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  1. Monkey Stador

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    - Can plant on-top of another already worked patch. - Zombies can glitch through wall. - Wolfs and Zombies can sometimes attack through walls. - Bullets go through wall easy enough. - Fire from Bandits cannot be used for cooking or warming up - a single town template ( had a red house with a little shed attached at the top of the town ) was broken. The inside view of houses was not triggered.
  2. Monkey Stador

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    No, it does not fix itself at all.
  3. Monkey Stador

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Android: Feuer von toten Banditen lasse sich nicht nutzen. ( Kochen und Wärmen ) Hilfemenü und Karte verschwunden nach dem ersten Laden.
  4. Monkey Stador

    More Stuff

    I think the browser verison is easy enough when you learned to deal with the bandits. I couldnt play the android version at all. On browser you can kite zeds without losing health. And if you run down the left coast and the to the convoy at the start you have usually some good gear already.
  5. Monkey Stador

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    After playing enough to see most of the webgame, the most annoying bug and effectively game breaking one it bandits going through houses. Thats by far the most common death in the web versoin. Totally uncontrollable since they can sneak up through the shaddow of other buildings.
  6. Monkey Stador

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    There should be thread for each version of the bugs. I dont have that bug of yours. I did use firefox and chrome running on Intel APU and windows 7. More bugs: * Daytime is instant. from 5:59 to 6am it switches the light on.
  7. Monkey Stador

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Are mines and beartraps permanent? For tent defense obviously.
  8. Monkey Stador

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    * Trying to craft a second firestarter with woods sticks fails with "not enough wood sticks" error. * Sewing kit does not fix hunters pants and mountain backpacks.
  9. Monkey Stador

    Web Version Suggestions 1.4.1

    * Waterbottle and cantines fill in the ran when put on the ground outside * Waterbottle and cantines can be filled with drinks * Waterbottles and cantines do restore very little hydration compared to how little use they have right now. * Weapons can be disassembled to restore a few percent of another weapon * Flares can be used to light fires and ignore fuel tanks * Immediately close interaction menus on enemy player closing in or attack
  10. * Bandages should be usable for making firestarters. * Items stack automatically on pickup if stackable
  11. Hello, just a few bugs to report: * Bandits walk through houses. * Bandits shoot through walls ( this might not be a bug IDK ) * Zombies spawn in walls and sometimes pop out spontaneously * After save and continue equipped items disappear randomly. * After save and continue item spawn are all back, its easy to just cheat this way.