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  1. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T130564 Already posted on feedback, post on reddit and forum for visibility. I found a way to reproduce this bug with low fps, even if literally nothing is happening and map is empty. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124746 One of the biggest reason why its happen is bug with “ssAdv”. Even after I delete everything from map, I still have low fps (40 from 120 at start) and everyone on the server, until they restart their clients or just randomly fps goes instantly to normal. I think that everyone encounter it, because it happened after every firefight. Fps suddenly drops, and goes down with every minute. Sometimes after some time it goes back to normal fps, or “just enough”. EDIT: WORKS ONLY ON SERVER! Probably cause is sounds are not cleared on clients. steps to reproduce: 1. Download mission file from first link (works fine with mods/ vanilla, same results) 2. Play scenario in eden / on dedicated server. Bots will spawn after 15 seconds. 3. Wait until bot counter reaches 1000-2000 (best way to force it to happen early, it could take some time. Just leave game with camera pointing at every bot. No worries, only spawn max 40 bots at same time. I think this could be skipped to just 100-200 bots and fps should go to lower values too.) 4. Watch your fps goes from 120 at start, 60 from spawning bots to 20-40 after couple of minutes 5. Stop spawning script when you see 20-30 fps (in my case, depends on PC), delete every bot from map with this command (exec it on server): testing = false; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allDeadMen; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach vehicles; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allUnits; 6. Watch your fps stay at similar fps that was with bots, and goes to lower values with each minute. 7. If you have “profiling - Performance Profiling Build” enabled, use command: diag_captureFrame 24; and see what causes it. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/8rdfag/arma_3_low_fps_and_degrade_over_time_because_of/
  2. Hello, I am modifying curator interface, and I've run into a problem with AI following waypoints. The curator interface has only friendly units editable. Enemy units are rendered through my script separatedly so they can't be manipulated. To reinvent the functionality of "right-pressing" the enemy units with mouse to attack them, I am using CuratorWaypointPlaced event handler. I tried to modify waypoint passed from event handler, I tried to create new one and set it to waypointType "DESTROY" and delete the passed one. And I tried to set the one event handler gave me. AI just refuses to behave correctly as in vanilla zeus interface What am I trying to do: - Recreate the RMB behaviour in curator interface - Make AI move to and attack units at "DESTROY" waypoint What is actually happening: [when waypoint is attached to enemy] AI just stands on place nothing is happening, except the AI seems to guard more the direction to it's waypoint attached waypoints are offset to units they are attached to even several meters. (the position is different) sometimes attachWaypointVehicle attaches waypoint to nearby objects instead to enemy unit (but waypointAttachedVehicle still returns enemy unit) [when waypoint is spatial on ground] AI moves to position, sometimes attacking the enemy usually doing weird sh** on the way. when friendly units are too close to waypoint, unit may start killing nearby friendly units (nearby to waypoint) instead of enemy sometimes the waypoint survives for about 5 seconds before disappearing (maybe false completion?) when forced waypoint position by setWaypointPosition to position identical to enemy unit, sometimes the waypoint refuses and jumps to a nearby position What vanilla zeus does when creating a waypoint: Type: "DESTROY" Behaviour: "COMBAT" Position: under interface cursor it doesn't attach the waypoint to units, only sets position, type and behaviour. When I do the exact same, my AI's refuses to work properly (identical to vanilla zeus) //Event Hadler: When zeus places a waypoint (context: added when pressed RMB while hovering over an enemy unit - attack order) eh_waypointModifier = zeusModule addEventHandler ["CuratorWaypointPlaced", { params ["","_group","_waypointID"]; //Waypoint created by curator interface _wp = [_group,_waypointID]; //Waypoint array _group reveal cw_var_unitToAttack; //Revealing the enemy to ordered group (not helping) _wp setWaypointType "DESTROY"; //Sets the waypoint as "DESTROY" so AI would know it is going to attack something (Curator interface does the same) //AI usually moves towards the target, sometimes it does nothing. But it won't attack the enemy. //** Method 1 ** _wp setWaypointBehaviour "COMBAT"; //Makes the AI move towards the waypoint more reliably (Curator interface does the same) //AI moves towards the target tacticaly, it sometimes even engages against the enemy. //** Method 2 ** _wp setWaypointPosition [(position cw_var_unitToAttack),0]; //Sets the position of the waypoint so spatial DESTROY can find it's actual target more easily - does quite the opposite //AI usually stays on position //** Method 3 ** //Variable 'sys_unitToAttack' set by logic calling this EH _wp waypointAttachVehicle sys_unitToAttack; //Attaches the waypoint to the enemy unit - actually attaches the waypoint several meters away from unit, sometimes to different object (waypointAttachedVehicle still returns sys_unitToAttack) //AI usually moves towards the target, but won't attack //** Method 4 ** deleteWaypoint _wp; //Removes the waypoint created by curator interface _wp = _group addWaypoint [position sys_unitToAttack, 0]; //Creates a whole new waypoint on enemy's position _group setCurrentWaypoint _wp; //Sets the new waypoint as current so AI can't be confused which waypoint to use //AI just stands on place doing nothing. zeusModule removeEventHandler ["CuratorWaypointPlaced",eh_waypointModifier]; //Not needed anymore sys_unitToAttack = nil; //Not needed anymore }]; I've spend at least 7 hours figuring this nonsense out and trying several AI hacks. I want to have my scenario addon-free, just working with vanilla, so any mods are not usable to me. Only scripting hacks. This is not really a request for help. It is a request for someone from dev-team to give me some insight on how zeus waypoints works so I can successfuly and reliably replicate. Thx.
  3. I don't know if it's always been like that or if it's a temporary bug....
  4. Greetings, Asking your help for an issue that we had with some friends for quite a while now. The issue is simple, when we try to log in any server hosted by any one of us with any mod (none being included in "any"), if the mission is already started, meaning that you can go farther than the lobby, you have something like an 80% chance of disconnecting instantly. It is not a kick, neither an error, nor a crash, but it shows to the other players : "user connected user disconnected" And that's all, nothing to the one that can't join, he simply goes back. This apply either while joining from the launcher or with the game already started. For some reason this error doesn't exist with other servers. We found a way to outsmart this bug, glitch or whatever it is. We get everyone to connect to the server while the host hasn't chosen a mission yet and this basically gets you to an infinite loading screen. There you can't be disconnected, so when the host launches the mission, everyone is in the lobby and you can play (hurrah !). But this doesn't fix everything, if a player was to disconnect for any reason (lost connection, out of power, horny gf) The only way to get him back in action is to do that all again from the start, which is quite a pain I'll let you know. So that's why I ask you to help us, we've been living this for 6 months now and the fact that we spent all the last afternoon trying to get everyone to play without managing it eventually motivated me to post this here.
  5. Hey there Bohemia team I am trying to unlink my bohemia account from my steam account but cannot figure out how is this something you guys have to do on your end?
  6. I would like to introduce you to a 17 years old issue that exists across the whole Arma series, A3 included. It is one of the oldest Real Virtuality engine bug and it has not been addressed since OFP release back in 2001. I wish this post could reach BI devs so one day the problem would finally be solved. Arma3 is ahead of its final roadmap that will lead to its EOL (End-Of-Life). While there were other priorities across the development cycle in recent years, now it seems to be the right time to take care of it. A bug/issue: I have recorded a short and entertaining video that explains what it is all about: The issue has already been mentioned in a number of A3 Feedback Tracker tickets: Fallen Trees Have No Collision Fallen objects have no collision detection with characters or bullets. Ai see through fallen vegetation and objects Pointing out some interesting comments/notes from these tickets: Keeping Main Geometry (Geometry) for fallen static objects may negatively influence behaviour of AI (especially AI drivers). Vehicles may not be able to drive through / will collide with the fallen objects. Lack of geometries for fallen static objects is performance-friendly. My answers/suggestions to the aforementioned remarks: If Main Geometry of fallen static objects causes improper behaviour of AI or vehicles collide with them, then Main Geometry should be ignored. However, Fire Geometry and View Geometry should be kept to provide basic feature of cover & concealment. Undeniably. However, performance-wise argument could make sense back in OFP times, not in 2018. Unnoticeable performance boost is totally overshadowed by disadvantages the issue introduces into the game (especially for PvE scenarios). 'Line of succession of the Arma series' - my report about the bug in OFP/CWA environment that precedes this thread
  7. Hi. When I use attachTo to attach object A to a moving object B, using an offset of [0,0,0], object A first moves to a position ahead of object B by a distance relative to the velocity of object B, before glitchily moving back to its proper position and attaching correctly. At first I hypothesized that attachTo was using object B's position in simulation time when first setting the position of object A, before settling on updating on the render time position of object B, which would have explained the positional gap increasing as object B's velocity increased. However, when I had a friend test the same, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, object A attaches to object B directly on the offset, no additional movement at all. Additionally, I tried deactivating the framerate limiter (and vsync) and attempted the same again. Same results. Both of us were testing with no mods and no startup parameters, on an empty VR map, with various different vehicles and objects. Ideas for what this is and/or how to fix it would be appreciated.
  8. hello, i got flashing buildings, constantly appearing / disappearing it eats also a lot of resources, i have less than half frames than usual. here a video:
  9. Ok for the record I am using a samsung s7 active and it is November 21 2017 is the day I am posting this and I need to know why. So i get my new phone and I try to download Mini DayZ. I arrive at the Play store and I look up Mini dayz and it isnt there. So out of curiostity i google it and the app pops up so i click on it and it and it says " Your device isnt compatible with this version." So now im here i just want to know if this will ever be updated to fit my platform.
  10. No Sound What so ever

    Upon launching Arma 3 I am unable to hear all sounds related to the game. I have restarted the game, as well as my computer, Along with reinstalling arma 3 but to no success. I had recently purchased DLC's for Arma 3, Those including Apex, Helicopters, Karts, and marksmen. However i do not believe these to be the problem as when i launched the game yesterday (the day i bought the dlc's) everything seemed perfectly fine. The problem occurred all within the span of a day with no real indication as to what caused it. I had not changed any settings involving the audio in arma 3 recently and i have made sure to change headsets as well as making sure i didn't accidentally mute the sound coming from it. I do not have any mods installed
  11. Nevermind, my dumbass friend told me the wrong free week date. Mods can delete this thread in order to clean the forum.
  12. I can't detect some mines. I've read that detection distance depends on class, but this is literally as the mine detection guy in the first mission of Laws of War. I'm getting within what has to be 2 meters. I'm looking directly at it... This is not specific to this one mine, and it does not go away on restart. For most mines, all I do is look at them and it detects them. For 5-8 in this mission, I just can't detect them. Am I doing something wrong? I can't get past this mission without "detecting all mines." Sorry about the quality of the video, I obviously need to work on my obs settings, but I don't stream so it's not a huge deal - you can tell what's going on. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1fk2om28h8ans6/2018-04-29-0121-00.mp4?dl=0 Edit - I figured it out, it's T. Gotta expand that newbie screen... Confusing that it identifies them by looking sometimes, but sometimes you have to use T. It'd be better if you made it all one way or the other. If I identify the first small ones I look at without any interaction other than looking at them, it makes me think "I don't need to look at the help thing, I know how to do it, because I just did it." ... Then I make stupid posts that waste people's time.
  13. I have a weird bug with the sound, At some point you hear the sound of the character drowning when nothing is happening. Please!!!!! Is very annoying. Is there any way to fix this or deactivate this sound?
  14. Hi Guys, i'm running several servers on one machine. The are seperated by IP not by Port, so they are all using standard ports. since last version users can not connect. i see this error in log: 12:55:48 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:55:53 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:55:58 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:03 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:08 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:13 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:18 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:23 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:28 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:33 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:38 BEServer: cannot find channel #858324836, users.card=0 12:56:41 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(858324836): users.get failed any ideas? This is not happening with Version 1.80.143869.
  15. I do not know if this is a bug but I have died lots of times by being shot through the wall. This has been getting very annoying, but i'm not trying to be annoying but I COULD HAVE HAD A MOUNTAIN BACKPACK BUT I GOT SHOT THROUGH THE WALL!!! (also i died by getting shot through TWO FREAKING WALLS!)
  16. What about lock on on Ground to Air and Air to Air. After TANK DLC it messed up so hard it. I tested it one few servers and mods( editor/exile/koth). There is example how titan AA work now mostly 80% fired rockets just miss target even when target do not use flares When I fly in jet almost every missle Air to Air miss target ( even hovering or 0 flares) It triggering my so hard. Why they messed it so hard. I hope they will make hotfix about that. I used (blackwasp 2, f-35(CUP), shikra ect.) Almost EVERY MISSILE miss target. That should be even possible. It happens after TANK DLC...
  17. Why is the Debug console for offical servers gone? Zeus without it is pretty lame and annoying to do.. now I can't put my premade missions in it either nor can I make arsenals. Please add this back or add a key for ares achillies mod. I have no idea why you removed it or what might have caused it to dissapear.
  18. UAV Greyhawk Bug (?)

    I would like to know if anyone else is having this bug or if someone could help me fix mine... but as of the update with the Tanks DLC coming in, I'm not able to switch to any weapons when I'm connected to the Greyhawk drones...I've tried restarting Arma, re-downloading Arma, verifying cache...and nothing worked. I could use the laser just fine and the turret works completely fine, but I can't switch to the weapons when I have the GBUS on the drones. Any info on this matter will do... Thanks!
  19. Hi, I have a script that will addmagazineCargoGlobal to some ammocrate. But I try with simple magzine types (eg. 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag) and for some reason suddenly I get error message when playing that sais Bad Vehicle type "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag". I don't know what causes this and I can't see how I have a typo and it happens for many other magazines too. I have recently installed tanks DLC and it did not happen before. The same code works perfectly when I put it in init line of the ammo box. anyone have the same problem
  20. Well, i tried to connect my Account with Steam, but it just resets the page and says "connect" again.. it just wont connect.
  21. Basically, if I fly a helicopter (only in first person mind you) my cpu starts maxing out and my game goes haywire. This glitch doesn't happen until I get to a certain altitude (20m) or if I fly in third person. I have tried swtiching to 32 bit and that does fix it but I am looking for a better solution. Specs: AMD FX(tm)-8350 eight-Core processor 4.00 GHz 1050ti
  22. EDEN bug

    Hi, I have never seen anyone discussing this bug before, but here goes: I have noticed a bug where I cannot open a mission on a particular map. If I try to open a specific mission, it opens a different mission instead. Steps to reproduce: edit a mission on Altis that has been previously saved make changes to mission, but do not save open a different mission on a different map - discard changes made to mission try to open the mission from step 1 Eden will not open the mission, but will open a separate mission from Altis instead. The only way I can then open that mission is to exit Arma 3 entirely and relaunch. Sorry, the issue persists even if I exit the game. You have to save a new mission on the same island, and only then can you load your old mission. I have been experiencing this issue for at least a year. Occurs with no mods installed.
  23. I just got info that F/A-181 Land to carrier Arrest Max Allowed Speed = 275kmh When Jet DLC first release, the landing speed for a correct AoA with full flaps landing config is around 210kmh, but after one or two updates, the landing speed changed to 275kmh ± 5kmh (in game data says 265kmh on speed = 275kmh AoA too high (too slow) = 270kmh or below AoA too low (too fast) = 280kmh or higher So, with the wire snap speed at 275+, and a correct landing speed at 275kmh ± 5kmh, you will have a big chance of getting a wire snap even landing in a perfect way, which I tested it for a long time and have years of carrier landing experience in ArmA3. Can any devs answer this question: Is the setting intended or just someone forget to change the data? Before update: After update:
  24. Hello, i have a problem for my team speak and arma 3 with the addon task force this is the error <21:48:53> Allies in used <21:49:54> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:49:55> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:00> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:00> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:04> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:05> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:06> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:06> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:10> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:12> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:12> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:15> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:18> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:18> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:24> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. <21:50:24> Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. when it comes out that the alias is in use there is no one with my name only happens when a arma server with task force comes in before that comes out that my alias is in use I press enter and that error goes out sorry for my english :C i hope can help me
  25. Hi, I am having trouble loading my premade loadouts from the VA. The loadout name is white meaning I am not missing any gear but the "LOAD" button is unavailable and double clicking the loadout name won't load it neither. Any idea on what's wrong or how I can fix it is appreciated, thanks.