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Found 6 results

  1. LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm by nkenny / diwako / joko Current version: 2.5.3 I am very happy to announce the release of a new AI improvement mod. At its core it is a considerable expansion of vanilla Danger.fsm. Added are features which extend the enemy response and reaction to fire. The overall goal is to make buildings part of the AI's available terrain. The AI will dynamically enter and clear buildings holding enemy soldiers. The nature of the the danger.fsm does not make these features a replacement for dedicated scripts and clever use of waypoints-- instead the mod should work seamlessly with existing missions. It puts no special demands on mission makers, nor does it add universal game mechanics with strategic implications. With the mod enabled the AI is a significantly more active combatant. The biggest changes is that the AI is now able to view buildings and structures as part of the tactical terrain. The AI will search through buildings, hide and garrison within, as well as provide suppressive fire against suspected enemy positions. In addition AI reactions to fire, even when the origin is unknown is expanded. The AI will also communicate threats to nearby allies. Armoured and tracked vehicles receive new custom behaviour which will see them always try to turn towards known enemies and hammer suspected locations of enemy forces. Features * AI will move inside buildings * Perform suppressive fire (Vehicles will dismantle buildings) * Panic, with special effects * React, even when exact enemy position is unknown * React by hiding in the presence of powerful vehicles when without equipment to deal with it * Check dead bodies, rearms when possible * Tanks will react by rotating towards threats * Improved civilian reactions, hiding in buildings and checking dead bodies * A special Close Quarter Battle mode when DELTA or FILE formation are used (formation can be configured) Some limitations of this implementation are twofold. For one, the Danger.fsm only triggers when the enemy feels threatened. Which makes the actions always purely reactive. This means that you should not expect pro-active searching through buildings, or changes in stance or formation based on terrain. Such things are simply governed elsewhere. Second limitation is myself. I am by education a philosopher, not a coder or computer developer. Please excuse my bumbling attempts. I intend to develop the mod further. In a sense it is already outdated based on my future plans. That said I wanted to release something now in a public sphere to gain more experience, feedback and perhaps garner more interest in FSM level modifications to AI behaviour. I see a lot of opportunities to add or fix annoying aspects of AI behaviour. I write that this release in a sense already outdated, because I intend to redo the current FSM flow structure; which is currently an expanded version of the Bohemia variant, which itself appears to have remained basically untouched since Arma2. Video Here is a (rather clumsily made) demonstrations video. The scenario consists of eight Spetsnaz soldiers assaulting three buildings held by 10 looters. The looters are garrisoned using CBAs taskDefend module. The attackers are given a single MOVE and SEARCH AND DESTROY waypoint. Their formation is set to DELTA/DIAMOND-- which triggers a special CQC mode. The attackers defeat all defenders and suffer zero casualties. No other special mods or scripts are in play. --- STEAM Workshop --- GitHub --- Development Discord
  2. Hello, Bohemians. My name is Zeek Halkyr, and I have been involved with Arma 3 for around 7 years at this point. I come to you with the hope that you might be interested in following my adventures in modding. The majority of my time with Arma 3 has been spent in the Eden Editor, and Zeus, fiddling around with units and simulating engagements casually. Because of this, I spend a large portion of my time testing and configuring AI mods such as LAMBS, TCL, VCOM, BCombat, and so on. I have decided to invest time in learning SQF as well as funding the development of an AI mod myself, titled Advanced Squad AI (ASAI). I don't have anything major to say about why this mod will be "the next great thing", but I hope that some people who fiddle around in Zeus like me might get some benefit from it in the future. What is this mod? The mod focus will be on automating squad behavior in an engagement. The aim is to create a mod with: - Reactive squad strategy (a squad will utilize aggressive, defensive or suppressive tactics depending on the enemies strength) - Autonomous squad support (a squad will send/receive supports of many kinds depending on the assets linked to them) - Squad recovery/triage (a squad will recover/re-arm/refuel/repair after an engagement) - Zeus Support (a squad will prioritize Zeus/Scenario waypoints, and take over when engaged or not commanded by the Zeus/Scenario Maker) What isn't this mod? This mod will not: - Be an all in one replacement of ALiVE/HETMAN/Other high command mods. The organization/actions will be done strictly from a squad level of command. - Be a 'super soldier' mod. There may be some modifications to soldier AI, but only with the intent of enforcing squad actions. - Recreate 'realistic' doctrine. This mod will assume that a squad is a autonomous and co-operative entity, and may take actions usually done on a platoon/company level. How will I create the mod? At the moment, I have about 20% of the funding to create a initial demonstration of the mod (with the base features, to expand on as time goes by), I am also learning the SQF necessary to better understand how to approach the development. I am not an experienced SQF developer, however my experience in technical writing and scripting outside of A3 may lend itself to the development of the mod. I simply have a vision I want to achieve, and will try my best to execute it. It may be several months before a demonstration can come out, but I will be updating regularly the status of its development. How can I support the mods development? I am not accepting donations at the time to contribute to the mods development. However, I invite you all to join the discord I have created. I am much active there, and willing to answer any questions you have: https://discord.gg/FdmeBVa6dn I hope you will find an interest in my journey as time goes on, Zeek
  3. Vcom AI 3.4.0 AI Modification: Faster, Smarter, and Deadlier AI. Vcom AI 3.3.0 is an AI overhaul modification (Script or Mod) that aims to change the feel of combat in a PvE environment. 3.4.0 -AI will clear buildings more aggressively -New AI movement system -Added support for enhanced movement. AI can utilize enhanced movement to move around the battlefield -AI will utilize smoke grenades and frag grenades more often -Drastically improved AI debug information -AI will heal themselves more often. AI medics will heal teammates who do not have medikits/fac's -Experimental driving update - helps AI avoid collisions and attempts to stop them from running over friendlies -Improved sniper AI -AI use static weapons more effectively -Artillery has been re-worked. They will have to bracket enemies in. -AI skills can all be modified via CBA now -Added new CBA/config options -Other stuff..I dunno. I am tired. 3.3.0 Hotfix -Fixed several errors related to radios/groups 3.2.2 -CBA integration fixes -Artillery error fixes -Added Vcom Driving (experimental) -Vcom AI will ignore squads with players in them -Overhauled initialization -AI movement during combat tweaked -AI healing improved -AI unique animations -Other things I forgot about HUGE THANKS TO FREDDO FOR ASSISTING SO GREATLY IN MY ABSENCE! Added Changelog Rydigiers "Fire For Effect" artillery system CBA settings support for "Fire For Effect" artillery system Parameter for forcing speedMode "FULL" Descriptive header for all Vcom functions VCOM is now licensed under the ArmA Public License - Share Alike Zeus to mission.sqm Changed Vcom will not give flanking orders to AI with a commander Suppressors are now dynamically checked Mines are now handled differently (Placed mines are added to an array) AI will no longer ragdoll when prone, will instead perform animations AI will not ragdoll when within a certain distance of a player VCom functions have been moved to Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions Hold waypoints now define what building to garrison AI will not generate flanking waypoints targetting unknown units Deprecated VCom artillery (Replaced by "Fire For Effect") Fixed VCM_SKILLCHANGE had no effect AI taking control when player incapacitated AI attempting to flank aircraft Building clearing behaviour did not check distance to target Civilians being affected by VCOM VCM_SIDEENABLED had no effect VCM_ARTYENABLE had no effect Security Whitelisted remote execution for VCOM And much more that I forgot.... What does Vcom AI offer? Optimizations For starters, Vcom AI 3.0 offers a noticeable increase of performance over its older counter-part, Vcom AI 2.81. Functions on a group based FSM system, instead of an individual AI system. Allowing for better FPS, control, and cohesion with AI. Removed fluff and unnecessary code from Vcom AI 2.81, making the mod/script much more focused. Customization Use the Userconfig file to modify Vcom AI to your liking, or if CBA is running you can modify the settings in-game and on the fly. Advanced AI Direction and Threats -AI will clear garrisoned buildings -AI will automatically generate waypoints for more interesting and varied combat (AI will not do this if they have certain pre-placed waypoints or more than 1 move waypoint) -AI move dynamically from cover to cover while following waypoints -AI will call for on-map artillery for support -AI will call for reinforcements proportional to the enemy threat -AI will garrison structures temporarily in combat, if able -AI will look for nearby static weapons to man -AI will automatically deploy/pack static weapons -AI will use satchels to drop buildings, or setup traps for enemies -AI will use mines to on roads, in buildings, or wherever, to stop enemy movement -AI will change formations depending on the environment -AI will attempt to heal themselves or others when out of combat -AI will attempt to rearm themselves from dead bodies, vehicles, and etc when low -AI will steal empty or unlocked vehicles -AI have a chance to ragdoll when shot, causing them to fall over briefly -AI have an enhanced ability to hear and respond to gunfire from a distance -AI will respond differently from a weapon that is suppressed or not -AI on a hold waypoint will garrison a structure indefinitely, or until provided another order -AI, with NVGs, will be able to see your IR laser and respond accordingly. Be careful where you point that thing! -AI can have side based/classname based skill settings. Ease of use Vcom AI is easy to use. Install it, throw some units down, and go. It supports AI being spawned in dynamically, so there is no worry about needing to execute the code on every freshly spawned AI. To manage specific AI group behaviors, simply use these commands listed below. (group this) setVariable ["VCM_NOFLANK",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from executing advanced movement maneuvers. (group this) setVariable ["VCM_NORESCUE",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from responding to calls for backup. (group this) setVariable ["VCM_TOUGHSQUAD",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from calling for backup. (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; //This command will disable Vcom AI on a group entirely. (group this) setVariable ["VCM_DisableForm",true]; //This command will disable AI group from changing formations. (group this) setVariable ["VCM_Skilldisable",true]; //This command will disable an AI group from being impacted by Vcom AI skill changes. Known Issues -You must enable -filepatching on your server/machine if you want the userconfig folder to work. Not doing this may result in an error message. Donations Hey, working on this can be difficult and I do it in my spare time. If you want to show me a little love for what I do, I won't say no. With any brand new release, expect some bugs. They will be addressed when I am able. If you want to ensure that I see bugs, suggestions, or questions, hop on my discord and leave a comment the #bugreports channel or #suggestions channel, or preferably post in the Github! Discord Vcom AI 3.4.0 GitHub - SUBMIT BUGS/REQUESTS/ETC HERE! Vcom AI 3.4.0 Steam Version
  4. EDIT Got it working as v 0.1 The viewgeometry needs to be way bigger than the actual geometry to feel "realistic" for anyone who's interested. ------------------------------------------------------ I have an idea that (in my mind at least) might tackle Arma AI's keen ability to see through grass and ground clutter. Essentially, I just want to put a bush in front of the player that isn't visible to the player but is to the AI. It's not quite that dumb (parameters of stance, detecting surfaceType etc and it's actually several somewhat randomly placed bushes that move with the player all aimed at making this feel truly natural) but that's the gist of it. No actual tinkering with the AI, just a hidey bush. And I want this bush to work in singleplayer as well - I mention this because I expect hideObject might be all I need in MP as it's a local only command. The way I see it, the best thing to do would be to make my own 3D model (maybe all I need is a rectangle) and make it transparent from the get go while making it completely passable to bullets and it still obscuring the AI's view. I don't know how to do this. I know Blender essentials but that's it and I don't know how Arma figures out which parts of a model are see-through, how bullets react to it or how to set up the "fake" transparency, or if what I want is possible at all. I'm looking for tips, advice, pointers at what to read, anything. Programming wise I think I will be able to stumble my way through actually coding up the logic of this at least to a proof of concept level.
  5. All-In-One AI Command Menu A "WW AI Menu" Patch By Leopard20 & WindWalking This thread is no longer updated! For the latest release, check here Hello everyone. As you know, the WW AI Menu was one of the first and best AI mods released in the early days of ARMA 3 release. It addressed a lot of issues and shortcomings with the vanilla ARMA commanding system, and packed a lot of handy features including: - Infantry commands such as healing, garrisoning & clearing building, rearming, .... - Vehicle commands such as engine on and off, horn and eject with parachute. - Waypoint system with the ability to assign multiple waypoints to your squad members. - Weapon accessories (silencers, flashlights, ...) - Unsticking units. and .... Read more about the mod: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/153621-ww-aimenu-complimentary-commands/ Unfortunately, when Windwalking left the community some of the features ended up broken, and due to the community rule forbidding people from taking over and/or changing an author's work without their permission, nobody has stepped up to bring this mod back to life. Until now. I decided to bring this mod back to life in a way that respects the community rule and the author's work. Namely, "patching" the original mod by adding features and fixing broken ones. As a result, you will need the original mod installed for my mod to work. You can activate the menu by pressing Y .If you use the "Y" key for Zeus or anything else you can either change the keybinding for those features (I personally use "Ctrl+Y" for Zeus) or change the keybinding for the menu by navigating to: "OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu". I've also included a userconfig file where you can add support for your mods (if they are not supported already). Currently you can add support for: Resupply vehicles, AT soldiers (used in the rearming script) and the Handgun suppressors. Note that you might need to enable "file patching" for the config file to work (either add the -filepatching commandline or enable it in the launcher parameters). This mod is compatible with other commanding mods (such as C2). Although I don't recommend using both for issuing the same command at the same time (e.g when you use C2 to order your units to mount a vehicle, don't use the same command in this mod, as it may cause conflicts and unforeseen consequences) I also recommend this mod as it makes issuing regular and frequent commands a lot easier: (you may need to change the default keys used by the mod, keys 1, 2, 3 , 4, as these keys are used for switching weapons) Advanced Command System (ACS) All features were tested using the vanilla ARMA vehicles/weapons (including all DLCs up to the time of release), and work as intended. However some features (the most important of which being weapon accessories) may not work in other mods (such as RHS or CUP). Edit: As of version 0.50 Beta most features should work with other mods without issues. If they don't please post your feedback in this thread. Here's a quick overview of what is changed: Unchanged: Fixed/Modified/Removed: Added: Screenshots: Notes: Special thanks to: - @Windwalking for his awesome mod. - @Muzzleflash for helping me with showing objects on the map and also teaching me a lot about scripting. He's one of the best guys on this forum. - @mad_cheese for allowing me to use the "Bounding Box" function used in his legendary mod, C2. - and everyone else who kindly answered all my questions on the forum. Disclaimer: I can't guarantee this mod is completely harmless. Please back up your ARMA 3 directory located in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\) prior to using this mod (especially the file *.vars.Arma3Profile and the "saved" folder because they are the only files that may be affected). Multiplayer support is in alpha state and not fully tested yet. Dear Moderators, The current release still uses the scripts from the original version. Also, to avoid some conflicts, I had to rename the global variables. If you think this mod is still not in compliance with forum rules please let me know to come up with a solution (you can PM me or post it here). By installing this patch, the original mod will be disabled (If you want me to leave it enabled please leave a feedback and I'll re-enable it). Download Link (Current Version: v1.2.1): GitHub (always up-to-date) DropBox Armaholic (updates with a slight delay) How to Install: Future Plans: Changelog: Requirements: CBA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 WW AI Menu by Windwalking: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22380 Since v1.0.0, WW AI Menu mod is not required anymore. It's because some users reported they had trouble setting up WW AI Menu (mostly because of FilePatching used in WW AI Menu, which complicated things), so I decided not to make it necessary to have this mod. A couple of such reports:
  6. A.I.S.S. 3 : Feat of Arms V2 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////// ///////////////// ////////////////// /// /// /// /// /// /////////// /// /// ////////////////// /// /// /// /// /// /// // ///////////////// // /// /// // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// We were happy with the original FOA, but over time there were things that we wanted to see happen. So in spring 2015 after FOAs initial release, we started talking... First and foremost, we wanted a realistic human behaviour to the AI. This didn't mean robotic and patterned behaviour, but certain things that we felt people would do in a given situation that may have been missing from the default AI. The default AI has improved and it became more about meshing our expectations with the improvements in BiS vanilla AI routines. -Moving to cover upon contact -More active use of cover in combat -better use of stance in Combat -Less to little Ramboing, no charging -an impression the AI value it's life -Use of smoke -Continued use of given waypoints despite changes in reactions to contact -Ai using prone in a more realistic manner -Much less predictable behaviour -Flanking and alternate routing in combat (flanking not fully implemented yet) -Garrison of buildings and building searching, really ... just use buildings lol When you gain in one area you tend to lose in others. We wanted an AI that could accomplish this in Open ground and Cqb situations and that became a trade off game. How far will they go for cover, how often should that be and on and on it goes. FoA evolved into A.I.R which then was reworked back into FoA for this edition. In the end we are happy with where it is at for this initial release. We built test missions that were shared across the testing group to see if we could see the same things and then we each tried within our own Arma Environment. This is the result. Hopefully you like it. There are more features we would like to add. -AI suppressing and a few others. -menu for adjusting Foa parameters to eliminate -filepatching issue. This particular build was about getting the cover mechanics working, building searching working and making it all adapt to the changes in BIS ai. -Modules Module Instructions and Example Missions You can always highlight the Parameter title for the description in any of the modules !!! -FoA SP respawn - Allow player to respawn in SP -Apply to - who the module is applied to -Respawns - number of total respawns available (quantity) -Respawn Delay - respawn time delay (time in seconds) -Respawn Postion -location of respawned unit -Respawn Radius - radius around respawn postion Video link -FoA AI respawn - Great for Waves of AI. -Apply to - who the module is applied to. - one module can be synched to multiple groups -when a unit is killed or wounded very bad like 1 unit left with damage or .9 or so it respawns that 1 uni. The module does not respawn battalion at once. -Strength - Strength of force. This affects AI respawn rates. Platoon = 40 men,Company = 160 men, Battallion = 480 men. So Platoon = 40 divided be size of group. -Respawn Postion -location of respawned units, module or group postion -Respawn Radius - radius around respawn postion Video link -FoA Garrison -Use to force units into Garrison postions at mission start after slight delay. - Garrison Radius - radius that units will use to search for garrison postions. - Garrison timeout - min/max value determines random time then units search for new position in radius - sync the module to group leader and the units will garrison nearest structures. -Units will prioritze nearby static turrets and empty vehicle turrets. See Vid 2 Video link -FoA Exclude - Exclude Units from FoA control. - sync the module to group leader to exclude from Foa Control. Video link -FoA Patrol - Units will patrol the area automatically. - sync this module to the group leader to have the units patrol the surrounding area. - Radius of patrol in min max values for synced unit types [infantry,vehicle, air] Video link -Battlelines Modules -Add stategic Location -Battlelines Sector HQ -Sector Tracking more documentation coming soon Credits A.I.M Mikey74 StTosin CosmiC10R Froggyluv Feat of Arms Logo by Graeme Shute VO by -Froggyluv -Pulstar Testing thanks - in alphabetical order -ebarstad -Evil Organ -Incontinentia -Kremator -redarmy -RedGameR -GigaS aka jCae2798 This is WIP, The roadmap is to optimize and troubleshoot this version for v2.0.1 and then release new features in v2.0.2 - We have seen some fps drop in some situations, and in particular in Battlelines when air, arty, tanks and infantry are running around. - Look, the ai isn't perfect, there may be the odd janky crap... let us know and we will do what we can :) -You may be expecting some heavy duty AI changes, at this time the effects are subtle. We have not added single pistol shot, dive roll, curved bullet through a window, down a corrider, then 90 degree headshot AI