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  1. cooked auto

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    A slightly odd question, but is there a way to restrict the garrison module by height? I'm working a hostage rescue mission, using the module to randomize the bad guy positions to make it replayable. With the CT's being inserted on the roof via helicopter I would rather there be a chance for them to get shot at while fastroping in by some guy who just happened to get teleported onto the roof.
  2. So what's the best way to make AI riflemen shoot a tank with their rifles? As there's going to be some bunkers and such on the mission, I'm wondering if there's a way to make them open fire on the tanks despite not having any AT. Mostly so they don't look idle when they inevitably get machine gunned. Would that be an invisible target attached to the vehicle to make them target it, or is there a way with event handlers that I'm not aware of?
  3. Ah okay, looking closer at the examples I know what you're talking about. I looked the wiki page earlier, but missed that the last example follows the same syntax as the code I was using.
  4. Well that confirms my suspicions then, just wasn't sure how to correct it. Although, that line is the only thing being called in a trigger and not an external script. How would I go ahead to change precisePos?
  5. So I'm working on a Cold War era tank mission, very basic stuff with a US platoon breaching through a Soviet frontline. However, a trial run of the mission revealed that there are a pair of glaring issues. At first I wanted to abandon the thing, but I'm also very stubborn so I'm asking for advice here. The first issue is that I need a full repair script or function that works with a moving vehicle, as the mission has an AI support convoy tagging behind the tanks. Doing ACE repair, even with boosted settings, is a came of hunting for interaction points, so I'd rather just have an ACE interact point on the repair truck that allows you to fully repair a nearby vehicle. Similar with how rearming works, unless there's something I've missed in the ACE settings themselves that someone could inform me of. Nevermind, just noticed the ACE settings were set to Repair Facility and Advanced Engineer for the mission. I'm dumb. Although, something similar for a full heal tied to an ambulance vehicle would be good. The second issue is that the trial run revealed I had put down way, way too much AI on the mission and that had a very adverse effect on performance. To the point things started flickering badly for players (and myself) at random. I had set up Dynamic simulation for the units, however the only way it wanted to work properly was if I used the module, instead of the performance options so I must've done something wrong from what I can tell. So instead what I want to do is having tanks and IFV's spawn a distance away and come at the players, combined with some static defences. I have one basic script that spawns in AI, and making them move towards a marker waypoint, or use a LAMBS module: _grp1 = [getMarkerPos "testSpawn", east, ["O_Soldier_SL_F", "O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_AR_F"],0] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _wpt1 = _grp1 addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "testMove",5]; _wpt1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; The problem is that, while it's really handy it only works with infantry. Most likely due to how closely they spawn, as whenever I tried using it with vehicles it usually ended up with them signing up for the space program so to speak. So I'm looking for some alternative that let's me spawn in a platoon of tanks and have them head towards the players. Especially as a whole unit, as I've noticed that tank platoons can be slow to get moving and usually drip feed themselves into the action. But that could also be LAMBS for all I know, and probably something I need to check closer at some point.
  6. cooked auto

    Flickering/Flashing Objects

    I can add my group has had similar issues with flickering/flash objects for the past 2-3 months, from what I can remember never even seen the issue until after the 2.14 patch. So far it's struck us during Liberation, but it also happened during a test run of a mission I made. I'm guessing it's something stemming from too many AI present in the mission. But it also seems to ignore Dynamic Simulation to some extent because I made sure that was running properly to deal with FPS issues. But I will have to look that over again. Speaking of CHVD, we reached a conclusion that it might help dealing with the issue, but no conclusive results were reached on it yet. Edit: So from what I can tell, after going through some Discord chat logs, is that the flickering issue started happening at the end of September last year. I can remember instances where my game slowed down to an absolute crawl and models starting to T-pose and things began flickering in and out. Watching a tank get blown up one frame at a time is interesting I should add, but also incredibly frustrating. If it happens again during a future session I'll have to remember to save the rpt logs.
  7. That worked just perfect. Can definitely called that issue nipped in the bud. Much appreciated. :)
  8. Ah, due to the attachto being the problem in this case I swapped from the balloons to the EH you mentioned before. That made the convoy script work without a hitch, and shooting the hood of the car disabling the engine as well.
  9. Okay, after testing it's the attachto that is causing the issue. Because attaching it that way created the same issue with them not moving. In one instance, with the event handler not firing properly due to a missing variable name for the car, they started driving off. Edit: Okay, the eventhandler does make the convoy script working. The only downside is that one of the objective triggers were dependant on the balloons getting destroyed for completion. Which I figure can be solved by the trigger checking for if the engine is alive or not. Not sure what command I should use for the trigger condition though. Checking if EngineOn False doesn't work as the cars start with their engines off, which automatically activates the trigger.
  10. Well that's good to know at least. I'll give the attachto method and that a try then.
  11. Oh. I probably should've elaborated on that. In this case the balloon was the best way I could figure out how to execute disabling the engine, as the cars were rather bullet resistant. In this case they're attached to the cars hoods, and then upscale them slightly to make them easier to hit (when shooting from above in a helicopter). init="g1 attachTo [car1, [0, 2, -0.5]];" \n "g1 setObjectScale 2.3;"; Then there's a trigger that checks if the balloons are killed or not. condition="call{{alive _x} count [g1] < 1}"; Which then takes out the engine. onActivation="car1 setHitPointDamage[""hitengine"",1];"; I tried finding some way to use event handlers for it, but couldn't find a clear enough instructions for it. Essentially one shot through the engine block.
  12. I'm working on a mission where the player has to intercept a motorcade of three cars in order to capture an HVT. But an odd interaction between the method I use to disable the engine and the convoy script I'm using is causing some frustration. So in order to intercept the vehicles in the convoy, the players have to disable the engine of either the lead car, or the car carrying th HVT. The way I accomplished this was to attachto a balloon to the hood to the car that is tied to a trigger that will disable the engine once shot. (The Balloons later hidden by removing their textures while they're still considered there.) That works without issue. The motorcade itself uses Tova's Simple Convoy Script to get from point A to B. That works without issue. In this case using the line "convoyScript = [group this, 70, 20, false] spawn TOV_fnc_SimpleConvoy;" on the lead vehicle to call the script. In this case following the video tutorial found in the thread. The script itself present in the mission in a game logic file. But the problem arises when I combine these two parts. When I add a variable name to the cars for the attachto, the convoy script doesn't want to fire. The cars reverting back to the way the AI usually drives, ie poorly. Adding the cars variable name to the group doesn't work, neither does giving the group a variable name and using that. The thread for the script has another way of implementing the script, but using that doesn't seem to do much other than the AI marking off all the waypoints as completed without moving from the spot during testing. Even when trying on a LAN server I get a similar results. So what am I missing in this case? As far as I can deduce it out has something to do with how the convoy script is called, and how it doesn't seem to like the cars in it having names. I don't think I can use the attachto without using a variable name for the cars.
  13. cooked auto

    VTOL Insertion issues

    Nice, thanks. I'll give that a go if the transport unload doesn't work.
  14. cooked auto

    VTOL Insertion issues

    So I think I managed to figure it out. Turns out you can just set the crucial waypoint out in the water and then an invisible helipad on land and it will go for that. So now, thanks to some limitspeed commands on the waypoints, it does exactly what I want. And looks really good too. Now I just need to setup the players getting unloaded automatically so that slowpokes don't get carried away by the VTOL taking off for the last WP. Unless the Transport Unload WP works with player crew with unloading them automatically as well. I might increase the activation delay for the last WP a bit, but dumping them out might still be the better option.
  15. cooked auto

    VTOL Insertion issues

    I mean I could, but the thing is that they're absolute pains to fly because they behave like planes. Which means they don't slow down as easily as you can with helos even in hover mode. Although I figure now that I could just make it do that on the landing and not the whole flight. I'd have to experiment a little with it.