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Found 232 results

  1. Hi, i buy arma 3 and i cant play it, i pay for a broken game 😂 i start the launcher and try to start but a error appear this: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION i found a bunch of guide in this forum and internet in general but all failed... so if anyone solved this or have a solution help me, i dont know what make more of try, thanks.
  2. Hello, just reporting on a bug I have been encountering recently that I have finally found the root cause of. When setting up a Zeus v Zeus mission I wanted to have a limit and natural regeneration of either Zeus' resources. (So they couldn't just spam a bunch of units and overwhelm the server.) All of the modules to set costs such as Side, Object, and Soldiers and Vehicles work perfectly as intended. (Each cost set is used for the synced curator.) However, the module controlling the costs of Zeus modules, Ie: Audio, Effects, Animals, Objectives, etc... does not function properly. I didn't want the Zeus' just resorting to using the Fire Support Module to win fights so I set this Module using the editor Set Costs - Modules to a number greater than 1, so it could not be used. But, there was an issue, after setting the cost of this Module, Fire Support was still available and at the same resource cost as any of the other Modules I did allow the Zeus' to use... It wasn't till today, when I decided I wanted this exploit patched that I uncovered what was causing the issue. When setting the costs of Modules one of the categories is "Misc" and this is what is creating the issue, no matter what value you set any of the other Module costs too, they all follow the cost of Misc... meaning that all Modules are forced to either all be the same cost as the Misc value or to have them all disabled, by having the value set to an unattainable cost. (1<_) I will provide screenshots demonstrating this issue, I hope it can be resolved in the near future. Thank you. Screenshots: Misc at 0.02 (2%): Misc at 0.9 (90%):
  3. ok - just to clear up, i launch arma with ONLY the Official DLC's. Its the first time ive played in a while, ive got some old name like Csgt air or something, i go to edit it, and i cant change the name or anything, so i delete the profile and make a new one, cant change the name so i click apply hoping i will be after, arma just crashes, if anyone can help PLEASE discord me so i can show you what happens... Air#7839 is my discord
  4. Chase Maks

    Upgrades for house

    Upgraded my generator to 2 which should let me upgrade 3 things at once but I'm still only able to do 2 ......gt Sparersatsuma8
  5. Hello, as the tittle says, I can't unlink my steam account rom BI acc. When I hoover my louse on the Steam icon, there is just a black square Plz help
  6. PGxWarlord117

    Weapon bug

    Hello, I create this topic because I have a bug concerning the weapon Scharfschützengewehr 82, it's been twice that I make but I do not get the weapon in my inventory and yet my materials are well consumed and I must wait 20 minutes but I do not get it in the end. It's been 2 times now and it's very annoying because I would really like to use it. thank you for responding quickly and sorry for the mistakes, I'm not English ^^
  7. My friends and I can not play duos due to an error message saying both players must be in shelter.
  8. Whenever I take a M2 Carbine into the field, when I come back it loses the ammo in the clip and any extra ammo i had... i wouldn't even have noticed it, if I could craft that ammo already.. but I had to stop using the M2 carbine because my ammo keeps dissolving.
  9. Sarah Rushton

    Gestures bug

    Many times gestures don't work or wrong voice is played. It's not the most important of things but sometimes a well placed "Hey" will result in a friendly interaction.
  10. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Upon starting the encounter, my stamina cap begins to lower until halfway; similar to radiation damage with the zig-zag pattern.
  11. HI. Just a bug to report. Can't figure out where to report this properly so I'll tell you here. In the big junk she'd there is a tent built up on a mezzanine floor. If you walk through the small fly tent at the entrance your character gets trapped. You might want to fix that?
  12. Hello, I recently noted that the DayZ mobilegame got an Update but unfortunately I had to realize that this bug that every item is named "0" is still a thing... This is very annoying but also fatal because it makes this quests you get from friendly survivors impossible to accomplish. So I'd like to request at least this to get fixed.
  13. Gunars Mantinieks

    Crate Items Missing From Inventory

    Hey Guys, I've managed to collect the ADR-97 weapon plan from a Military grade crate but it hasn't registered it as collected on my crafting bench. When I look on the "crates" tab it shows a green tick on it to show it's been collected (as does the 7x VSS Vintorez rifles) but I can't see either in my inventory or crafting bench. I'm a bit gutted about that as they aren't very common haha. Is this a common thing and is there anything I can do about it? Cheers
  14. The Truest King


    A week ago when looting cars and tool sheds I'd find between 30 metal 20 nails and 40 wire from sheds. I'd find 20 metal and 3 gas 3 electronics. This week when looting I find 15 metal alone. Or wire alone. In cars ill find 1 gas or occasionally 2 electronics. Is this a bug or a change. Either way its garbage. But this is trash. This is rubbish. I can't figure out any more nice ways to say it. Its poop. I love Bohemia. I love Vigor. But they need to get it together.
  15. While using some weapons, most recently but not limited to the Suomi KP/-31, during a skirmish of running in circles and on/off shooting at each other; at one point we ran close enough to each other to initiate a melee swing, after which the gun was unable to fire. Instead of displaying the remaining ammo in the clip, it was replaced with a hyphen. If I tried firing, it would sometimes make a click sound when ADS, melee swing as if an enemy was directly in front of me, and once or twice it momentarily fired while aiming from the hip. I tried switching to my other weapon and back as well as holstering both weapons however the problem persisted. My other weapon worked fine. Hope this helps!
  16. Just general issues with server lag and it not being able to handle a gun fight and freezes during them for a split second. another recurring issue is the game getting stuck on auto when I press the trigger and wasting all my ammunition, especially inconvenient when I can’t craft that ammo yet 😅
  17. MetalBush

    Jump and crouch disabled

    Just played a game on Fjellkanten where someone activated the signal detector at the same time as I pressed B to crouch ( might have been a lag spike at that exact time aswell) which rendered my ability to use A and B buttons useless. Tried emotes, holstering weapon, bringing up map and inventory but couldn't get it sorted. I did not manage to take fall damage to see if using meds would solve it. Upon returning to shelter it worked again
  18. MetalBush

    2 bugs about ammo

    These bugs may very well already be known and posted about but here we go anyways. 1. When doing the melee kills challenge the other night I knifed a dude and stole his m21 and A74-k along with all his ammo. Both sorts of ammo was of the right type for each weapon but I could not reload the AK. When I brought up the weapon wheel it said that mag was full and another 100-120 in inventory but when aiming, the bottom right corner indicator just showed -/-. I did not manage to solve this during the rest of the match and m21 reloaded just fine. 2. Another match I played, wielding a Mashinengewehr, the entire mag just vanished upon returning to shelter after the match ended. I brought with me 160 rounds but only had 60 in my inventory post game. I didn't fire a single shot during the match or had anything else in my inventory missing, just the loaded mag. Heard this happened to a friend the other day but first time for me.
  19. When your In the shooting range and you brought ammo for the weapon it uses that instead of the unlimited supply sometimes. This bug is really annoying when your right in front of a wall and your aiming down to get a quick pick you cant shoot even if you back away from the wall you need to stop aiming and then it will let you shoot. Also when the game crashes you lose everything I've lost 3 rpks and 1 p90.
  20. Hi. So I've encountered many bugs on Vigor but I'm really loving the game. I've lost a lot of weapons and crowns because of you guys. I've crafted several G3's and AUR HBART (with plan and high enough crafting table) but it takes my material wait the time but I don't get the weapon... Also used over 100 coins in matches several times just to be disconnected from your servers (not problem with my internet since my friends experience this at random as well) hoping you guys do something about this. Best regards Joachim Bay aKa SoTzy
  21. Exited match after approximately 14mins, I was alive, I did not have the crate, Batterie Draug, Western exit, as it began the 10 second countdown I started to take radiation damage, I had about full health upon the start of the exit countdown, the crate holder had exited the same exit some 30sec earlier, returned to shelter as normal but equipped load out was the same as prior to the match and I had none of my newly acquired loot. Hope this helps!
  22. Austin_Black_Latte_Man

    Close range shots aren't registering

    Ran into an encounter, shot at my opponent, none of my shots registered. After I emptied my mag, my gun refused to reload until several seconds later but by then it was too late and I got fatally shot. I have died this way before and lost my inventory, but this time I've decided to report it, I would also like my inventory back that I had on me in this incident as I assume previous incidents you can't account for and return my items. I had on me: PM-63 RAK, 90 of 9×18 Makarov ammo, 1 disinfectant. I have the video of the incident as proof. Thank you.
  23. Tested on shooting range in kneeling position with Suuomi and scoped weapons such as m21 and aur A1. When aiming down sights with Suuomi, scope sway is roughly equivalent to a close range steel plate. If you switch to a scoped weapon without releasing LT (ads) in between, the scoped weapon maintains the previous weapons tighter scope sway value. De-scope and scope in again to regain original intended value. Works the other way around aswell where you would give the Suuomi a bigger than intended scope sway if you switch from a scoped gun. Not gamebreaking perhaps but definitely something to look at EDIT: Does not only affect Suuomi but other weapons aswell. EDIT 2: Tried it with a knife now... ridiculous! Prone accuracy while standing up 🙂 / MetalBush
  24. josiah feazell

    Red cross hair issue

    I get the x'ed out red cross hair is when your aiming at a wall but its so annoying. When im stalking my prey around a corner and im ready to pounce and jump out, I try to shoot but that little box is still there and gun pointed up. It's ridiculous and i should be able to shoot at a wall if I want anyways. Preventing me from shooting any time is ridiculous and it should be removed.
  25. I keep getting the same bug. I craft the A74-K with the plan and after the 20 minute wait there is nothing in my inventory. The counter of that gun stays at 0. Even if I get it as loot from an encounter it is not added to my inventory. The bonus ammo is also not added. I tried multiple times spread over multiple days, but no luck. The materials are removed but no A74-K...