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  1. cooked auto

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Chalk me up as another one whose not a fan of the new distance MG noise. When I first heard it yesterday while playing I couldn't actually pinpoint what it was because it sounds more like a cartoon machine gun firing at full bore than anything else. It took me a while even to realize what I heard was apparently an M2 firing because it sounded nothing like one. The normal gatling probably needs some fine tuning as well still because the continuous fire sound comes off as really bad. I could be making things up in this case but the impact screams are kinda terrible as well as they sound very flat. Edit: After some testing I can honestly say that the new M2 firing effect is really bad and it doesn't take into account if you shoot one short burst or a long one and will play practically the same cartoonish soundclip regardless. Or in the case of the RHS M2, play multiple layers over each other which just creates a cacophony of noise. Not much of a fan of the supposed extra layer of sounds added while firing the helicopter mounted gatling either as it has the same issue as with the M2 with it going on far too long and has no real relation to how long you actually fire the weapon. Even more so if you're a gunner in the RHS UH60 which uses a very different minigun sound.
  2. cooked auto

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Ah sure, here it is. In this case I grabbed it from Armaholic. http://i.imgur.com/JL6rVJn.jpg (174 kB) I wouldn't call it much of a problem either just a minor annoyance. Just thought it'd be a good idea to inform you of it regardless.
  3. cooked auto

    USP Patches & Insignias

    For some reason I've got seven different entries for this one in the Expansions menu after updating. Might be something you want to look into if possible.
  4. cooked auto

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Heads up, the newest patch introduced these two issues for me. The first one visible during start up: 20:30:24 Warning Message: Addon 'speedofsound_pure_ch47' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_RTD' 20:30:25 Warning Message: Addon 'speedofsound_pure_skycrane' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_RTD'
  5. cooked auto

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Yeah I get both of those errors, sound _SCOPE and smokeshell.scope, to appear at least once a mission as well. 0:12:51 Warning Message: No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons/SmokeShell.scope'. 2:57:40 Warning Message: Sound _SCOPE not found I noticed this error as well in my rpts after looking for a crash issue last night while riding one of the MH9s on the bench: 0:21:17 Cannot load sound 'speedofsound_pure_mh9\rotorbench.wss' Here's a bunch ofother RPT errors I've noticed now as well 20:41:28 Cannot load sound 'speedofsound_pure_core\sounds\distance\med\rifles_med\trgc_far.wss' 0:03:56 Cannot load sound 'speedofsound_po30\soundengineonext.wss' 0:03:59 Cannot load sound 'speedofsound_po30\soundengineoffext.wss' 0:05:16 Cannot load sound 'speedofsound_po30\soundengineonext.wss' But the rotorbench one is probably the most prevalent in my logs.
  6. cooked auto

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    One possible issue I've noticed is that some kinds of missiles seem to be missing long distance sounds, or they are a bit too quiet. During a chopper support mission I was unable to hear any Hellfires fired from an Apache nor hear the missile impacts while others could when using the default sounds. Nor could I really hear an echo of an explosion as well. The Apache in question was the one from the HAFM Overhaul mod just as a side mention. I admit the complaint is a bit sketchy. I'll probably have to try to do some testing to see if it's really an issue or not.
  7. cooked auto

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    I still think that the GAU-8 sounds really really underwhelming. Now it just sounds like a regular minigun and is in need of a little bit more punch. Also dropping the GBU sounds more like I'm dropping Wiley Coyote off a cliff rather than a bomb. By which I mean that the bomb whistle sounds a bit cartoony and loud at the same time.
  8. cooked auto

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    So instead you want people to download a roughly five to eight gig pack? :/ How does that make it a lower barrier of entrance if you suddenly force onto having people to download AiA to then be able to play the island itself? I frankly prefer the way Bornholm does it and it's frankly far more manageable than adding a ton of other dependencies on top of it. All I really I hope is that the creator works out the performance kinks in the island as otherwise it's a far far more enjoyable place to do missions on than the drab and dreary default islands. I am honestly not a fan of the current move of making AiA a huge dependency for future content because that will sooner or later just dissuade people to join because not everyone might have space for AiA at a decent quality and then all the other things that their group is running with on top of that. I do not think the supposed gain for adding AiA outweighs the supposed cons in this case and would've rather just see the island as it's own standalone thing.
  9. cooked auto

    CTI Editing

    So I've been working on a CRCTI 1.0 mission on CAT Afghanistan with East vs Resistance but I have come across a problem. The issue is that the Resistance side never gets their start data received and are stuck on the map screen all the time. I can't really figure out what scripts I have to change to actually do this so I'm asking if anyone knows. Or is there an easier way to do East vs Res that isn't too much of a hassle to set up in CRCTI?
  10. How would I get around making a better ingame loadout screen similar to the ones in MFCTI or CRCTI? As I was thinking of making a mission making use of LSRs or possibly SJBs weapon packs. Both feature simply too many weapons to make usage of ammo boxes even possible without going insane from all the scrolling. So the easy solution would be to make a loadout screen similar to what's in the CTI levels. Problem is of course that I have no idea how to actually do this properly. I know how to fix what's available to the player (i.e. editing InitEquipmentTypes in the case of CRCTI) but not how to make the more graphical parts and bind it as an action to say... an ammobox or something. Would it be too advanced to have weapons sorted under categories as well so the lists don't get too cluttered and instead split into relevant categories such as Pistols, SMG, AR, MG etc.?
  11. Ah ok. :| Slightly weird really. :/
  12. I noticed a weird thing in the converted campain Terror on Malden. On the second mission where you are supposed to attack the US Base, I immedietly get a mission failed for shooting, when I in fact havent even touched the fire button at all, I tried this twice, the second time not even touching the mouse. Or is this supposed to be in the mission itself? Which feels a bit weird as the mission parameter says that the americans are supposed to fire first. But before that even happens, I get a mission fail. And Your War campain seems a bit odd too, the AI just spins at one spot before doing some light shooting against the enemy. And the boat crew decides to disembark instead of staying inside the boat.
  13. cooked auto

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    Excellent work. However, it feels to me that the T34 for the ruskies is a wee bit small in the back. It feels rather dwarfish. Shouldnt the back end be a bit longer? And the AI wont cross bridges. Looked rather odd in our CTI game. More like a staring competition with snipers taking shots. Other than that I didnt notice too much wrong. I suppose that the drop of the Schreck and bazooka is intentional so I wont talk about it. Even if it makes tank killing a bit hard as even the AI seems to miss.
  14. cooked auto

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    The did the same to me in the AC pack. The odd thing was they were able to more or less snipe out of the cockpit. Suddenly I just lost control of my helo and it plummeted to the ground. And the armor meter hadnt even dropped below yellow, it was around 75-80% and yet still they were able to snipe me. A bit odd really. And one weird thing with the ground assault 2 mission. The apache in the beginning acctually flew into a tree twice and blew himself up before the AA got a chace to kill him. >_> Could be the High Res island. And is the AI supposed to Aim the Apache cannon a bit infront of the target even when its more or less still? And the AIM-92 on the Apache seems a bit overkill. Managed to shoot down both the Hind and the plane on Ground Assault 2.
  15. cooked auto

    dlCTI - Three Team CTI

    Ah, that might explain it. We had an AI comm so. They didnt seem all to bright when they stopped building after a while.