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Found 255 results

  1. My game crashed just now and since then I've been stuck on the loading screen. I tried to restart the game a couple of times and it's still like this. I even rebooted my phone and that didn't help either. I'm currently on a 20k+ veteran run, please don't tell me that it's doomed. I'm playing on iPhone 6s, please help.
  2. Hi all, It seems to me unconscious state provides some trouble with commanding menu. In Vanilla Arma 1.80, all DLC's (but Kart). Place a group of units, player leader. SP/MP doesn't matter but, for some consistency, let's play in MP, respawn on death, revive enabled for all players. I named 3 units u1,u2,u3, and in a radio trigger, (or what ever mean to run a code), I prepared the unconscious state for these 3 units (tested with 3 but probably not significant), by {_x setUnconscious true} foreach [u1,u2,u3]; Run the preview in SP or MP (so you're in hosted server). Command units to move Call the code to make three of them falling unconsious continue to command the group... - each time you're ordering "regroup", the remaining units will regroup on your position, - each time you're ordering "go here", the remaining units will regroup around an unconscious unit (TL?) , no matter the direction you ordered. See video. It's "almost" the same if you replace setUnconscious true by setDamage 1 (killing units). Just test it! At the very first seconds the units seems to rally a dead unit then follow your order when the "situational awareness" is broadcast inside the group. Dead units are ignored and the move order is correctly executed. On the contrary of their unconscious state, probably breaking the broadcast S.A. IMHO, Unconscious state is not correctly implemented for all AI behaviors or AI presence/status. NB : To be compared with all animations (like healing) incompatible with falling into unconsciousness. The healing anim continues after revive but the unit is stuck in weird prone. I hope this help. EDITED (see below)
  3. Hey there Bohemia team I am trying to unlink my bohemia account from my steam account but cannot figure out how is this something you guys have to do on your end?
  4. I created a mission where you are controlling a Blackfoot gunship. This mission can be played in mutiplayer as well. But there is an issue. After a few minutes (ca 5 - 10min) the Blackfoot gunner starts to experience extreme camera shaking. I did test the mission with a friend and he did send me this: and this: He was the host btw. I did test this again with my and my girlfriends PC and the problem was still there. Does anybody else encouter this Problem?
  5. hey, i bought Arma 3 at the beginning of lock down for the UK, the game was running smooth and well until around 2 months ago, i thought this may of been a clashing of mods but am still to find out, when i look at my virtual arsenal i can see face wear on my character but when i click play and load in the face wear has been removed, has anyone had issues with this bug or has anyone got any fixes to it, i have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not work.
  6. Hi folks, I'm pretty new on the forum so please forgive me if I don't know someting that was discussed before my post. I'm not a native english, so please ignore my poor spelling. At this point of time, I played Arma 3 for ca. 900 hours. I noticed a pretty annoying bug on some of the community Maps. Every lake, pond or river above sea level is glitched and just not nice to look at. I don't know if it's a problem with the texture of the water, because the only texture I can see, is the one of the ocean (and the one of the river that flows through Livonia, but I think those are the same ones). That bug is extremely annoying, because it ruins so well made maps for me. Chernarus 2035, Virolahti and more are affected by it and I wasn't able to find anyone with a similar bug. I've made a video where you can see the bug, but at that point of time, I didn't know that I was able to walk through the river on one or two locations. The map in the video was Virolahti, I highly recommend you to give Virolahti a try if you haven't done it yet. Video: Summary of the bugs: Reflection is not reflecting what it should + weird shift of the reflection waves are… well… broken water renders incorrect if further away I have noticed that bug ca. 1 and a half year ago and it really is gamebreaking for me and my friends. If you can help me fix that bug, I would be very thankful! Have a nice day!
  7. LuminareHQ

    Shelter Menu Bug

    When in the shelter level, when you jump, and mid jump press the "open shelter menu" button, when your character lands the background glitches and slides up and back to its normal state.
  8. As you can see the AI is not engaging the targets, despite knowing about them and having clear line of sight. Also tested this with max AI skill setting. Oddly enough if i do the same test on the big salt lake (same distance, units, etc) the tank actually starts shooting when i reveal the targets for him (Only small bursts).
  9. Hi so this is my first day in game and I can't board vehicles I can check my inventory using space (default action) but can't board the vehicle how Am I supposed to play further into game ,I even tried to restart the game or the whole application nothing changed . So I checked different campaign option and in none m able to board a car (ground vehicle ) I was able to board a helicopter as I was not driving it
  10. Tim Gloo

    Can't go prone

    Noticed that my ability to go prone doesn't work occasionally. I think it's after I walk through a river it happens.
  11. Hello, I am currently working on a mod. For this mod I wanted to add some already existing vehicles into a new faction. Therefore I used the ALiVE ORBAT tool, but I don't know if it's that important. After adding them and packing my mod into a .pbo file, I loaded the mod and its dependencies and placed down everything in 3den Editor. But something strange happened: (I screenshottet the bug and the error message) The cannons and the plane were "shooting", the muzzle flash was shown like it was a part of the object, and I wasn't able to shoot anymore! I deleted both vehicles from the files and added a stug III. There was no muzzle flash bug, but the errors above and only the drivers seat was avaiable, the gunner seat was not accessable. Can someone help me?
  12. Dear Devs! Please fix it finally a bug which was added after the release of Tanks DLC. The player wants to enjoy the gameplay, instead of annoyance, but when he come across this again and again, player want to break up monitor. This bug appeared after Tanks DLC and it is extremely annoying to the player! I checked the mods do not affect the problem. I have repeatedly reported this on feedback, but this is just infinitely ignored. Description: 1) Player shot from Launcher at enemy vehicle 2) Immediately after this shot, player want to save your virtual life from the enemy return fire (since after shooting from AT-launcher, the whole map sees you and wants to kill) and player press the prone-button, to lie on the ground. 3) After that, the player’s game character falls to the ground, but again automatically rises to its full height again and switching to launcher! After this - the last thing a player has time to see - it as dozen of bullets fly into his face! The problem occurs only with Titan-Launcher in the hands. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be ONLY TOP. I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top mode, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default, probably for this reason, many users cannot reproduce this problem at the run game. Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC
  13. Good morning, I just recently bought ArmA 3, so I started through the campaigns. Thing is, there's a point in Laws of War campaign where you need to lay some mine dispensers, but I can't seem to be able to do so. Have tried other things such as charges in the VR Arsenal, and everything works fine, but the APERS Mine Dispenser. The character does the animation as if it was laying the mine, but it doesn't acutally appear on the terrain, nor dissapear from my backpack. Tried looking for similar problems here in the forum, but I couldn't find any topic about it. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, recently I started to pass DLC Old Man. But after one of the save loads, the game began to crash for no reason. It gives an error (0x000041D), although I played normally up to this point.
  15. This bug exists since the introduction of the loiter waypoint. It makes the VTOL Gunship unusable with an AI pilot and maybe also affects Drones: The Loiter Waypoint has a setting for height, that sets height above sea level for the loiter. This works however only in the Eden Editor preview. As soon as you save/load the mission, the waypoint height value is reset to -1 and therefore disabled. The aircraft will then fly very low and copy the ground. All the scripting commands to change flightheight do not work for loiter action. This makes it impossible to use the gunship without a human pilot! I think this bug might also be related to UAVs copying ground while loitering, when being comamnded from the UAV terminal: While the UAV accepts the height you set for it in the UAV terminal, it still copies terrain even when set to 200 or 500 meters, where copying terrain is very annoying, becaue it shakes up the camera so much. I noticed, that there is also no script command for setting the loiter waypoint height, while there are commands to set loiter direction and loiter radius. I suspect, that this missing command has soemthing to do with the problem of the height not correctly registering when setting it in eden waypoint options. If you know a workaround to get a loiter with fixed height ASL, please let me know! I've again wasted countless hours to get this working, but without success... Thanks.
  16. In Arsenal within EDEN, I have tried to add the sand Laser Designator to a NATO unit like a rifleman and then of course the battery, but the battery disappears when I play the mission or reopen the arsenal editor. I've tried adding the item with commands like addItem and assignItem in the init field but it doesn't work either. I've also tried adding it to the vest and the uniform. Is this a bug? It's ruining my mission making induction. I seem to always come across bugs like this that stop me in my tracks and they don't seem to be resolved for years. Sometimes these bugs cripple massive features or my dreams of drag and drop combined arms missions that should take seconds to put together. I tried searching the bug report system and couldn't see anything exactly like this. Pls tell me this is my fault and not a bug so I can live out my dreams.
  17. Hey guys, I've created a faction here, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023072593, but the BDRM and most vehicles have no gunner. I've check the config files and it has the Main turret crewed, but it does not have a gunner turret. IDK if that's how its suppose to look or.. if you check the faction, all the vehicles that are suppose to have gunner seats do not. Please help, Thanks.
  18. BearDen - Bear

    Server Tabs in Launcher

    Since the latest patch, the server tabs in the launcher no longer "Auto Refresh" the list of servers. You have to click on the refresh in the upper right of the screen. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in next patch? Regards, Bear
  19. As the title explains, whenever I change the lighting during nighttime (flares or even darkvision) the game becomes unresponsive and flashes a black screen interchangeably with the now frozen game. In some experiences, the entire screen freaks out and tiny pixels flash white, black, and other colors. I know the Mini DayZ devs are working one the second installment, but this issue is fairly severe and makes surviving at night much harder. There are also no sounds coming out of my headphones despite the pause menu saying Sounds: ON. Although that issue isn't as pressing, it is one nevertheless. I will make sure I email them through their listed Google Play email in a week if I can't get a fix or there isn't a response on here from the devs.
  20. This is bull crap. Don't get my crates so it won't affe t my battle pass progression. Which you literally can't achieve without devoting your entire life to the game to begin with. This is STUPID
  21. Frodz89

    Death bug/T stance

    Hello First time here. Loving the game btw! I was running away after a failed fire fight and this happened: The fall damage in this game is quite brutal, didn’t even see the ditch there. I knew there was a massive drop though hence why I was sprinting. Don’t know what happened upon death. Felt like I should share it though. Cheers
  22. Normally i play without Vibration. When i find a locked Box i activate it quickly. It happens that the Controller Scheme which is shown on the left Side doesnt dissapear when u close Options. Happened to me twice now. Only Solution is to leave the Game.
  23. Hello, please help me. I start server on host-panel, he is gives out 11:07:37 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f
  24. Coolyoursheet

    Double doors wont open

    After the update, double doors on multiple maps will not open. There is no option to press x. seen at vikorsten station (double doors to enter the station) and the general store on brodalen bridges.
  25. Hi Support, I know that it is a free play game, but I'm having too many issues with it. Not only the crashes that usually makes you loose all your army and elements, but, in many places of different maps, you can stuck with no way to go out or free yourself (i.e. under the last wagon of the train close to the exit of the forest/bridges map, check my last video shared, user:nwoycik), until the radiation comes and kills you, missing all the equipment captured in the battle. Will you fix all this issues?...I've missed many crowns and lots of guns and others. When the server and game itself will be stable?. How can i send you the captures of the sites that locks the survivor?. In the otther hand is that so many players have a very strange and unusual aim, very strange and suspicius. The idea of the game is wonderful, and the gameability also good enough, out of these terrible issues, so, any chance to solve it?. Bests.. Nicolas W