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  1. A short status update on what's been happening with Armaverse Nordic and its WW2 Warlords server there are nine (9) WW2 Warlords missions available thanks to the updates to the Warlords game mode in Arma 3 version 1.90 it's now possible to have Independent as a playable side this has allowed us to create missions for the US faction and with the latest update to Iron Front also for the UK faction! Armaverse Nordic has now its own Twitter and Twitch accounts Twitch Twitter the underlying mission framework has been overhauled which in the process has resulted in smaller mission file sizes and certain functionalities getting streamlined
  2. Asmodeuz

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I'm renting a server from a game server provider. After today's hotfix (1.90.145456) I was getting Session lost when trying to join the server with VerifySignatures set to 2 in server.cfg -file. To rid the issue I had to remove the following PBO-files (and their *.bisign files) from the server to be able to join the server: air_f_rtd.pbo dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo missions_f_epb_data.pbo missions_f_epb_video.pbo missions_f_epc_data.pbo missions_f_epc_video.pbo sounds_f_weapons.pbo Mind you, any of those files were not present on my client version of Arma 3.
  3. Armaverse Nordic has a couple of announcements to share after the last time: four new missions created with the Warlords mission framework have been made available and there's certainly more to come! AI enhancement mod ASR AI 3 has been added to the list of recommended modifications we've switched from TFAR (TaskForceArrowheadRadio) to ACRE2 (Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2). TeamSpeak 3 server connection information remains the same (see the second post of this thread) in the wake of these changes Armaverse Nordic Discord server has been reopened! Use the following link to join the discussion: https://discord.gg/X9AMAaA
  4. Asmodeuz


    Warlords errors when trying to build a mission on a map that does not have airfield/airstrip baked in the map: 22:05:13 Error in expression <; _incArr pushBack 0; _incArr = _incArr vectorMultiply 3000; _planeSpawnPos = _r> 22:05:13 Error position: <vectorMultiply 3000; _planeSpawnPos = _r> 22:05:13 Error 1 elements provided, 3 expected 22:05:13 File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\Warlords\fn_WLVarsInit.sqf [BIS_fnc_WLVarsInit], line 174 When that^ happens the mission will be without basic Warlords functionalities since those won't initialize at all after the error. Could it be considered that this functionality checking airfield/airstrip availability could be loosened a bit? So that if there's no airfield/airstrip available all the Warlords functionalities would still initialize correctly and the mission could still be played. If it's not possible to bring such change into the official mission framework might there then be some way to go around this problem? EDIT: the behaviour I mentioned above will be fixed in an upcoming patch. See Jezuro's reply
  5. Asmodeuz

    Immersion Cigs

    Immersion cigs seems to have a tendency to spam server RPT with: Should the server have Immersion cigs as a mod too or if not, why the above spam might be occurring?
  6. Player character mouth is moving so partially it seems that our setup of ACRE2 is working. The problem is that even with all the mouth-moving there's no sound coming from anywhere. What gives? Our TS3 server is version 3.3.0 (running on ArchLinux) Does dedicated server have to include ACRE2 as a mod? Are there some other stuff that need to be done server-side? Does TeamSpeak 3 server have to have channel with specific name for ACRE2 to work?
  7. Asmodeuz


    Thank you for this blazingly fast tweak delivery!
  8. Asmodeuz


    Are there any chances that we could see this in the upcoming hotfix? Or at least Soon (when might that be then :) ?) Figured out while doing some testing that removing the soldier's uniform for example during player init circumvents the script that regularly checks and forces the uniform back on. By removing the player uniform (with removeUniform this;) one can put something else on instead. The drawback in doing so is that RPT-file starts to fill up with the following line Inventory item with given name: [] not found since the script forcing the uniform on is looped every second.
  9. Asmodeuz


    What about when mission makers want to allow putting on uniforms of the enemy faction for the missions they create with Warlords modules? But if allowing changing to enemy faction uniforms is out of the question for Warlords I at least would certainly welcome the possibility to be able to switch between faction-specific uniforms.
  10. Asmodeuz


    Just to double-check if the above inquiry could get an answer. If I'm not mistaken this is the one I'm talking about: Should it somehow be possible to terminate the above script after its initialization? If not could this feature become toggleable for example from the Warlords Init module?
  11. Asmodeuz


    Warlords seems to incorporate a functionality that forces a player to use a uniform. Could it considered to make this functionality optional? If making this functionality optional is out of the question then might there be somekind of way to circumvent the behaviour?
  12. Asmodeuz


    I filled out rest of the custom requisition list for both the BLUFOR and OPFOR side according to the example on the Warlords Wikipage and the error still appears during the mission starting phase. Make no mistake the assets declared in the custom list indeed appear in-game for both sides so in that sense the list works as intended. Might this list still be missing some class or is that all there is? Why the error then(?) EDIT: If I set the (Starting) Command Points to 0, 100 or 250 the error doesn't appear If I set the (Starting) Command Points to 500, 1000, 2500 or 5000 the error does appear How are the (Starting) Command Points connected to the custom asset list that selecting a certain amount results in the aforementioned error? ADDITIONAL EDIT: Whenever the player's CP amount reaches 400 the error is displayed When this error appears it fills the RPT file with thousands of lines: one occasion I have here just now is 7864 lines of that error message in just 28 seconds
  13. Asmodeuz


    I am seeing a similar error (see the RPT output at the end of this post). The error appears during the mission starting phase (around the same time when the next objective vote commences) and only happens when using a custom asset list. For testing this I created a short custom asset list in description.ext: class CfgWLRequisitionPresets { class TestAssets { class WEST { class Infantry { class B_Soldier_F { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; }; }; }; class EAST { class Infantry { class O_Soldier_F { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; }; }; }; }; }; And already with that short custom list the error @houndo was asking about manifests itself. This was tested on A3 Development build 1.87.145170 Just a quick edit to add a short RPT output of the error: 22:43:42 Error in expression <(_this getVariable "BIS_WL_funds") >= ((_cheapest # 1) + _dropCost) && count _g> 22:43:42 Error position: <_cheapest # 1) + _dropCost) && count _g> 22:43:42 Error Undefined variable in expression: _cheapest
  14. Asmodeuz


    Great to see such official game mode becoming available soon! With the modules of Warlord it would seem to be somewhat easy to create whole map missions and such opportunity I at least will welcome with open arms! Few questions if I may: Currently it is only possible to pit BLUFOR and OPFOR against each other and INDEP will always be in there between (unless the scenario designer designates capturable sectors to either BLUFOR or OPFOR side) - can we expect to be able to have INDEP as a playable side fighting against either BLUFOR or OPFOR? - or, is there already a way to somehow make a INDEP faction (be it an official A3 INDEP faction or from a modification) playable? Could there be a way to disable the Command Point system and Request menu possibly from one of the Warlords modules? - with this the scenario designer could have the Warlords core mechanics and implement a "reward and shop" mechanics of their own Greetings Asmodeuz
  15. Quoting myself, is such a thing even possible! Aand lo and behold there was Pre-Release Build 1.8.1 and those couple of functionalities indeed were good to go with their committed fixes! Apologizing again for asking but eager me can't wait: what and when might be the chances to see the Steam Workshop version be updated to the latest version?