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  1. Yes one problem solved and now on to another... Go to host a multiplayer game, change it from LAN to Internet, put my password in, change to 4 players, and check UnPn (or whatever it is) and then click "Host server" ... Nothing.. Game freezes to where you have to Clt Alt Del out of the game. There is not issue with a LAN game, but really want the Internet to work. I do not have port fowarding setup as never needed it before. Haven't been able to play an Internet MP game since.. yep, the 64bit update (same as other post).... I marked all Arma 3 files Allow on the firewall... Do I really need to setup up port fowarding for Arma and Steam?? Thank you !!!!
  2. Frontline is a PvP mod that brings the same structured teamwork orientated gameplay found in games such as Project Reality, Squad and the Tactical Battlefield mod back to Arma 3. The aim is to create a set of realistic game mechanics and systems that puts the responsibility on the players to play as a team to win. The majority of the features of the mod will be very familiar to players of the aforementioned games/mods. Roles and squads Commander features and command structure Rally points and forward outposts Weapon re-balance, smoke and particle rework Defensive structures construction Vehicles and assets become available at specific player numbers. Medical system Custom suppression effects Squad radar Spotting system Heavily modified and enforced TFAR version 3D Interaction (Easier door opening, ladders and more) Vehicle Maintenance Freakishly simple 2-clicks-from-vanilla-arma-to-being-screamed-at-by-your--squadleader launcher. Excellent performance relative to other game-modes that have large player numbers Smooth and polished interface and systems AI fighters only for when the server is waiting for actual players to join But why is it called Frontline? Because we fight on the Frontline! Gone are the days of fighting over arbitrary buildings and locations, now territory is king. You decide what locations are tactically relevant the whole battlefield is your playground. Push the Frontline by taking and holding ground, the team with the most territory bleeds the other of tickets, the more territory the faster the bleed. The Frontline constantly updates and flows with the shape of the battle forces the teams to play together, communicate and fight in a realistic manner. Flank enemy squads to cut them off from reinforcement and supply, probe for undefended gaps in the Frontline and breakthrough. Timelapse 40x speed of a battle (youtube) Typical reaction of a player seeing the frontline for the first time At the moment the mod is played in conjunction with either RHS or Iron Front mods . The only place to play it is on the server run by the development team (this will change as the player-base expands). The mod and it's dependencies are available on steam workshop. If you have any problems installing please use the launcher we made. It's idiot proof. The steam workshop is there because people wanted it, and it works just fine, but we will only support/help people installing with the launcher. Details of the launcher in the second post of this thread and you can get it on the website. The server also uses CUP terrains, Kunduz and some custom terrains that are all in the mod pack delivered by the launcher. Teamspeak is mandatory because of the mod-integrated Task Force Radio, but even if you don't have TS, the launcher will help you install teamspeak, take care of all the TFR plugins, open the frontline teamspeak, put you in the right channel, open TrackIR if you have it, launch Arma, put you into the server, and make you a nice cup of tea just the way you like it.) We have a website here https://www.frontline.frl/ but nearly all interaction with/between the community is on the discord On the discord we discuss feedback, trash-talk and organize events and playing times. We play at specific times, we don't yet have the player-base to have spontaneous games so we set specific game nights to get bigger games with more players and combined assets unlocked. So yes the server is empty most of the time, and no that does not mean the mod is dead. Come to the discord to find the time of the next fight, but right now it is every Wednesday (RHS), Saturday (RHS) and Sunday (Iron Front) at 1800GMT. Some background on the development: The mod has been in development for several years now, starting with a sub-section of the dev team that developed Tactical Battlefield. The SQF coding is built on top of the framework made by the AAW team. The tech behind the Frontline itself is something entirely unique to this mod. A whole Python extension framework has been built from scratch just to be able to execute our Python code on the server that takes care of "capturing" the terrain and computes a realistic frontline based on the situation in the AO. On a side note: we're quite proud of how we implemented it. In fact, we're so proud of our ingenious tricks used that we're currently (early 2018) going to Python conferences and giving talks about the gamemode. Its pretty cool stuff and as the bonus of fantastic performance.
  3. INTRODUCTION The Advanced Aviation Addon or A³ is an externally ran addon that will provide aviators in ArmA 3 insight into real flight data regarding their aircraft; helping to create more realistic flying. FEATURES Accurate, photo-realistic flight gauges that support 99.99% mods: Altimeter (in feet, with In. Hg Barometric Indicator) Attitude Indicator Airspeed Indicator (in knots, with KMH visualised support) Turn Co-ordinator (with slip/skid indicator) Heading Indicator Vertical Speed Indicator RPM Indicator Fuel Quantity Indicator Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator Fuel Flow Indicator Oil Temperature Indicator Oil Pressure Indicator Instrument Vacuum Indicator Instrument Ammeter Indicator VOR1/VOR2 NAVAID Indicator ADF NAVAID Indicator Built as a 2nd Screen Application for Customisable Flight Simulators Powered by ArmARedisDB; a fully functional and real-time speed Memory Database system providing accurate, reliable data results. Flight Lab; a powerful debug and diagnostic tool for understanding your aircraft in use. Extremely useful for ArmA’s Flight Developers. Customisable, gauges and solutions available upon request for all avid pilots, flight sim enthusiasts and technicians playing in ArmA... CONCEPT DESIGN REQUIREMENTS This application is built utilising Creedcoder's ArmARedisClient (available here), and accesses data from ArmA not unlike the ArmA-to-Database methods in use with the many persistent servers across the ArmA community; however it does so in real-time. Redis is an excellent framework that has enabled developers to provide solutions to database access across many successful franchises. Creedcoder's ArmARedisClient is an extremely efficient, well built solution that outpaces current MySQL and SQLite methods in both speed and ease-of-use. It is strongly recommended and worth trying. CURRENT STATUS (Revision 56, Single Player Candidate; Requires MP Testing & Integration) [100.00%] Altimeter (in feet, with In. Hg Barometric Indicator) [100.00%] Attitude Indicator [100.00%] Airspeed Indicator (in knots, with KMH visualised support) [100.00%] Fuel Quantity Indicator [100.00%] Fuel Flow Indicator [100.00%] Heading Indicator [75.00%] Vertical Speed Indicator [100.00%] Turn Co-ordinator (with slip/skid indicator) [100.00%] RPM Indicator [100.00%] Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator [100.00%] Oil Temperature Indicator [100.00%] Oil Pressure Indicator [100.00%] Instrument Vacuum Indicator [100.00%] Instrument Ammeter Indicator [100.00%] VOR1/VOR2 NAVAID Indicator [100.00%] ADF NAVAID Indicator [100.00%] Night Vision/Back Light Status Toggle ESTIMATED TIME TO RELEASE: 1 MONTHS OR LESS (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) FUTURE PLANS Collaborative Integration of Saitek Flight Equipment, incl. Panels and Avionics. Instrument Flight Rules Navigation utilising NAVAIDs in ArmAverse maps. Toggle'able Night Vision / Backlit Instrumentation for Aviators flying at Night. Potential integration of VATSIM ATC Flight communications into the A3 software. SCREENSHOTS CREDITS & SPECIAL THANKS Creedcoder, Lead Developer & Avionics Engineer Yax, ArmA-side Input Implementation Developer VolumeInfinite, Project Manager, Lead Designer Special Thanks to Doofer911 (their YouTube channel is available here) for their advice on implementing NAVAIDs into ArmA 3; an upcoming potential feature. Additionally, we would like to thank Crielaard, Firewill and Yax for their flight simulation support/advice!
  4. Developed in partnership with the 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod. Check them out here! Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial expansion centered around the vanilla game's 2035 setting. Along with new factions, weapons, vehicles, and gear, Aegis provides a platform update that overhauls several weapons and vehicles to make them more authentic to their real-life counterparts, while remaining loyal to their Armaverse depiction. Aegis is actively updated, with new content being added frequently. Arma 3 Aegis is currently in its beta stage, some content may be work in progress, removed, or yet to be implemented. Credits Content Download & Images
  5. Sorry if I'm not formatting something or what not correctly. Only got Arma to not be a lag fest on my PC last night, so I'm pretty new. So I remember this old video where a guy nuked a whole halo base. He had a certain amount of time to run with all the other UNSC AIs to pelicans before the bomb hit the ground a few hundred meters or so away. The moment they got their squads in the pelicans, the ai pilot would lift off and try to get them as far away as possible from the nuke within a few seconds. that was the video. However, the creator never linked anything like that, and no one in the comments of that video ever got a link to it. Does anyone have a link to that specific scene? or can someone at least tell me how to recreate it? Looks like a lot of fun, but since I'm completely new, I wouldn't know how to create it from scratch right now.
  6. I'm having trouble setting up my Arma 3 server to the internet on a Windows 10 Home pc. It works perfectly on LAN connection, as I can play the mission and such. However I can't find it in the server browser nor can I direct connect to it using my router IP and not the server's local IP. I'm using TADST v3.1.0 with an Antistasi mission file and 8 mods. I don't think this is an issue with TADST because I previously had an arma 3 server setup from BI's dedicated server article ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server ) that worked online on a previous router, but when I tried it on the router I'm currently using with proper port forwarding it wouldn't show up. What's also strange is that if I host a server on another PC via Arma 3 server browser and not a dedicated server, my friends can properly see and connect to it. I tried steam's GetServersAtAddress and it returned the text below for the TADST server, so I'm confused as to why steam can see it and the arma server browser cannot. I triple checked that my ports were forwarded on my router, and I also triple checked that the ports were open through my firewall. I have ports 2302-2306 UDP, 2344 TCP/UDP, and 2345 TCP forwarded on the router and allowed through the server's firewall. I also tried disabling all the mods as well as putting no mission file in it to see if it would show up then. I've played around with UPNP both on my router and on TADST, as well as trying autoInit, persistence, and toggling on and off battleye. I've also made sure all programs and mods have been up to date. I have the RPT file but I'm not sure if there's any sensitive info in it, if that would help.
  7. Hello everyone! Many servers administrators already use / used the benefits of the Headless Client in your missions. So, they probably faced several errors such as: HC that does not connect, connects and get kicked, connects and stays with an hourglass, without working (for this I have not seen any solution until the present moment, and we think we have a solution). After several tests in 2 different environments (a Windows 10 professional server - a test server - and our main server machine – windows server 2016) we discovered something that can help everyone with the problem of the hourglass HC. Administrators often use programs to manage their servers, such as SteamCMD, TADST, FLAX, and usually install an instance of Arma3Server (to use as the main server instance). Some also installs an ArmA 3 client to help with HC configuration. So far so good, but the catch is the moment that we keep the steam logged on the server (we usually leave online the steam that have the ArmA 3 client purchased). We saw that the HC worked flawless in our test server and the main server suffered with the hourglass HC. So, what we notice different on the 2 environments was (in addition to the versions of windows): * The test server always has a steam logged that does NOT have the ArmA3 client installed and, the main server, the steam logged in HAVE an ArmA3 client license. So we changed the main server environment to verify if this was the problem: * We started our main server with a Steam account that does NOT have the ArmA 3 Client, but only the Arma3 Server. Therefore, we conclude that the HC work properly when the steam account on TADST or FLAX is different that are running on server, when you start the HC instance (this prevents Steam ID conflicts and errors). We hope this information helps the ARMA 3 server administrator who use HC. Greetings from CCT – Comunidade de Combate Tático Brasil, a Brazilian Arma Community since 2009. Portuguese version: Olá a todos! Muitos já utilizam/utilizaram os benefícios do Headless Client para o servidor. Portanto, devem ter se deparado com diversos erros como: HC que não conecta, conecta e leva kick, conecta e fica com uma ampulheta (este até então, sem solução simples, pelo o que pesquisei até o momento). Depois de diversos testes em 2 ambientes diferentes (um servidor com Windows 10 profissional - este sendo um server de testes - e o servidor principal do nosso clã - windows server 2016) descobrimos algo que pode ajudar a todos com o problema da ampulheta no HC. Os administradores costumam utilizar programas para gerenciamento dos seus servers, sejam manuais ou automatizados (SteamCMD, TADST, FLAX) e costumam instalar uma instância do Arma3Server (para utilizar como a instância principal do servidor) na máquina. Como já vi em alguns post, alguns instalam o ArmA 3 client para utilizar o executável do arma3server no HC. Até aqui tudo certo, mas a pegadinha está no momento que mantemos a steam logada no servidor (costuma-se deixar a steam que possui a versão do ArmA 3 client comprada aberta no servidor). Verificamos que no servidor de testes o HC funcionava perfeitamente e no principal existia o problema. Então, analisamos o que havia de diferente nos 2 ambientes que utilizávamos (além das versões do windows): * O servidor de testes sempre está com uma steam logada que NÃO possui o ArmA3 client instalado e, no servidor principal, a steam logada POSSUI uma licença do ArmA3 client. Então mudamos o ambiente do servidor principal para verificar se o que foi constatado realmente fazia diferença: * colocamos na steam instalada no servidor principal uma conta que NÃO possui o ArmA 3 Client, mas apenas o Arma3 Server. E ao executar a missão que possui o HC, o HC funcionou perfeitamente. DESSA FORMA, CONCLUÍMOS QUE PARA O HC FUNCIONAR CORRETAMENTE, A STEAM LOGADA NA MÁQUINA DO SERVIDOR DEVE SER DIFERENTE DA CONFIGURADA NO TADST, NO FLAX OU MESMO NA STEAMCMD (MESMO QUE NAQUELA CONTA NÃO POSSUIA UMA LICENÇA DO ARMA 3), POIS ASSIM A STEAM E O BATTLEYE NÃO ENFRETARÃO CONFLITOS DE ID ENTRE O EXECUTÁVEL DO ARMA 3 SERVER E O EXECUTÁVEL DO HC. Esperamos que isso ajude os administradores de servidores de ARMA 3 e que usam o HC. Saudações da CCT a todos.
  8. Hey people. I'm working on config for a tank, using other tanks as references to make sure my values hit at least close to workable. Trouble is...I can't seem to get the damned thing past about 28km/h. I can't seem to figure what's holding it back since everything I've checked seems to be at least similar to values for the two tanks above that both work fine. Here are my related entries in vehicles.cfg: accelAidForceCoef = 1.5; accelAidForceSpd = 1.4; brakeDistance = 12; brakeIdleSpeed = 0.1; changeGearMinEffectivity[] = { 0.95, 0.15, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95 }; changeGearOmegaRatios[] = {1,0.424242,0.454545,0.333333,0.984848,0.424242,0.984848,0.606061,0.984848,0.575758,1,0.545455}; changeGearType = "rpmratio"; //Have also tried "effective" with similar issue. clutchStrength = 45; dampersBumpCoef = 4.5; dampingRateFullThrottle = 1.0; //1.4: T100 0.8: Kamysh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchDisengaged = 0.65; //0.8: T100 0.5: Kaymsh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchEngaged = 0.45; //5.0: T100 4.0: Kaymsh driveOnComponent[] = {"Track_L","Track_R","Slide"}; engineMOI = 12; //12 - T100 7 - Kamysh enginePower = 1119; //kW engineStartSpeed = 5; //common value epeImpulseDamageCoef = 18; //Same for T100 and Kuma gearBox[] = {-7,0,11,8,5.7,4.2}; //Same in T100 and Kuma idleRpm = 1200; latency = 0.5; maxOmega = 335; maxSpeed = 80; minOmega = 140; normalSpeedForwardCoef = 0.75; numberPhysicalWheels = 16; peakTorque = 5300; redRpm = 3200; sensitivity = 2.5; simulation = "tankX"; slowSpeedForwardCoef = 0.25; switchTime = 0.3; tankTurnForce = 950000; tankTurnForceAngMinSpd = 0.7; tankTurnForceAngSpd = 0.76; thrustDelay = 0.5; torqueCurve[] = {{0.424242,0.8},{0.545455,0.95},{0.606061,0.99},{0.636364,1},{0.666667,0.98},{0.727273,0.93},{0.878788,0.76},{1,0.6}}; tracksSpeed = 1.35; class complexGearbox { driveString = "D"; //String displayed in HUD for Forward Gear neutralString = "N"; // string to display in the HUD for neutral gear. reverseString = "R"; // string to display in the HUD for reverse gears. gearBoxMode = "auto"; GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-3.4,"N",0,"D1",4.4,"D2",3,"D3",1.75,"D4",1}; //KUMA //GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-4.5,"N",0,"D1",7.8,"D2",5.6,"D3",4,"D4",2.9,"D5",2.1,"D6",1.5,"D7",1.1}; //ANGARA moveOffGear = 1; transmissionRatios[] = {"High",11.5}; }; Can't seem to figure this on my own, so help would be appreciated! I've checked vehicle mass and it seems to be as expected (about 52 tonnes) Cheers, Law
  9. Every now and then my Battleye plays up, and the weird thing is it's usually when i Alt+tab out to check discord etc, i cant play for longer than 1 minute until i receive a kick and a message saying, Battleye client not responding, i've tried every fix under the sun, verifying cache, deleting BE reinstalling arma 3, tinkering with my internet, firewalls the lists go on, the legit only way i can resolve it is when the server restarts, which is every 12 hours! and this is so common for alot of arma 3 players, please guys i need help if you have a fix please tell me!
  10. I read in a dev branch update that += can be used to add an entry to a CFG field without knowing it's contents. I have been trying to add a custom magazine to SPAR variants, and figured that it made most sense to modify the SPAR base class, rather than each SPAR variant individually. Thus far I have successfully created a new ammo type, and magazine containing this ammo. Currently I have the following in CfgWeapons.hpp class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; However, when I examine the magazines field for arifle_SPAR_01_base_F with the mod loaded, it comes up with the default magazines but not the new magazine. This might suggest that the =+ operator does not work, however, I also attempted the following: class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; class arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F: arifle_SPAR_01_base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; In the above example; arifle_SPAR_01_base_F retains it's original array of vanilla magazines, with no modded mag. arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F contains no vanilla magazines, but TWO entries of law_30rnd_556x45_mss I'm not really understanding why the change is not being applied to the base class, but is being applied to it's child, or why the magazine appears twice in the child. Clearly I've not quite understood everything about CFG editing yet, and need some help figuring this (because my head hurts and I'm frustrated now). Cheers, Law
  11. ArmA 3 Report Viewer Designed by Rawner135 About: ArmA 3 RPT Viewer is a tool that eliminates the burning patience of having to go through directories, just to view a .RPT file. With this tool, you can: - Select which Bohemia Interactive Game you want the .RPT list to be populated with. - Select which .RPT file you want viewed, thus displaying it within the tool. - Copy the selected .RPT's content for quick pasting such as for Troubleshooting topics that need to be answered. - Save another copy of the .RPT file to your preferred directory. This tool also comes with a refresh button, if you have relaunched the game while the tool is running. Clicking the refresh button will reload the .RPT content list, in case you have deleted an .RPT/s or started arma again. Instructions: For MAC/Apple Users: - Please note that this tool has only been tested in Microsoft Windows' environment. If anything goes wrong such as tool/app incompatibility, I claim no responsibility for this cause. For PC/Laptop Users: (Windows) 1. Extract 'arma3RPTViewer.exe' to your preferred directory. (You can always create a home folder within "Program Files (x86)") 2. Launch 'arma3RPTViewer.exe'. 3. If you want to access it more in the future, right-click on the running app in your taskbar, then select 'Pin this program to taskbar'. 4. Done! Now get out there, and make some cool stuff for your friends, relatives, community, etc.. ;) Download (Dropbox): (v 2.3) DOWNLOAD (ARMAHOLIC): (v 2.3) Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Terms & Conditions: This tool has been designed for ONLY Bohemia Interactive's purposes. This includes: - Official Forums - Official Community - Bohemia Interactive (BI) & Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) Developers. - Anything related to BI and/or their games. You may: - Use this tool at your convenience. - Use its functions and/or features to help create your content in any way. (This includes sharing your .RPT to forum discussions) - Use the tool to help others and/or Bohemia Interactive's business. (Bohemia Interactive & Bohemia Interactive Simulations Devs are welcome to use it!) You may not: - Use the tool in any way to disrupt or use against Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Simulations. - Use the tool for hacking purposes. (If you do so, BattlEye will be aware of it) - Use the tool for other purposes/games such as GTA, COD, BF or any other 3rd Party game/software. - Re-publish the tool for non-commercial/commercial purposes. Only sites, games, etc., related to Bohemia Interactive (such as Armaholic) are allowed to re-publish the tool. - Edit the code/language inside the tool. (If you do so, I also claim no responsibility for any failures) Credits: Author: Rawner135 Cursor: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Logo: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Changelog: v2.3 ~ Stable Added: Functionality - View currently used .RPT file by game. Added: Functionality - Resizing Program. Added: System - Temp .RPT location for faster viewing. Fixed: Crash - Viewing currently used .RPT file by game. v2.2 ~ Stable Added: Category - Arma 3 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2: OA (Server) Fixed: Bug - Error prompts on unused .RPT if game launched. Tweaked: Code - App is a little faster when using better control structures and functions. Tweaked: List Box - Hides .RPT used by current game. v2.1 ~ Hotfix (Stable) Fixed: Issue - App prompts error constantly if you do not have one of the games. v2.0 ~ Stable Added: New option for Category - ArmA 2: OA. Fixed: App crashes if you do not have a particular game. Fixed: App crashes if you open a .RPT, used by a currently running game. v1.0 ~ Release
  12. Hello. Anyone know if there is a "correct" way to execute pause menu? (Escape menu. When you press Esc button). You can open it with createdialog "RscDisplayInterrupt", but there are no scripts which set functions to it. So it's useless. Maybe there is some way to execute it correctly..?
  13. Hello. Can someone tell me why it doesn't work, if Im trying to change the W size of that menu? Here is the definition: class woa_ctMenu { idc = 0; type = 46; style = 0; sizeEx = "4.32 * (1 / (getResolution select 3)) * pixelGrid * 0.5"; rowHeight = 0; itemSpacingH = 0.02; itemSpacingW = 0.03; deletable = 0; fade = 0; blinkingPeriod = 0; colorBorder[] = {0,0,0,0}; colorBackground[] = {0.702,0.702,0.702,1}; colorSelectBackground[] = {0.902,0.902,0.902,1}; colorPicture[] = {0.902,0.902,0.902,1}; colorPictureDisabled[] = {0.5,0.5,0.5,1}; colorPictureSelect[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorText[] = {0, 0, 0, 1}; colorDisabled[] = {1, 1, 1, 0.6}; colorSelect[] = {1,1,1,1}; pictureCheckboxDisabled = "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0)"; pictureCheckboxEnabled = "\a3\3DEN\Data\Controls\CtrlMenu\pictureCheckboxEnabled_ca.paa"; pictureRadioDisabled = "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0)"; pictureRadioEnabled = "\a3\3DEN\Data\Controls\CtrlMenu\pictureRadioEnabled_ca.paa"; shadow = 1; show = 1; tooltip = ""; tooltipColorBox[] = {0,0,0,0}; tooltipColorShade[] = {0,0,0,1}; tooltipColorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; //tooltipMaxWidth = 0.5; arrow = "\a3\3DEN\Data\Controls\ctrlMenu\arrow_ca.paa"; font = "TahomaB"; class Items { items[] = {One,Two,Three}; class One { text = "One"; data = "One"; value = 0; }; class Two { text = "Two"; data = "Two"; value = 1; }; class Three { text = "Three"; data = "Three"; value = 2; }; class Default { text = "Empty"; data = "Empty"; enable = 0; }; }; }; And here is that dialog: class woa_gameMenu { idd = -1; class ControlsBackground {}; class Controls { class st_toolbox : woa_ctMenu { idc = 2400; x = safeZoneX + safeZoneW * 0.095; y = safeZoneY + safeZoneH * 0.41; w = safeZoneW * 0.185; // Changing this doesn't work h = safeZoneH * 0.4225; // changing this doesn't work too. It always have the same size (w and h) }; }; };
  14. hello, I would like to start a new EXILE server. There are up to 70 players up, there are about 100 AI, and little mods. Which of the 3 servers in the picture is recommended? Thank you in advance for the answers.
  15. OFPS is looking to integrate ARSENAL into BECTI. We have had great success using custom mods like CUP. However, the amount of GEAR we have now is INSANE. Our 3.5 year old gear menu that was developed by BENNY just isn't up to the task. We would like to use arsenal as a replacement. Here's what I'd like to know from you experienced scripters: 1. Is it possible to load arsenal and not go into the virtual arena? I'd like to load the menu but keep the player in the battle space he's in. 2. Is it possible to allow a player to access gear based on a team's upgrade level, assign a cost to every piece of equipment, and check that a player has that cash before granting him access to the gear? 3. Anyone here have talent with sqf scripting and would like to help us (OFPS/BECTI) implement this? :) Thanks! -SS
  16. Dearest Arma 3 community, I don’t know if this is the right place for it, I hope so and I'm sorry if not. A friend of mine and I had some major issues running Arma 3 with Hamachi to play some missions. Problem description: If we try to run Arma 3 over Hamachi, which worked just fine in the past, we can't join each other. He can see my server but if he's trying to connect to it, it just keeps connecting until he gets a time out or he disconnects immediately after he joined. Sometimes he’s able to connect but doesn’t have a menu. So, I manually assign him and start the game, my game starts completely normal but his game takes ages to load and if it's loaded he's suddenly in the water of Tanoa, no matter which map we are actually playing. This error occurs since a few weeks, the last time it actually worked was two weeks ago since then we couldn't get it running again. What we already did: • Checking for corrupted files in Arma 3 • Reinstalled Arma 3 • Reinstalled Hamachi • Both several times. • Deactivated our firewalls • Deactivated our Antivirus programs We also did this because we thought it might be Hamachi: http://help.logmein.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Resolving-Hamachi-Request-Timed-Out Resolving Hamachi "Request Timed Out" for Windows Firewall Also, we deleted every workshop mod we had except for the map we wanted to pay, which was a BCTI mission in Altis. Before the issue occurred, the mission worked fine. We also tried playing the standard apex protocol missions. However, the same Issue occurred. We also checked if it's a problem with the IPv4 but there's no problem. I just wanted to note: Everything works just fine when we were playing Arma 2. Our PC's His: Win 10 (1803) intel i5 8600k Nvida gtx 1070 8GB 16 GB DDR4 Ram Internet connection 150 Mbits/s Mine: Win 10 (1803) intel i7 7700 Nvidia gtx 1060 6GB 16 GB DDR4 Internet connection 400 Mbits/s We couldn't find anyone with the same problem, so we thought we ask right here at the source. If someone recommend to change the ports of my router - I won’t do that. Why? Because I think it should be possibly to play games in coop without changing gaming ports which works just fine for every other game. So, I hope you guys have a fix for this problem. Thanks for everyone helping us out on this problem
  17. 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Milsim Unit The 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Relaxed Mil-Sim Unit is looking for members who are looking for an Australian Military Simulation experience, you will learn the basics of infantry combat on a section level to a Platoon level and we offer leadership roles and specialty roles. The roles we offer are as follows: Roles: • Infantry (Rifleman, LSW, Grenadier, NCO) • Combat Engineer • Artillery Light Gunner • Artillery Observer • Armoured Vehicle Crew (Driver, Gunner etc) • Helicopter Pilot • Commando Requirments: • 16 years old (minimum age) • have a working mic • be on reguraly for operations and training Who are we? 7th Bat, Royal Australian Regiment also known as 7th Bat, RAR is a ArmA 3 Relaxed MILSIM group that prides itself at giving players a fun, serious and realistic way of playing ArmA 3. 7th Bat Has core values that keep the unit together, these core values include; • Teamwork - The ability to work together to achieve a common goal, • Resolve - to overcome a task and challenge no matter of hard or dire the situation is, • Respect - To treat others how you want to be treated and to acknowledge their ideas, • Train ability - the ability to be trained in any environment/situation and to have to drive to learn, • Adaptability - the ability to be familiar and adjust to a unfamiliar situation and, • Initiative - to take appropriate action into your own hands without being told by anyone. What does Training involve? NOTE: Recruits CAN Participate in Operations and Campaigns! 7th Battalion's training program is simple yet challenging this so we can get players on to the field as fast as we can, 7th Bat tries to simulate the training process so once an application has been submitted jump on teamspeak and a officer or a sergeant with a "J-1" Tag will do a interview with you and you will be placed in to the "School Of Infantry" for basic training, for training training includes; PHASE 1: FIELD • Basic weapons (small arms, launchers eg) • Strategies • Field movements • Engagement • Interpreting orders (tested in crucible) • Field craft *trenches, cam conceal, base building* • Navigation PHASE 2: RAITEL & FIRST AID • Loc stats • Operating a short range and long range radio • Proper ratel procedures • Treating wounds • Treating others wounds PHASE 3: Crucible • 7 checkpoints • Constant ambushes • Civil Welfare • Radios • Fieldcraft • Defensive position 5 minutes prep • Self first-aid • Weather change PHASE 4 IETs (Initial Employment Training) • Specialized training for different roles Interested? If you are interested, Fill out the application form in the link below and join our TeamSpeak server and Message/Poke SGT Pearce and/or CPL Tiernan and we will assess the application: Website: https://7thbattalion-milsim.weebly.com/application-form.html TeamSpeak: ts3.syd.wombatserve.rs:10103
  18. 51st Infantry Brigade Headquarters Scotland Milsim Unit Who are we? We are the 51st Infantry Brigade, established in early 2016 we have created a community emulating the 51st and using Her Majesty’s Armed Forces tactics, ranks and doctrine. As a whole our community consists of like-minded lads who wish to play Arma 3 together in a structured, professional yet fun environment. Our in-house training program has a realistic yet applicable training regime called the Combat Infantryman's Course and teaches recruits all they need to know to operate within a training, live-fire exercise or a deployment around the globe. When do we play? Our official events are hosted on Saturday's at 19:30 GMT, those who wish to attend must have completed at least phase one training. Throughout the remainder of the week we offer unofficial events which individuals can partake in regardless of their Phase 1 training status, these range from section based training's to playing in-house missions created by our G3 staff office. Although we are an Arma 3 military simulations unit, we host other events within games such as Squad or Digital Combat Simulator along with the many other simulation based games. Available Roles Fundamentally, each and every member who goes through our phase training program is trained as an Infanteer although everyone will receive specific specialist role training. Upon completing your Phase 1 and 2 training you’ll be assigned to an infantry section by one of our G1 staff members. We have support assets attached to our brigade, these range from Medical, Signals, Artillery and Engineers. Those who display an interest in entering one of our assets will have to serve time in one of our infantry sections (1 month active service - exception being an Urgent Operational Requirement) before transferring to their desired role within the brigade itself. What are we looking for? - A mature and professional attitude. - Willingness to learn new things. - A working headset & microphone. - The ability to set aside time for our main events at 19:30 - 22:30GMT. - Dedication to the unit and adhere to our no dual-clanning policy. - Have a sense of character & humour. Under the Age of 17? Although we have a 17 year old and above age limit, those who don’t meet our age requirements and are between 12 - 16 years of age are eligible to apply for our cadet programme and will undergo the same training regime as the regulars themselves. Those in the cadet programme are monitored through an extended probationary period to gauge their level of maturity and level of professionalism. If they meet our standards they can take up a leadership position within the cadets or they can be reassigned to the regular portion of the unit before they meet the age requirements. Either way once they reach the age limit of 17 they will be moved to the regulars. The Application Process There are a few ways you can get involved, you can simply join our TS server and join the ‘Looking for a G1 Recruiter’ and ask any questions you have on joining the 51st Infantry Brigade. You can also make your way to our website which is available at the bottom of this post, create an account on the forum and reference the ‘Information for Applicants’ post in the Enlistment area. Website: http://51stinfantrybrigade.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/51IB_A3
  19. Hello community! Having finally started the campaign to Arma 3 (very, very good so far I must say!) I have run upon a problem that I have been unable to solve, The gist of the issue is this: I cannot get past the village assault on Wet Work, no matter how much i change or try once you eliminate the enemies in the square, the game CTD's to launcher. I have attempted the -malloc=system "fix" through steam properties as well as verifying files AND redownloading Arma 3 plus all the mods (none of which are active during the campaign, otherwise it bugs out horribly i found to my detriment). The dump is copied below: Arma 3 Troubleshooting Report Sorry for the inconvenience. Please report this on Arma 3 Feedback Tracker (http://feedback.arma3.com). Thanks to you we may fix the issue faster. Thanks for all your suggestions! Just please dont suggest something i have already done! Thanks! Abbadon
  20. Armaverse Nordic is hosting a 24/7 server for Iron Front with team vs team missions The missions are built on Arma 3's Sector Control game mode and use HoverGuy's Simple Shops framework (GitHub, BIS forum thread) to provide players the freedom of choice regarding gear, vehicles etc. while still at the same time somewhat restricting the access to top-tier assets. Using Arma 3's Sector Control game mode three different mission types have been created: Close Quarters Combat [CQC] that puts emphasis on infantry and concentrates on close-range fighting Combined Arms [CA] which include the wide variety of assets that are available in Iron Front. Also missions created for this type offer vast battlefields for the troops to manoeuver in and around the objectives Advance and Secure [AAS] where one side defends the objectives laid out for the mission and other side attacks trying to capture the objectives from the defender. Note about the overall gameplay: the server is forcing Veteran difficulty, so 3rd person mode will not be available. Also there are no markers for the players on the map so at times you might need to resort to using a compass or even navigate by the stars(!) Available missions include action for all the three main factions of Iron Front: the German Army, the Soviet Army and the United States Army. The game server is provided with the possibility to use Task Force Arrowhead Radio v.0.9.12 (Get it from http://radio.task-force.ru/en/) To join the TFAR enabled TeamSpeak server head over to ts3server:// or direct IP ( to connect from the TeamSpeak. About modifications Required: @CUP Terrains - Core - The Community Upgrade Project Terrains core pack Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop, withSix @IFA3_AIO_LITE - Iron Front in Arma 3 Get it from >> Steam Workshop, withSix, other sources please see: http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=WW2_Download#Mirrors Recommended: @CBA_A3 - Community Base Addons Arma 3 (required with Task Force Arrowhead Radio and ShackTac User Interface) Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop, withSix @task_force_radio - ARMA 3 TeamSpeak 3 radio plugin Get it from >> http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ @ShackTac User Interface - ShackTac User Interface Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop, withSix @Immersion Cigs Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop @IFA3_WW2StyleCompassAndWatch Get it from >> Steam Workshop To easily download all the modifications that are listed above you can also use a Arma 3 Mod Preset file! Just download the preset HTML file to your PC and drag-and-drop the file to the Arma 3 launcher to directly start downloading all the required and recommended modifications from Steam Workshop. Arma 3 Mod Preset Armaverse Nordic Iron Front @ pastebin.com You can find the raw paste data inside the spoiler below. Just copy-and-paste it for example into Notepad and save the file as HTML. For now there won't be any other possibility to send feedback other than this very forum thread so be it either hate mail, positive feedback or suggestions please leave a comment below! Please consider a donation to help keep the server operational (all donations will be directed to the monthly server fee). To donate, click the direct link below between the PayPal icons. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=V5FHKHW9H57NU On behalf of Armaverse Nordic Asmodeus
  21. I am trying to set the players group to a separate group on side civilian when they are "dead" (alive on island) and then if revived have them rejoin their initial group on side east or west, but the initial group always returns grpNull deleteGroupWhenEmpty - Arguments and effects are global (wiki) ("initPlayerLocal" state) - - "initGroup" properly returns group at this point player setVariable ["initGroup", group player]; // Set the player group even when dead // Make sure group is not deleted when empty if (isGroupDeletedWhenEmpty (group player)) then { (group player) deleteGroupWhenEmpty false; }; (respawn event handler) - - "initGroup" returns grpNull (same result when 'player' is replaced with _unit or _corpse), as if it did not exist anymore params[["_unit", objNull], ["_corpse", objNull]]; if ((isNull _unit) || (isNull _corpse)) exitWith {}; // Set unit to civilian side _deadGroup = createGroup [civilian, false]; [_unit] joinSilent _deadGroup; // ... // Find inital group _initGroup = player getVariable["initGroup", grpNull]; // Set unit to initial group [_unit] joinSilent _initGroup; I simply want to be able to freely return the unit to and from his initial group
  22. HI, I have created the below piece of code which to me looks like it should. I get no errors when running the mission, there is nothing in the RPT log on server or client. Can someone please help me identify where I have gone wrong? The below script gets called in client init, I have other scripts adding in actions at this point and they are working OK. private ["_casAmmoCost", "_casFuelCost", "_availableCASCallers"]; _casAmmoCost = 85; _casFuelCost = 20; _availableCASCallers = ["Radioman", "Squad Leader", "Team Leader", "Commander"]; _c = "<t color='#f20000'>"; _callCASAction = [_c + "Call CAS Strike</t>", { _attachedTo = (_this select 0); _actionCaller = (_this select 1); titleText ["Click to mark CAS Target location.", "PLAIN"]; openMap [true, false]; ["call_cas_" + name player, "onMapSingleClick", { titleText ["", "PLAIN"]; _markerName = "CASSTRIKEMARKER_" + (str _pos); _marker = createMarker [_markerName, _pos]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_objective"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _marker setMarkerText format["CAS Strike (Marked by %1)", name player]; fnc_RemoveResources = { private ["_casAmmoCost", "_casFuelCost"]; _casAmmoCost = _this select 0; _casFuelCost = _this select 1; resources_ammo = resources_ammo - _casAmmoCost; resources_fuel = resources_fuel - _casFuelCost; }; [_casAmmoCost, _casFuelCost] remoteExec ["fnc_RemoveResources", 2]; _center = createCenter sideLogic; _group = createGroup _center; _cas = _group createUnit ["ModuleCAS_F",_pos , [], 0, ""]; _cas setVariable ["vehicle","B_Plane_CAS_01_F",true]; _cas setVariable ["type", 2,true]; ["call_cas_" + name player, "onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; true; fnc_RadioMessage = { private ["_side", "_alias", "_message"]; _side = _this select 0; _alias = _this select 1; _message = _this select 2; [_side, _alias] sideRadio _message; }; [west, "AirBase", format["Roger that %1, CAS Strike Inbound at grid %2, clear the target area immediately.", name player, (mapGridPosition _pos)]] remoteExec ["fnc_RadioMessage, -2]; hint format ["CAS Strike Inbound %1", (mapGridPosition _pos)]; openMap [false, false]; fnc_CleanUpMarker = { private "_marker"; _marker = _this; deletion = _marker spawn { private ["_pmarker", "_markerTimer"]; _pmarker = _this; _markerTimer = 1; while { _markerTimer < 30 } do { uiSleep 30; _markerTimer = _markerTimer + 30; }; deleteMarker _pmarker; }; }; _marker remoteExec ["fnc_CleanUpMarker", 2]; }, []] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler }, [], 0, false, true, "", "true", -1, false, "", ""]; _this addAction _callCASAction; if (roleDescription _this in _availableCASCallers) then { _this addAction _callCASAction; }; _this addEventHandler ["Respawn",{ if (roleDescription (_this select 0) in _availableCASCallers) then { (_this select 0) addAction _callCASAction; }; }]; Any help appreciated, thanks.
  23. The Wrecking Crew The Wrecking Crew is a realism group that prides itself in its dedication to realistic and enjoyable game play, without the rigid aspects like permanent ranks and having to shout "Yes, sir" at a 14 year old. While we play mostly as British Forces to make coherent training possible, we have a whole host of players who come from all over the world, some as far out as Malaysia and South Africa. You select the role you'd like each week for our editor-driven operations, as long as you are competent and prove yourself by passing the required training sessions for that role, with some not requiring any. This allows you to vary from leading a platoon one week to driving a tank the next. The freedom to experience so many different types of game play without hindrance on the co-operation & enjoyability is something you will struggle to find in most other ArmA groups. Public Server If you would like to experience first hand what it's like to play with TWC, come join us on our public server. It runs different dynamic game modes made entirely in-house with a more relaxed game play than in our operations, but it will still give you a good insight in the community and play style. You don't need to sign up to participate on our public server, just the mods and to connect to our TeamSpeak server. We've created an easy to follow guide on how to get connected here. About our Operations Alongside a public server that runs 24/7, the biggest event our group hosts are weekly 'Operations' with between 20 to 40 people. As well as the occasional 'Joint Operation' with other groups which have encompassed up to 70 people total. Our operations span over a century of warfare, with a monthly rotation of World War 2, Cold War, Turn of the Millennium and Modern Operations. This means that in one month you can liberate a French town from Nazi occupation, halt a Soviet mechanised assault in the plains of Northern Germany, brawl with Iraqi armour in the deserts of Kuwait and patrol through the hills of Afghanistan, searching for insurgents. In these operations any recruit or member can play any role as long as he has received the corresponding training. In our operations we strive for maximum realism. We find real-life solutions for problems that we may face in game, while omitting more tedious parts of military duty like saluting, hour-long marches and range etiquette. We aim for the most immersive experience possible by having minimal HUD, first person only, a single life and using ACRE 2 for communications. Our operations take place on Saturday at 18:30 (UK time) and can last up to four hours or more. Interested in trying it out? If you're interested in participating in public, or signing up to try out our operations, you can check out our website for more information: http://www.thewreckingcrew.eu/. Alternatively, you can contact us on Discord, or pop directly onto TeamSpeak where any member will be willing to help you join with no hassle.
  24. Can someone please help me on the below: The script is working correctly bar one thing. When the marker is added to the map I want it to have in brackets (Marked by <playerName>) however currently it just adds "CAS Target (Marked by any)" Can someone explain why the name command is not returning the name of the player? I have in the Init box of the unit in the editor: nul = [this] execVM "scripts\add_markcastarget_action.sqf"; This is add_markcastarget_action.sqf _currentPlayer = _this select 0; _playerName = name _currentPlayer; sleep 10; fnc_addActionMP = { private["_object", "_screenMsg", "_scriptToCall"]; _object = _this select 0; _screenMsg = _this select 1; _scriptToCall = _this select 2; if(isNull _object) exitWith {}; _object addaction [_screenMsg,_scriptToCall]; }; [_currentPlayer, "<t color='#f20000'>" + "Mark CAS Target" + "</t>", { titleText ["Click to mark CAS Target location.", "PLAIN"]; openMap [true, false]; _attachedTo = (_this select 0); ["mk_cas", "onMapSingleClick", { titleText ["", "PLAIN"]; _markerName = "CASMARKER_" + (str _pos); _marker = createMarker [_markerName, _pos]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_destroy"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _marker setMarkerText format["CAS Target (Marked by %1)", _playerName]; ["mk_cas", "onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; true; }, [_attachedTo]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler } ] remoteExec ["fnc_addActionMP"];
  25. About Us We're a gaming community founded in December 2015 and predominantly hail from Europe. We play a huge variety of games ranging from FPS, Sports, Racing, Survival, Sandbox and many many more. Our main focus is currently Arma 3. We have both Public and Private servers depending on what you're into. Our Arma 3 Community is between 50-60 players and we like to keep at this level to maintain our community feel. Our Community range from the ages of 16-55 and come from all over the world. That being said we're like minded individuals and this has made the community what it is today. Arma 3 Public Server Last Resort Gaming provide a 24/7 Arma 3 Invade & Annex Public Server. This is open to all and has had over 15,000 unique players since March 2017 and at one point the 4th most popular I&A Server throughout Arma 3. Our mission framework originated on the work by Ahoyworld but is now powered and developed by YAINA, almost certainly one of the best I&A Frameworks on Arma 3. In addition, we also regularly host Public Zeus Missions and Public Events to enhance our Server and provide a unique experience for our players. Arma 3 Private Server - Operations We also provide a Private Server for those that wish to take things that bit further. Here we conduct near MilSim (no "Yes Sir, No Sir" here) Operations. To be a part of it you must apply and go through training. These Operations are hosted every Friday and it's great for those who want to get the most out of Arma 3 and the huge Mod collection available through steam. Arma 3 Private Server - Training In order to become a member and attend Operations you must apply and complete training. In training you'll be taught everything from formations to how to use ACE and TFAR. We pride ourselves on our ability to take someone with the right attitude from completely useless to somewhat less useless. Could that be you? Other Games As previously covered, we're not all about Arma 3. We also play an unending collection of other games. You'll always see someone knocking around the Other Games channels and we welcome everyone. This is an open Gaming Community and we're always happy to see new faces getting involved. If you would like more information, please contact me here by PM, or at ravenlrg@gmail.com In Service, Private Raven