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Found 301 results

  1. WaywardVaga

    Mic not working in game

    Hi, I have had my mic working previously within the game but since my latest install I can't talk in game. The icon shows in the corner when I hold caps lock but my name does not show to my friends as transmitting. Voice is activated in game I have tried various channels Mic is set to default It is USB mic Steam is working with the mic Arma wont even let me auto adjust the mic so i assume it isnt even being detected.
  2. aDRI-37458bb81ef6ec57

    AI Vehicle Formations Broken?

    I searched for this but could not find anything. Either I am living under a rock, this error comes because my game files are messed up or nobody even bothers anymore but basic formations like line and echelon r./l. are totally broken for groups of vehicles. When the units are placed in this formation only the group leaders vehicle moves to placed waypoints the rest of the vehicles just stay where they are and do not move at all. Example Does anybody knows why.
  3. Some of my seasonal challenges are working as intended, and I've already completed several. But a few aren't completing. Vulture (Have all inventory slots full of weapons in a Shootout); Shows progress when the slots start to fill, but having them full did not trigger the completion. All challenges related to shooting challenges (The Gold Standard, The Silver Bullet, Whoa So META) are not showing any progress after completing shooting challenges. Edit:.I think that none of the seasonals are tracking today. I've played a few and safely left a few but those tallies aren't going up. I also won a phone duel, and that challenge didn't update.
  4. The SPOTREP about the current Game Update 2.10 lists this item as fixed: I have not encountered this issue ever before, even though I'm working on a helicopter intense mission over the past few weeks. Now since I have installed the 2.10 update yesterday, I suddenly do have this issue! Helicopters (even empty ones that are supposed to pick up AI units) suddenly come down too early and then hop up again and come down again a few meters away. This often causes the heliopters to crash into obstacles on their first drop down, which happens too early and not at the place where they are supposed to land. So my question is now, why does this issue appear for me, since I installed the update that was supposed to fix it, even though it never appeared to me before? What's gone wrong here?
  5. Triggers that have a trigger owner with activation "Whole Group"/"Group Leader"/"Any Group Member" don't work properly outside the editor. Try this: Place a group consisting of 3 or more units. Set the 2nd highest ranking unit to be the player (you'll have to kill the squad leader and take command). Create 3 triggers and set the group leader to be the trigger owner. First trigger: Trigger name: Trig1 Activation: Whole Group, Present On activation: player sideChat "Trig1 - Whole Group"; Second trigger: Trigger name: Trig2 Activation: Group Leader, Present On activation: player sideChat "Trig2 - Group Leader"; Third trigger: Trigger name: Trig3 Activation Any Group Member, Present On Activation: player sideChat "Trig3 - Any Group Member"; Start the mission, kill the group leader, when you take command move into the trigger zones. The triggers will work properly even though the trigger owner is dead. Trigger ownership transferred from dead unit to another squad member properly. Now go back in the editor, export the mission to Singleplayer, open it from there and try the same thing again - the triggers will not fire. Trigger ownership did not transfer at all. You can further test this using the triggerAttachedVehicle command. Give the group leader a variable name. For example "a1". Place 4 triggers. You can make them repeatable if you want. First trigger: Trigger text: trig1 owner Activation: Radio Alpha On activation: hint (str (triggerAttachedVehicle trig1)); Second trigger: Trigger text: trig2 owner Activation: Radio Bravo On activation: hint (str (triggerAttachedVehicle trig2)); Third trigger: Trigger text: trig3 owner Activation: Radio Charlie On activation: hint (str (triggerAttachedVehicle trig3)); Fourth trigger: Trigger text: trig4 owner Activation: Radio Delta On activation: hint (str (triggerAttachedVehicle trig4)); Also create another trigger, name it trig4, set the trigger owner to the group leader and set activation to "Owner Only". When you test this in the editor, only trig4 should show you the name of the unit - a1. The other 3 triggers should display <NULL-object>. Export the mission to Singleplayer (restart ArmA 3 before doing that if the mission is loaded into memory or it will not be overwritten properly, i.e. the .pbo file won't be deleted / overwritten). Now when you (re)start the mission in singleplayer, run the radio triggers - all of them will show a1 as the owner of the triggers. Even if the unit is dead it will still show a1 and the triggers won't work. This is also the case for multiplayer exported missions.
  6. Hello my problem is that pressing (playing multiplayer) or (playing alone) the screen remains black and does not load the game. Does anyone feel the same?
  7. So I'm staring at this black screen saying only "all players connected, starting match in 0" This happens like 9 out of 10 tries when starting a tomato throwing elimination.... I can hear others playing and can even hear myself run and emote and all, but I keep seeing this black screen... Any others out there having the same issue? I'm on Xbox.
  8. My mission works correctly in singleplayer, but in multiplayer it only works properly for the host. For some weird reason the end trigger gets executed prematurely for the non-host player(s). My first trigger: Condition: ({alive _x} count units apcGrp == 0) AND ({alive _x} count units tankGrp == 0) Activation: deadAttackers = true 2nd trigger (5 seconds delay): Condition: deadAttackers Activation: "2" objStatus "DONE"; hint "Objective completed"; end1 = true 3rd trigger (12 seconds delay) that ends the mission with End1 Condition: end1 apcGrp consists of 2 M113s, tankGrp consists of 1 M1A1 (squad leader) and 2 M60 tanks. For some reason the condition of the first trigger always returns true for the non-host player(s) at the very start of the game. Putting deadAttackers = false; in the init.sqs did not solve the issue. The missions just ends for the non-host player(s) with the 2nd objective completed. Any ideas? Could it be that because the units that are being checked if they are alive are crew members inside vehicles and are somehow local to the host? So the host sees them as alive but the other players don't? To me it seems like a weird bug.
  9. Dubtrice

    Xbox Bug

    Hello, Every single time my shelter upgrades to the next level, the game pulls up the loading icon, says "waiting," and it will spin/load endlessly. I have to close the game and reload it to proceed.
  10. I have a problem on Arma resistance on mission hostages when I start the mission I IMMEDIATELY got damage once the mission started. And of course that made the player lie because of damage and cant stand up please how can I fix this(THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS EVERYTIME I START THIS MISSION!!!)
  11. Hey there Bohemia team I am trying to unlink my bohemia account from my steam account but cannot figure out how is this something you guys have to do on your end?
  12. Hi, as you can see in this screenshot, I kill an enemy US as USSR player, but the OnPlayerDeathWithParams Event returns both killer and victim as US. This happens randomly in 1/5 cases, while it works correctly in the other.
  13. After the new update arrived for some reason achievment save screen is coming up and freezes the games for few seconds every time it loads up even after encounters.And weapon presets not working.I cannot save or fill from preset! PS4
  14. ok - just to clear up, i launch arma with ONLY the Official DLC's. Its the first time ive played in a while, ive got some old name like Csgt air or something, i go to edit it, and i cant change the name or anything, so i delete the profile and make a new one, cant change the name so i click apply hoping i will be after, arma just crashes, if anyone can help PLEASE discord me so i can show you what happens... Air#7839 is my discord
  15. How to reproduce : Normal behavior with HE shells 1) place a mk6 mortar with gunner 2) place a target at azimut 0 (for simplicity) and (for example) 700 m. away 3) set turret elevation to 75 deg (40/50 m. too long) and azimut 0 4) fire 3 shells : one with the mortar range finder on the target, the other one with the range finder looking at the ground, even just in front of the mortar and the third one, high in the sky. -> result : all shells land approximatively at the same distance, with the normal dispersion Wrong behavior with laser guided shells 1) Place a darter and give the gunner a drone terminal. For the test, I place the drone at a 90 deg angle between the target and the mortar, 100 m. on the right. Fly (alt. 50 m. or 100 m.), take turret control, lock on target (ctrl + t) and illuminate the target with the laser (LMB) 2) load guided shells : <mortar> addMagazineTurret ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", [0], 5]; in the debug console 3) set turret elevation to 75 deg and azimut 0 4) fire first shell with mortar range finder on the target -> result : the shell heavily corrects its trajectory and hit exactly on target 5) fire a second shell looking at the ground -> result : the shell falls 50 m. in front of the mortar 6) fire a third shell looking at the sky -> result : the shell falls far far behind HE impacts. To visualize shell trajectories : [player, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; in the debug console It clearly seems that the mortar range finder is used to acquire target coordinates. Feature or bug ? How to use laser guided shells on indirect fire in these conditions without artillery computer ? Arma 2.08.149102, no mod. Same problem with 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_guided shells (IR guided)
  16. Hi guys, I have a problem with weapon 3, when I try to start a mission of any campaign, the game automatically starts me the first mission of the Laws of war DLC. Instead the scenarios work perfectly. I tried uninstalling the DLC from the game by deactivating the installation from steam, but then I had problems starting arma 3, so I reinstalled everything with the steam file integrity check, but the problem persists. I also tried finishing all the DLC missions to see if the bug would go away, but no dice. I've already tried asking for help on the Arma 3 steam and reddit community but no one really answered me, I hope someone here can help me.
  17. Hi all, It seems to me unconscious state provides some trouble with commanding menu. In Vanilla Arma 1.80, all DLC's (but Kart). Place a group of units, player leader. SP/MP doesn't matter but, for some consistency, let's play in MP, respawn on death, revive enabled for all players. I named 3 units u1,u2,u3, and in a radio trigger, (or what ever mean to run a code), I prepared the unconscious state for these 3 units (tested with 3 but probably not significant), by {_x setUnconscious true} foreach [u1,u2,u3]; Run the preview in SP or MP (so you're in hosted server). Command units to move Call the code to make three of them falling unconsious continue to command the group... - each time you're ordering "regroup", the remaining units will regroup on your position, - each time you're ordering "go here", the remaining units will regroup around an unconscious unit (TL?) , no matter the direction you ordered. See video. It's "almost" the same if you replace setUnconscious true by setDamage 1 (killing units). Just test it! At the very first seconds the units seems to rally a dead unit then follow your order when the "situational awareness" is broadcast inside the group. Dead units are ignored and the move order is correctly executed. On the contrary of their unconscious state, probably breaking the broadcast S.A. IMHO, Unconscious state is not correctly implemented for all AI behaviors or AI presence/status. NB : To be compared with all animations (like healing) incompatible with falling into unconsciousness. The healing anim continues after revive but the unit is stuck in weird prone. I hope this help. EDITED (see below) This is a bug from a more complex problem, not only on unconscious units, but also "deputy leader" stuck somewhere. ARMA ENGINE BUG.
  18. So I’ve noticed since this update, there’s this bug that causes players to go invisible and then pop out of no where when they move out of cover. I noticed this in elimination, enemies hiding behind cover and then start to run out (audio cues) and half a second later they would just appear from thin air. During encounters it would happen also. I’m guessing it has to do with some of the players bandwidth. It’s not all players, just to be clear. I’ve been noticing it’s a handful of them. I have 1000mb of internet speed and 500 upload. My PlayStation is hooked up with an Ethernet cable and gets around 500 download/upload speed. I am on the latest stable firmware for the PlayStation 5. I noticed this bug when the update was released and playable.
  19. Hello! I bought recently Arma 2 complete collection=all dlc-expansions pack I played Arma 2 a lot of years ago (retail) on a worse machine that the one that i have and i dont remenber this kind of performance this is what happens: changing graphics settings affect my FPS (at low set high fps and at high set less fps) ok? Well, the problem is that the game almost look the same, ugly. It looks even worse or similar to Arma 1! And im talking from the lowest to the highest setting. Yes, some things change a bit, but the big graphic thing remains the same. Every texture looks like it is low resolution, like OFP!! Im not pretending to play at the highest settings, but at least, medium one with a logic look Besides that, there is some texture popping up, or slow rendering (when you go far from an object) the strange thing is that, some things have excellent detail, for example: the humvee has arma 1 textures but you can see the water/moist on the headlights The player ped and the IA look decent too Its like, there is a texture, but there isnt a 3d thing going on And the weirdest thing: i can run arma 3 on decent fps and, looking more normal and logic my specs: intel i5-5200u intel hd620 Ram 8Gb DDr4 And when playing the game isnt even close to 60/70% on the cpu thanks!!
  20. Dear Devs! Please fix it finally a bug which was added after the release of Tanks DLC. The player wants to enjoy the gameplay, instead of annoyance, but when he come across this again and again, player want to break up monitor. This bug appeared after Tanks DLC and it is extremely annoying to the player! I checked the mods do not affect the problem. I have repeatedly reported this on feedback, but this is just infinitely ignored. Description: 1) Player shot from Launcher at enemy vehicle 2) Immediately after this shot, player want to save your virtual life from the enemy return fire (since after shooting from AT-launcher, the whole map sees you and wants to kill) and player press the prone-button, to lie on the ground. 3) After that, the player’s game character falls to the ground, but again automatically rises to its full height again and switching to launcher! After this - the last thing a player has time to see - it as dozen of bullets fly into his face! The problem occurs only with Titan-Launcher in the hands. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be ONLY TOP. I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top mode, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default, probably for this reason, many users cannot reproduce this problem at the run game. Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC
  21. i want the hud to always stay on but i cant, i have to reset it every time in the options
  22. as the title says, when i play duo my teammates get kicked of the team and i have to sent invite again, pls fix this bug.
  23. Hey, when I`m placing custom compositions in zeus there often is a gap between them and the ground. Trying to move them on ground level by selecting the composition and pressing alt, the whole construction crashes(items aren`t on the table anymore etc.). Is there a script to fix that?
  24. The Mora behaves very weird on destruction. It flys throug the air almost every time and the Wreck gets stuck in the ground. I encountered this bug already a few weeks ago. I now reinstalled Arma, making sure no mod are enabled. Didn't fix it thou. Here a video that showcases the bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDVdJIRHQqQ Am i the only one with that bug?
  25. I' first noticed this issue two years ago with the FIA's main uniform. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm not exactly sure what is causing it. It has only happened with Vanilla and a couple Western Sahara assets. I've been told in the past to verify my data and I've done that and haven't seen any resolution to this issue.