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Found 53 results

  1. Hi All, I have a new PC and am in the process of installing mods. After I subscribed to a Mod in Steam, I see duplicate downloads in the launcher which has never happened before? Please take a look at the image for reference. https://imgur.com/sgtnekF Cheers
  2. Dear Devs! Please fix it finally a bug which was added after the release of Tanks DLC. The player wants to enjoy the gameplay, instead of annoyance, but when he come across this again and again, player want to break up monitor. This bug appeared after Tanks DLC and it is extremely annoying to the player! I checked the mods do not affect the problem. I have repeatedly reported this on feedback, but this is just infinitely ignored. Description: 1) Player shot from Launcher at enemy vehicle 2) Immediately after this shot, player want to save your virtual life from the enemy return fire (since after shooting from AT-launcher, the whole map sees you and wants to kill) and player press the prone-button, to lie on the ground. 3) After that, the player’s game character falls to the ground, but again automatically rises to its full height again and switching to launcher! After this - the last thing a player has time to see - it as dozen of bullets fly into his face! The problem occurs only with Titan-Launcher in the hands. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be ONLY TOP. I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top mode, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default, probably for this reason, many users cannot reproduce this problem at the run game. Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC
  3. Hi guys, I'm having a issue with our server. Since I switched from Linux to Windows people cannot find our Server anymore. When using favorites it cannot be found. When trying to join after via Steam - it says "no response from server". Only way it works is by using the launcher - via Internet tab. Let it load 3k - 4k servers - then it will be shown as available. Also very strange - the launcher shows green mods 0 / red mods 0 / gray mods 20. Do you have any idea about such issues? Kind regards Jonas
  4. IS IT POSSIBLE TO LINK A LAUNCHER UP WITH A DARTER OR LASER DESIGNATOR? Is it possible for a player to link the rocket of his launcher to the laser mark provided by a darter or laser designator, and if so, how? Thank you in advance for taking the time answering my question.
  5. Frontline is a PvP mod that brings the same structured teamwork orientated gameplay found in games such as Project Reality, Squad and the Tactical Battlefield mod back to Arma 3. The aim is to create a set of realistic game mechanics and systems that puts the responsibility on the players to play as a team to win. The majority of the features of the mod will be very familiar to players of the aforementioned games/mods. Roles and squads Commander features and command structure Rally points and forward outposts Weapon re-balance, smoke and particle rework Defensive structures construction Vehicles and assets become available at specific player numbers. Medical system Custom suppression effects Squad radar Spotting system Heavily modified and enforced TFAR version 3D Interaction (Easier door opening, ladders and more) Vehicle Maintenance Freakishly simple 2-clicks-from-vanilla-arma-to-being-screamed-at-by-your--squadleader launcher. Excellent performance relative to other game-modes that have large player numbers Smooth and polished interface and systems AI fighters only for when the server is waiting for actual players to join But why is it called Frontline? Because we fight on the Frontline! Gone are the days of fighting over arbitrary buildings and locations, now territory is king. You decide what locations are tactically relevant the whole battlefield is your playground. Push the Frontline by taking and holding ground, the team with the most territory bleeds the other of tickets, the more territory the faster the bleed. The Frontline constantly updates and flows with the shape of the battle forces the teams to play together, communicate and fight in a realistic manner. Flank enemy squads to cut them off from reinforcement and supply, probe for undefended gaps in the Frontline and breakthrough. Timelapse 40x speed of a battle (youtube) Typical reaction of a player seeing the frontline for the first time At the moment the mod is played in conjunction with either RHS or Iron Front mods . The only place to play it is on the server run by the development team (this will change as the player-base expands). The mod and it's dependencies are available on steam workshop. If you have any problems installing please use the launcher we made. It's idiot proof. The steam workshop is there because people wanted it, and it works just fine, but we will only support/help people installing with the launcher. Details of the launcher in the second post of this thread and you can get it on the website. The server also uses CUP terrains, Kunduz and some custom terrains that are all in the mod pack delivered by the launcher. Teamspeak is mandatory because of the mod-integrated Task Force Radio, but even if you don't have TS, the launcher will help you install teamspeak, take care of all the TFR plugins, open the frontline teamspeak, put you in the right channel, open TrackIR if you have it, launch Arma, put you into the server, and make you a nice cup of tea just the way you like it.) We have a website here frontline-mod.com but nearly all interaction with/between the community is on the discord On the discord we discuss feedback, trash-talk and organize events and playing times. We play at specific times, we don't yet have the player-base to have spontaneous games so we set specific game nights to get bigger games with more players and combined assets unlocked. So yes the server is empty most of the time, and no that does not mean the mod is dead. Come to the discord to find the time of the next fight, but right now it is every Wednesday (RHS), Saturday (RHS) and Sunday (Iron Front) at 1800GMT. Some background on the development: The mod has been in development for several years now, starting with a sub-section of the dev team that developed Tactical Battlefield. The SQF coding is built on top of the framework made by the AAW team. The tech behind the Frontline itself is something entirely unique to this mod. A whole Python extension framework has been built from scratch just to be able to execute our Python code on the server that takes care of "capturing" the terrain and computes a realistic frontline based on the situation in the AO. On a side note: we're quite proud of how we implemented it. In fact, we're so proud of our ingenious tricks used that we're currently (early 2018) going to Python conferences and giving talks about the gamemode. Its pretty cool stuff and as the bonus of fantastic performance.
  6. BearDen - Bear

    Server Tabs in Launcher

    Since the latest patch, the server tabs in the launcher no longer "Auto Refresh" the list of servers. You have to click on the refresh in the upper right of the screen. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in next patch? Regards, Bear
  7. I got following problem: I finally got my new computer setup und freshly installed arma3 after 5 years without any video games, but Arma3 just wont start. When i click on "Play" in the lower left corner of the arma launcher it seems to start the game but it gets stuck "initializing addons" while loading and then gives me following information: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Details are: but i startet it without any mods and dlc's.. I didnt really found any helpfull support on that, this may be the result of my poor englisch skills so please be nice to me. Thanks for your help.
  8. BritishPolitenessPolice

    Arma 3 Launcher Not Working

    Hi, I've recently installed Arma 3 for the first time, but ran into trouble at literally the first step. I'll click "play" on steam, and it won't launch. It'll say "running", then immediately say "syncing" and close outright. I can run the Arma.exe itself from the folder, but the launcher won't run, nor will it run in administrator mode. Looking at Task Manager, the launcher runs in background but instantly says "suspended" then closes. I've reinstalled .NET which hasn't fixed it, I've verified the game files but that hasn't worked, I've gone into AppData and deleted the file beginning with arma3launcher.exe_URL but that hasn't fixed it, running the launcher in safe mode didn't work, nor has a clean reinstall of Arma itself helped. https://arma3.com/launcher/troubleshooting I visited this page too, and I've done literally everything on that list. Nothing worked. Reinstalled .net and the C++ redistributable, safe mode didn't even open (it had the option to reset settings and disable hardware acceleration, but it never opened the launcher itself and disabling HA did nothing), ran it in administrator, and I don't use Raptr, RadeonPro, or SweetFX. My Arma 3 Launcher Logs are here - https://pastebin.com/TJH3C7vC According to the logs, it isn't detecting a graphics card that can support DirectX10 or higher which is strange considering I have a dedicated graphics card, a GTX 1060 and DirectX12 installed currently.
  9. Hi there, direct your feedback on the official Arma 3 Launcher here. This is (non-exclusively) related to the Launcher being the default way to launch the game starting from Thursday 26/03/15. Thanks :) Reminder: bugs still belong to Feedback Tracker in the Launcher category.
  10. After a short break (1 week), I decided to play Arma 3 again with same mods, but after launching the launcher, all the mods started to update and downloading again. This has already happened some times, but downloading such a number of gigabytes each time is already a problem. ( http://prntscr.com/oesvus )
  11. In the official launcher I noticed that there is a startup parameter where you can set a selected Unit that you are in on startup. However, the problem I have with this is I wish to add this parameter to Arma3Sync but have no idea what the correct syntax for the parameter is in regards to the Unit name, especially when there is spaces involved. What's more annoying is how after doing some googling I haven't been able to find mention of this parameter anywhere, and all of my trial and error attempts of using quotation marks, underscores or just leaving it plain has proved fruitless, so there must be something I'm missing. Is this new, undocumented parameter can only be used when launching the game from the official launcher? Or is there somethign else?
  12. Hi all, Some may remember a thread I created last year announcing a tool I created called the Arma Preset Creator, this thread has since been deleted as I thought to re-announce the latest updates and changes. The application was originally hosted in Azure, which I decided to migrate away from several weeks back, and I took this as an opportunity to recreate the application in Angular 7 as a learning experience, with a backend API. What is the Arma Preset Creator? I play with a pretty small community of players who often gain new players, some of those players a have a good technical understanding of PC's and using them - they are quite proficient, while others are not so much and therein lies a problem when an already simple process of subscribing to Steam collections and creating Arma 3 launcher presets isn't as simple as you'd think. Sometimes it can take 1-2 hours to get people up and running because they've either over or under subscribed to mods or they're running drifted presets. We used to tackle this by exporting our own presets and sharing them via TeamSpeak file browser, but that's a very manual job which has to be done every time there is a change to the server or client mod list, and so with that I thought "Wouldn't it be great if people could dynamically fetch presets based on the current collection state", thus the creation of a very simple application happened. This tool is written in both C# and TypeScript using the Angular 7 framework (though compiled to JavaScript), if you believe in the Richardson Maturity model for REST API's; I'd say this is at Level 2 with HTTP Verbs and Resources. Capabilities Generate Arma presets based on the following Workshop Collections Workshop Missions with mod dependencies Mods with dependencies Usage Consumers: What this does is simple, You enter a workshop item ID from the Steam Workshop The Preset Creator contacts the Steam API to fetch the workshop item details, and its dependencies (using ISteamRemoteStorage) The Preset Creator then renders a new Arma 3 HTML Template file and downloads this to your PC For typical/daily end users, you can access this tool via the website here. You will get to see why I work as a backend software engineer, rather than a frontend web developer. Developers: Previously this application was entirely written in C# and did not expose any API, however with the recent transition to Angular I decided to expose the API for any communities who wish to integrate this functionality on their own websites for ease of use. You can find a developer reference guide here, via Swagger. The API exposes two operations, one which retrieves the Steam workshop item information and the second operation is what generates the Arma 3 launcher preset file where you pass in the previously retrieved Steam workshop item details. At the time of creation, it didn't make too much sense to me to merge both of these operations in one which takes the collection Id and generates the preset, but I'm always happy to add such an operation if people think it's better. URLs: Arma Preset Creator Arma Preset Creator Developer Reference Privacy Notice: The API will log the Steam workshop item ID's used to generate presets, this is entirely to track usage statistics and also see the diversity between the types of workshop items which this application is used for. No personally identifiable information is, nor will ever be logged with this application, no cookies are used, and no ads will ever run on the website. Changelog: [02/02/2019]: Added HTTPS [12/12/2018]: Added support for workshop items whose dependencies contain dependencies. Gracefully, duplicates will be filtered at request time so only unique items will be pulled back which is results in lighter load on the Steam Web API Added integration tests (non client facing) to ensure quality and consistency with the API response when refactoring any of the underlying code. Tests added for the scenarios where a workshop item has No dependencies Top level dependencies Nested dependencies (The request resource has a dependency who also has dependencies) Nested dependencies with duplicates (The request resource has a dependency who also has dependencies, some of which are duplicated in the parent resource) [11/12/2018]: Added some error handling around workshop items which have no children dependencies, this will be rejected as there is no need for this utility to create a preset for a single mod without dependencies. Mods with dependencies will now generate correct presets, whereas previously the parent mod was not included in the final preset file. API reference has updated with a breaking change removing the ArmaPresetRequest and instead passing the SteamWorkshopItem object back into the Arma Generate Preset operation. I will add semantic versioning in the future to protect developers against breaking changes. [10/12/2018]: Presets can now be generated from missions and other workshop item types which have dependencies Workshop item dependencies which no longer exist on the Steam Workshop will be ignored/excluded from the generated preset, and also will not return from the '/api/steam/workshop/publisheditems/{publishedItemId}' operation As this application has been released, I have obsoleted (rather than removed) the '/api/steam/collections/{collectionId}' operation, developers should now use '/api/steam/workshop/publisheditems/{publishedItemId}'
  13. I am attempting to add Launcher animations and transitions for the prone stance. Selecting a launcher in prone only to make your character stand or crouch, revealing yourself to enemy fire or sight, is unacceptable. Not being able to ready a launcher or even fire one from the prone position is unacceptable. ACE 1 and 2 did this by creating new States in the animation config, and altering the Actions for transitions. As ArmA 3 has added more actions and made some animation config entries defunct, I am having difficulty porting this feature over. Currently the animation state works correctly when switching from a rifle in prone to a launcher in prone. Attempting to switch to a launcher without a weapon (civil Lying) goes into multiple animations ending up in civil standing, and it does not work when switching from launcher standing or launcher kneeling. Can someone assist with this animation config? class CfgPatches { class pizza_launcher_prone { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Anims_F", "A3_Anims_F_Data","A3_Anims_F_Config_Sdr"}; version = 1; }; }; class CfgMovesBasic { class Default; // External class reference class Actions { class NoActions; // External class reference class CivilStandActions; // External class reference class CivilProneActions : CivilStandActions { SecondaryWeapon = "ACE_LauncherProne"; }; class PistolStandActions; // External class reference class PistolProneActions : PistolStandActions { SecondaryWeapon = "ACE_LauncherProne"; }; class RifleBaseStandActions; // External class reference class RifleProneActions : RifleBaseStandActions { SecondaryWeapon = "ACE_LauncherProne"; }; class LauncherKneelActions : NoActions { down = "ACE_LauncherProne"; up = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; Lying = "ACE_LauncherProne"; PlayerProne = "ACE_LauncherProne"; EvasiveBack = ""; Stand = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; PlayerStand = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; Crouch = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; PlayerCrouch = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; }; class LauncherStandActions : LauncherKneelActions { down = "ACE_LauncherProne"; PlayerProne = "ACE_LauncherProne"; Lying = "ACE_LauncherProne"; }; class ACE_LauncherProneActions : LauncherKneelActions { stop = "ACE_LauncherProne"; default = "ACE_LauncherProne"; binocOn = "awopppnemstpsoptwbindnon_non"; binocOff = "ACE_LauncherProne"; handGunOn = "AmovPpneMstpSrasWpstDnon"; ReloadRPG = ""; GestureReloadRPG7[] = {"", ""}; down = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; up = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; PlayerStand = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; PlayerCrouch = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; PlayerProne = "ACE_LauncherProne"; Combat = "ACE_LauncherProne"; Lying = "ACE_LauncherProne"; Stand = "AmovPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; Crouch = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; die = "AdthPpneMstpSrasWrflDnon_1"; Civil = "AmovPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon"; CivilLying = "AmovPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon"; walkF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlF"; walkLF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl"; walkRF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr"; walkL = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll"; walkR = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr"; walkLB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl"; walkRB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr"; walkB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb"; slowF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf"; slowLF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl"; slowRF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr"; slowL = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll"; slowR = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr"; slowLB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl"; slowRB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr"; slowB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb"; fastF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf"; fastLF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl"; fastRF = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr"; fastL = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll"; fastR = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr"; fastLB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl"; fastRB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr"; fastB = "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb"; EvasiveForward = ""; EvasiveLeft = ""; EvasiveRight = ""; EvasiveBack = ""; turnL = ""; turnR = ""; turnLRelaxed = ""; turnRRelaxed = ""; getInCar = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon"; getOutCar = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon"; getInTank = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon"; getOutTank = "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon"; upDegree = "ManPosWeapon"; leanRRot = 0; leanRShift = 0; leanLRot = 0; leanLShift = 0; turnSpeed = 2; }; }; }; class CfgMovesMaleSdr : CfgMovesBasic { class States { class ACE_LauncherProne : Default { actions = "ACE_LauncherProneActions"; duty = -0.7; file = "\ace_anims\movement\ACE_Launcher_Lying.rtm"; collisionShape = "A3\anims_f\Data\Geom\Sdr\Ppne.p3d"; showWeaponAim = false; disableWeapons = false; disableWeaponsLong = false; enableMissile = true; canPullTrigger = true; aimPrecision = 0.3; speed = 1e+010; relSpeedMin = 0.7; relSpeedMax = 1.1; aiming = "aimingLauncher"; looped = true; soundEnabled = false; connectTo[] = {}; connectFrom[] = {}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.04}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.04}; enableBinocular = true; preload = false; headBobStrength = 0.20398; headBobMode = 2; leftHandIKBeg = true; leftHandIKCurve[] = {1}; leftHandIKEnd = true; rightHandIKBeg = true; rightHandIKCurve[] = {1}; rightHandIKEnd = true; weaponIK = 4; legs = "legsLyingAimingPistol"; visibleSize = 0.15; onLandBeg = true; onLandEnd = true; leaningFactorBeg = 0; leaningFactorEnd = 0; enableOptics = 4; }; class TransAnimBase; class ACE_LauncherKneel_LauncherProne : TransAnimBase { actions = "ACE_LauncherProneActions"; file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\mov\knl\stp\ras\lnr\amovpknlmstpsraswlnrdnon_amovppnemstpsraswlnrdnon"; speed = 0.33; weaponIK = 4; aiming = "aimingCivil"; aimingBody = "aimingUpCivil"; onLandBeg = false; onLandEnd = true; interpolationSpeed = 1; soundOverride = "laydown"; soundEnabled = true; enableMissile = true; interpolateFrom[] = {"AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon", 0.01}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.01}; }; class ACE_LauncherProne_LauncherKneel : TransAnimBase { actions = "LauncherKneelActions"; file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\stp\ras\lnr\amovppnemstpsraswlnrdnon_amovpknlmstpsraswlnrdnon"; speed = 0.31; aiming = "aimingCivil"; aimingBody = "aimingUpCivil"; onLandBeg = true; onLandEnd = false; enableMissile = true; interpolationSpeed = 1; soundOverride = "standup"; soundEnabled = true; leaningFactorBeg = 0.5; leaningFactorEnd = 0.5; weaponIK = 4; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.01}; interpolateTo[] = {"AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon", 0.01}; }; class ACE_RifleProne_LauncherProne : TransAnimBase { actions = "ACE_LauncherProneActions"; file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\mov\pne\stp\ras\rfl\AmovPpneMstpSrasWrflDnon_AwopPpneMstpSoptWbinDnon"; speed = 0.66; disableWeapons = true; aiming = "aimingCivil"; aimingBody = "aimingUpCivil"; interpolationSpeed = 1; leftHandIKBeg = 0.0; leftHandIKCurve[] = {}; leftHandIKEnd = 0.0; rightHandIKBeg = 0.0; rightHandIKCurve[] = {}; rightHandIKEnd = 0.0; soundEnabled = false; leaningFactorBeg = 1.0; leaningFactorEnd = 0.5; interpolateFrom[] = {"AmovPpneMstpSrasWrflDnon", 0.01}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.01}; weaponIK = 4; onLandBeg = true; onLandEnd = true; }; class ACE_LauncherProne_RifleProne : TransAnimBase { actions = "RifleProneActions"; file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\stp\ras\pst\AmovPpneMstpSrasWpstDnon_AmovPpneMstpSrasWrflDnon_end"; speed = 0.16; disableWeapons = true; aiming = "aimingCivil"; aimingBody = "aimingUpCivil"; interpolationSpeed = 1; leftHandIKBeg = 0.0; leftHandIKCurve[] = {0}; leftHandIKEnd = false; rightHandIKBeg = 0.0; rightHandIKCurve[] = {0}; rightHandIKEnd = false; soundEnabled = false; leaningFactorBeg = 0; leaningFactorEnd = 0; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.01}; interpolateTo[] = {"AmovPpneMstpSrasWrflDnon", 0.01}; weaponIK = 4; onLandBeg = true; onLandEnd = true; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf : ACE_LauncherProne { actions = "ACE_LauncherProneActions"; file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDf"; speed = 0.9; collisionShape = "A3\anims_f\Data\Geom\Sdr\Ppne.p3d"; duty = -0.3; leaningFactorBeg = 0; leaningFactorEnd = 0; disableWeapons = true; disableWeaponsLong = true; soundEnabled = true; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl", 0.025}; weaponIK = 0; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDfl"; speed = 0.9; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawll : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDl"; speed = 1.2; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawll", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawll", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDbl"; speed = 0.9; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDb"; speed = 0.9; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDbr"; speed = 0.8; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDr"; speed = 1.2; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr", 0.025}; }; class ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr : ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf { file = "\A3\anims_f\Data\Anim\Sdr\Mov\pne\run\non\non\AmovPpneMrunSnonWnonDfr"; speed = 0.75; connectTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr", 0.02}; connectFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr", 0.02}; interpolateFrom[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf", 0.025}; interpolateTo[] = {"ACE_LauncherProne", 0.02, "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlf", 0.025}; }; }; class Interpolations { ACE_LauncherProneMove[] = {2, "ACE_LauncherProne", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlF", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfl", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlfr", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawll", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlr", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbl", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlbr", "ACE_LauncherProneCrawlb"}; }; };
  14. Whenever I try to load the game from the launcher with Battleye turned on I get this message. Does anyone know how to fix it? Link
  15. hangs on this moment "loading basic parameters"
  16. A Friend of mine got a Problem With the Launcher. When he tries to start it up it only shows the Minibar symbol for a second and then, Nothing. Starting Arma 3 Manually works. Reinstall did not work. There is also another Game launcher which is not working for him. Hope for some help Greetings Blood_Chaos
  17. Whenever i try to launch arma 3 with steam it states that it is running, then moves to syncing and then back to being closed, in this time the launcher does not come up on screen at all. However i can still launch the game by directly opening the main file. Iv'e tried deleting any launcher file/folder and validating the game, to no effect. also with reinstalling the game, also doesn't work. I also have the problem of mods appearing in my expansions menu in-game after they've been uninstalled/ un-subscribed.
  18. Trying to have a soldier called AA_01 unholster/switch to a rocket launcher that's on his back. He isn't carrying a primary weapon or sidearm. Tried these in unit init and init.sqf: AA_01 action ["SwitchWeapon", AA_01, AA_01, x]; /// x = numbers I tried from 0 to 16 AA_01 action ["useWeapon", AA_01, AA_01, x]; AA_01 selectWeapon "CUP_LAUNCH_IGLA"; Found this but I don't understand what to do with the info given: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/181067-how-to-find-weapon-index/
  19. maesevil

    Launcher for linux/mac?

    As the tittle say, will be possible a launcher for linux/mac, i know there are already launchers for unix, but i would like to know about an official launcher with all the features of the windows launcher.
  20. after activating it with ctrl + shift how to disable the launcher safemode??
  21. Hi! I have subscribed to 2 new mods - Task_Force_Radio and Opposition [ACE3], both are marked as subscribed in the Steam workshop but did not appear among the mods in the launcher. I have tried un- and re-subscribing them, didn't help. Other mods work fine. I do not see the mods in the hidden folder !Workshop, but they were downloading in the Steam client. Is there anything I could do?
  22. In the past I've noticed issues with performance that coincide with high memory use by the MsMpEng.exe service, which is the background 'real-time scanning' by Windows Defender. The problem seemed to go away, but now has returned over the last week. Thus far I have followed the advice from Answers Microsoft, changing Defender's Schedule and adding MsMpEng.exe to Defender's exceptions. However, the issue has persisted. I began booting things up step-by-step to see where the issue kicks in. When completely idle (no apps launched), the anti-malware service would run, but usually at a low level and if it did spike it wouldn't be as extreme as when playing Arma and would subside shortly. With Steam launched, the disk use rises (around 60-80% typical), with the service appearing to be the primary guzzler of disk use. However, shortly after launch things return to a 'stable' state. The same cannot be said once the launcher is run. Disk use spikes to 80-100%, with MsMPEng.exe being the primary consumer at between 60MB/s and 80MB/s. It continues to fluctuate for as long as I have the launcher open, even if I do nothing with it, and will subside once it is closed after a little while. I have tried adding the arma3launcher.exe service to Defender's exceptions and have restarted since...but Defender doesn't seem to be paying any attention. Would appreciate some advice on next steps from somebody a bit more familiar with such things. Cheers, Law
  23. Looking for some help if anyone could oblige me? I linked my Steam and Bohemia Accounts last night, but got no confirmation that the two were linked other than the steam "you're logging in from a new device, please enter this code" email. Since then when I load up the launcher it doesn't show my unit, and says the accounts aren't linked. It also shows in my in game profile that I have no unit, which is slightly concerning as I'm currently in the process of founding a unit. As a note everything was working perfectly fine before i linked the account. It also appears that instead of linking to my steam account it has created a totally new steam account. Does anyone know of a) how to fix this so i am actually shown as a part of a unit and b) to either delete the linked account or link my bohemia account with teh steam account i play and bought the game on? I tried looking online and most of them seem to be resolved by a PM on here from from Bohemia. Any help to sort this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  24. Marlon 'aLuFT' Martineli

    Arma 3 - Dedicated Server Problem

    I had a problem for about three days. I downloaded the "ARMA 3 SERVER" tool normally, I also downloaded the application to easily manage the "TADST v3.1.0" server configurations, put it in the Arma 3 Server folder as it teaches, I opened the ports on router 2302, 2303, 2304, 2305, 2306 and other necessary doors, I opened up too many doors, my "UPNP" is enable. But whenever I start the "dedicated server" it appears in my "ARMA 3 LAUNCHER" on the "RECENT" tab, but when I look in the "INTERNET" tab it does not appear. My friends have tried direct connection, searching in the search box and nothing, just does not appear to them the server. I've already tried disabling the "FIREWALL" completely, I already tried it in virtual marking with "WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2" and nothing, just appears in the "RECENT", wanted to know if there is any solution to my problem, because all places say the same thing about opening ports or disabling the Windows firewall.My internet provider follows the "PPPOE" system, does it influence anything? Help me please, i need this server :( Prints Screens: https://ibb.co/bQHkPHhttps://ibb.co/g2H8dchttps://ibb.co/fApzjHhttps://ibb.co/hNmejHhttps://ibb.co/e2vuJchttps://ibb.co/jS4Arxhttps://ibb.co/hTPFPH or https://ibb.co/bQHkPH https://ibb.co/g2H8dc https://ibb.co/fApzjH https://ibb.co/hNmejH https://ibb.co/e2vuJc https://ibb.co/jS4Arx https://ibb.co/hTPFPH
  25. I was able to export and import mod presets, but my friend couldn't because his button was grayed out. And after I restarted the launcher the same thing happened to me. Any fixes?