fingers right on T and R for quick auto raging, spotting and lockons in a vehicle. It also leaves the pinkie free to give some limited steering commands. Y+T zoom in, Y+R Zoom out, T zeroing range|RevealTarget, R Next target, Y x2 change view. When manual ranging is required it's not as good, but it can range with Y+Q AND Y+E. It's also useful for easily finding much unused keybind space for personal keybindings. Zeus: I moved the Zeus key to RCtrl + Y so I only press it intentionally. Side notes: For keyboards that use CapsLock to turn WASD into arrow keys. You can steer your unit just like the AI do so that you use torso aiming just like the AI do. It's only really good for getting mistaken as AI though since turning your body turns your gun, and releasing hip aim resets it back to middle before you may turn, which is bad for human aim. I suggest Bohemia consider making it auto stabilized, like when in mobile turrets. Add a button that turns your legs the way you are aiming, with the appropriate hip fire accuracy penalty for turning your legs like it is now. The ideal controls for this binding would be to center legs to aim when Left Ctrl is pressed or even better when alt is released while pressing Ctrl. Or just have it done automatically or have a toggle. Currently hip aiming completely bypasses the hip fire accuracy penalty of turning back and forth rapidly because your character is not turning at all, but it's small benefits to unpredictable behavior upon release makes it not worth using. I am expecting suggested improvements to these keybinds, so I will tell you my guidelines while creating this scheme: Controls near default or based on default. Controls favor higher performance methods of players. Letters sound like the function help with memorization but not at a large cost to players performance. The layout familiar to other games where practical. Fingers able to keep doing things commonly done at the same time. Assume a standard keyboard and mouse is used, but don't sacrifice the placement of keys that won't be placed on mouse buttons. Have combination keys properly grouped to related keys for better memorization. Having fingers where they can press commonly used buttons at the same time. No conflicts between vehicles. Move keys that are dangerous to a safer key combinations. Duplicate controls are okay if they add usability to different use cases. Favor adding back unbound functions and creating duplicates that are useful for skilled players, as long as they stay simple to use. Only bind keys that can be bound in game. Final notes: It includes keybinds for only one mod, "Enhanced Movement". J is for jump which is why the Journal is moved. It has not been tested for conflicts with other mods like ACE since they conflict with each other by default anyway. Note when you start using the permanent zoom KeyBind you may notice a view bug. With the main optic mode when you are permanently zoomed out, leaving the optic switches to permanently zoomed in instead of matching your zoomed out state, like it does for the secondary optic mode. Alt + X is the fastest way to fix it in combat and is one of the reasons I put zoom controls there. Y + R has your fingers mostly off of WASD and so is not convenient for infantry to compensate for this bug. For those who want to try this KeyBinding configuration. Go to your profile files folder usually in "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourProfileName\YourProfileName.Arma3Profile". Otherwise it's in the "%USERPROFILE%/Documents/Arma 3/..." folder. Backup your file by opening the files context menu > "send to" > "Compressed (Zipped) Folder" of your preferred method. (This is important). Open in a basic text editor, find, match up and replace the following key binds which all start with the word "key". Note that they are split up into four sections in my file. So I labeled them as such. Then save the file. I included every entry that starts with "key", even if I didn't change them to ensure a clean slate.
  4. So i just setup my first Arma 3 server for combat patrol. I only wanna play combat patrol with official missions on it, i managed to setup the map rotation but i wish to change the mission parameters (like objective or daytime) but i don’t know how since i only play official maps. It works ingame as an admin but I’d like to have the settings permanent. I know you have to create a file for edited/created maps and add the „class params“ lines in there but that won’t work in my case. Adding the lines to the .cfg does also not work. Is that even possible? If so please tell me how.
  5. Some of objects in Arma are undestructable. I tried to fix it by writing patch but no luck: class CfgPatches { class sandbag_fix { name = "sandbag_fix"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Land_BagFence_Long_F { destrType = "DestructDefault"; armor = 150; }; }; In config viewer I see these parameters applied, but sandbag still undestructable, fired to it from tank a lot. Any help?
  6. Hi all, I'm new here, But I want to share with you a small tool created by me to simplify the analysis of the server.cfg file so that server administrators can obtain data for a website or other ^^ Github link :D Thanks for feedback 😉
  7. I currently have a virtualization server I run for personal use and have been asked by son if i can run an ARMA 3 server for him. I honestly have more resources than i could ever use with this monster so i told him i will check. I am looking for documentation on best practices or existing configurations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows and am will to do upgrades if necessary. XEON E5-2690 x2 128GB ram LSI 9271-8i raid controller LSI 9211 controller 8tb raid 10 HDD 400gb raid 10 SSD four 3tb nas drives available for any raid config various other drives to accomadate drive configs short of a DC 4 available nics (Have 6 total on machine but two are dedicated) I am running VM's in hyper-v on Win10 and max usage on the host at any time is around 3 to 4% with normal usage a 1%. I am sure i can do something for him and would appreciate any help
  8. Hi, I try to make my own decal, I first started by cloning BIS helipads and everything was fine, but since my decal need specific sizes, I had to make my own p3d and I couldn't figure out how to configure it to get the decal effect : i used t_d's ODOL Web Converter to unbinarize the helipad p3d and copy the configuration but i can't get it working. Resolution LOD uses the same rvmat as BIS helipads Geometry LOD has damage = no, map = hide and class = house named properties, as BIS helipads BIS helipad on left, my helipad with custom p3d on right :( Thanks for your help
  9. Hi guys, I can successfully host an arma 3 listen server but the problem is I want to make it so people that don't have the mods I have get kicked. I understand that is achieved by using "verifySignatures = 2;" however I do not know if this is possible with a listen server as i cannot find a server.cfg. Do i need to make a dedicated server if i wish to do this? Would prefer to use listen server. Thanks.
  10. As I come from Operation Flashpoint/Arma series, I was surprise not to find a scripting language in Take On Mars (as SQS/SQF), even with very few commands. a (small) scripting language could eventualy relieve to the missing of functionnalities and/or permits to easily insert random in user's missions. Did you plane to add a scripting language (I saw a sub-forum on Steam "Scripting & Configs") ? Or may I suggest you to add one ?
  11. As a (yet another) follow-up of Difficulty/AI Skill settings proposal (also, REF:AI Configuration Analysis & this) I've decided to start a new thread dedicated not to what the AI can and can't do, but to how you, as a player, mission designer or modder can directly affect the AI's behavior. The initial goal is to: DEFINE Together with slightly improved documentation of AI Sub-skills, setSkill command and under-improvement CfgAISkill & page about precision(skill)Friendly(Enemy) (currently incomplete info here, more info here) we'd like to consolidate the configuration of AI on all levels. For that purpose, we've divided the issue into 2 main branches. Global and Per-unit configuration. Please, take a look at the documentation and let us know what you think about the current status, about current options how to configure the AI and also feel free to ask about anything you'd like to know and you feel is missing in the documentation! PROVIDE We'll hopefully get a chance to improve both "branches" soon or later, but our first focus is on the global settings; i.e. player more meaningful control over the difficulty of the AI in Game Options/Difficulty, defined in your .Arma3Profile. One option is to get rid of it completely and leave the decision about how dangerous the AI is going to be purely on the mission designer. #noFlameIntended The other option is to provide limited amount of, let's say 3, hard-set global AI skill presets - carefully tuned by us (with an assistance of your feedback) - that would give a consistent experience and would also let you know what you can expect from a MP session that uses one of such presets. (showing this parameter in server info is intended) For your convenience there still could be one more (advanced) option - a custom preset where you could set, for example, the Skill & Precision of AI to any value. We wouldn't take responsibility for that ;). That would allow you to adjust the AI if you didn't like the presets defined by us, it would allow you to test the effects of those two multipliers on the run or drastically change the mission experience without touching the individual AI units' skills inside it. (More about how they work to be found here) That would also come with separating the AI skill settings completely from the other "difficulty" settings, that serve mainly the purpose of "helpers" (HUD elements...). ENABLE In future, we'll take a look at how we can give mission makers more options for setting units in, for example, the mission editor; for now, we're focus now purely on those global settings: how would you like to adjust the AI globally? I know it's interconnected with per-unit skill settings, but let's say we can - just for a moment - forget about that ;)