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  1. MourningStarV

    Grenade Glitch

    It’s funny, since just a few days ago I read a comment saying, “Grenades get thrown automatically when you aim.” I mean I thought it was silly as I’ve never had this happen to me. But what do you know, the EXACT same thing just happened. It seems this bug is very inconsistent. Sometimes the Grenades work as intended, but other times it throws itself exactly when you aim, giving no time for the outlander to determine the path of the grenade. Please fix this bug as soon as possible as this affects whether you win a firefight or not. Also, load out presets aren’t working for PlayStation apparently. If you don’t mind, please look into that as well. Much love and continue the great work!
  2. MourningStarV

    Sniper Idea

    It’s exactly as you say. I’m hoping this would be an entirely new weapon, instead of a separate attachment, since that would mean there’d be other attachments for other weapons.
  3. MourningStarV

    Sniper Idea

    It’d be nice if there was a sniper that had a Variable Scope. It can change the magnification of the scope so the outlander may shoot between long distances and slightly longer distances. This most likely means there will be more outlanders watching Points of Interest. But the only one to blame is the outlander that had fallen victim, since there are so many ways to avoid death in this kind of situation. 1. Completely ignore the chosen P.O.I if you feel it’s too dangerous. 2. Use Portable Signal Detectors (Which are now fixed, thank goodness) or use the Signal Detector located on the map and once the outlanders watching the P.O.I are marked, hunt them down. These type of outlanders will most likely stay in the exact spot. 3. Locate an outlander who is watching the P.O.I. Once they’ve been located, call a Mortar Strike or throw some Fragmentation Grenades. All of these consumables are meant to be used, don’t let them collect dust back at the Shelter.
  4. When I toggle Lone Wolf on, I’m looking to go against teams. So stop placing ME in lobbies with OTHER SOLOS. There’s a reason why I like playing by myself against other teams and that’s because for one, these teams bring better rarity weapons, gear, and consumables and two, teams are more aggressive and tend to rotate around the map more. Since one thing I’ve noticed through my experience is that almost every time, solo’s have super slow play styles which consists of crawling for the whole game or laying prone in one spot the entire game. I’m not saying, “It’s a bad play style and that everyone who does it should stop” I simply don’t want to play against that play style when I’m bringing high rarity gear. I’ve also noticed that solo’s will bring the minimal amount of gear and consumables, along with mainly common rarity type weapons. I bring high rarity weapons into my encounters, but as soon as I see every other outlander bring such cheap load outs, I see there’s no point in continuing and leave immediately only to be thrown into another lobby similar to the previous with common weapons and consumables. So all I wish is for LONE WOLF to BE CONSISTENT. When I want to go against teams, pit me against teams. I’ll turn off Lone Wolf when I no longer wish to play against teams.
  5. MourningStarV

    Consumable Idea

    I think it’d be pretty cool if there was some sort of movement debuff trap. Maybe it can have the same radius as the proximity bomb. But the idea is that it takes away half of the player’s remaining stamina or forces the player to walk for 30 seconds or however much time that seems most reasonable. I can see this consumable being added into the game as a Snare Trap to go along with the previous seasons of “Hunters” and “Trappers.” Or maybe it can be added as Trip Wire. The Trip Wire wouldn’t have the circular radius like the proximity bomb, but will instead be a Line and the movement debuff will be applied once a player has crossed this Line. There is a catch though. The player must be stationary whether it be crouched or standing up and the time required to set up this trap should be the same amount of time needed to apply the Body Armor consumable. Hopefully this will make players check their surroundings first, before they believe it’s safe to stand still for 4 seconds.
  6. MourningStarV

    Can’t Lay Down or Prone

    During an encounter, I try to go into the Prone stance, only that it doesn’t allow me lay down, leaving me exposed which has gotten me killed before and is beginning to ruin my gaming experience. I’m not sure what steps I took to have this happen, I’d run around, find a person, then try to lay down and crawl closer to them. This doesn’t occur in every Encounter, but is extremely annoying when it does happen. Sometimes I’d begin the match being able to get in and out of Prone, but further into the Encounter, the game doesn’t allow me to enter Prone anymore. This can’t be my controller, since I’ve recently bought a new one.
  7. MourningStarV

    Daily Missions are a problem

    There are some daily missions out there that just seem flat out impossible. For example, a friend of mine, has a mission asking him to go “Get 5 melee weapon kills.” Doesn’t this seem impossible? Which is why I believe there should be a “refresh missions” button, but in order to change, you’d need to pay Food to do so. Or at least Buff the melee weapons, because let’s be honest, they’re a horrible addition to the game with no purpose but to be deconstructed for Materials.