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  1. Asmodeuz

    Damage player outside trigger

    You can terminate the script that you spawn in the On Activation field. See terminate from the Biki For this change the earlier script a bit, give it a "script handle" which you can then use to terminate the script. For this example we use killPlayer like so killPlayer = [] spawn {while {alive player} do {_dmg = 0.01; player setDamage (damage player) + _dmg; sleep 1;}; }; Then in On Deactivation field use terminate killPlayer; Now the "killPlayer" script will fire every time you step out of the trigger and stop (or "terminate") when you step back inside the trigger area.
  2. Asmodeuz

    Damage player outside trigger

    Continuing from my original suggestion use this in On Activation: null = [] spawn {while {alive player} do {_dmg = 0.01; player setDamage (damage player) + _dmg; sleep 1;}; }; Change the values in _dmg and sleep to your liking to get the effect you want.
  3. Asmodeuz

    Damage player outside trigger

    Hello, place trigger, add Variable Name. In Trigger: Activation Type: None Activation: Any Player Activation Type: Not Present Repeatable: Yes In trigger Condition: this In On activation: player setDammage 1 or use a value between 0.1-0.9 in the case you don't want to completely kill the player.
  4. It's funny sometimes that you've been looking for "days" to come up with something, can't seem to find anything and then you come to forums for help. You post your question and keep scouring the internet while waiting for an answer to the question. And then you happen to find the answer but of course only after coming to forums to type a question about the problem that was bugging you already for some time 😄 Answer to my own question is that addAction action includes the param condition where it's possible to declare all kinds of things. The info text for condition states the following: String - (Optional, default "true") script code that must return true for the action to be shown. If action is added to player, condition is evaluated all the time. So for the action menu entry "Test action" to be shown to the player I could simply (eh) use "player inArea 'marker1'" in the condition param. When this condition evaluates to true the action is shown to the player, otherwise the action stays hidden.
  5. Hello, the short script I've typed below is checking whether a player is inside a marker's area (or not). When the player is (inside the marker's area) an action "Test action" will be added to the player's action menu. Now, since the script is being looped a new action menu entry gets added to the action menu every 5 seconds. Thus far haven't been able to come up with anything meaningfull so: is there a way to stop new action menu entry being added if one has already been added during the earlier loop? [] spawn {while {alive player} do {switch (true) do { case (player inArea "marker1"): {testActionID = player addAction ["Test action",{}];}; case !(player inArea "marker1"): {player removeAction testActionID}; }; sleep 5; }; };
  6. Will chime in here since the dedicated server I have in use is occasionally crashing. Dedmen was kind to take a look into the issue back in July so I provided crash dumps from the then latest stable Arma 3 version 1.92.145639. What Dedmen found was along the lines he now typed (about the magazine stuff) in his latest reply to this thread. Now the server is using the latest stable Arma 3 version 1.94.145977 and the (server) crashes still continue. Just for anyone's information there's been crashes on the 24th, 26th and 27th of August. Since then it's been quiet regarding crashes but that's most likely because of the fact that the server has been empty most of the time :) Back in July when I was hunting a crash and the ensuing crash dumps to be sent Dedmen's way I actually had to play five hours straight for the crash to appear. But there's been occasions when the crash has happened after playing from ½ to 1 hour. And then, what else to say.. well, I probably won't be much of help since I'm renting my server from a server provider and switching to other A3 branches is somewhat cumbersome task if not even impossible. Besides..where does one need some other branch than stable.. since afaik it's not like BI has provided any fixing attempts coming to 1.94.145977 and even the ensuing perf/prof updates. FYI my crash dump from July reached Dwarden but apparently that was from too an old build to be considered worthy of looking into.
  7. A short status update on what's been happening with Armaverse Nordic and its WW2 Warlords server there are nine (9) WW2 Warlords missions available thanks to the updates to the Warlords game mode in Arma 3 version 1.90 it's now possible to have Independent as a playable side this has allowed us to create missions for the US faction and with the latest update to Iron Front also for the UK faction! Armaverse Nordic has now its own Twitter and Twitch accounts Twitch Twitter the underlying mission framework has been overhauled which in the process has resulted in smaller mission file sizes and certain functionalities getting streamlined
  8. Asmodeuz

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I'm renting a server from a game server provider. After today's hotfix (1.90.145456) I was getting Session lost when trying to join the server with VerifySignatures set to 2 in server.cfg -file. To rid the issue I had to remove the following PBO-files (and their *.bisign files) from the server to be able to join the server: air_f_rtd.pbo dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo missions_f_epb_data.pbo missions_f_epb_video.pbo missions_f_epc_data.pbo missions_f_epc_video.pbo sounds_f_weapons.pbo Mind you, any of those files were not present on my client version of Arma 3.
  9. Armaverse Nordic has a couple of announcements to share after the last time: four new missions created with the Warlords mission framework have been made available and there's certainly more to come! AI enhancement mod ASR AI 3 has been added to the list of recommended modifications we've switched from TFAR (TaskForceArrowheadRadio) to ACRE2 (Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2). TeamSpeak 3 server connection information remains the same (see the second post of this thread) in the wake of these changes Armaverse Nordic Discord server has been reopened! Use the following link to join the discussion: https://discord.gg/X9AMAaA
  10. Asmodeuz


    Warlords errors when trying to build a mission on a map that does not have airfield/airstrip baked in the map: 22:05:13 Error in expression <; _incArr pushBack 0; _incArr = _incArr vectorMultiply 3000; _planeSpawnPos = _r> 22:05:13 Error position: <vectorMultiply 3000; _planeSpawnPos = _r> 22:05:13 Error 1 elements provided, 3 expected 22:05:13 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLVarsInit.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLVarsInit], line 174 When that^ happens the mission will be without basic Warlords functionalities since those won't initialize at all after the error. Could it be considered that this functionality checking airfield/airstrip availability could be loosened a bit? So that if there's no airfield/airstrip available all the Warlords functionalities would still initialize correctly and the mission could still be played. If it's not possible to bring such change into the official mission framework might there then be some way to go around this problem? EDIT: the behaviour I mentioned above will be fixed in an upcoming patch. See Jezuro's reply
  11. Asmodeuz

    Immersion Cigs

    Immersion cigs seems to have a tendency to spam server RPT with: Should the server have Immersion cigs as a mod too or if not, why the above spam might be occurring?
  12. Player character mouth is moving so partially it seems that our setup of ACRE2 is working. The problem is that even with all the mouth-moving there's no sound coming from anywhere. What gives? Our TS3 server is version 3.3.0 (running on ArchLinux) Does dedicated server have to include ACRE2 as a mod? Are there some other stuff that need to be done server-side? Does TeamSpeak 3 server have to have channel with specific name for ACRE2 to work?
  13. Asmodeuz


    Thank you for this blazingly fast tweak delivery!
  14. Asmodeuz


    Are there any chances that we could see this in the upcoming hotfix? Or at least Soon (when might that be then :) ?) Figured out while doing some testing that removing the soldier's uniform for example during player init circumvents the script that regularly checks and forces the uniform back on. By removing the player uniform (with removeUniform this;) one can put something else on instead. The drawback in doing so is that RPT-file starts to fill up with the following line Inventory item with given name: [] not found since the script forcing the uniform on is looped every second.
  15. Asmodeuz


    What about when mission makers want to allow putting on uniforms of the enemy faction for the missions they create with Warlords modules? But if allowing changing to enemy faction uniforms is out of the question for Warlords I at least would certainly welcome the possibility to be able to switch between faction-specific uniforms.