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  1. Hey All, straight forward question. I loaded up a mission I had started back in April, and all of a sudden, everything from conditions, activations, gamelogics, etc are now all wrapped in calls. Example below. Anyone able to tell me what might have caused this all? Did something change since I last made missions and this is the new weird norm?
  2. That method does make a lot more sense. thank you.
  3. Ok, I am still confused. Because this does not change the boolean value of my variable does it? Or am I missing something? The point of the boolean variable (terminal_1_hacked = false/true) is because I have a trigger places that once all three variables switch from false to true, it triggers a new event. That is why I am trying to figure out how to convert a global variable from false to true, so that it can set off another trigger elsewhere.
  4. Thank you, I will test this when I get home in a few hours.
  5. Here is what you set me But the problem for me, with this, is it does not run a script for me. I don't want it to go instantly to true. I want it to switch to true at the end of the script because I want a player animation that looks like the player is using the terminal to run before its "hacked". So is there a way for the script to run and then change the variable? And the reason I was passing it as a parameter is so I could use the same script for all 3 terminals the player has to hack. Is there a way around this? This is also used for online, does that change it at all?
  6. I attached my entire script and I explained the premise above. I have a boolean variable set to false. I then went to pass it, as a variable, into my .sqf script via addaction parameter, to change the boolean value after the rest of the script runs, because I have a total of 3 matching variables, and once all three of them switch from false to true, a trigger will set off. How else can I have a script execute and run, and then change the global variable from within the script without writing within the script the global variable? Because then I would need to write some if statement "if paramter == hacked_terminal then do this, else do this, else do this"
  7. Yeah... I am not really sure whats going on in what you wrote :S It seems like you execute the script for addaction entirely different?
  8. Theres more going on because I want to play animation so I can have a sleep before the termina_1_hacked = true. Here is what I have as a rough draft so far. Essentially, I don't want the trigger variable to switch from FALSE till TRUE until the animation and everything has been completed.
  9. Hey All, Right now I have a series of variables that are booleans. terminal_1_hacked = false, terminal_2_hacked = false, etc etc. With that, I am creating a script to addaction. I want to make it so when the script gets it, it changes it to true, but it doesn't seem to work. However, this doesn't seem to work as intended, and I sort of see why, but I am not sure how to pass the variable to the script, and making sure I only change terminal_1_hacker when passed as a variable, rather than building a series of if statement to see which of the variables it is.
  10. kocrachon

    EricJ Release thread

    EDIT: Never mind, issue resolved itself, must have been a one time bug.
  11. kocrachon

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    I know this is an old mod, and Konyo is busy, but has anyone figured a way to get these to spawn in air? For some reason, whenever I spawn it in air, the engines are off, only aircraft I seem to have this issue with.
  12. kocrachon

    EricJ Release thread

    Hey EricJ, super stoked to see you back. Your UH-60 mod is, to my, the best mod in all of ArmA, so I am super glad to see you back in action. Also, was not aware you also modded DCS stuff, I will have to check that out as well!
  13. Yep, that seems to have been the fix. Thanks all.
  14. No error, the loader just, freezes. Here is a sample end of an RPT when it starts to hang.
  15. Hey All, This is a script I used for a stealth mission where "sleeping" enemies were considered civilians until they woke up and armed themselves. The script worked about 6 months ago, but as of today, it stopped working. When I disable the script on the units that had it, my mission loads, so there is something specific in this script that is freezing my loading now, and wondering if anyone has any ideas. Here is me launching it in the unit. _nul = [this] execVM "testing.sqf" I have it running on only 10 units. _unit = _this select 0; _knows = False; _knowsabout = 0; _active = False; if (captive _unit) then { _EHkilledIdx = _unit addEventHandler ["killed", "execVM 'civilian_killed.sqf'"] }; while {!_knows} do {{ if ((side _unit) == East AND (_unit knowsabout _x) > 3.5) then { _active = True; _knows = true; } } foreach units squad1; {if ((_unit knowsabout _x) > 3.5 AND (captive _unit) AND (_unit distance _x) <= 3) then { _unit setcaptive false; _active = True; _knows = True; _unit removeEventHandler ["killed", 0]; _unit switchmove "AidlPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_AI"; sleep 1; _unit enableai "ANIM"; _unit enableai "TARGET"; }; } foreach units squad1; }; if (_active) then { sleep 5; if (alive _unit) then {alarm = True} }; Civilians killed is also on civlians, but here it is, just in case. if (isServer) then { civilian_count = civilian_count + 1; officer1 sidechat "Stop killing civilians!"; }