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Found 284 results

  1. Hi, this seems to be a bug that is not the fault of any particular mod. Basically I cannot load a SP saved game, instead I am presented with the mission stats screen, that you usually see when logging out of a multiplayer game. I had this bug months ago on my other computer, and thought it must be a mod, so I disabled and enabled mods to find the culprit, and I managed to find the selection of mods that it works with - however I noticed it wasnt a single mod - but when a certain selection of mods (with all dependancies correct) - which could be different each time. So it wasnt a single mod - but certain mod arrangements. I though screw this, and started from scratch, new computer, and fresh install...and everything worked again.... But now its come back again on the new system after a month of it working.. And to get it working it is a completley different selection of mods. So I am thinking it might be Arma base game itself. Anyone else with this issue? screenshot attached. Instead of loading game, I get this: anyone else have this? cheers Ben
  2. Dear Devs! Please fix it finally a bug which was added after the release of Tanks DLC. The player wants to enjoy the gameplay, instead of annoyance, but when he come across this again and again, player want to break up monitor. This bug appeared after Tanks DLC and it is extremely annoying to the player! I checked the mods do not affect the problem. I have repeatedly reported this on feedback, but this is just infinitely ignored. Description: 1) Player shot from Launcher at enemy vehicle 2) Immediately after this shot, player want to save your virtual life from the enemy return fire (since after shooting from AT-launcher, the whole map sees you and wants to kill) and player press the prone-button, to lie on the ground. 3) After that, the player’s game character falls to the ground, but again automatically rises to its full height again and switching to launcher! After this - the last thing a player has time to see - it as dozen of bullets fly into his face! The problem occurs only with Titan-Launcher in the hands. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be ONLY TOP. I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top mode, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default, probably for this reason, many users cannot reproduce this problem at the run game. Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC
  3. MourningStarV

    Grenade Glitch

    It’s funny, since just a few days ago I read a comment saying, “Grenades get thrown automatically when you aim.” I mean I thought it was silly as I’ve never had this happen to me. But what do you know, the EXACT same thing just happened. It seems this bug is very inconsistent. Sometimes the Grenades work as intended, but other times it throws itself exactly when you aim, giving no time for the outlander to determine the path of the grenade. Please fix this bug as soon as possible as this affects whether you win a firefight or not. Also, load out presets aren’t working for PlayStation apparently. If you don’t mind, please look into that as well. Much love and continue the great work!
  4. Divinity-

    Have Load outs been fixed?

    There was a bug where you weren’t allowed to save your load out before an encounter and then equip the same load out after an encounter. So instead, I would have to select everything one by one, which can be a little annoying. Has this bug been dealt with?
  5. Wie der titel schon sagt kann ich meine waffen in Vigor nicht wechseln. Ich habe das spiel schon deinstalliert und wieder installiert was nichts gebracht hat. Ich bitte um schnelle Hilfe.
  6. So I’ve noticed since this update, there’s this bug that causes players to go invisible and then pop out of no where when they move out of cover. I noticed this in elimination, enemies hiding behind cover and then start to run out (audio cues) and half a second later they would just appear from thin air. During encounters it would happen also. I’m guessing it has to do with some of the players bandwidth. It’s not all players, just to be clear. I’ve been noticing it’s a handful of them. I have 1000mb of internet speed and 500 upload. My PlayStation is hooked up with an Ethernet cable and gets around 500 download/upload speed. I am on the latest stable firmware for the PlayStation 5. I noticed this bug when the update was released and playable.
  7. Hey, when I`m placing custom compositions in zeus there often is a gap between them and the ground. Trying to move them on ground level by selecting the composition and pressing alt, the whole construction crashes(items aren`t on the table anymore etc.). Is there a script to fix that?
  8. I have created the model of a building as an .obj file. When importing it into object builder and viewing it in Buldozer I have noticed that walls randomly appear and disappear depending on how you look at the model. I thought this was a glitch in the Viewing software but when importing the object into the Game I noticed this persists. My theory is that it might be related to the fact that each wall basically consists out of 2 meshes (1 per side), because the wall is 3 Dimensional. [I attached some images: https://imgur.com/a/j6j27rX] An Additional Problem is that I can walk through the walls. Can anyone help me please with one or more of these issues? Thanks Addition: I allready tried posting this on steam, but it seems noone was able to help me
  9. Hello, my username is xArbie11. I have been playing your guys game for a couple months now, I’ve also spent some money for a couple battle passes and other items. I’m not able to set any presets, therefor I have to unload everything I loot from an encounter and then equip what I want. I have looked online and found nothing, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game to see if that would help, nothing again. I reached out to support and Dominik said you guys are aware of this issue, but when I replied asking if there was anything I could do to fix it, I got a reply from Jiri telling me that I should post here. I play the game daily, and I simply wish I could use the presets. It really bothers me.
  10. Hi! Im playing the Arma 3 for a long time now and today i thought about making some cool screenshots and i downloaded my few checked and trusted mods for making screenshots and when i launched the game, EVERYTHING got reseted, all my saves, armor sets etc. I also got the "new player in arma" screen when i was in the main menu and all of the "stripes" turned orange from green How do I fix that? Pls help
  11. Hi, Yesterday I tried to publish my mission to workshop but I couldn't do that because my space "bar" was red. It says that I need more space, but even if I delete 10 old missions and gain more MB free, space requirement gets higher so bar is still red.. I'm playing arma for a while now (1500 hours +) and I never saw anything like that anywhere.. if you know solution, please help me
  12. Hey guys, i got a problem wich drives me crazy. Since 30 minutes i got a bug in my eden editor, wich prevents me from scrolling up & down through the asset lists (left&right side) with the arrow keys I have thousands of objects and scrolling with mouse drives me crazy. If i'm using the arrow keys to scroll down the "play scenario" button gets highlighted instead scrolling down the asset list. Also if I click on an asset, a unit for example on the right it get's instantly bound to my mouse cursor to place it in the level, before that I had to drag&drop the unit wich i prefer. Was this caused by accidentally pressing a key-combo or what can i do to reset it to normal behavior? Please, i need help!
  13. Hello all, I'm trying to help a friend make a mission, and while I haven't done this in a while, I'm fairly sure there is something wrong with Arma itself here. I am attempting to spawn in groups from the Viet Cong faction using the following... _unit = [getMarkerPos "vc_p1", EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "VN_VC" >> "vn_o_group_men_vc_local" >> "vn_o_group_men_vc_local_04")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; Unfortunately, this always throws a generic error on line 160 of fn_spawnGroup.sqf. I have zero ideas as to why this happens. I wouldn't need to do any of this if the Spawn AI module allowed us to spawn Viet Cong units natively, but that isn't an option. EDIT: This seems to be the case with any Prairie Fire DLC groups.
  14. As the title says, whenever I try to launch the game, it crashes, due to my stupidly turning on bloom. Tried reinstalling, but didn't work, and forgot to backup graphics files. I'm on experimental port on mac. Any help?
  15. Screenshot of bug Memory point: Maingun : usti hlavne konec hlavne coax :usti hlavne3 konec hlavne3 obsgun: usti hlavne2 konec hlavne2
  16. I found a bug in Encounter Grontheim Valley. On the top of the map there is a log crossing the water and it has two sticks out of it and if you get in between them the current is too strong and you can't get out from around them.
  17. Hello Vigor Team, there is still a problem with the shelter status (in game/ in shelter) for team members. Team members must be reinvited after every round beause there status is still in game and not in shelter. Happends to me between PS4 and PS4 Pro before and after the latest update. best regards
  18. Aristid Part

    Bug Buldozer

    Hello, Cannot launch the bulldozer even after a reset completed
  19. I'm having a few problems with ARMA 3 (only arma 3), i have tried a lot of things but can't solve. 1° After a random time playing, the video freezes, or turns into a black screen, requiring hardreset. [FIXED: Changed the game to start at 32bit plataform] 2° The GPU is being used 100% all the time (even in Main menu) [FIXED: Enabling Vsync] 3° The temperature reaches about 83°C (only game that i play that reaches this temp) [FIXED: Reducing Sampling to 88%] 4° Sometimes the GPU uses more energy than the recommended (75w), the max it goes is 76.3 w, don't know if it is normal or not [FIXED: Reducing Sampling to 88%] My PC is quite new (4 months) and i have the recomended specs for ARMA 3. -Win10 -GTX 1650 4vram -I5 9400f (6 cores) -16gb ram *I also had a problem related to BSOD "genuineIntel.sys", but it was fixed, but the freezing still happening. (Reminding that these problems are only happening in ARMA 3)
  20. I have been a victim of this bug. But it hit me hard this time, my hammer, combat backpack and my looted equipment. Please fix it devs. A FB group on FB have many complaints about this bug. This bug occurs after you finish the raid and pick what you want to convert to meterials or food. Then the loading screen won't load. I have waited 30 min to load it but it suddenly crashed. After it restart my character died and all my equipment and loot is lost. I already send a report with in the game. Please notice this massage devs and fixed it.
  21. After being remoted controlled by Zeus and then left to the AI they still fire their guns, walk/run but won't aim at the enemy any more it's like their arms stopped working, this happens only with infantry, at first i tried to remove some mods but then even fully vanilla game with no mods or optional dlc would still contain this bug dev version too i also verified the integrity of game files, uninstalled both arma 3 and steam,deleted appdata leftovers but nothing worked can somebody help with this? If more details are needed i will help with that .
  22. I have been having a bug in Arma 3 where the audio in 1st person sounds super quiet but in 3rd person it would sound normal. This also happens to vehicles as well, quiet in 1st person but normal sounding in 3rd person. I have done the steam "verify integrity of game files" after that didn't work I did a full uninstall/reinstall of the game. still nothing. Example of the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MokMxWNpaZo&feature=youtu.be
  23. josiah feazell

    Red cross hair issue

    I get the x'ed out red cross hair is when your aiming at a wall but its so annoying. When im stalking my prey around a corner and im ready to pounce and jump out, I try to shoot but that little box is still there and gun pointed up. It's ridiculous and i should be able to shoot at a wall if I want anyways. Preventing me from shooting any time is ridiculous and it should be removed.
  24. Hey there Bohemia team I am trying to unlink my bohemia account from my steam account but cannot figure out how is this something you guys have to do on your end?
  25. titus_be

    Arma 3 low FPS bug

    German: Ich spiele seit kurzem Arma 3 mit einem Clan. Wir spielen mit relativ vielen Mods und es gefällt mir sehr, jedoch habe ich ein Problem: Ca alle 30 Minuten habe ich einen Bug, der mein Spiel auf ungenießbare 4 FPS (normalerweise 60+) limitiert. Der Ton stockt hierbei und ist ca. 1 Sek normal und anschließend 1 Sek nicht da, das wiederholt sich immer wieder. Der Bug tritt nicht in besonderen Momenten auf, jedoch ist es schon mehrmals passiert, dass er kurz nach dem Eintabben ins Spiel aufgetreten ist, dies könnte jedoch auch Zufall sein. Außerdem konnte ich auf einer Modkarte das Spielen nicht mal anfangen, da der Bug jedes Mal direkt beim joinen auf den Server aufgetreten ist. Der Bug ist erst beendet, wenn ich das Spiel verlasse und nach einem Neustart ist es für ca. 30 Min wieder okay, bis es wieder von vorne los geht. An meinem PC kann es eher nicht liegen, da ich relativ gute Hardware besitze und das Spiel, bis auf die WQHD Auflösung, auf den niedrigsten Einstellungen und mit einer relativ niedrigen Sichtweite spiele. Meine Specs: Amd Ryzen 5 2600X RTX 2070s MSI B450 VDH-Pro 16Gb G.Skill Ripjaws Und das Spiel sowie der Modlauncher ist auf einer 500Gb SanDisk Sata SSD installiert. Ich habe bereits versucht, das Spiel auf verschiedenen Laufwerken(von M.2 bis 7 Jahre alte HDD) zu installieren und habe meine CPU/GPU/RAM Auslastung sowie Temperaturen überwacht, doch konnte nichts feststellen. Ich hoffe, jemand von euch kann mir helfen. English: I recently started playing Arma 3 with a clan. We play with quite a few mods and I like it a lot, however I have a problem: About every 30 minutes I have a bug that limits my game to an unenjoyable 4 FPS (normally 60+). The sound stalls on this and is normal for about 1 sec and then not there for 1 sec, this repeats over and over. The bug does not occur at special moments, however it has happened several times that it has occurred shortly after tabbing into the game, however this could be coincidence. Also, I couldn't even start playing on a mod map because the bug occurred every time I joined the server. The bug is only finished when I leave the game and after a restart it is okay again for about 30 min until it starts again from the beginning. It can't be due to my PC, because I have relatively good hardware and play the game, except for the WQHD resolution, on the lowest settings and with a relatively low visibility. My specs: Amd Ryzen 5 2600X RTX 2070s MSI B450 VDH-Pro 16Gb G.Skill Ripjaws And the game as well as the modlauncher is installed on a 500Gb SanDisk Sata SSD. I already tried to install the game on different drives(from M.2 to 7 years old HDD) and monitored my CPU/GPU/RAM utilization as well as temperatures but couldn't find anything. I hope someone of you can help me.