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Found 28 results

  1. So I'm staring at this black screen saying only "all players connected, starting match in 0" This happens like 9 out of 10 tries when starting a tomato throwing elimination.... I can hear others playing and can even hear myself run and emote and all, but I keep seeing this black screen... Any others out there having the same issue? I'm on Xbox.
  2. I'm trying to get an event to trigger when a weapon is fired. I have added an EventHandlerManagerComponent and then my own scripted component (code below) to a cloned m16 weapon entity. The "weapontestPOSTINIT", "weapontestEINIT" and "weapontestADDEVENT" are all printed after initialization. However, when I pick up the weapon and fire it, the event method is not run and "testEVENT" is not printed. What's wrong with my setup? class EHJ_WeaponEventComponentClass:ScriptComponentClass {}; class EHJ_WeaponEventComponent: ScriptComponent { private EventHandlerManagerComponent m_EventHandlerManagerComponent; override protected void OnPostInit(IEntity owner) { super.OnPostInit(owner); owner.SetFlags(EntityFlags.ACTIVE, true); SetEventMask(owner, EntityEvent.ALL); Print("weapontestPOSTINIT"); } override protected void EOnInit(IEntity owner) { Print("weapontestEINIT"); m_EventHandlerManagerComponent = EventHandlerManagerComponent.Cast(owner.FindComponent(EventHandlerManagerComponent)); if (m_EventHandlerManagerComponent) { m_EventHandlerManagerComponent.RegisterScriptHandler("OnAmmoCountChanged", this, this.Event_OnAmmoCountChanged, true); Print("weapontestADDEVENT"); } } void ~EHJ_WeaponEventComponent() { if (m_EventHandlerManagerComponent) m_EventHandlerManagerComponent.RemoveScriptHandler("OnAmmoCountChanged", this, this.Event_OnAmmoCountChanged, true); } void Event_OnAmmoCountChanged(BaseWeaponComponent currentWeapon, BaseMuzzleComponent currentMuzzle, BaseMagazineComponent magazine, int ammoCount, bool isChambered) { Print("testEVENT"); } };
  3. Greetings all I am pleased to announce: OPERATION EDINBURGH Operation Edinburgh is a coop event with members from multiple units simulating a day long offensive within Arma 3 as the US army there to restore order to the province of Lythium and achieve multiple side objectives, all within a single day. Please note, we are mostly EU based but will accept people from all over. Set within an alternate timeline whereby ISIS remerged in a weakened Afghanistan following their defeat in Syria, we have been sent to push ISIS out of their foothold in the country and defeat them once and for all. With over 100 slots available, and with all manner of roles ranging from squad to company level, as well as roles available within our separate air and recon elements, our team of Zeus’s and event managers hope to create a fun experience for all. We understand that this is an ambitious undertaking and as such this will be a 10-hour long operation! Beginning at 12:00 BST and ending at 22:00 BST on the 30th May. As such you are able to binge the entire session like some of us plan to, drop in and out, get some down/afk time within the barracks, or go on a patrol if your tired of all the action. We have no requirements from you except for the ability to have fun, download mods, and engage in semi-casual milsim. The main mods used are as follows, however the full list is available on our discord: Ace, TFAR, RHS, CTAB, CUP, and a bunch of others. We will be utilising advanced ACE medical settings. https://forms.gle/uPgQxy9EEERqC1iN8 Attendees are also required to be on the discord as this is where all the important announcements, information, and plans will be made. It is also the main forum we have for keeping track of numbers. Signing up using a form provided in the discord is required as it tells us which roles you want. If you rock up on the day with the mods, without having joined the discord or filled out the form, we don't mind as long as you stick to squad/unit you have been assigned and are on ts, however do not expect to have any of the important roles, and if you are using one which has been reserved for another person we will ask you to switch. Additionally we are currently running a game of anti stasi on our server and ts when the server is not being used for testing. As such the server might be used for testing sometimes however, but most of the time it will be running anti stasi games or mini ops which you are welcome to join through our discord, teamspeak, and Arma server all available below. Operation planning will be conducted before hand in meetings on ts in the days leading up to the ops amongst those who have been given leadership roles, having signed up using the forms on our discord. However, as with any plan we expect that we will have to improvise on the actual day. So, come join the fun using the links below which you can use to apply for all the various roles available and see more details if you are unsure: Discord: https://discord.gg/squ24r6 Server IP: TS IP: Or alternatively you could message me or reply to this thread if you have any questions and can't be arsed to to do that.
  4. SBP Team prepared an interesting mission with story for this Sunday. I'll be attending, too. TV stations report that a big meteorite has made a sonic boom upon entry into the atmosphere and fallen down in a remote region of Fapovo Island. A team of American ufo-hunters believes that was actually a spaceship. A local gypsy community is also sending in their team as they believe a worthy material might be picked up there for later sale. Police and Army are heading at the location, too. They are ordered to arrest anyone carrying a firearm or illegal material from the crash-site. Phase 1: TvTvAI Ufohunters: retrieve as many foreign material as you can, bring it to the camp Gypsies: retrieve as many foreign material as you can, bring it to the camp Cops/Army: arrest people carrying firearms and/or space material (illegal by local laws) Respawn: prison camp. Phase 2: Coop - all teams from P1 need to work together in order to save themselves and reach the local helipad or boat docks. Respawn: hospital. Slots available: 24. SBP priority. When? Thursday Mar 12, 21:00 CET (8PM UK) Addons required: http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ Where? ts.vojak.si - for password drop me a PM or contact us on our Discord. We play on our dedicated server, password available on TS. Current attendance list 1. Spidi 2. IceBreakr 3. Sahbazz 4. Heric 5. BMXrider Free slots remaining: [19]
  5. SLS Modpack We have a brand new server currently open to the public! On a normal day we run the KPliberation mode, but we often make events for anyone to attend! These events can range from a milsim type operation to something a little more fun like a STALKER theme. (Definitely planned and in the works now by me.) If you wish to attend these events, simply join our discord server and we will soon have an event signup channel. Currently we only have Altis, but don't fret, we are working CUP maps into our rotation! This will take time and we will slowly be rolling them in one at a time as we are only two people. We use ACRE2 so please connect to our teamspeak server upon joining, the server rules are posted on the discord, so please give those a read! We don't mind if you join just to read those and leave afterwards. Teamspeak:
  6. Hello, through trial and testing I've arrived to the following format for a vehicle respawn functionality. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; [_killed] spawn { switch (true) do { case (!alive vehCivSUV_1): {deleteVehicle vehCivSUV_1; _newVehicle2 = "C_SUV_01_F" createVehicle [1263,1298,0]; _newVehicle2 setVehicleVarName "vehCivSUV_1"; vehCivSUV_1 = _newVehicle2; publicVariable "vehCivSUV_1";}; sleep 2; case (!alive vehCivSUV_2): {deleteVehicle vehCivSUV_2; _newVehicle = "C_SUV_01_F" createVehicle [1232,1298,0]; _newVehicle setVehicleVarName "vehCivSUV_2"; vehCivSUV_2 = _newVehicle; publicVariable "vehCivSUV_2";}; }; }; }]; While testing has proven that it works decently enough in a dedicated server there's still at least one edge-case scenario that I'd like to iron out. The edge-case is that should the two vehicles mentioned in the event handlers code be destroyed exactly at the same time the functionality does not work as expected. Should the demise of both vehicles happen at the same time the other vehicle won't be created at all (and the other that gets created will have a duplicate vehicle spawned next to it). So while what I have now works to some degree there should be some changes made to make the functionality more robust. Maybe the switch-do is not the best solution but I have only just arrived to that and don't have off the top of my head any other solution to try. So question for this is that: what would be a more robust way to achieve what I have now and do away with the edge-case scenario at the same time? Another thing would be that the functionality should, if possible, incorporate at least two more vehicles in it. edit: while I know that there's a respawn module available in the editor that can't be used for "reasons"
  7. Hey people I am doing a mission this Friday 03/05/19 1900BST! (2000CSET/1200EDT/1800UTC), Its going to be set in world war two in Libya playing as the German Afrika Korps making a move in the area to take the city of Tobruk from the British! First phase of the mission will be to secure a foothold in the area by pushing through checkpoint George then moving onto Fort Solari to secure that as forward operating base for the next phase of the operation. Roles available: 1-1: Sergeant (ic), Machine Gunner, Medic, Corporal (2ic), Grenadier, AT, Rifleman, Rifleman 1-2: Sergeant (ic), Machine Gunner, Medic, Corporal (2ic), Grenadier, AT, Rifleman, Rifleman TANK CREW: Tank Commander, Gunner, Driver Please reply to this thread to sign up! Mission overview Mods List (I can send you the HTML on request!)
  8. Operation Chester Date/Time: April 13, 2019 @ 2100/9PM CET (2000/8PM UK) Side: SIAF (Slovenian Armed Forces) vs Local Rebels Storyline: Our QRF unit operating in the area has been asked to intervene after local army lost control of Chongo Airbase after an intense battle with a local rebel group named Al-Wabra. We will use that Airbase as an FOB to inflict further damage to rebels in the sector. Enemy: Rebels / Mercenaries Addon repository: http://www.vojak.si/chongo/ More info in our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sbpteam/ Our Discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/0at5rHYr1sy2Mp8y So far signed up: my SBP Team ~8-10 players. We are looking for a dedicated disciplined group or two that would join us in the battle.
  9. Is there an event handler that deals with a mine being triggered? I'm hoping to setup a trip-wire that can be disarmed like a mine but that triggers an explosion somewhere else. I may be able to do it with an on-entry trigger but i'm betting this will make the disarming bit somewhat clumbsy. thanks!
  10. Operation Ayahuasca 56th Recon Division and MERC Gaming group are hosting a open-to-public event. This event is a series of dynamic missions spread over 2 operational days. Organized combined arms will be utilized to achieve mission-specific objectives. Multiple missions will be run on each day, with organized breaks in-between to re-kit and change roles as needed. This event is intended as a recruitment for both individuals and other units to join us on our regular, private operations that are held weekly on Saturdays and Sundays. RSVP by the end of Friday Dec. 14th with which op dates you are interested in: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKqkngrBimXwohBXlfdmI1_wzTw3akwkmACCZ6HDhR-tnMgg/viewform Primary Contacts: https://www.reddit.com/user/Treadstone56RD, https://www.reddit.com/user/MundaneMERC See also: mercgg.com, MERC Discord https://discord.gg/UUZXzd8 Event Dates: Saturday Dec. 15th, 2018 @ 5:00pm PST Sunday Dec. 16th, 2018 @ 5:00pm PST Event Requirements: TeamSpeak 3 Client Microphone Arma 3 Mods setup according to the modlist Op modlist: https://mercgg.com/arma3/56RDvR1.html TFAR should be set up and checked prior to op! Expectations: A basic knowledge of Arma Mods & TFAR setup Maturity & patience - disruptive players and/or groups are not welcome About us 56th Recon Division and MERC Gaming group have worked together for over 5 years. Having forged a strong alliance in Planetside 2, we have brought our friendship to Arma 3 and have been running joint operations over the past year. Now, we hope to find more players and/or groups that are looking to join in on our growing operations. Both 56th Recon Division and MERC Gaming group are recruiting Arma 3 players. For recruitment details of 56RD, contact https://www.reddit.com/user/Treadstone56RD. For MERC recruitment details, please contact https://www.reddit.com/user/MundaneMERC. Do you have your own unit (of any size) and want to come out to our regular events as a group? Contact https://www.reddit.com/user/Treadstone56RD or https://www.reddit.com/user/MundaneMERC for more information, or join MERC’s discord (look for this event’s channel!) https://discord.gg/UUZXzd8 REMINDER: Event dates: Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 15th & 16th @ 5:00PM PST RSVP by the end of Friday, Dec. 14th with which op dates you are interested in. RSVP Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKqkngrBimXwohBXlfdmI1_wzTw3akwkmACCZ6HDhR-tnMgg/viewform Contacts: https://www.reddit.com/user/Treadstone56RD, https://www.reddit.com/user/MundaneMERC, https://discord.gg/UUZXzd8
  11. Hello Armaholics! I must admit I'm very bad when it comes to scripting. Is there a easy way to have a trigger activate when you have closed a leaflet after you've read it. Couldn't find anything on leaflets on the wiki regarding event handlers. I'm using this for the leaflets: ["init", [this, "image.jpg", "Text message"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet It will be used in a upcoming horror mission this halloween. Thanks in advance! :) Some of my missions: [CO-04] Last Stand - Bunker [CO-04] Last Stand - Compound [CO-04] Last Stand - Town [CO-04] Terrorist Hunt - Village [CO-04] Terrorist Hunt - Factory
  12. Hello, I've been playing with Put and Take event handlers to try and achieve functionality that's stated in the topic. For starters Put EH seems to only fire when you drop your weapon on the ground (groundWeaponHolder) or put the weapon into a container (box, vehicle) directly from your inventory. It doesn't fire when switching to a weapon that is on the ground even though (at least how I see it) you are still dropping your current weapon into a "groundWeaponHolder". Does anyone have an idea why this EH doesn't fire in that case? I used this shortie to test Put EH: player addEventHandler ["Put", {_unit = _this select 0; _content = _this select 1; _weapon = _this select 2; hint "This EH seems to be working";}]; Take EH on the other hand seems to work just fine for detecting the weapon pick up operation. But other than testing with simple hint that the EH fires when needed I haven't been able to come up with anything I'm looking to achieve. Now the ultimate question is: by using either of the aforementioned EHs how to delete the weapon that gets put on the ground during weapon switching operation?
  13. Hello there! For one of my multiplayer mission, I'd like to have blinking lights from different lightsources (static ones, no vehicles). I'm planning to have a lot of them (50+), and some may be blinking fast (up to 20x / second). I totally don't care about the lights synchronization for the players. This is mainly to create a mood. So a client-side effect command would be perfect. Until now, I was using something like this to make a lamp blink: _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; sleep 0.1; _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0]; Problem is, this command is broadcasted over the network. Multiply this by 50 lamps, a mission of ~20 players, and here's my question : will this ruin data exchanges between the server & the players ? I'm afraid of building something that works for me when testing, but is unplayable for my community due to performance issues. Should I expect a huge drop on FPS / Synchronization, & if yes, is there an alternative command with local effect only, to ensure a minimum performance penalty ? I searched in the wiki, but everything that was resolving around setting damage is broadcasted over the network. Thanks a lot for your ideas !
  14. 2nd Ranger Battalion will be hosting a Public Player vs Player event on Saturday the 23rd of December (2pm CST). The aim of this PVP event will be to get our name out into the public, and possibly show some people what we are all about but overall, the aim of the event is to have fun, and play the game we all have come to love, the way it was meant to be played. In a large scale, Combined Arms, Player vs Player, environment. The game mode will be as follows: There will be one attacking team and one defending team, after each round the teams will switch. The game will be moderated by a player acting as Zeus. Who may add certain events to keep the battle interesting, like weather changes and perhaps assistance to the losing side. Teams will be assigned on join, and each player will respawn in waves. The game will be modded and use Task Force Radio. A plugin for both arma and teamspeak. We are trying to keep the game mode relatively simple, we want everything to be fun. How to apply: Just respond to this forum. We will reach out to you with a modlist and a teamspeak IP. Make sure you double check the mods before joining. Any extra mods that are not aesthetic will result in a ban (i.e. Blastcore and JSRS, personal arsenal will result in a ban) Requirements: A legal copy of Arma 3. A working Microphone. A general knowledge of the game and modding it. (we're willing to help you out if need be) Semi-Maturity
  15. Hello ! I'd like to invite you to our Capture The Flag Night on Thursday 9pm CEST ! Come with a friend or alone but bring ammo... you're gonna need it ! More information on what is CTF ? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3or-7xYrxH_VhweBASxS1-HLhWHQ_InZ Join us on Discord for more contacts : https://discord.gg/hYQZ6Vs For any questions ! Send a message via the Forum, Twitter, or Discord.
  16. Hi there, I need some quick help with some even handlers.. Anyway, the idea is in the mission you attack an oil rig. You shoot on the oil pipes which makes the oil pipes explode and burn. The idea is because of the explosions you kill the enemies inside and win the mission. Okey, so I have this script here: thisaddEventHandler ["hit", "scriptedCharge = "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "bombmrk"); scriptedChargesetdamage 1;"] Alright, I also want, once you hit the oil pipe, the oil storage next to it will explode bybeeingtrigger with an even handler explode. Anyone can help me with this? This will BTW be a mutliplayer mission.
  17. ATC #8 CAMPAIGN PRESENTATION Artwork: BDR Whiskey Scenario: Altis Mods: CBA; ACE3 (ATC version); @ATC8; Task Force Radio. New mission features and rules! Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC New!!! New Server with improved performances! Preliminary battle date: September 3, 2017 Registration opening: OPEN NOW! To learn more: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/atc-8-campaign-presentation/
  18. Hello Reader! Our Community "Gamertruppe" is searching for a English speaking Group/Clan for a Coop mission. When Will it Happen?: We got 6 Possible dates that can be Discussed after the first meeting: 26.05.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 27.05.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 28.05.2017/ 16:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 19:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) 01.06.2017/ 16:00 ( Time zone UTC+1) Duration of the Mission: we expect 2h-4h The Mission: -There will be 2 teams 1 British airborne (English speaking Squad) and Fallschirmjäger Regiment (German Speaking Squad). -Also there will be a Squad with 2 Pilots (1 Luftwaffe and 1 R.A.F.) that are forced to work together -each Team will get targets that they have to accomplish if not there will be consequences later in the mission. - later on, the British and German squad must work together to accomplish the last Goal. -1 Week before Mission start there will be a PDF document with all the details u need for the Mission also a Small briefing The Situation: Russian Troops took over a Vital part the Island Panthea and forced NATO Troops to retreat. NATO wants to get the Island back. While USA is preparing the Amphibic Invasion of the Island. the two other Participants of the Invasion are the British Airborne Division and Germanys Fallschirmjäger Regiment. They are being tasked with holding and sabotaging Key Position near the Landing zones while the US Troops are establishing the Bridgeheads. There will be more Details in the Upcoming Briefings and Documents. The Target of the Event: -We are making this Event to put some diversity in our Mission -Multicultural Event of English and German speaking players. (how must it feel to fight alongside with a German Squad who curses and the only word u pick up is "Schwein") -Also FUN -We are aware of the language barrier but that makes the fun of it, if your comrade only understands NATO Language. Mods: -We use ACE,CBA, Taskforce Radio , ACEX, Cup Terrains CORE, Island Panthera, Suppress, Russian Armed Forces, Cup Terrains Maps. -we will prepare 1 week before the Mission a mod package that can be downloaded via Steamworkshop. we will try to turn it down with the mods for ease of play -There can be small changes in the Packages but we will not change anything 1 week prior to the mission date (except Mod Updates of course) -also 5 days before Mission start we will Upload the Mission for a Technical check for the individual Players. -2 days before Mission start we will have a persons in TeamSpeak for Technical help/Support for individual Players if something is wrong with the mods. What do i have to bring with me: -the Minimal amount of Player you have to bring are 6 (Reqiured:1x Squad leader, 1-2xMedics, 1 Expert for explosives,) -Medic need to understand the ACE Medical System -Expert need to know how to use Explosives in ACE - You can Bring a pilot with you but its optional -Pilot need to know how to fly the new Jet DLC Plane(Gryphon) and have Basic Knowledge about the CAS 9 liner -Also the Pilot has to com e 1 hour earlier for Coordination with the 9-liner -Maximum player you can bring are 10. -Good Mood to play with Guys that only 1 out of 4 has real English Knowledge. :-P Rules (Those rules are for all): -All Players Understand Basic English -Age of all Participants is at least 17 years ( no Exceptions) -Respect to other players -Microphone and TeamSpeak are required About us: We are a small German 10 Members Community that plays Arma 3 for at least 4 years now. We are not as Strict as other clans in our regulations but are playing a very Tactical MILSIM. To Contact us you’re welcome to visit our TeamSpeak:
  19. Hello, I'd like to display additional information when the watch is opened. Is there any way to capture the event that a user has opened their watch from a script?
  20. Hello, i am writing a mission and I am hitting a hurdle that I can not get over. I have not been able to find any info on the web about what I am trying to do. I am making a mission that involves a hostage providing you with Intel. I want there to be a 50/50 chance that the Intel they provide is good or bad Intel. If good info is randomly generated I want to take the squad down the storyline if bad Intel is provided I want to send the squad into an ambush. Thank you
  21. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/inGameUISetEventHandler#Action I cannot get this thing to work i've added it to the target unit and to the player but when I perform an action the handler doesn't do anything. I have unit A that needs to be rescued by the player, so there is an action added to A. So i've done both situations of adding the handler to either unit A or the player and it doesn't seem do anything for either of them? I also checked wether it is added and it is as systemChat in the text block display in the case of the switch.
  22. SBP (Slovenian Black Panthers) Team and IceBreakr invite you to a special XMAS event this Friday, 23rd at 2100 CET (2000 UK). Meet point: ts3 server ts.vojak.si - pass Pilatus Required mods: Advanced Combat Environment 3.8.1 Community Base Addons v3.1.2 CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Units 1.8.0 CUP Vehicles 1.8.0 CUP Vehicles ACE Compatibility CUP Weapons CUP Weapons ACE Compatiblity FAP Units 1.2 IceBreakr's Panthera 3.8 Slovenian Armed Forces (SIAF) STHud Repository for PWS: pws:// (to automatically download all the mods). People signed up so far (just drop your nicknames and team names here in the topic!): 1. IceBreakr 2. Diablo 3. Spidi 4. -FM- 5. Anze G. 6. Tilen 7. Chef Loggert 8. Miha K. 9. Tolovaj 10. Skipper 11. Jastreb 12. Lewis 13. Dean Khalifa 14. Tomaz S. 15. Domokun
  23. Operation Honeyblade SBP Team (Slovenian Black Panthers) is organizing a CoOp event for all A3 players that would like to join: individuals or other teams are all welcome to sign up for the event. 1. What is the mission, storyline? There is a report of a virus outbreak in a remote region of Vandalla island. Our unit that specializes in a bio-warfare has been activated. There is a rumor that local rebels might be in possession of a militarized bio-weapon that got stolen out of an undercover US research facility, so they are sending in the best team consisting of 6-30 men. Vandalla is a smaller island neighbouring Isla Abramia, we will fly out of the main airport in Yolandi, Abramia. Takeoff is scheduled for Thursday 1915Z (2115 CET) so be there sharply on the hour - 15 minutes before the take off. 2. When do we play? Thursday Apr 28 at: 8:00pm UK/Portugal/Ireland | 9:00pm CET (Germany/Czech Rep/Poland/Slovenia/Croatia/Italy/Austria etc.) |10:00pm Israel/Greece/Turkey | 11:00pm Moscow |3:00pm Eastern US 3. Addons needed, requirements? - Original Arma 3 patched to 1.58 or latest stable patch + TeamSpeak3 Client for voice communication + microphone & headsets. - PWS (PlayWithSix) Repository found here: pws:// (use different browser if yours doesn't open the link - copypaste the link to browser URL!) or in case you don't like PWS you need these mods manually installed: [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Abramia @abramia IceBreakr [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala *not required* @isladuala_a3 IceBreakr [IceBreakr/IBIS] Island Panthera *not required* @panthera_a3 IceBreakr [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lingor *not required* @lingor_a3 IceBreakr A Collaborative merger between AGM, CSE, and ACE @ACE3 ACEMod Community Base Addons @CBA_A3 CBA Team CUP Terrains - Core @cup_terrains_core CUP Team CUP Terrains - Maps @cup_terrains_maps CUP Team CUP Vehicles @cup_vehicles CUP Team CUP Weapons @cup_weapons CUP Team CUP Weapons - ACE3 Compatibilty @cup_ace_compatibility CUP Team CUP Vehicles - ACE3 Compatibilty @cup_vehicles_ace_compat CUP Team FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) @fap_units IceBreakr ShackTac Fireteam HUD @sthud_a3 Shacktac Zombies & Demons @ryanzombies ryandombrowsky As you can notice above three of islands are not required but are in the repository itself that we use. You can have them or don't, missions will be on Isla Abramia. Mod startup line for the event is following one: -mod=@isladuala_a3;@lingor_a3;@panthera_a3;@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps;@abramia;@fap_units;@ryanzombies;@cup_weapons;@cup_units;@cup_vehicles;@cup_ace_compatibility;@cup_vehicles_ace_compat;@ace3;@sthud_a3;@cba_a3;curator;heli;kart;mark 4. Server? Event will be hosted on SBP's dedicated server in Europe and teamspeak3 will be available. We are available for any questions in this topic. 5. How to join? 1. Put a reply in this topic stating: NICKNAME + TEAM/CLAN name X/Os and fight organizers please send only one topic with the list of all members that will be able to come to the event. We will update the player slots in this topic accordingly. You will recieve teamspeak, server data & pass to join on your private message at least few hours before the start. 6. Player Slots (Guestlist) We reserved *32* slots for this mission. In case more of you apply, we might increase that. Taken slots: 16 out of 32. [TEAM SIERRA] HQ/Support 1. IceBreakr C/O SBP Team Sierra Leader / Operation Leader 2. Diablo 3. Sahbazz 4. SmukY 5. Luka 6. Riflex 7. Amir 8. Spidi 9. [reserved for SBP members] 10. [reserved for SBP members] [TEAM ALPHA] Assault 1. Colonel Froggy 2. 4llout 3. Elsa 4. JoramD 5. TheStainlessSteelRat 6. Granis 7. [available] 8. [available] 9. [ [available] 10. [available] [TEAM ROMEO] Recon/Patrol 1. Darkfurby1 2. Bert 3. [available] 4. [available] 5. [available] 6. [available] 7. [available] 8. [available] 9. [ [available] 10. [available] Note: All leaders report to HQ (Sierra1) via Whisper option in Teamspeak. [PRESS / Embeded reporter] (for recording of the event, they must not carry any weapons and wear PRESS marking on the back at all times) 1. [available] 2. [available] Changelog of the topic: Apr 18 - info of the event is out Apr 19 - 8 ppl added. Apr 19 - only 4 people signed up, event postponed for a week. Apr 23 - added 6 players for this week Apr 26 - 14 players in total signed up
  24. Tourists on Abramia II (TOA2) Abramia 1.0 is coming after a sucessful MP test! It's been almost 8 years(!) since we hosted something similiar on OFMan's Uhao and 4 years since the Lingor's Dictator Must Die MP event ;) many people enjoy this kind of fun gathering but we encourage serious approach and teamplay. Last week was no different - fun event with international community playing together against powerful AI controlling the island. So we continue with the operation! Above: photos gathered from the last week's TOA event: disaster in Sokovo. 1. When? This Thursday Mar 3 at: 8:00pm UK/Portugal/Ireland 9:00pm CET (Germany/Czech Rep/Poland/Slovenia/Croatia/Italy/Austria etc.) 10:00pm Israel/Greece/Turkey 11:00pm Moscow 3:00pm Eastern US 2. Requirements? Original Arma 3 patched to 1.56 or latest stable patch + TeamSpeak3 Client for voice communication + microphone & headsets. 1. You need CUP (http://cup-arma3.org/)Core, Terrains, Weapons, Units, Vehicles. 2. You need ACE3 (http://ace3mod.com/), ACE CUP Compatibility addon (link) and CBA (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18768). 3. Isla Abramia latest v1.0 with brand new FAP Units 1.0 (both addons planned to be released before Thursday) - download will be around ~280MB. 4. Allowed extra addon: @sthud_a3 (ShackTac HUD) for easier orientation - but optional! UPDATED!!!- mod startup line should be: -mod=@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps;@abramia;@fap_units;@cup_weapons;@cup_units;@cup_vehicles;@sthud_a3;@cba_a3;@ace3;@cup_ace_compatibility 3. Story / Intel Last week's attack of Joint Ops team Forces on Sokovo Villa lead to a disaster. Footage we took revealed that Charlie Team managed to secure Col. Alfredo, brother of Dragan in his villa. Heavy firefight took place that day but villa has been secured with VIP target still alive. Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve laptop with important data on Dragan's Army due to a FREAKING MINI NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. Several survivors from Charlie Team gave statements but we are still determining what exactly led to that unfortunate event. What we were able to gather so far is that Alfredo managed to get free and one member of Charlie team double tapped him. With Alfredo's death a countdown of 2 minutes has been set and we were fortunately able to extract majority of forces from that area. But we still lost a lot of good men that day as several extraction helicopters crashed in a huge fireball. Nuke has been identified as 1-kiloton device with a blast radius of ~500 metres and 500 rem lethal radiation dose in area of 850-1000 metres. Initial intel we have confirms Alfredo managed to get nukes to Isla Abramia with cargo ships from Northern Sahrani along with several SLA military equipment. Including at least 24 tanks and several Su-25 planes were spotted on satellite images. It is not excluded biohazard weapons were not in one of the shipments, so we requested several NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) suits for this upcoming operation. HQ is ordering immediate start of Operation TOA2 this Thursday with next objectives: - retrieve shipment of NBC suits delivered at approx March 3 @2030Z. - secure capitol of Yolandi with assistance of armored group - investigate locations of possible additional 1 kiloton mini-nukes and or nerve gas agents. - capture Dragan 4. Sides & Equipment We all start on the same side as Abramian Rebel Alliance (ARA). Official event language is English. There will be respawn enabled for reinforcements, and respawn points will move when certain objectives are met. Abramia is a small country and depends largely on Russian equipment, mostly light vehicles and armor. Couple of army bases provide transport and assault helicopters while airbases have couple of jets on the standby. Dragan increased air defenses as he is expecting foreign involvement, so do not count on any help from above any time soon. It is absolutely crucial to capture any assets we come across. 5. Server Event will be hosted on SBP's dedicated server in Europe and teamspeak3 will be available. We are available for any questions in this topic. 6. How to join? 1. Put a reply in this topic stating: "REQ JOIN - Nickname - Team/Clan Name." X/Os and fight organizers please send only one topic with the list of all members that will be able to come to the event. We will update the player slots in this topic accordingly. You will recieve teamspeak, server data & pass to join on your private message at least few hours before the start. 7. Player Slots (Guestlist) We reserved *43* slots for this mission. In case more of you apply, we might increase that. Taken: 18 out of 43 (23,26%). [TEAM ALPHA (SBP)] "CAS/Infantry" 1. IceBreakr 2. Sahbazz 3. SmukY 4. Spidi 5. Diablo 6. InFlames 7. Krivic 8. Amir 9. Tolovaj 10. [reserved] [TEAM BRAVO (Teams can apply!)] "Mechanized Infantry" 1. Mereck - TFI 2. Fab - TFI 3. Chewie - TFI 4. Rochois - TFI 5. [free] 6. [free] 7. [free] 8. [free] 9. [free] 10. [free] [TEAM CHARLIE (Individual Players)] "Assault Squad" 1. Granis - i-M3 2. Pricey - i-M3 3. cabo0se aka ePURGEUK 4. [free] 5. [free] 6. [free] 7. [free] 8. [free] 9. [free] 10. [free] [TEAM DELTA] Role for this team will be set shortly! 1. [free] 2. [free] 3. [free] 4. [free] 5. [free] 6. [free] 7. [free] 8. [free] 9. [free] 10. [free] [PRESS / Film crew] (for recording of the event, they must not carry any weapons and wear PRESS marking on the back at all times) 1. Jeza 2. FM 3. [free] Changelog of the topic: Feb 29 8:16pm - initial topic launch Mar 1 11:41pm - 10 signups added Mar 2 10:50pm - 18 players on guestlist, ACE3 added, mod line updated!
  25. Hello everyone, I am interested in trying to create, I guess a sub community of sorts, devoted to playing PvP tactical missions, but 'open' to the public in the way of a sign up process. I have long followed and watched videos from various communities on YouTube or on the forums here, and I see a lot of people express an interest in joining such a community. But often, joining a community means certain days you have to play on, certain requirements to join and so on. I am by no means trying to remove these groups, simply trying to start something different, for the people out there wanting to do something different. Overall concept: Depending on the amount of people interested I would want a weekly game, Friday/Saturday night (totally up for debate/change) where the community would simply sign up for a role in the current mission, join on the day and work together to achieve the goal of the mission. There would be no requirement other than the willingness to play the role that you have selected, meaning if you selected a squad leader role, the rest of us are counting on you to have some form of plan/idea on how to achieve the goal of the current mission. Example: Missions briefing: - Hostage situation, 2 squads from OPFOR, 2 squads from BLUFOR and 2 hostages. Winning conditions for OPFOR: Defeat all BLUFOR, or hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Failure conditions for OPFOR: No remaining OPFOR, or BLUFOR gets the hostages to an extraction point. Winning conditions for BLUFOR Extract the hostages, or eliminate all OPFOR before reinforcements arrive. Failure conditions for BLUFOR No remaining BLUFOR, or OPFOR holds out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. If hostages are killed by either side, the side that kills them loses. Before I start the process of a more detailed mission briefing and so on, I would like to know if there, in the community, is an interest for such an event/group/community that is open for everyone to freely join, as long as you show commitment and try to make the whole event a fun experience for everyone involved. If I receive enough interest in this project, I will start working on the event and hopefully have something ready for you all!