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  1. After almost 6 years of continuous service Armaverse Nordic's WW2 themed Arma 3 server will be going offline. Thank You to all that played on the server and/or stopped by the Discord server throughout its lifetime!
  2. With the release of Arma 3 CDLC Spearhead 1944 Armaverse Nordic shifts focus and support to the latest installment that brings World War 2 as an official addon to Arma 3. New multiplayer missions created for the CDLC's Normandy map and the assets it boasts are now available. Also with the release of the Spearhead 1944 the long serving Iron Front in A3 ("IFA3 AIO - Second wave") modification along with the dependency mod @CUP Terrains - Core will be put to the side for the time being. For an up-to-date listing of DLC and mods for Armaverse Nordic's multiplayer server please see the original post.
  3. As many of us might have learned by now development of ShackTac User Interface (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498740884) has been discontinued. While an era ends for one great modification a new one begins with another. As the state of things is ShackTac User Interface will make way for DUI - Squad radar (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638341685) and from this day on you will be able to use "DUI" when playing on Armaverse Nordic's WW2 Warlord server. So make sure your mods are up-to-date and hop on the server anytime you prefer! FYI the list of the required and allowed modifications have been updated to the original post.
  4. Asmodeuz

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Thank you for this notion. I somehow initially managed to convince myself with the idea that only clients need the mod installed (naturally to be able to use it in the first place) and I just force certain settings via CBA settings file that resides on the server. As I've found out now that didn't work so now also the server has DUI Squad radar installed and loaded and forcing the settings seems to work as expected. I did a short test run with the latest stable version of the mod and couple of comments from the testing: Icon occlusion doesn't seem to work past 50 meters I tested this with setting Max range (diwako_dui_indicators_range) to 100 meters and naturally having occlusion (diwako_dui_enable_occlusion) enabled. When sending a unit from the player's squad behind an obstacle that's >50 meters away from the player the indicator for that unit will be shown between 51-100 meters IF the line of sight between player and the unit was not broken when the distance between player and the unit was under 50 meters For some reason settings Show SQL Always First (diwako_dui_radar_sqlFirst) and Sort (diwako_dui_radar_sortType) are being forced for clients and afaik I haven't done this knowingly. I made these observations when testing on a dedicated server but also when testing via in-game editor on dedicated server I haven't forced these settings via CBA settings file. And on additional note these settings seem to already be forced when testing via editor. Are these perhaps forced from within the mod itself(?) When using the mod (be it as client or server) it seems to output some error in the RPT file. Doesn't really seem to affect functionality at least on client side but FYI if you could better tell what the issue might be 12:53:08 Global namespace not passed during: false 12:53:08 Global namespace not passed during: false 12:53:08 Error in expression <false> 12:53:08 Error position: <false> 12:53:08 Error Local variable in global space 12:53:08 Global namespace not passed during: false 12:53:08 Global namespace not passed during: false 12:53:08 Error in expression <false> 12:53:08 Error position: <false> 12:53:08 Error Local variable in global space
  5. Asmodeuz

    DUI - Squad Radar

    diwako, I am making first tests with DUI on a dedicated server and from the testing it would seem that client settings take precedence over mission and/or server settings. There just doesn't seem to be a way to overwrite/force client settings. See the image via the below link that displays the Server settings for DUI. https://imgur.com/a/GrWHIup As can be seen from the image every setting has red X which in this case means that all those settings are overwritten by clients. I tried to force (or overwrite) from the Server settings tab one of the settings for clients and mission but couldn't. When forcing te setting server printed a "13:36:31 [CBA] (settings) WARNING: Value true is invalid for setting diwako_dui_indicators_show" message. FYI also that at one point I had a cba_settings.sqf on the server with the intention to force certain DUI settings and even with that clients' settings applied (and not the server's as it should be). Shouldn't Mission settings take precedence over Client settings and Server settings should take over both? Or is what I'm experiencing here something that's on my end? If the problem stems from my end then I'd gladly take some pointers what to do here.
  6. Asmodeuz

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I just uploaded LAMBS Danger files along with the bikey from my client to the server. One could think that those would match eh :) Then just to be sure disabled any other mod on the server and on my client than CBA_A3 and LAMBS Danger. And still the server is telling me that the provided key and mod files don't match 🤷‍♂️ Guess there is not much to do than wait for a future update of LAMBS Danger and hope that everything gets back in working order with a new key.
  7. Asmodeuz

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Workshop version for both the server and client.
  8. Asmodeuz

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    After the latest 2.4.0 update I'm unable to join a server (that uses LAMBS Danger) as a client with the same version of LAMBS Danger enabled. The server keeps insisting that the LAMBS Danger related PBOs "are not signed by a key accepted by this server". This happens even though I did a clean install of LAMBS Danger to the server and for the client unsubscribed, deleted all LAMBS Danger related files and then subscribed again to the mod in Steam Workshop. I also moved the lambs_danger_2.4.0.bikey from my client to the server to see if the server key would be different/corrupted/wrong but that did not help either. If I remove LAMBS Danger from the client's mods I'm able to join the server without problems. What usually gives in situations like this?
  9. Asmodeuz

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Thanks for the reply nkenny! Fair point with the network traffic. Still, is there really no way to print stuff into the server's RPT 🤔 Well.. I wouldn't know if there happened to be 🤷‍♂️ What comes to checking with the test you suggested: if I as a client have the mod enabled and join a server that doesn't have (the mod enabled), then I do see the CBA settings regardless of the fact that the server is not running the mod. Either way I'll anyway start testing the mod a bit more and it probably will eventually be possible to tell whether the mod is working or not 🙂 shadow edit: it seems that an error (such as 18:55:21 [CBA] (settings) WARNING: Value true is invalid for setting lambs_danger_debug_FSM.) will be output into the server RPT when trying to enable/disable LAMBS CBA settings for the server when the mod hasn't been loaded for the server ✌️
  10. Asmodeuz

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Only been dipping my toes into LAMBS Danger but this would really seem to be the next thing in altering Arma 3's AI behaviour. Need to dive into it some more for sure but already at this point very nice work nkenny and as part of this larger community a huge thank You from me! One thing though is slightly troubling. I'm testing LAMBS on a dedicated server and in there I can't seem to get the debug info going. When enabled shouldn't the debug info (basically systemchat is it?) get printed into the server's console (and thus also into RPT-file)? I'm not seeing anything anywhere so the situation leaves a sorts of feeling that I'm not sure if LAMBS is working on the dedicated. FYI when starting the server LAMBS Danger is being listed in the List of mods as found and correctly loaded so it shouldn't be an issue that the mod itself is not being loaded correctly.
  11. Asmodeuz

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Should there be Arma 4 (or "a new milsim with some name" from BI) and it's made with Enfusion then I hope they will include as much of the tech that they've been creating for DayZ all this time. I especially mean the tech that affects character status in many different ways (hunger, thirst, temperature and so on, basically everything that can today be read about in the DayZ wiki, see: Character Status). Would be nice if the next game offered such functionalities from the get-go and those could also be available for mission makers as placeable modules or something the like in the (possible) mission editor.
  12. Hello, check that you are pointing to correct factions in the Warlords INIT module. By default there's BLU_F, OPF_F and IND_F and these need to be changed to correctly reflect the factions you want to spawn in the sectors as defenders.
  13. Hello, through trial and testing I've arrived to the following format for a vehicle respawn functionality. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; [_killed] spawn { switch (true) do { case (!alive vehCivSUV_1): {deleteVehicle vehCivSUV_1; _newVehicle2 = "C_SUV_01_F" createVehicle [1263,1298,0]; _newVehicle2 setVehicleVarName "vehCivSUV_1"; vehCivSUV_1 = _newVehicle2; publicVariable "vehCivSUV_1";}; sleep 2; case (!alive vehCivSUV_2): {deleteVehicle vehCivSUV_2; _newVehicle = "C_SUV_01_F" createVehicle [1232,1298,0]; _newVehicle setVehicleVarName "vehCivSUV_2"; vehCivSUV_2 = _newVehicle; publicVariable "vehCivSUV_2";}; }; }; }]; While testing has proven that it works decently enough in a dedicated server there's still at least one edge-case scenario that I'd like to iron out. The edge-case is that should the two vehicles mentioned in the event handlers code be destroyed exactly at the same time the functionality does not work as expected. Should the demise of both vehicles happen at the same time the other vehicle won't be created at all (and the other that gets created will have a duplicate vehicle spawned next to it). So while what I have now works to some degree there should be some changes made to make the functionality more robust. Maybe the switch-do is not the best solution but I have only just arrived to that and don't have off the top of my head any other solution to try. So question for this is that: what would be a more robust way to achieve what I have now and do away with the edge-case scenario at the same time? Another thing would be that the functionality should, if possible, incorporate at least two more vehicles in it. edit: while I know that there's a respawn module available in the editor that can't be used for "reasons"
  14. Asmodeuz


    Been dipping my toes into some Warlords Redux. One great thing is that with Redux it's now possible to create Indep vs West/East missions out of the box. Regarding this though I've noticed while I've been testing Indep vs West/East setup it seems that Indep is unable to capture sectors from the side that happens to be defending the sector that is being attacked by Indep. No matter how I kill everyone from the sector (and make sure with Sector scan that no one should be alive) the capturing process never seems to start for Indep. Can anyone confirm such behaviour? Isn't it so that you just set the desired combatantsPreset setting to one that includes "Resistance" as playable side and the mission should be good to go? Or am I missing something in the parameters which is why the capturing doesn't work for playable Indep?
  15. A new gameplay trailer has been released for Armaverse Nordic's WW2 Warlords!