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Found 62 results

  1. A other player and I boosted the crate to rare. Well, after killing the people trying to get the crate. I run to the exit, get to base, then proceed to open the crate. Well the crate was uncommon instead of rare. This was a complete waste of crowns. I’d like to see if maybe I can just get my crowns back to try and boost it again. Or just get the rare crate that it was intended to be in the first place. I play this game all the time. I have high hopes for this game. But stuff like this is making it hard to keep playing. It’s frustrating grinding to get something and when you finally get the chance to get it something like that happens to start you back from square one. Much thanks in the help in advance!
  2. These in-game bugs will be listed as to the priority in which I think they should be fixed. As they are the most detrimental to new players and vet players experience alike. This list will be added to and changed as each update progresses and these bugs are fixed. Thank you~ The Truest King 1. CRAFTING WEAPONS AND CONSUMABLES DISAPPEAR IF NOT IN GAME. Under certain circumstances when crafting a weapon, the materials will be gone and the item will not be in stash if the Outlander is not in game. When clearing saved data or clearing cache while a weapon or consumable is being crafted, the item will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. If a weapon is in que and set to finish as an Outlander is leaving or entering an encounter. The weapon will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. 2. LOOTING DEAD OUTLANDERS IN BUSHES. Somehow looting a dead outlander in certain bushes is still impossible. 3. PRONE BUGS When looting a car while prone there's a good chance of getting stuck in the car. Occasionally miniscule surroundings stand you up. Occasionally when vaulting the Outlander is unable to crouch or prone until the Outlander aims down sights or swaps weapons. 4. MISALIGNED AIM DOWN SIGHTS. The G3 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR Para perfect crosshair is actually the very bottom of the circle. The E16A2 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR A1 perfect crosshair is the lower part of the circle. But not the very bottom like the Para. More test are to be done and added to this list. 5. PERMANTLY OUT OF BREATH Once an Outlander is out of breath. The heavy breathing continues even after you've regained your vigor. 6. THE LEGENDARY AUTO STAND PRONE GLITCH IS BACK This time we know the exact scenario in which this is triggered. When meleeing while aiming the outlanders ammo will read -/max ammo. The outlander will melee every time he shoots. The crosshair will be as if he is laying down. Both an advantage and disadvantage.
  3. CintixCix

    AIM bug

    Why did you break the aiming ? Whenever i set my aiming to first-person, then it now randomly switches it for third-person aiming. If I put my gun away or go from laying to standing. Why is this not a setting in the controls, set the default behavior of aiming. At least make it like it was in the last update, so it remembered the setting per game. It's really frustrating when the aiming keep switching!
  4. These in-game bugs will be listed as to the priority in which I think they should be fixed. As they are the most detrimental to new players and vet players experience alike. This list will be added to and changed as each update progresses and these bugs are fixed. Thank you~ The Truest King 1. *FIXED* BUSH CAMPING Bushes act as a shield in certain instances. This is a plague on the map "Batterie Draug" 2. *SEMI-FIXED* ADS BROKEN WITH CERTAIN OUTFITS AND STANCES Ads(aim down sight) is broken for the following guns while having the Outlander pack outfit equipped: suomi(crouch), kk62(standing, crouch), sks(crouch, prone), Thompson(crouch, prone), m2 carbine(all stance), vz 58 p(all stance), izh43(prone), a74k(crouch, prone), rpk(all stances), PA md. 86(crouch, prone), Aur Para(prone), Aur a1(prone), ADR-97(prone). The outfit clips over half the screen not allowing you to see. 3. *SEMI-FIXED*AUTO STAND PRONE GLITCH When proning sometimes the Outlander will be stood up by miniscule surroundings. *FIXED*ASPG CONTINUED When proning and using toggle aim if the Outlander is forced to stand the Outlander will have their ammo appear as "-1/0". They will melee with the gun every time they shoot but will still be able to fire, and ammo will be used as normal. 4. *FIXED* AT CERTAIN TIMES OUTLANDER IS UNABLE TO JUMP CROUCH OR PRONE There is no conclusive data as to why this is happening. During these incidents it is reported to have network connection unstable the entire duration of the encounter. 5. *FIXED* LIGHTING GLITCH MAKING AIMING/SEEING IN CERTAIN DIRECTIONS [TOWARDS THE SUN] UNSTABLE/IMPOSSIBLE Occasionally when loading in there is a lighting glitch making you barely or completely unable to see when facing the sun. Doesn't happen often but when it does its a certain death sentence. 6. *FIXED* PLACES TO GET STUCK NEED REMOVED Various places throughout the maps have spot where there is normal traffic whether it be by the comms or signal detector that players can get stuck and not unstuck. In fiske there's a mountain where the sig detector is, where many have fallen victim myself included. This is just one example the maps that are most effected seem to be the mountainous maps. 7. *FIXED* CRAFTING WEAPONS AND CONSUMABLES DISAPPEAR UPON COMPLETION Clearing saved data while having craft a weapon will cause it to disappear if it hasn't been completed and stored. If the Outlander is not in game during completion the item crafted and materials used will also be lost. 8. *FIXED* DUOS CRASH UNDER CERTAIN AND UNCERTAIN CONDITIONS If one Outlander has their mode set to solo when grouping occasionally a glitch will occur where it will indicate one Outlander is not in shelter. If one Outlander has their mode set to solo when grouping occasionally a glitch will occur where only the Outlander that starts an encounter goes into the encounter. Occasionally when grouping the Outlander will instead be in a group with no one, and will be given the option to leave group, but is unable to invite anyone until their game is reset. There are more instances where there is crashing and being unable join friends but more evidence needs to be produced for direct claims to be made. 9. *FIXED* Auto Fire When an Outlander has an automatic weapon, set to auto, and pressing RT rapidly, the weapon will fire until the round is empty or when player presses RT again. 10. *FIXED* Shooting Range Bugs When doing challenges if the Outlander completes challenge and runs out of area, the Outlander will fail and complete the challenge giving them the option to retry 3 times. This allows the Outlander to complete challenges with ease on gold due to each target have multiples of three and four. When starting a shooting range challenge you will lose loadout you currently have equipped. When an Outlander reloads a gun in their loadout while simultaneously leaving the shooting range the Outlander will lose ammo in their loadout.
  5. Brooks Maxwell

    Bug Report

    Sometimes when switching or reloading weapons my character bugs out and I am unable to aim, shoot or holster my weapon. Also not really a bug, but the sound of footsteps and opening doors is really quiet resulting in players just stumbling into each other. Anyway other than that I love the game and can't wait to watch it grow it a full fledged masterpiece. Thanks Vigor Team!
  6. Firstly, let me point out that i haven't been playing the game long and I constantly switch up between duos and solo to spice up my gaming experience. I currently have donated over 9k food but no one here want to hear that. During my many games i have noticed a few outstanding bugs and downright dirty tactics used that i wish to be fixed to help everyone MAJOR BUGS: There is a major issue with the players hitbox getting stuck in various objects like walls, fences, doors and other objects which render the player completely useless, they can still shoot, look around and aim their gun but that is it, thats all they can do, it happens occasionally when a player goes prone and grinds their head against the obstacle. Had it happen 5 times to me... sad. Another major issue which i constantly see popping up around here is the instability of the servers. Everyone here has experienced at least 3 times where they get disconnected from servers and loss valuable items like military grade weapons or even airdrops but the real kicker is disconnecting at the beginning where people spend crowns on increased loot rates and better airdrops. Makes you mad when it happens, its worse that it happenes so often. LESSER BUGS I've also discovered a few issues surrounding some aspects of the game that are just wrong and need reworking. This might be funny to some but it slightly annoys me to see bodies clipping though the earth or twitching. They shouldn't move, they are corpses, not zombies. There is a challenge in the shooting range to destroy three long distance targets with the silver pigeon. In under 30 second. Firstly. Why.... secondly. A shotgun against targets over 35 metres (roughly 110 feet) its impossible. Remove it or bring the targets closer. Another issue which very few know about is when deconstructing consumables, it can only do so one at a time, it could take like 15 seconds to deconstruct a massive pile of painkillers but one at a time is literally stealing time away from us, from playing the game. From enjoying the game. But to finish off the bug reports, ive notuces that the vz 52 has no iron sight indicator when looking down the sight but appears briefly when firing rapidly Also the skorpion sight is off, way off. And having a full auto gun keep firing after you let go of the trigger is very frustrating but not game breaking But there is an elephant in the room I haven't addressed yet. TEAMKILLING The community is at a war with each other about teamkilling on wheather or not it should be in the game and there needs to be a punishment for the person committing the offence. I'll get to this soon. The game is trying to be very realistic when it comes to gunfights, and if you were to shoot your ally well, you shot your ally, why should it be different in a game where the devs are trying very hard to keep it realistic, i say keep it because it makes the person weary on where their ally is and not to shoot them accidentally. But then there are thoss scumbags that will kill you only seconds into a game of duos with a random to steal all your guns, ammo and make an easy escape with them. This happens 1/4 of all my duos with randoms without fail. Few even have the nerve to shoot me a messenge being cheeking saying, "thanks for the gun" This is what i would like to see implemented into the game that will kill two birds with one stone Once the player commits the crime, they should be maked with a traitor symbol instead of the threat symbol, once marked you are constantly revealed on the make as a larger, brighter yellow skull, players can kill the traitor and for those who do will receive a reward of 5-10 crowns (gold coins), this makes it hell for the person who is marked as the attention of all outlanders will be directed to them, if they stay... Once they player is marked, they will also suffer from an additional penalty for 12 minutes after the kill. That penalty is a 72 hour softban if they choose to leave before their 12 minute timer is up. They would also lose their entire inventory from the encounter as well. This also would give players another free version to earn those sweet sweet coins. Which everyone is asking for. Another small feature that would make the game very realistic but piss a few people of would be to include guns misfiring or hangfiring Essentially it is exactly as you think it is Misfire = fail to fire resulting in the player needing to reload. Hangfire = a few second delay between pulling the trigger and the bullet actually firing. Would make the game a little more interesting but i bet there will be too many people complaining about including it. And that is it. Hopefully a few devs work on these issues and one day is brought to life. This would make vigor better I bet. See you out there SCF SHARP SHOT
  7. Many times an opponent will be in a bush and the reticle is on the guy and I pop off so many shots and miss all of them but he can shoot out of the bush and damage me. I know this wasn't the full auto firing glitch that doesn't render shots and the sound effect for shooting happens. My friends said he heard me shooting, when the previous glitch happens only the shooter in question can hear gunshots. I think what happens is the shots hit the bush and get deletes as if it hits a structure. Make teamkilling not allow your guilty teammate to loot your body and that you get your items you *entered with* back when you load in to the shelter. You would click a button and give your friend the option to loot your body. The killed person should have to click a menu drop down and scroll to *team kill looting* and click the no button next to it to make it yes or a second time to make it yes again. This would make it hard to accidentally give the looting privelage to the person deemed guilty under the victims judging. Also have the closing action of the dropdown be the "confirm button".Also to avoid exploiting and duplication in game have it so if the *team kill looting* is set to yes,the victim will not receive their weapons in returning to shelter.Also give the guilty player a notification upon change of looting abilities.this notification shall not be a screenblocker. Suggestions - Remove auto unprone for certain areas crawled onto or into - fix full auto firing glitch like previously stated above - fix constant aiming when button is released - fix graphics issues specifically bright lights rendering you blind - fix poor loot button showup that force you to loot from an undesired position - some mushroom spawns are difficult to grab - add loot to the deer feeder they can be opened but no items inside - add a report player option and gameplay recording and from and add it to the report to back up the report - lessen the tablesaw sound effect volume when collecting wood from it - Increase muzzle speed of the VSS Vintorez or decrease drop speed by a little bit - properly fix rate of fire of the *Machinegewehr 3* to its actual firing speed - fix rapid twitching of characters body when moving through water ( graphics change Not needed) , - make the street signs in shooting challenges require less hits to break or increase time for gold medal - reduce crashes and server timeouts I understand the difficulty in finding and fixing the issue - Allow item reimbursement after crash or connection timeout including crowns - decrease blurr of screen when using adr-97 first person aiming outside of the sight - Remove 3 second stumbles .You would get them low and they hit you once when they almost dead and you stumble and die because of it. ( competitive standpoint) - connection timeouts happen when crafting a new item right after one finished or is close to finished the - buff knifes in general they aren't worth using - Allow item dropping or gun dropping - Allow ammo in your gun to get moved to your stash instead of deleting when inventory is full - Allow entering of a friend's shelter with an invite
  8. Scott L. Benner

    Shooting system

    I will report people everytime for cheating until you fix your shooting issues with this game. This is a crock of crap. Your game is starting to become trash. So sick and tired of games being dropped that aren't finished. I understand that its ftp but still most important part of these kind of games is shooting kinda point less when you shoot some one and they take no damage but shoot you 2 times and its not even a head shot. Not to mention the dps on a lot of the weapons like the shotgun is oped and others are nerfed. FIX IT!!!!!!!
  9. Hello everybody. I've been playing for about about 10-12 hours non-stop since installation finished. I've encountered a few issues so far that should probably be addressed. - Sometimes, ammo will not deposit into your stash after a match ends or you extract back to home base. This usually only locks up the same types of ammo used by the guns you have equipped, but even then it sometimes locks up other items as well. They dissappear upon entering a new game, instead of being usable ammo or health items. - If your game crashes while in mid-game; It counts as a death and you lose all items when you log back in. - (X) icon on cars, dressers, and all other lootable sources is glitchy, it takes a few times to try and get it solid so you can loot uninterupted. - Sometimes, after killing a player, The (X) Icon, will only show the bar fill half way, making the corpse non-lootable. - I've also noticed that sometimes firing doesn't register while rapid firing in single shot, or continuous fire in full auto or burst. Such as, the gun will look like it's shooting, but no sound or bullets will be dispersed. - Drop crates will sometimes land sideways or tipped over, and thus become non-interactive and making them impossible to loot. - Vaulting over guard rails, balconies, and some other edges of rocks it takes several jump attempts before actually registering and letting you hop over said object. - Fire fights are somewhat broken; I've noticed that Even using my iron sights, standing still, while my opponent does the same, bullets will not register on them even though it shows the blood stain. Me and a friend tested this by somehow ending up in the same lobby and fighting each other with the same gun, same amount of bullets, without running or moving away from each other. Even at extremely close range. (This happens the most with the Suomi KP weapon.) I will continue to update this post as I progressively find more bugs/issues. UPDATE 1 : - SPAWNS ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE TO EACH OTHER! I've only been getting in matches with 8 of 8 people, And i'll still spawn with someone less then 100 feet away and get gunned down immediately. And if these maps plan on containing 16 individual solo players, It's gonna be a nightmare... So either there needs to be something in place to ensure we spawn at least 1-2 squares away from on another, or add alot more possible spawning locations... Cause i've loaded into the same spots multiple times on multiple matches; So I know people who've been playing longer than me may have better ideas as to where these actual spawn spots are and go spawn killing. - I've also noticed that other players footsteps make no sound, and neither do opening or closing doors, looting, or anything to give some alert to people that someone is close. Even if they're 5-20 feet away it's as if their silent ninjas with no shoes on tip toeing through tulips to come claim my guns and soul. - The rain sound effects on Draug are too damn loud. And I don't wanna risk not hearing players shots by turning the sound level of my effects. - Sometimes upon extracting out of a map, the game will crash. Resulting in a loss of any acquired items or guns. However, sometimes when I load back into my home base I'll still have the guns and ammo i Initially left with. So it's not as destructive as the crashing-mid-game bug mentioned above. - Some sound effects bug out, and will sound like a skipping cd where the first millisecond of the sound byte is on a rapid repeat.
  10. I'm writing this message to developers for feedback and opinions, the vigor game is excellent such as the shelter and the upgrades you can do. Me and my friends have recently encountered a bug with the firing range that the number from the count down stays on your screen when you exit the gun range which means we have to reset the game. however the main issue is when crafting often the game crashes and displays communication error which is annoying an can cause other gamers to just come off the game and go play something that doesn't crash.. I like how weapons and crafting can take a little bit of time to gather which means you feel great when you kill someone who has a p90 or lots of materials you need. I know it takes long to achieve a great game however with this information maybe you can act on this and better the game.. I hope to see a better kill recognition because I'm confused sometimes weather I killed them or they are just prone, and the death box should glow up when you have killed them because I was running around for like half an hour trying to find it, in the snowy mountains.. I would also like to see fishing at the docks of the shelter and to actually see how the less fortunate benefit from the food we give .....
  11. matchmaking cant start without team in shelter but they are +crash we have tried everything me and my friends really like the game but for the last 2 days we can not join it keeps saying we all need ton be in shelter and we both are is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  12. Hi, first love the game, only just discovered a week or so ago. But.... I was lucky enough to find a Maschinengewehr 3 plan and have been diligently saving credits and upgrading my shelter so I could craft one. Today I did just that after spending 3600 which was, for me, the majority of my credits. I duly waited my 20 mins to craft and...it’s not there?! i restarted the game / console several times and it’s been over an hour..but it’s not there. im pretty p****d.... Can an I complain? Can the team see that I paid for this on the server and I don’t have the gun... ? if this is what I can expect going forward... what’s the point? Help! Thanks. Matt
  13. emory largent

    Firing range bug

    I would say that this is a pretty serious bug, considering the fact that after I do challenges sometimes, I lose my gun and ammo I had equipped before it and the weapon I was using in the firing range replaces the gun I had, so it can be used a duplication process also. Then after all that I can’t equip ammo anymore until I restart my game. But im more upset just about losing all this ammo.
  14. Holusinating

    Guns are glitchy

    Ive noticed that alot of times theres lag when enemies enter doors and they either clip forward or back also as the title metions at the shooting range while ive tried to do challenges for guns they literally wont hit a single target. Mainly the G3 challenge its like the bullets go right through the targets.
  15. aappletree12

    Im blind!

    Every direction im blinded by incredibly bright light except south, though its still bright south just not blindingly, it only happened once hope it doesn't happen again, my friend had to guide me to the exit... He died, but i lived! https://imgur.com/a/kK4LZ5i
  16. 1. Fall damage is OP, you jump off a pebble and BOOM... you’re almost half dead already. 2. Weapon Accuracy is dreadful, bullets do not hit efficiently enough especially with a controller. 3. You need to add K/M support for this game. 4. Too many bugs and glitches causing myself and many other VIGOR players to lose all items in game and have to re grind the items over and OVER AGAIN. 5. Every character looks identical to each other. Needs a lot more clothing items in the store. 6. You do not even know who your own team mate is due to lack of HUD, you need to add an Icon above there player to symbolise it’s uour friend and not enemy. 7. Bullets to not shoot properly from a gun and what I actually mean is that when you’re trying to spray your machine gun, only a couple bullets come out and you then have to tap the RT button rapidly as if it’s a single bullet gun. 8. VERY repetitive, needs to add in game events to keep players wanting to play more and not do the same thing which is sprint to the safe house and then sprint to a safe zone and repeat over and over again. 9. WHY IS CROUCHING IN THIS GAME SO DAMN LOUD JESUS. 10. Dev support is ridiculously slow, this game came out in July 2018 and what has happened but add an in game lobby and some guns? Every patch update has done nothing but make the game worse, I’m still finding myself freezing in random spots, server kicks or not being able to use my weapon and die. 11. Add a ranking system so again it’s fun to be able to rank up and see the levels in game lobby. 12. Add some stats so we can actually see how many kills we have made, or how long we’ve walked, how long been playing for ETC... 13. Focus on your player base, I’ve seen soooooooo many players making suggestions or mentioning about bugs and nothing is being done. They’re simple bugs to fix and we’re still facing these every day. 14. Loads more to complain about but I would probably go to 100+ so I’ll leave it here. Feel free to continue this on in the comment section if I have missed anything you guys may be struggling with for this game, I will be adding an IDEA poll soon so once again share some ideas and I’ll add them in.
  17. From my experience so far the game is very enjoyable I have input and feedback that I hope the developers will see Bugs and glitches first Number one accuracy seems to be off I have clipped moments where I have aimed right at someone’s head and no hit markers or anything then leading to a much louder gun fight than intended Number 2 getting to close to an enemy renders there gun useless if someone runs into me and decides to melee with a weapon my guns will Jam and say weapon ammo not found and give me -/31 clip instead of what I actually have which could be 22 bullets Number 3 I have noticed some players can shoot around corners due to the game being set in 3rd person however if I am aiming my gun and I come out from cover and attempt to shoot if I was to close to my cover when I move out my gun will refuse to shoot and then render my surprise attack useless leading to louder gun fights than intended number 4 When my teammate dies and spectates me he can hear his Audio beside his own body giving me the advantage in battle as he can tell me when to aim and when they are looting his box I have more to input but as of just now these are the major bugs some minor bugs consist of number 5 players being able to completely avoid damage by zig zagging this is due to bug number 1 and accuracy being off slightly number 6 players should be allowed to drop loot not destroy I was chasing someone who got the supply drop and also looted the safe from the barred house he knew he was going to die so destroyed everything in his inventory this should be removed if he had dropped it tactically and ran he could then Collect it at a later time instead costing other players no loot number 7 When shooting my gun in first person mode I need to shoot directly to the right of the person or else I am failing to hit them the guns iron sights is broken I cannot accurately hit a target unless I aim almost directly to the top right of the players head that is all the information I have gathered so far I would like to suggest some things now number 1 upgrades on the house and adding new things should give me ability’s like radar trip wires bouncing betty traps and various other things like if I was max level and I stole the supply drop I could have 15 seconds where I won’t ping the map to get away more swiftly number 2 add full first person support the game would play much better if there was ways to play in full first person instead of just iron sights and only 3rd-1st person can play with each other but 1st person players won’t get matched with 3rd person players number 3 abilitys and levels players need gratification for their play time and experience maybe a level system that adds exp and shows others how you have done etc and ability’s nothing crazy but maybe as you play you get better the ability to make a hammer to stop enemy’s from using radio tower or the scan tower lid like to give more feedback directly to developers if I could thanks and lastly number 4 a ping system so I can point an show my team mate where something is rather than just clicking on the map and adding a waypoint thanks I will be playing more and give more feedback as I find it Weapon accuracy Being killed around a corner
  18. Laurent L

    Bugs & Technical issues

    Something wrong with the game? Here you can report any bugs or technical issues you may encounter while playing.
  19. Mr.Satirical

    Bug Report

    I'm going to copy and paste an email I sent to a Bohemia representative concerning issues I've found. There are a few issues with the game I'd like to report. There is an ongoing issue where the game will crash in the pregame lobby. I recently lost two high tier weapons from this issue. Its before a chance is even provided to buy insurance, which were my intentions. It's disheartening when this happens, and personally kills my motivation to continue playing Another one is an exploit that allows people to look through solid walls, by simply using their secondary in first person mode, aiming down sights, and walking against any thin wall. Also, the accuracy increase gained using prone needs to be excluded from shotguns, as it is tremendously overpowered, allowing people to outclass long ranged weapons with any shotgun. This one is not really big issues, but something to consider is fixing the ability to instantly recover from prone position with an emote. Alternating the prone and emote button in rapid succession allows the player to slightly levitate and can potentially be used maliciously in conjunction with other exploits. Lastly, just for the sake of a polished finished product. Knocking the buckets off in the firing range using your avatar resets the ambient music.
  20. Redownloaded Arma 3 and bought all expansions last night. Powered on computer today and was gonna work on a MP mission map till I saw this. They look like small ants leaving a trail. It effects it in game as well: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069521772/screenshot/949585778310830129 I did download some mods last night (ACE3, Chernarus Redux, CUP Core, CUP Terrains, a couple of plane mods, etc. (I did download a mod that does a particle illumination for flares and lights but I had removed that mod along with the ones listed). Not sure if those might be the issues but those mods were removed this morning when I noticed the weird effects. Any type of video setting changes that refreshes the screen to accept new changes, will only reset the issue. Anyone had this problem before and if so, how did you fix it? TIA
  21. Joedirt69

    Had problems again

    Crates being lost and paid for better one and game timed out and shotting problems and a bit laggy on on first load in to shelter
  22. Almost every game my gun dont shoot when i try to shoot enemy, gun is on full auto and full mag? If i miss the shot past the enemy the gun will fire but soon as the enemy is on my marker the gun will not fire and many times if the gun will fire the bullets goes straight trough him. I thought the update will fix this but no, more bugs came like sound issues and fps dropping too. Sorry for my bad english guys i hope u did understand.😅
  23. PigsFlyAway

    Zeus and Arsenal White Screen

    I'm currently in MCC 4 and trying to set up a mission for my friends and I. But everytime I open the arsenal or Zeus, my screen goes white. The hud and everything is still there and I can see markers, but the landscape and units, buildings, etc are all gone. Any ideas?
  24. Lord of the Exiled Winks

    The bugs are killing me

    Please for the love of god the amount of bugs are killing the game for me. Literally just a few minutes again me and my girlfriend were playing as a two man squad. We were trying to get the airdrop (we had to find out the hard way that two people can’t open the same crate for some reason, both people have to individually open the crate) only to then get jumped by some rando who killed my gf. Wasting his entire magazine into my gf, I had a perfect shot on him with my M16......only to find that my gun miraculously wouldn’t shoot. The first time I take out my only M16 and I suddenly cannot fire the weapon (the red box that tells you that your gun is pointed at an object perpetually appearing over the reticule) I loot both crates out of the supply drop and try to run for it, but ofc I get head shotted as soon as I leave cover. I lose both crates, my only M16, loads of ammo and other goodies, and through literally no fault of my own. Just a tad bit frustrating.

    Problems & Bugs

    Problems & Bugs Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Problems & Bugs. Problems & Bugs ,should refer only to Ravage Mod and CBA , without any addons. In case of a problem that is associated to Ravage Mod , alonside with other addons or scripts added , then it should refere as : Ravage Mod MODED + [ List of addons or Scripts added ] List with the issues : [ SOLVED , UNSOLVED , CONFIRMED , UNCONFIRMED ] 1.Bug, uniform behaviour - Spawned units without clothes == SOLVED 2.Bug, in the original topic about Horde Spawn Module == CONFIRMED - UNSOLVED 3.Problem, can't spawn zombie on USS Liberty or USS Freedom == SOLVED // NOT YET ADDED !