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  1. I just need to know if this game is still stuck on the load screen for others as well. And what has went on for over a year as far as fixes, unless this mobile game has been abandoned?
  2. Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Use this as a topic to report any bugs or issues you might encounter, so the devs might find out more easily or to make sure you are not reporting anything that was already discovered (Maybe Pin This As Bug/Issue Report Area). So eventually only new issues will be sent to support@bistudio.com and make it easier on devs in preventing multiple reporting of the same issue. Feel free to post anything you find here that might be helpful to the game. :)
  3. Hello, just a few bugs to report: * Bandits walk through houses. * Bandits shoot through walls ( this might not be a bug IDK ) * Zombies spawn in walls and sometimes pop out spontaneously * After save and continue equipped items disappear randomly. * After save and continue item spawn are all back, its easy to just cheat this way.
  4. Slight kinks

    Right so i have played a fair bit of this game and its quite addicting, but potentially the largest problem i am noticing is when you swap your weapons from one to the other and try to aim too soon the animation appears normal but the crosshair spread is slightly larger and the game sets the zoom sensitivity extremely high until you zoom back out and then back in again. The game doesnt say that its changed anything but its surly noticable when tryng to shoot accurately but instead wildly aiming all over the place. And rather amusingly i find that if im using a bolt or a pump action weapon i have to jump between shots to get them off quicker lol, But other than that nothing much to mention, besides the hilarious thompson animation. When holding the thompsom sub machinegun the characters left hand is entirely fixed in an impossible wrist breaking position no matter how your body is oriented and he never lets go. The game is beitiful though and the starting weapons are actually a solid loadout. The damage settings for all weapons are respectible as they are and bullet trajectories are quite good although the 45 acp seems a bit sluggish, maybe down the line when stuff really starts taking shape you guys could consider adding a night time varient to all the maps and add lootable weapon attatchments too all areas. the game is great keep up the good work
  5. I think that comment is superfluous. Will indicate only that bugs do not go away even with high level graphics settings. License game from Steam. OS X High Sierra 10.13.2, the performance characteristics are given below. If somebody knows, how to fix this, please post it here.
  6. The game does not open, simply is caught on the home screen with logo Bohemia studios. Already reinstalei several times and continues with the same problem. My cell is a bike z2 play.
  7. Bug Report

    Sometimes when switching or reloading weapons my character bugs out and I am unable to aim, shoot or holster my weapon. Also not really a bug, but the sound of footsteps and opening doors is really quiet resulting in players just stumbling into each other. Anyway other than that I love the game and can't wait to watch it grow it a full fledged masterpiece. Thanks Vigor Team!
  8. Redownloaded Arma 3 and bought all expansions last night. Powered on computer today and was gonna work on a MP mission map till I saw this. They look like small ants leaving a trail. It effects it in game as well: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069521772/screenshot/949585778310830129 I did download some mods last night (ACE3, Chernarus Redux, CUP Core, CUP Terrains, a couple of plane mods, etc. (I did download a mod that does a particle illumination for flares and lights but I had removed that mod along with the ones listed). Not sure if those might be the issues but those mods were removed this morning when I noticed the weird effects. Any type of video setting changes that refreshes the screen to accept new changes, will only reset the issue. Anyone had this problem before and if so, how did you fix it? TIA
  9. Here is a list of bugs, glitches and malfunctions I have experienced thus far after many hours of gameplay. Shooting/fighting Gun accuracy- I have experienced many times the guns firing well outside of the crosshairs Sound glitch- guns lose firing sound mid fight During fighting i get stuck in an animation where I can not shoot, reload or do anything except walk as if im about to hip fire I get stuck in a reload animation as well Using the spas you have to load all rounds before you can fire player sync to server, i experience opponents lagging/teleportation/ disappearing and reappearing in odd locations during fights Switching weapons often does happen for whatever reason 2. Game crashes- I have experienced several crashes in game(pretty frustrating if your in fight) You lose all your loot when this happens 3. Healing I have to cycle the healing process twice before i can actually start healing Healing with painkillers seems to not work at all ( this could be a misunderstanding of how they work, please clarify the painkillers and how they should work) switching between healing items and weapons seems to get stuck and takes a few time cycling the guns to be able to pull out your gun 4. Looting- Trying to loot player chest, cars or random map loot can be difficult. Please make this much easier asap. Its way to difficult to get the "loot button "x" "to appear Some random loot items are not lootable whatsoever If you kill an opponent in the water, their loot box is nearly impossible to loot Stabbing and shotgun kills often send the dead opponents loot box flying far away from deceased location or even off the map 5. Sounds gun sounds need to be more consistent the water is much to loud, standing at a distance from the water still sounds like you are standing right next to it footstep sounds seem to be very inconsistent. Sometimes you can hear opponents, sometimes you cant Crouching footsteps should be quieter than running I feel that my footsteps are much to loud for me. I feel like im an elephant stomping 6. Visuals The snow maps have a rendering glitch where much of the trees are bright pink the plane that drops the crate is not visible for me whatsoever opponents disappear at a certain distance ( this distance seems much shorter than some guns can shoot When carrying the crate the yellow marker seems very inaccurate or delayed( should probably increase the frequency of its appearance) little to no hit recognition ( guns and knives) when at the shelter, if you have guns in your inventory, those guns ammo falsely appears in your ammo inventory even though you have none equipped 7. Mantling Jumping/ mantling / climbing certain fences and areas does not work and or has a funky animation jumping / mantling/ climbing fences near ramps seems to never work some logs and other objects are completely impassable that seem very passable as well as some small ledges Please address the topics as quickly as you can. I strongly feel if you do not this game will not be successful. I have spent a lot of time playing this game, keeping in mind that these things will be fixed. I also have streamed your game a lot, convincing many people to get the game and to take the time to learn it and be patient that these things will be fixed in time. I have put several hours into the game and cant wait until it is complete. I am happy to provide you with any additional information you may need to address these issues or future bugs I may find or, anything else you think i can assist you with. If you need anything, feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks, Nunro
  10. bugs/glitches I've noticed

    Cannot equip weapon after equip Med Sometimes when crouched looting is not possible Gun always reloads even when full mag, on button press User Button changes are not saved after restart of game. Sometimes u cannot store ammo into stash @ base Gun jams? Your gun Shots make no sound after reload I will update once I play & discover more...
  11. Random issues

    me and my friends play this game a lot, and we found 2 minor issues, one is in a tunnel in fisk, the window isn't in the place the car window would normally be, cause the driver side door is open and it looks as if you forgot to move the window with the car door. its a blue car. forgot to say that. other issue, the stools are too close to some objects, and since you have to go pretty close to search them, me and my friends have been stuck between the stool and the object we were looting, like this one time we got stuck and couldn't leave, so we eventually died by radiation.we found that if you crouch, you go flying out of the spot, but that's not the best solution to the problem, I would appreciate it.
  12. Bugs I have encountered thus far

    So far I have come across a few issues in Vigor after only a couple's hours of play. First, I am unable to punch, this may have a simple fix I am unaware of. Second, after holstering my weapon I am in able to draw it again and must leave either the shelter or play area. Third, ineffective bullets. I understand I am still pretty fresh, but when you unload 50+ bullets into a guy punching you and deal no damage there is a problem. Fourth, anytime I enter the game I must reset my control preferences i.e. inverted y, and look sensitivity. Will update as I play more
  13. Major Bugs

    A gun in full-auto will not fire bullets, this doesn't always happen, but it happens enough, it won't make a sound and will keep draining bullets and will not damage players or make holes. A loot crate in water cannot be looted. Killed a player while he was in water and the crate was visible for a second then gone.
  14. What’s everyone bugs

    For starters I’d like to ask what is a big everyone is dealing with in their game? mine. game crashes stuck on objects death by falling off boxes actions not reacting when pressed these are just a few of my bugs, please inform me what you guys are getting
  15. Vigor Day One-Review

    Vigor is a survival post apocalyptic game set in 1990's Norway, that throws a handful of survivors together and challenges them to take on what ever is thrown at them. Norway is a unique location to set any video game, let alone a post nuclear environment. With rugged terrain, snow kissed mountains and beautiful lakes, the views are breathless. Firstly, this game allows the player to play how they want and where they want. Whether thats a stealth approach, avoiding all contact with fellow players to get the loot you need , or going in all guns blazing and stealing what you can from the unfortunate players you kill. Once you have the supplies you need, you can return to your base, complete with a firing range, bed and a cosy fire under the mantle piece. This game has shown so much potential, as Xbox have been missing a title like this, and with such a small development team its much better than most games releases on Game Preview. The graphics are absolutely top draw, I can't even imagine it at 60FPS. The developers have concentrated on the smallest things to bring this game together, such as the inscriptions on the guns, the damage objects take when hit, and even the sound effects from the weather makes going inside incredibly cosy and warm. However, this game is still a work in progress, but the concept has hit the nail on the head as on release the servers have been solid, loading times reasonable and rendering has been incredibly smooth. Through playing however I have come across a few bugs and things that need ironing out, to allow this game to reach its true potential. Bugs and Improvements: Reload and first aid Animations glitching and sometimes not even occurring Gun reloading even though its fully loaded (happens frequently when looting and pressing 'X') The radius in which the 'X' button will prompt you to loot needs to be widened The circle the surround the looting 'X" glitching and stuttering and won't allow looting Switching weapons animation could be much smoother The vaulting and climbing mechanics are very rough, as you can be thrown up when vaulting and can continue climbing up an invisible ladder A ability to increase your bag capacity should be implemented Having your settings (including your sensitivity) reset to default when you quit the game Giving guns less of a spray when firing in 3rd person, as it can been frustrating to always use 1st person When using the Mosin Nagant in 1st person, you have to manually switch back to third in order to pull the bolt back, this would be much easier if it could bolt the gun in1st person Decrease the sway in 1st person More freedom with customisation- clothing, instead of having an outfit, let us choose our jacket, trousers and boots Weapon attachments, such as scopes should be added (may already be, but have never found one Blueprints for ammo Introduction of armour, perhaps blueprints for it, or blueprints to make new clothes Find clothing when looting wardrobes Stop the gun from reseting to single fire mode when you put it on automatic Introduction of more throwable weapons, such as knives, Molotov's and flash bangs Add an armoury into your base, so you can have the weapons you've found on display Make the sprinting animation more obvious as it difficult to tell whether you are or just jogging Hit radar needs to be more accurate when shot These are of course all my opinion, and be aware it is still very early days, however this game could be able to compete with PUBG's game preview on the Xbox One if many of these bugs are looked at and improved. But overall, developers please keep up the good work and listen to our feedback.
  16. Healing bug

    Sometimes after healing, I get stuck with whatever I was trying to use (painkillers for example) and the “right trigger” icon at the bottom of the screen. I then can’t switch back to weapons. I tried interacting with other stuff but still could not switch back to weapons. Returning to the safe house fixes it for the next match. I’m having fun with the game :) Thank you
  17. OFP Bugs

    Post a comment if you know more OFP bugs/glitches I'll write it down here Unit Action "Ladder down" and "Ladder up" command is same for AI Giving _x action "Ladder down" or "Ladder up" command to a house with no ladders crashes the game DisableAI command re-enables the AI after a save and load Getpos command on some objects crashes the game (Like craterOnVehicle or slop) When turning config.bin to config.cpp you can't use your pistol properly you need to add some enum command inside it All houses has bad furniture hit boxes - you go trough them Paratroopers can't die AI can see trough and shoot trough bushes and forests and fallen vegetation AI doesn't shoot at tanks with its turret damaged AI keeps shooting at stationary MG's (M2's) even though they aren't manned If a spetnatz has NVG and binos , and when they use binos NVG model pops up instead but still uses binos Left overs of the bullet when you shoot gets bounced if ground is moving up and down like the sea
  18. Loving Vigor

    First off i'd like to say this is a wonderful fresh game. For how long its been out it really is a breath of fresh relaxing air. The graphics are very well put together and the scenery is awe inspiring. With that being said i definitely have some feedback i'd like to share with the devs. Im sure all of these issues have probably been addressed already but these are some i've come across. Main issue has been when exchanging fire and i take a shot, it seems like my shots arent registering because of the EXTREME flniching mechanic. Next, walking in water is extremely slow and once its waist deep your not able to ADS. Clambering at any angle besides a direct 90degrees is virtually impossible. Lastly that i can think of, your own foot steps are very loud and i'd like to see a reduction in the volume coming from your own character. Other than these small issues. Bohemia, good game so far and thanks for bringing this to Xbox exclusively, we needed something like this.
  19. Technical difficulties

    Please fix the ammo glitch where you go to your shelter and try to deposit and it doesn't deposit. And also when you start a game, especially when you have the Suomi KP gun equipped a full clip is 72 bullets, but after you start a game its at 71, and i have plenty of bullets in my loadout, so I am constantly always reloading my weapon at every game. And also for the sniper weapon when you bring in 30 bullets it is supposed to say 5/25 but it only says 5/0. So where are the rest of my bullets? The main reason is when your shooting an enemy at full auto, and after reloading it goes back to single fire. What is the deal with that?? The interact button does not work correctly especially when your crouched or trying to climb a ladder from the water to the docks.
  20. loving the game, keep up the great work, im hoping we some bigger maps or map extension, people are on you straight away and u get somewhere and its already looted because the maps small, movement needs refining and made a little better for console, i have sensitivity right up and its still too slow. guns jam during battles. i like the half loot idea on death or even keep 25% so ur coming back with something. and there needs to be fist melee if you have no weapons. u need to be able to defend urself in those situations.
  21. Hello everybody. I've been playing for about about 10-12 hours non-stop since installation finished. I've encountered a few issues so far that should probably be addressed. - Sometimes, ammo will not deposit into your stash after a match ends or you extract back to home base. This usually only locks up the same types of ammo used by the guns you have equipped, but even then it sometimes locks up other items as well. They dissappear upon entering a new game, instead of being usable ammo or health items. - If your game crashes while in mid-game; It counts as a death and you lose all items when you log back in. - (X) icon on cars, dressers, and all other lootable sources is glitchy, it takes a few times to try and get it solid so you can loot uninterupted. - Sometimes, after killing a player, The (X) Icon, will only show the bar fill half way, making the corpse non-lootable. - I've also noticed that sometimes firing doesn't register while rapid firing in single shot, or continuous fire in full auto or burst. Such as, the gun will look like it's shooting, but no sound or bullets will be dispersed. - Drop crates will sometimes land sideways or tipped over, and thus become non-interactive and making them impossible to loot. - Vaulting over guard rails, balconies, and some other edges of rocks it takes several jump attempts before actually registering and letting you hop over said object. - Fire fights are somewhat broken; I've noticed that Even using my iron sights, standing still, while my opponent does the same, bullets will not register on them even though it shows the blood stain. Me and a friend tested this by somehow ending up in the same lobby and fighting each other with the same gun, same amount of bullets, without running or moving away from each other. Even at extremely close range. (This happens the most with the Suomi KP weapon.) I will continue to update this post as I progressively find more bugs/issues. UPDATE 1 : - SPAWNS ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE TO EACH OTHER! I've only been getting in matches with 8 of 8 people, And i'll still spawn with someone less then 100 feet away and get gunned down immediately. And if these maps plan on containing 16 individual solo players, It's gonna be a nightmare... So either there needs to be something in place to ensure we spawn at least 1-2 squares away from on another, or add alot more possible spawning locations... Cause i've loaded into the same spots multiple times on multiple matches; So I know people who've been playing longer than me may have better ideas as to where these actual spawn spots are and go spawn killing. - I've also noticed that other players footsteps make no sound, and neither do opening or closing doors, looting, or anything to give some alert to people that someone is close. Even if they're 5-20 feet away it's as if their silent ninjas with no shoes on tip toeing through tulips to come claim my guns and soul. - The rain sound effects on Draug are too damn loud. And I don't wanna risk not hearing players shots by turning the sound level of my effects. - Sometimes upon extracting out of a map, the game will crash. Resulting in a loss of any acquired items or guns. However, sometimes when I load back into my home base I'll still have the guns and ammo i Initially left with. So it's not as destructive as the crashing-mid-game bug mentioned above. - Some sound effects bug out, and will sound like a skipping cd where the first millisecond of the sound byte is on a rapid repeat.
  22. Bugs/glitches

    Hi, loving the game so far. I ran into a few bugs and thought everyone else can add to this to make the game better for everyone. So heres a few ive found so far. At the base ran into a bug where multiple unequipped weapons would still show as equipped, and be visible on the player. Got stuck with no way of getting free on many diffrent pieces of furniture while looting which also led me to realise theres no option to exit the game while in a match. Silver Shotgun made no sound when fired. The X button that pops up to loot things is really tricky it should just pop up when your close, i was having to crouch and look up to loot cars or having to just stand up and manouver until it popped up, not quick and not stealthy at the moment. Killed a player but was unable to loot there stash. (Held loot button but would reset after each press never reaching a full circle to allow access to the inventory) Doors seem to be silent when opening and closing for me ? Thats it so far, if i find any more il put them here.
  23. I tried a lot of times with a lot of navigators but i can't play on any of them, is there only a black screen. Will be fixed soon?
  24. New missions that have exported screw up our server. I tried editing both the Escape Malden and Tanoa missions to be comparable with the mods my milsim group uses. While they are uploaded to the server, the logged in admin is unable to use the #missions command to revert to the lobby screen. Is this being caused by a piece of code BI put into the missions to prevent us screwing with them, or is it a product of the mods I am using? Has any one else had something like this happen? As far as I am aware, no other mission makers have had this same issue, so it's also possible it could be an issue with my Arma files. List of mods below CUP Terrains - Core http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184 CUP Terrains - Maps http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987 Pegasus 6th - Terrain http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130468064 RHSUSAF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 RHSAFRF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843425103 Pegasus 6th - WEU http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122878265 Pegasus 6th - Vehicles http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122870272 CBA_A3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 RHSGREF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843593391 RHSSAF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843632231 Pegasus 6th - Core http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122861524
  25. Bugs & Technical issues

    Something wrong with the game? Here you can report any bugs or technical issues you may encounter while playing.