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  1. Hello, I need help for include CBA_A3 in my addon. Indeed, i more difficulty for use and understand this structure.
  2. While this is concurrently getting out of hand :p Put your addon requests in this thread (and hope for the best). Use this thread for: 1. Sharing your addon ideas with modders - or - 2. Trying to locate a mod or addon Please don't make new threads for these purposes. :) If you have pictures of your suggestion, please limit them to 3 max. The rules of content posting and all other rules also apply. If you have previously posted an addon request (before this thread was opened), you have a one time invitation to report your old post and crosspost your suggestion to this thread. Before long the old addon request posts will be cleaned up, so get them in while you can!
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a module addon. However, after having correctly followed the subject of arma 3, it is well detected in game but the module does not appear in the editor menu. need you help me understand please? config.cpp class CfgPatches { class myTag_addonName { units[] = {"hds_systemes_operations"}; requiredVersion = 1.0; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Modules_F", //"CBA_main" }; }; }; class CfgFactionClasses { class NO_CATEGORY; class hds_systemes_operations: NO_CATEGORY { displayName = "Hiddens systèmes opérations"; }; }; class CfgVehicules { class Logic; class Module_F:Logic { class AttributesBase { class Default; class Edit; // Default edit box (i.e., text input field) class Combo; // Default combo box (i.e., drop-down menu) class Checkbox; // Default checkbox (returned value is Bool) class CheckboxNumber; // Default checkbox (returned value is Number) class ModuleDescription; // Module description class Units; // Selection of units on which the module is applied }; class ModuleDescription { class EmptyDetector; }; }; class hds_systemes_occupations: Module_F { scope = 2; // Editor visibility; 2 will show it in the menu, 1 will hide it. displayName = "Secteur occupé"; // Name displayed in the menu icon = ""; // Map icon. Delete this entry to use the default icon is3DEN = 0; function = "hds_generations_occupations"; functionPriority = 1; isGlobal = 0; isTriggerActivated = 1; isDisposable = 1; class Attributes: AttributesBase { class Yield: Combo { // Unique property, use "<moduleClass>_<attributeClass>" format to make sure the name is unique in the world property = "hds_generations_occupations_factions_Yield"; displayName = "Faction"; // Argument label tooltip = "Veuillez sélectionner la faction qui sera généré dans le secteur"; // Tooltip description typeName = "NUMBER"; // Value type, can be "NUMBER", "STRING" or "BOOL" defaultValue = "0"; // Default attribute value. WARNING: This is an expression, and its returned value will be used (50 in this case) class Values { class le_csat {name = "csat"; value = 0;}; class le_fia {name = "fia"; value = 1;}; }; }; }; class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription { description = "Généré une occupations dans le secteur"; // Short description, will be formatted as structured text }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class hds { class hds_functions { file = "\hds_occupations_ops\fonctions"; class hds_generations_occupations{}; }; }; };
  4. I've recently been browsing around for a new 240gb SSD on which I will run Arma from. I noticed that where I live, the cheapest SATA SSD (Western Digital Green) goes for 40 USD, and the cheapest NVME drive (Adata XPG SX8200 PRO) comes around at 52 USD. They both have the same capacity, and the NVME drive uses m.2. NVME Seq. read: 3500MB/s Seq. write: 1200MB/s SATA Seq. read: 540MB/s Seq. write: 465MB/s I run about 40 mods for the group that I play with, and I'm guessing it's around 40-50gb of mods. This causes a very long load time each time I start up the game as it is currently running on a 7200rpm WD Blue. I have heard that on other games, NVME drives do not significantly decrease the load time of a game. Will the NVME drive have a better load time than the SATA SSD? Or is it just worth it to stick with buying the SATA SSD? Additionally, are there any other benefits that come from the NVME drive within and outside of Arma 3?
  5. Hello All, I've been getting into making addons, specifically vehicle textures, and have had some success. Despite this, there are a few things I am having trouble with and cannot seem to find any information to help with online, so I wanted to create a topic to find some additional information about the process beyond Amit's simple re-texturing guide, so here are my questions: 1. Is there any config template for simply adding a texture to a vanilla vehicle's virtual garage (VG) without creating an entirely new vehicle class? I am a novice with scripting and writing configs, so I am not great at figuring out how to implement code. I have searched through the config files of vehicles with multiple texture options and have found the classes for each texture option, but I don't know how you would implement it without creating an entirely new vehicle and adding your texture to that list (defeating the purpose of dealing with VG in the first place). 2. How do you go about adding re-textures for parts of a vehicle that are either modifications via VG or just not listed in the initial three hidden selection paths? For example, I am making a winter re-texture of the MBT-Kuma (I know some exist, but I had an idea for my personal scheme), and I would like to include a re-textured winter-style camo net with it. I am also doing things with the slammer and would imagine the process would be similar for the optional turret backpacks. Also, I have a re-textured marshall that has been added as a different vehicle, but the camo net reverts the texture back to vanilla. 3. Finally, is there a hidden selection path for the tracks of a vehicle? On the Kuma, I have also created a new track texture, but cannot find a way to even test it via setObjectTexture. I know this is a lot, but even help on one issue would be awesome! Thanks!
  6. Gentlemen, I finally got around to turn a script collection into a addon, ready to be uploaded to steam. I however need to provide the user with a ingame/eden editor module interface so the user can adjust the settings of the script/addon before i can release the addon in order to make it customizable. E.g. disable feature 1 from spawning, increasing the amount of times feature 2 spawns, define classnames for an array and so on. I have unsuccessfully tried to wrap my head around this wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules I get the example from the wiki above to work in Eden Editor, however, I get quite lost when trying to adapt this example or create a new module from scratch for my addon. What do I want to do: Let the addon user define variables in Eden Editor that will then be executed accordingly in the features of my addon according to these settings. I want to have a "module - mask" per feature that lets the user change or set variables that have so far been defined and altered in a settings.sqf. (see below spoiler) As an example for the feature that spawns Banditcamps: the below variables need to pass on as true, false or representing a number, so once a feature is executed, it can access these variables with the desired values. Ideally i am looking for a template with a few options to enter a number, and a few options for true/false and one or two to enter a string (classnames, or marker names for arrays). Any help, insights or link to alternative guides is greatly appreciated!=) cheers Vd
  7. Hello I know that already has models of T10 parachute but it seems that the project was abandoned so I decided to work on two models of parachutes (MC1 MC4 And T11), mods that I believe will be very useful for the community. I am finishing MC1 and MC4 with only the uv mapping missing and T11 is still on paper. follows some photos of the progress... Sorry for my English: D
  8. Hello all! As part of my group's addon, we use a couple of custom faces (complete with custom models too). After this latest update where Mr. Crowe, Mr. Buchta, Mr. Pettka, and a couple other developer heads were added, I noticed that I could see my character's eyeballs now, and so could another group member. Both of us are using custom faces I built. I think it has to do with a config problem. I temporarily fixed the eyeball problem by creating a view-pilot lod and removing all objects from it. The shadow issue persists, though. (I tried creating a shadowvolume lod but it resulted in some pretty bad graphical glitches (I sharped the edges, merged near vertices, and triangulated the object in object builder) Here is the config for Vori's head (at the end of my config.cpp): class Default_A3{}; class DefaultHead_A3: Default_A3{}; class bun_female_bun_01: DefaultHead_A3 { model="\A3_female_heads\Models\female_head_bun.p3d"; selectionHeadWound="injury_head"; selectionPersonality="personality"; }; I looked in the new config.bin for the heads in the latest update, and saw where the new heads were added, so I attempted to use one of those classnames in hopes that her face would inherit the new heads' properties. I was wrong, the issue was the same. class Default_A3{}; class DefaultHead_A3: Default_A3{}; class Hladas: DefaultHead_A3{}; class bun_female_bun_01: Hladas { model="\A3_female_heads\Models\female_head_bun.p3d"; selectionHeadWound="injury_head"; selectionPersonality="personality"; }; Here is my actual config for the face itself: class Default; class Man_A3: Default { class Default; class X_female_bun_01: Default { author="Iceman"; displayname="Vorian"; head="bun_female_bun_01"; texture="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\xxx_co.paa"; material="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; materialWounded1="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; materialWounded2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// textureHL="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_co.paa"; materialHL="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_white.rvmat"; textureHL2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_co.paa"; materialHL2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_white.rvmat"; }; Does anybody know what I can do to fix this issue? Thank you in advance for your help, and most respectfully, Sam
  9. Hey there, Community! So, basically, our small community is playing tactical operations on the weekends on a dedicated server. We use a modpack consisting of around 15 mods. These addons are not made by me, and we the community does not bring any income to the co-owner & me. I'm not sure if that eraises the licensing problem though. I want to combine all of the current versions of these 15 mods into a single addon, that members can download using filezilla via my private FTP Server. I have little to no knowledge on how mods really work, so I don't know if it's possible for me to not only combine all of these into one @"modname" folder, and if I can create a key for that mod without being the owner of that intellectual property. For the record, that combined mod would not be published anywhere publicly, it would only be uploaded to the database. Managing the mods like this would come with lots of advantages: 1.: We could combine specific versions of mods together, creating the ability to compose our own modpack to our wishes. 2.: We don't have to keep track of all updates that the mods receive, and update them manually on our dedicated arma server. 3.: Lots of advantages resulting from 1. and 2., for example gaining lots of experiences from fixed versions of mods will make it able to give recruits a better comprehensive overview on our mods. Hope there are some mod-experts out there who can and are willing to help me, I'm not a native speaker please excuse spelling mistakes etc. ;) Greetings, Kation
  10. RED FRAMEWORK A collection of useful functions for mission maker. Website under construction: http://www.redframework.com Version: 1.0.9 Release date: 11-03-2018 WORKSHOP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226877632 GITHUB: https://github.com/RedBelette/RED_FRAMEWORK LICENSE: https://github.com/RedBelette/RED_FRAMEWORK/blob/master/LICENSE MISSION TEMPLATE (take it for a quick start !) https://github.com/RedBelette/RedFramework-Simple-Template https://github.com/RedBelette/RedFramework-TGV-Template INITIALIZATION - Voice is disabled for players (just for ingame recorded speeches, not VOIP). - Saving is disabled. FUNCTIONS ace improvements // This feature allows you to use a huntir ammo as a satellite that you can later use via ACE's huntir monitor. _huntirAmmo = [satellitePos] call RF_fnc_huntirSatellite; Action mecanism Trigger (by script) in arma are very useful but contain a lot of code to do something. We need to create new paradigm to replace it and to enhanced the behavior. We need an action mechanism. An action is to execute something when the condition is true. In more we can specify if the action is a one shot or in a loop. Maybe you want that the action is timed also. By creating a registry of action we can start and stop an action. // This function acts as a trigger and executes code when a condition is true. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _params(*default=[])] call RF_fnc_action; // This function acts as a trigger and executes code when a condition is true with a delay time. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _delayAsSecond, _params(*default=[])] call RF_fnc_delayedAction; // This function acts as a trigger and executes code every x seconds. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _timeToTheNextExecutionAsSecond, _params(*default=[])] call RF_fnc_repeatedAction; // This function acts as a trigger and executes code when a condition is true on the targeted remote side. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _params(*default=[]), _target(*default=0)] call RF_fnc_remoteAction; // This function acts as a trigger and executes code when a condition is true with a delay time on the targeted remote side. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _delayAsSecond, _params(*default=[]), _target(*default=0)] call RF_fnc_remoteDelayedAction; // This function acts as a trigger and executes code every x seconds on the targeted remote side. _action = [_condition, _codeAsString, _timeToTheNextExecutionAsSecond, _params(*default=[]), _target(*default=0)] call RF_fnc_remoteRepeatedAction; // This function opens a register of actions, allowing you to start or stop an action. call RF_fnc_actionRegistry; // The RF_fnc_actionRegistry function needs to be called beforehand to open an action register. _action = [_actionIdAsString, _actionAsReturnedAction] call RF_fnc_addAction; // This function allows you to find an action in the action register. _action = [_actionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_getAction; // Activate the action from the action register. [_actionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_runAction; // Desactivate the action from the action register. [_actionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_stopAction; // Remove action from the action register. [_actionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_unregisterAction; Ai behavior // Surrender occurs when the remaining units of the desired faction are below the desired minimum number. _trueOrFalse = [_side, _minUnitsToSurrenderTheSide] call RF_fnc_makeSideSurrender; // Order the entire faction to defend an area around a radius. [_side, _position, _radius] call RF_fnc_sideDefendArea; Ambience // Flash on the desired area (like zeus). [_position, _delay(*default:0)] call RF_fnc_lightningBolt Animation // Play a looping animation with the playMove instruction [_unit, _animClassName] call RF_fnc_playMoveLoop; Condition // Check if the unit is inside a vehicle _trueOrFalse = [_unit] call RF_fnc_isInVehicle; // Checks if a player is close to an entity following a radius _trueOrFalse = [_entity, _radius] call RF_fnc_isPlayerNearEntity; Converter // Convert string on side ojbect _side = [_sideAsString] call RF_fnc_convertSideStr; Heli control // Initialize a helicopter so that it stays quietly on the ground. [_group] call RF_fnc_heliInit; // Order the helicopter to land in the desired area. [_group, _position] call RF_fnc_landHeli; // Send the helicopter to fight. [_group, _position, _radius] call RF_fnc_sendHeliToFight; // The helicopters unload the units present in an area and then disappear. [_vehicle, _landingPosition, _getOutPosition] call RF_fnc_unloadUnitsWithHeli; Init // This function allows you to wait for the end of the loading screen. call RF_fnc_loadingComplete; waitUntil {loadingFinished}; Layer // Enable 3den editor layer. [_layerIdAsString] call RF_fnc_enableLayer; // Disable 3den editor layer. [_layerIdAsString] call RF_fnc_disableLayer; Mission generator This engine offer to you a complete engine to manage tasks and missions. You have a completer CRUD fort the task to create, changing state, close or remove it. You can also generate a random mission with a little configuration from description.ext. // Creates a new mission in the framework and generates an Arma task. This task may not be visible to players. _missionIdUnique = [_missionIdAsString, _side, _parentMissionIdAsString, _title, _description, _taskType(*default="default"), _taskDestination(*default=objNull), _taskSetCurrent(*default=false), _taskPriority(*default=0), _taskNotification(*default=true), _taskSharing(*default=false)] call RF_fnc_createMission; // Closes the mission identified by the missionID passed in parameter. By default, the status of the mission will be successful and an alert will be displayed. [_missionIdAsString, _taskStatus(*default="SUCCEEDED"), _taskShowHint(*default=true)] call RF_fnc_closeMission; // Returns true when the mission is closed. _trueOrFalse = [_missionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_isMissionClosed; // Return the task state of the mission _taskStatus = [_missionIdAsString] call RF_fnc_missionState; // Returns all the cities of the map. _locations = call RF_fnc_locations; // Return a random location of the map. _randomLocation = call RF_fnc_locationGenerator; // Generate a random mission based on the description.ext. (see config on the bottom) _missionIdUnique = call RF_fnc_missionGenerator; // Generates an example mission based on the condig file or past parameters. _missionIdUnique = [_side(*default=config), _helicopterClassName(*default=config), _unitsClassNameArray(*default=config)] call RF_fnc_spawnMissionHelicopterCrashInTown; Spawn // Create units. _group = [_side, _unitsClassNameArray, _position] call RF_fnc_spawnUnits; // Create garrisons around an area based on the description.ext or parameters. _allGroups = [_position, _radius(*default=config), _side(*default=config), _unitsClassNameArray(*default=config), _randomDistance(*default=config)] call RF_fnc_spawnGarrison; // Create patrols around an area based on the description.ext or parameters. _allGroups = [_position, _radius(*default=config), _side(*default=config), _unitsClassNameArray(*default=config), _radiusPatrols(*default=config)] call RF_fnc_spawnCirclePatrols; // Create a helicopter and teleport the group inside to the desired position. After landing the helicopter drops off the group, returns to its starting position and disappears. [_groupWillTeleportedInsideHeli, _spawnPosition, _landingPos, _heliClassName(*default="B_Heli_Light_01_F"), _side(*default=west), _driverClassName(*default="B_Helipilot_F")] call RF_fnc_spawnByHeli; Spectator // This script will allow you to create the spectator's mode. (config acre and tfar inside) call RF_fnc_spectator; // Add an action into object to enter spectator mode [_object] call RF_fnc_addSpectatorAction; Ui // Displays an image in full screen for a given time. [_imagePath, _timeInSecond] call RF_fnc_imageFullScreen; // Displays an image in full screen in the sky during a given time. [_imagePath, _timeInSecond] call RF_fnc_imageInSky; // Simplify the code to create a progress bar. [_object, _progressBarId, _titleAction, _titleBar, _codeAsString, _cancelCodeAsString, _parametersToTheCode, _timeInSecond, _actionType(*default=0), _actionParent(*default="ACE_MainActions"), _actionIcon(*default="")] call RF_fnc_progressBar; // Displays the name of the scenario and its author at the bottom right. [_missionName, _byAuthor] call RF_fnc_scenarioTitle; Vehicle // Charge a group of players in the cargo of a vehicle. The basic moveInCargo instruction is defective in MP. [_group, _vehicle] call RF_fnc_moveInCargo; Zeus // Allows zeus to modify all new spawner units by script. call RF_fnc_makeAllUnitsEditableForAllCurators; // Allows to make editable all the objects passed in parameter. [_objectArray] call RF_fnc_makeObjectsEditableForAllCurators; Zombie /* * The mod zombie Ryan's spawner module seems to pose performance * concerns in MP so here is a spawner optimize. * * Parameters * side: west, east, ... * gameLogic: gameLogic module * numberByWave: number of Z max spawned by wave. * time: delay between wave * type: (default: mediumCivilian) * - fastCivilian * - fastSoldier * - fastCivilianAndSoldier * - mediumCivilian * - mediumSoldier * - mediumCivilianAndSoldier * - slowCivilian * - slowSoldier * - slowCivilianAndSoldier * - walkerCivilian * - walkerSoldier * - walkerCivilianAndSoldier * - demon * - spider * - brittleCrawler * - mixedZombie * - mixedZombieNoSpiderNoCrawler */ [_side, _gameLogic, _numberByWave, _time, _type(*default:'mediumCivilian')] call RF_fnc_zSpawner Configuration in description.ext (optional) // Example class RedFrameworkConfig { class missionCfg { addItemEarPlugs=true; putInEarPlugs=true; putSafeMode=true; }; class MissionGenerator { missionPaths[] = { // HERE THE PATH OF YOUR MISSION "pathofmission1.sqf", "pathofmission2.sqf" }; }; class combatPatrol_CfgEnemis { side = "east"; // HERE THE DEFAULT SIDE }; class combatPatrol_SpawnCirclePatrols { // HERE THE FUNCTION DEFAULT VALUES distance = 200; unitTypes[] = {{"LOP_US_Infantry_SL", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4", "LOP_US_Infantry_TL"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_MG_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_Asst"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_Asst", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_2"}}; radiusPatrols[] = {50, 100, 200}; }; class combatPatrol_SpawnGarrison { // HERE THE FUNCTION DEFAULT VALUES distance = 100; unitTypes[] = {{"LOP_US_Infantry_SL", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4", "LOP_US_Infantry_TL"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_MG_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_Asst"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4"}, {"LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_2", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_Asst", "LOP_US_Infantry_MG_2"}}; ramdomizeDistance = 80; }; class combatPatrol_missions { class combatPatrol_helicopterCrashInTown { // HERE THE FUNCTION DEFAULT VALUES helicopterClass = "B_Heli_Light_01_dynamicLoadout_F"; unitTypes[] = {{"LOP_US_Infantry_SL", "LOP_US_Infantry_Rifleman_4", "LOP_US_Infantry_TL"}}; }; }; }; CHANGELOG ## 05-02-2018 version 1.0.1 - ADD RF_fnc_moveInCargo - FIX RF_fnc_spawnByHeli with the new move in cargo (MP fail) ## 05-05-2018 version 1.0.2 - FIX RF_fnc_moveInCargo: brute force moveInCargo with infinite loop protection ## 05-10-2018 version 1.0.3 - ADD RF_fnc_lightningBolt to flash on desirated area. - ADD RF_fnc_spectator create the spectator's mode on client - ADD RF_fnc_addSpectatorAction to addAction your object with the previous spectator's function. - ADD RF_fnc_zSpawner to spawn Zombie and Demons with more performance in MP ## 05-10-2018 version 1.0.4 - ADD Configure your mission with features: add and put earplugs, security safemod for weapons. // Example description.ext: class RedFrameworkConfig { class missionCfg { addItemEarPlugs=true; putInEarPlugs=true; putSafeMode=true; }; }; ## 05-13-2018 version 1.0.5 - FIX counter variable's name mistake, '_' missing CHANGELOG version 1.0.6 ## 05-20-2018 - HOTFIX: Resolve default value on the init - HOTFIX: Partial hotfix for RF_fnc_moveInCargo and RF_fnc_spawnByHeli CHANGELOG version 1.0.7 ## 06-02-2018 - ADD capabilities to recieve code instead string for the executed job. - ADD capabilities to recieve parameters - ADD remote action for all the types of actions see action mecanism for more details ## 07-15-2018 version 1.0.8 - FIX when you try to configure earPlug with description.ext ## 11-03-2018 version 1.0.9 - FIX move in cargo for MP
  11. CONTENTS Setting up your server What you need how you do it Links Information useful Tools Useful Addons Selecting between Stable & Dev Builds, full or Dedi package installs Port Forwarding Battleye Configuration Location of files Server Admin Commands Running Dedicated Server and client on same machine Running multiple servers on one machine Re-locating MpMissions Bandwidth Optimisation Trouble Shooting & Help Best way to use this thread Live chat help What cannot be done Known Issues Example files CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg Arma3.cfg .Arma3Profile Advanced configuration -profiles AutoServer_Restart.bat File Firedeamon Addons and Mods Basic introduction Installation Miscellaneous Downloading & Addon Management Changelog The tutorial is intended for the lowest level of knowledge and skill, I make no apologies to those who think it is patronising. if you do, why are you reading a tutorial :j: LAST UPDATED: Thursday 21st March 2017 up too and including this post ************************************************************************************ IMPORTANT UPDATE (16th March 2017) arma3server_x64.exe 64 (Released 16th March 2017) 1) Update your firewall rules to include the 64 bit binary 2) BattleEye changes 64 bit binary runs the beserver_x64.dll It also needs a BEServer_x64.cfg (Which is simply a renamed copy of your BEServer.cfg If you run an addon server and are having issues, then try running the 32 bit arma3server.exe until the addon makers have fixed their content ************************************************************************************ SETTING UP YOUR SERVER What you need 1 Standalone Windows server (2008 or later) (Sound and GPU not required) 1 Steam Account Ownership of ArmA3 No longer required if installing the server using the the Dedicated server package. (Required for Headless client or full client install) According to this THIS POST you can run the ArmA3server on Win2003 now This is how you do it. Take note. There are additions within these instructions that you may not need, if you only intend running 1 instance of an Arma3 server on your machine However, adding these superfluous commands and content will not be detrimental to single instance servers Directory paths are all customisable but for the sake of this tutorial, all file examples and command lines used will be consistent with the tutorial instructions Login as Administrator: (You will need to run Arma3server.exe as "Administrator" or "System". Battleye requires it.) Install the latest version of DirectX Recommended to install install the 32 & 64-bit 2013 VC++ redist from https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/download/details.aspx?id=40784 Create the following empty directories D:\Apps\Steam D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files Download steamcmd.exe unpack it and save it to your targetted Steam install directory (E.g D:\Apps\Steam) Run the steamcmd.exe. (This will download and install the required steam files to your custom steam directory) Create an ArmA3_Steam_updater.cmd file, (Example shown below) and save it to D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files Run the ArmA3_Steam_updater.cmd file Just after logging into Steam, the console window will hang and ask for a validation key Steam will have automatically sent you an email with this validation code, which you then need to input at the command prompt The Update console window should then continue to run and install ArmA3 ((DEV or STABLE) version to the target directory as defined in the .cmd file) eg (D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master) Create a shortcut for the ArmA3Server_x64.exe on the server desktop Add the following parameters to the Target Line in the shortcut tab of the newly created desktop shortcut -port=2302 (Required if running multiple server instances) "-profiles=d:\Games\Arma3\A3Master" -config=CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg -world=empty -mod= -mod= (Exaclty as it looks, an empty mod parameter so it looks something similar to the following "D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\arma3server_x64.exe" "-profiles=d:\Games\Arma3\A3Master" -port=2302 -config=CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg -world=empty -mod= Add firewall rules for the UDP ports (See below for -Port information) Add firewall rule for the arma3server_x64.exe Create a simple Notepad document called "CONFIG_vanilla.cfg" and save it to the root folder of your ArmA3 install on the server D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master (See below for ".cfg" content) Then start up your shortcut, check the server runs. (You will see a console pop up in your desktop after a few seconds) Close the console window down, then you will need to edit the following files which will have been created D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\Users\Adminstrator\Administrator.Arma3Profile D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\Users\Administrator\Arma3.cfg These files contain minimal content, and require a lot of editing, so to make this easier, there are example files listed below which you can copy n paste from Restart the server Start up your client Arma3 (Running the same branch as the server, (eg Stable or DEV) and you should then be able to see your server in the server browser (Filters are available to reduce the server list) Login to your server using the password you defined in CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg by typing "/" to open the chat window and then type (#login ADMINPASSWORD followed by enter Once logged in you will be presented with a mission list, select one of the missions to start the game Prove the stability of your server by running BIS missions initially before you start adding user made content You should now have successfully installed and be running a stable "Vanilla" (Default) server You can then set up Battleye, The ArmA3 anti cheat system (See the Battleye Configuration section below) *** SUPPORTING INFORMATION *** USEFUL LINKS, TOOLS & ADDONS Open the spoiler for more info TICKETS RAISED that need your Vote SELECTING DEVELOPMENT OR STABLE BUILD Open the spoiler for more info PORT FORWARDING (ArmA3) (Firewalls) Open the spoiler for more info BATTLEYE CONFIGURATION Open the spoiler for more info LOCATION OF FILES (When setting parameters) Open the spoiler for more info SERVER ADMIN COMMANDS Open the spoiler for more info RUNNING DEDICATED SERVER & CLIENT ON SAME MACHINE If you have followed these instructions, the only known issue, is to make sure you start the server up before you start the steam client Failing to do this causes steam port issues and your client wont be able to connect to the server RUNNING MULTIPLE SERVERS ON SAME MACHINE Open the spoiler for more info RE-LOCATING MPmIssions (For example to a dropbox) Open the spoiler for more info BANDWIDTH OPTIMISATION Open the spoiler for more info TROUBLE SHOOTING Open the spoiler for more info EXAMPLE FILES Arma3_Steam_Updater.cmd CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg ****.Arma3Profile Important to note, the defaul;t B.I classes, Regular, veteran cannot be edited, so if you want to run an edited version, then edit the custom class and run that The following config is set to do just that Arma3.cfg ADVANCED CONFIGURATION -Profiles Open the spoiler for more info AUTO SERVER RESTART .BAT File Open the spoiler for more info Firedeamon Open the spoiler for more info ADDONS & MODS BASIC EXPLANATION Open the spoiler for more info WHITE-LISTING / BLACK-LISTING (How does it work) Open the spoiler for more info ADDON SIGNING Open the spoiler for more info INSTALLATION Open the spoiler for more info MISCELLANEOUS Open the spoiler for more info DOWNLOADING & ADDON MANAGEMENT Open the spoiler for more info CHANGELOG Open the spoiler for more info
  12. Addon & Mod Compilation List This list sorts and organizes all the addons and mods on Armaholic into specific categories based on their subject. Legend - (List Terminology) Menu Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons Arma 3 Gear Arma 3 Packs Arma 3 Miscellaneous Arma 3 Objects Arma 3 Replacement Packs Arma 3 Sounds Arma 3 Terrain Arma 3 Units Arma 3 Vehicles Arma 3 Weapons Downloads / Arma 3 / Editing A new compilation list will be established in Mission editing & Scripting section of the forum Arma 3 Tools Arma 3 Scripts Arma 3 Templates Downloads / Arma 3 / Misc and Utilities Downloads / Arma 3 / Modules This will be sorted according to country, and type Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios A missions compilation list will be established in the User Missions section of the forum Arma 3 SP missions Arma 3 Co-op missions Arma 3 Multiplayer Gamemodes Arma 3 Mission Packs Arma 3 Campaigns ===================== Work in progress Note Keep in mind this will be changing as i add/update categories and lists. Credits Authors of these addons, mods, need credit for their work, I would hope that this compilation list will bring more attention and appreciation from the community to them.
  13. Intercept is a C/C++ binding interface to the Arma 3 engine (internally referred to as the Real Virtuality or RV engine). It's goal is to provide easy to use library for addon makers to develop addons in a native language, or to develop language extensions for the Arma 3 engine. In a nutshell, Intercept provides a full C/C++ binding system for calling the base C++ functions which are declared in RVEngine for SQF functions. All SQF functions within the RVEngine are actually native code, which is called by SQF via the function names. Intercept bypasses SQF entirely, allowing native C++ plugins to seamlessly interact with the game engine. In essence, Intercept allows for expansions of the game engine, calling internal functionality of the engine which has been exposed via SQF functions. This was the idea behind the intended Java implementation by Bohemia Interactive in Take On Helicopters and was planned for, but never implemented in Arma 3. Intercept not only completes the intended functionality of what Java was meant to provide but has gone much further, including returning data to SQF and multithreaded addons. Intercept works on a host/client based system, in which the host, Intercept itself, hosts client DLLs that implement the Intercept library. The Intercept host handles access to the RV engine by clients through a layer that provides thread concurrency, memory handling, and event dispatching. Client DLLs are then able to be written in a way that can safely ignore most internal nuances of handling data in the RV engine and work with standard C++ STD/STL data types, and only a few specialized objects specific to the game engine. The Intercept library also provides raw C bindings to the C++ versions of SQF functions, so it is entirely possible to use Intercept as the basis for writing in additional scripting languages to the RV engine, such as Python or Lua. You can find more information on our GitHub project page. Technical Details Intercept works by making direct calls to the SQF functions in the RV engine. These functions are themselves C++ functions which are then exposed to SQF for allowing interaction with the underlying game engine; Intercept completely bypasses SQF and allows C++ plugins to interact with the engine directly. User created threads can even be created and by properly using the provided thread concurrency functionality it is possible to execute game functionality safely and concurrently. Intercept clients are able to invoke through the host these commands by provided wrapper functions that replicate and emulate the SQF command namespace (minus some unneeded functionality, like arrays or control structures). These wrapper functions take standard inputs, such as simple primitives like float or bool, and standard std::string arguments and convert them into the proper SQF command variables, providing a seamless layer to the clients. An example of a very simple client that invokes nular, unary, and binary SQF functions (aka functions that take no arguments, a right side argument only, and both a left and right side argument respectively) is demonstrated below and a more examples can be found here. #include <Windows.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <cstdint> #include <sstream> // the Intercept library, only one include required. #include "intercept.hpp" // required exported function to return API version int __cdecl intercept::api_version() { return 1; } // This function is exported and is called by the host each frame. void __cdecl intercept::on_frame() { // get the player object and store it intercept::types::object player = intercept::sqf::player(); // get the post of the player intercept::types::vector3 pos = intercept::sqf::get_pos(player); // build a string... std::stringstream side_chat_msg; side_chat_msg << "Hello Arma World, here is the player pos: " << pos.x << "," << pos.y << "," << pos.z; // send it to the binary SQF sideChat command intercept::sqf::side_chat(player, side_chat_msg.str()); } // Normal Windows DLL junk... BOOL APIENTRY DllMain(HMODULE hModule, DWORD ul_reason_for_call, LPVOID lpReserved ) { switch (ul_reason_for_call) { case DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH: break; case DLL_THREAD_ATTACH: case DLL_THREAD_DETACH: case DLL_PROCESS_DETACH: break; } return TRUE; } Completion Status As of now (3/13/16) Intercept is over 82% language feature complete. You can view the progress of wrapper completion here. Almost all normally used SQF functions are available to the end user, and with the added ability of writing inline SQF code, you can call any function that has not had a wrapper written for it yet (though with a small performance penalty). We will post a release thread when we start releasing builds of the host. Contributions Feel free to contribute as much as you want to this project in terms of time and code. The goal of this project is to be a tool for the community to provide better performing and more complex addons for the Arma 3 platform. If you would like to contribute or want more information please join our Slack channels and get involved! License Intercept is licensed under the MIT license. You can find the full license in the LICENSE file. Prior to commit f9fe4d5 the project was licensed under the GNU/GPL v2 license and continues to be for any commit prior to that.
  14. Leo TuPaS

    TuPaS Team

    New TuPaS MOD Visit our site download our OFP mod and joing on line game https://goo.gl/ui2usQ The readme files of the add-ins are included in the mod folder. We do not stay with the credit of others' work as some think. The TuPaS mod includes a variety of add-ons from various mods with the only purpose of enjoying the game for online games.
  15. erikcz-f05fb571f456ccac

    How do i set prices of addon vehicles for zeus

    Hello, so ive spent a lot of time playing arma with my friend on my own created server with custom zeus vs zeus mode (we play with addons for russian and USA vehicles and soldiers, Russia vs USA) and we want to play with prices of soldiers so the other army cant cheat, and I tried for 30 mins searching google and trying to set up this mode on 1 zeus, but when I open zeus as game master, there is just drones section for russia NPC, and I cant even afford it cause prices with addons are bit bugged or arent set. Please help me, if you dont understand me, tell me, I try to explain more. Here is video of what im talking about, cause my english is bad:
  16. I am trying to get to the bottom of why not all assets from some mods are made available for a zeus curator when initiated through an in-game script. Note that this is not related to needing to adjust the module to read "all addons including unofficial ones" in the editor. I have a script which creates a curator module and assigns it to the designated player (usually me), and is supposed to add all addons to it. This works fine with almost everything; all vanilla factions are added without fault and almost all downloaded mods. However, for a couple of faction mods, some assets are not being added even when some of them are. While it is usually quite consistent which fail to add, it is not always completely. At first I assumed it was a case of some assets in the mod having scopeCurator set such that this was intended, but even having been into the configs and successfully changed it, it still fails most the time. It also wouldn't explain why on some occasions these assets do get added. Here is the script I have been using to add the curator and configure it in singleplayer: _unit = player; // Exit if unit is already curator if (!isNull (getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit)) exitWith { systemChat format["[Zeus] Logic already assigned to %1, remove it first",name _unit]; }; private _curator = missionNamespace getVariable [format["f_zeusCurator_%1",getPlayerUID _unit],objNull]; // Check curator exists, if not create it if !(isNull _curator) then { format["[Zeus] Curator variable already assigned to %1, reassigning", name _unit] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; deleteVehicle _curator; sleep 1; } else { //format["No Curator.", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; f_var_sideCenter = createCenter sideLogic; format["Creating....", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit] }; _var = missionNameSpace getVariable ["l_var_sideLogic","Fail"]; // Create a new curator logic _curator = (createGroup f_var_sideCenter) createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F",[0,0,0],[],0,""]; _curator setVariable ["owner",format["%1",getPlayerUID _unit],true]; _curator setVariable ["showNotification",false,true]; _curator setVariable ["Addons",3,true]; //Set Zeus Vision Modes [_curator, [-1, -2, 0]] call bis_fnc_setcuratorvisionmodes; // Assign the passed unit as curator //_unit assignCurator _curator; _unit assignCurator _curator; private _curator = getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit; systemChat format["Curator: %1", _curator];; if (isNull _curator) then { _curator = _unit; }; // If curator is null or not the correct logic exit with an error message. if (isNull _curator || typeOf _curator != "ModuleCurator_F") exitWith { systemChat format["Failed to resolve curator for %1", _unit]; }; // Decide which addons to add based on passed mode _mode = True; _addons = []; switch (typeName _mode) do { case "ARRAY"; case "STRING": { if (_mode isEqualType "") then { if (_mode == "basic") then { // Load predefined basic modules _mode = ["A3_Data_F","A3_Data_F_Curator","A3_Functions_F_Curator","A3_Misc_F","A3_Modules_F_EPB","A3_Ui_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator_Misc","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Chemlights","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Environment","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Flares","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Ordnance","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Smokeshells","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp_Misc"]; } else { // Convert to array _mode = [_mode]; }; }; { if (isClass (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >> _x)) then { _addons pushBack (configName (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >>_x)); }; } forEach _mode; }; case "BOOL": { if (_mode) then { // If true was passed, add all available addons to curator list _cfgPatches = configFile >> "cfgPatches"; for "_i" from 0 to (count _cfgPatches - 1) do { _class = _cfgPatches select _i; if (isClass _class) then { _addons pushBack (configName _class); }; }; } else { removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; }; }; }; // Nothing to add! if (count _addons == 0) exitWith {}; // Remove existing addons removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; _curator addCuratorAddons _addons; systemChat format["[Zeus] Added %1 addons",count _addons]; // Reduce costs for all actions _curator setCuratorWaypointCost 0; { _curator setCuratorCoef [_x,0]; } forEach ["place","edit","delete","destroy","group","synchronize"]; systemChat format["[Zeus] Curator set-up complete for %1.",name _unit]; _unit assignCurator _curator; I have checked my patch file that is supposed to be fixing this to ensure that the vehicles are listed in cfgPatches, and that the assets I am looking for have scopeCurator = 2. I am not getting any error messages other than: This confuses me because I read on a biki page that addons can be added "on the fly" for a curator, and it works despite this error message for most addons. So I'm not entirely sure what to be looking for from here. Pointers appreciated. Cheers, Law
  17. I have got the "Heroes Survive" scripts to semi work on my template scenario, but when you start "freezing" no damage is shown, and you basically drop dead when your body temperature hits 89F. No warning, just dropping dead. I am no coder, so someone may find the issue right away lol. Thanks for the help!
  18. UPDATE: RESOLVED (8/5/18) Dear Arma Community, I am in the final stages of preparing a custom version of the open source Theseus Services mod (Steam Workshop, GitHub) for my squad. I am brand new to modding, and my work is entirely a set of simple reskins -- some of the assets with the same names as those included in the original mod and some new models. Thus far, everything that I have tested has worked. Yet now that I have gone through the process of adding our "new" assets to the various CfgVehicles, CfgWeapons, and config files, I keep receiving errors about my /addons/headgear/config.cpp file. Sometimes, I am told that I am missing a comma; other times, it is a bracket. Yet all that I did is copy and paste the original format of each entry for the document, replacing the relevant text with the names of or file paths to my own content. Is there something about the documents or the structure of the Theseus Services mod that is keeping me from adding my own assets to those configuration files? Am I missing something in this particular file? All of my troubleshooting has reached a dead end, which is why I am turning to this forum for help. Thank you. Here is the original file: #include "script_component.hpp" class CfgPatches { class ADDON { name = COMPONENT_NAME; units[] = { QCLASS(Item_Cap_Headphones_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_Ballistic_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_PilotHeli_Tan), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_RangerGreen), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_DesertMARPAT), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_Woodland), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_UCP) }; weapons[] = { QCLASS(Cap_Headphones_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Cap_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Cap_TanLogo), QCLASS(Cap_Earpiece_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Cap_Earpiece_TanLogo), QCLASS(Cap_Backwards_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Cap_Backwards_TanLogo), QCLASS(Helmet_Ballistic_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Helmet_PilotHeli_Tan), QCLASS(Hat_Boonie_RangerGreen), QCLASS(Hat_Boonie_DesertMARPAT), QCLASS(Hat_Boonie_Woodland), QCLASS(Hat_Boonie_UCP) }; requiredVersion = REQUIRED_VERSION; requiredAddons[] = {"tacs_main"}; author = ECSTRING(main,Author); authors[] = {"Pomigit", "Jonpas", "Rory"}; url = ECSTRING(main,URL); VERSION_CONFIG; }; }; #include "CfgVehicles.hpp" #include "CfgWeapons.hpp" Here is the file with my additions: #include "script_component.hpp" class CfgPatches { class ADDON { name = COMPONENT_NAME; units[] = { QCLASS(Item_Cap_Headphones_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_Ballistic_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_PilotHeli_Tan), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_PilotHeli_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_RangerGreen), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_DesertMARPAT), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_Woodland), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_UCP) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_CADPAT) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_DarkBlack) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_MulticamBlack) }; weapons[] = { QCLASS(Item_Cap_Headphones_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Earpiece_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_BlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_TanLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_CADPAT), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_DarkBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_GreenLogo), QCLASS(Item_Cap_Backwards_MulticamBlackLogo), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_Ballistic_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_PilotHeli_Tan), QCLASS(Item_Helmet_PilotHeli_DarkBlack), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_RangerGreen), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_DesertMARPAT), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_Woodland), QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_UCP) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_CADPAT) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_DarkBlack) QCLASS(Item_Hat_Boonie_MulticamBlack) }; requiredVersion = REQUIRED_VERSION; requiredAddons[] = {"tacs_main"}; author = ECSTRING(main,Author); authors[] = {"Pomigit", "Jonpas", "Rory"}; url = ECSTRING(main,URL); VERSION_CONFIG; }; }; #include "CfgVehicles.hpp" #include "CfgWeapons.hpp"
  19. Hello, I've looked through all the topics in the forum and I haven't founded what I wanted. I'm trying to make a Vest and Helmet mod basically for a unit I'm in. I retextured some of VSM Vests and Helmets, Military Gear Pack vests and 75th Rangers Helmets. I'm just trying to get a Idea on what I need to do to make them a separate standalone mod. and have them in-game as there own class/mod I tried making a config, but it always didn't work. So if someone could help me get started with this that would be great. I'm stumped The configs I tried were all out of date too so there were a shit load of errors. Couldn't find a up-to-date one
  20. Hello community! Look, I need help from those who are dedicated to the creation of mods or retexturization of objects. You see the question is quite simple, this is what I need: I want to create a small addon that uses the model of one of the original ArmA 3 caps (that of official) and creates a second cap exactly the same only with a different texture. I already have the texture made. But I can not find a detailed and step-by-step guide to achieve this. I understand that to create an addon I just have to place the PBO file in the "addons" folder of the addon folder I am creating (@my addon) example. The part that I do not understand is the whole process of creating files to place inside the PBO in addition to the texture. Can someone enlighten me with this knowledge or suggest a good guide on how to do it? I will be eternally grateful.
  21. Hi guys, you see I am trying to gather the best available addons on the subject of the Second World War but I found it a problem to get em next. It is "7Y Assets WW2" which I only found on Steam but for reasons unrelated to this topic it is impossible for me to get any content uploaded to steam. This is why I help you if possible (I mean that if there is no problem with the developers of the addon) and it does not generate a lot of inconvenience, you could upload it or place it somewhere like Armaholic to download it. I repeat the mod is called 7Y Assets WW2 and this is your Steam address: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1202636528
  22. Lets say I am making a scenario. I use some custom mod unit in it. I publish to workshop, and in the workshop I add the mods the scenario needs. That all fine, but if a user forgets to enable a mod when wanting to run the scenario, he just gets some errors. How do I get arma to prompt him with message saying something like: "This scenario requires mod X and Y please install/enable those before you can play this scenario" Is there not some build in function that does that?
  23. Gday there, having a bit of trouble with getting addons working. I do not use steam, i have a retail copy of arma 2:reinforcements.I have the island fsf_jungle which works fine (minus a couple .pbo) and a mech one also. I have followed the instructions of making modfolders and it has only worked for the two out of ten addons I've tried. I have vehicles not showing up in editor, some do then spawn as a civilian.... And the isla duala island pack won't show up at all (it is needed for fsf_jungle to work). Is there an issue with the OA version? It says OA lite in the expansion menu.
  24. I looked up how to delete addon dependency for a scenario I made, and I messed with the sqm, not much, I just changed the first two lines or so by copy and pasting from a scenario that didn't require those addons to this one. Both were the same map, stratis. But now it won't even open the scenario editor, even when I log in using those mods again!! I SPENT HOURS MAKING THIS SCENARIO, HOW DO I GET IT BACK?? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198108784041/screenshot/913542102700024676 raP j version 5 EditorData – addons A3_Characters_F_Exp AddonsMetaData Š randomSeed ”AG ScenarioData ß CustomAttributes ù Mission Û ôÒ moveGridStep €?angleGridStep ’ †>scaleGridStep €?autoGroupingDist Atoggles ItemIDProvider e LayerIndexProvider x Camera ‹ æ nextID Ð x nextID ' ‹ pos +`8EkLB‰ÀEdir ô5¿ô5?up ó5?ó5?aside ÿÿ? €æ List ö ß %items $ Item0 ® Item1 7 Item2 ½ Item3 I Item4 È Item5 a Item6 å Item7 h Item8 Û Item9 n Item10 ú Item11 Item12 ! Item13 ² Item14 5 Item15 ¾ Item16 3 Item17 ¹ Item18 J Item19 Ð Item20 X Item21 é Item22 k Item23 í Item24 ` Item25 å Item26 { Item27 Item28 y Item29 Item30 © Item31 = Item32 à Item33 : Item34 Á Item35 R ß className A3_Characters_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com 7 className A3_Weapons_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Weapons and Accessories author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ½ className A3_Characters_F_Exp name Arma 3 Apex - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com I className A3_Modules_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Scripted Modules author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com È className A3_Weapons_F_Bootcamp name Arma 3 Bootcamp Update - Weapons and Accessories author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com a className A3_Structures_F name Arma 3 - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com å className A3_Soft_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Unarmored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com h className A3_Air_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Aircraft author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com Û className A3_Props_F_Orange name Arma 3 Orange - Decorative and Mission Objects author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com n className A3_Data_F_Curator name Arma 3 Zeus Update - Main Configuration author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ú className A3_Structures_F_Heli name Arma 3 Helicopters - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com className A3_Characters_F_Tacops name Arma 3 Tac-Ops - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ! className A3_Characters_F_Mark name Arma 3 Marksmen - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ² className A3_Soft_F_Gamma name Arma 3 - Unarmored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com 5 className A3_Supplies_F_Exp name Arma 3 Apex - Ammoboxes and Supplies author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ¾ className A3_Static_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Turrets author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com 3 className A3_Armor_F_Beta name Arma 3 Beta - Armored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ¹ className A3_Characters_F_Orange name Arma 3 Orange - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com J className A3_Soft_F_Exp name Arma 3 Apex - Unarmored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com Ð className A3_Soft_F_Kart name Arma 3 Karts - Unarmored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com X className A3_Supplies_F_Heli name Arma 3 Helicopters - Ammoboxes and Supplies author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com é className A3_Armor_F_Gamma name Arma 3 - Armored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com k className A3_Boat_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Boats and Submersibles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com í className A3_Drones_F name Arma 3 Beta - Drones author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ` className A3_Structures_F_Ind name Arma 3 - Industrial Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com å className A3_Structures_F_EPB name Arma 3 Adapt Episode - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com { className A3_Structures_F_Orange name Arma 3 Orange - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com className A3_Signs_F name Arma 3 - Signs author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com y className A3_Structures_F_EPA name Arma 3 Survive Episode - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com className A3_Props_F_Exp_A name Arma 3 Nexus Update - Decorative and Mission Objects author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com © className A3_Structures_F_EPC name Arma 3 Win Episode - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com = className A3_Boat_F_Jets name Arma 3 Jets - Boats and Submersibles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com à className A3_Air_F_Beta name Arma 3 Beta - Aircraft author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com : className A3_Soft_F_Beta name Arma 3 Beta - Unarmored Land Vehicles author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com Á className A3_Structures_F_Mil name Arma 3 - Military Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com R className A3_Modules_F_Curator name Arma 3 Zeus Update - Scripted Modules author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ß author Crøsshair ù Category0 Û name Multiplayer Attribute0 i Attribute1 Ü Attribute2 W nAttributes Û property RespawnTemplates expression true Value ¨ Ü data ¸ Ü type È Ü type ARRAY Ü property ReviveMode expression false Value W data & W type B value €?W type SCALAR W property ReviveRequiredItems expression false Value š Û data ª Û type Æ value @Û type SCALAR Û Intel Entities Connections vÀ ôÒ timeOfChanges áDstartWeather š™™>startWind ÍÌÌ=startWaves ÍÌÌ=forecastWeather š™™>forecastWind ÍÌÌ=forecastWaves ÍÌÌ=forecastLightnings ÍÌÌ=year ô month day hour startFogDecay B`e<forecastFogDecay B`e< ·items 6 Item0 i/ Item1 =D Item2 E Item3 ûF Item4 ,I Item5 ¿J Item6 T Item7 HV Item8 ŒX Item9 ³a Item10 öc Item11 †f Item12 j Item13 äj Item14 ªk Item15 ^l Item16 m Item17 Àn Item18 q Item19 bz Item20 •| Item21 á| Item22 ,} Item23 w} Item24 ¸} Item25 •€ Item26 «… Item27 Õ† Item28 e‹ Item29 b Item30 ¡” Item31 …˜ Item32 ¹š Item33 ¦ Item34 ¡ Item35 bª Item36 •¬ Item37 ^¯ Item38 À± Item39 ¶² Item40 †³ Item41 :´ Item42 ò´ Item43 ªµ Item44 ^¶ Item45 · Item46 Õ· Item47 ý¸ Item48 ¯¹ Item49 fº Item50 » Item51 DÁ Item52 WÄ Item53 3Ì Item54 èÍ Item55 rÏ Item56 …Õ Item57 BÖ Item58 ÙÙ Item59 xÝ Item60 8Þ Item61 áÞ Item62 à Item63 ¯à Item64 Âá Item65 :ã Item66 ¿å Item67 ¹è Item68 3ê Item69 í Item70 ší Item71 7î Item72 øî Item73 ¿ï Item74 Øð Item75 ññ Item76 õò Item77 öó Item78 «ô Item79 `õ Item80 øõ Item81 —ö Item82 W÷ Item83 O Item84 ‚ Item85 l Item86 ½ Item87 l Item88 ¸ Item89 Ä Item90 í Item91 Item92 T Item93 Ô Item94 Item95 Q Item96 ! Item97 ì Item98 ƒ Item99 þ Item100 Item101 ° Item102 9" Item103 # Item104 â# Item105 «$ Item106 „% Item107 _& Item108 {+ Item109 F- Item110 / Item111 0 Item112 3 Item113 Ð4 Item114 „5 Item115 A6 Item116 p8 Item117 ·: Item118 ~; Item119 6< Item120 = Item121 Ê= Item122 „> Item123 >? Item124 ø? Item125 »@ Item126 nA Ite I attempted to share the first five lines of the sqm there. I think there may be issue with it saying I'm only using one or two apex pieces, when I'm using all apex and even parts of the DLCs. But no mods. And i'm trying to get rid of anything that makes it mod dependent. raP j version 5 EditorData – addons A3_Characters_F_Exp AddonsMetaData Š that line right there^ is the new line. Everything else is old edit: some of the initial characters did not carry over, so the lines your're looking at above are not accurately portraying what the sqm file says. Check out this thread on steam to see the full code: http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/1698294337765043855/?tscn=1521650752
  25. Hi, have a problem I've been trying to solve for several days but I do not know what to do anymore. I state that I have already created other modules and all working both locally and sever but this drives me crazy. In local it works perfectly but on the server NO. The script called by the module has also been tested on the server and it works great. (spawn civilians to x distance modules in map) Then I connected the script to the module (see config) and tested on the server and it works but when I added the first arguments with its variable _logic it does not work anymore on the server. No error, as if the config did not start the fn_ModuleCiv.sqf script. Sorry for my english. Illuminate me, Thanks Config class CfgPatches { class Gren_ModuleCiv { units[]={"Gren_ModuleCiv"}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Modules_F"}; version="2.0"; author="Grenadier"; }; }; class CfgFactionClasses { class NO_CATEGORY; class GRENADIER: NO_CATEGORY { displayName="GRENADIER"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Logic; class Module_F: Logic { class ArgumentsBaseUnits { class Units; }; class ModuleDescription; }; class Gren_ModuleCiv: Module_F // riga per singolo modulo { scope=2; author="Grenadier"; displayName="Modulo spawn civili"; dlc="Gren_Module_Civ"; icon="\Gren_ModuleCiv\icons\civilian.paa"; category="GRENADIER"; function="Gren_fnc_ModuleCiv"; isGlobal=0; isDisposable = 0; isTriggerActivated = 0; functionPriority = 1; class Arguments: ArgumentsBaseUnits { class Attiva_avv_civ { displayName="Distanza attivazione"; description="Decidi a quale distanza, in metri, il giocatore attiva il modulo"; typeName="Number"; defaultValue=500; }; }; class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription { description="$STR_Last_Service_description"; }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class Gren { class GRENADIER { file="\Gren_ModuleCiv\RSTAIx_G"; class ModuleCiv{}; }; }; }; Script //==== added this part the script on the server does not work private ["_logic", "_units", "_activated"]; private ["_Radius_activation"]; _logic = [_this,0,objNull,[objNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _units = [_this,1,[],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _activated = [_this,2,true,[true]] call BIS_fnc_param; missionNamespace setVariable ["Gren_ModuleCiv", _logic]; if (_activated) then { _Radius_activation = _logic getVariable ["Attiva_avv_civ",500]; }; //================== private ["_fulcro","_Radius_activation"]; _fulcro=_this select 0; _Origine = 0; _limit = 1; _ActiveFH = false; _Use_Mezzo = true; _Radius_Patrol = [50,75,100]; _limit_vehicle = [_limit+5,0] call BIS_fnc_cutDecimals; waituntil {((player distance _fulcro)<=_Radius_activation)}; _pos = getpos _fulcro; While {_Origine<_limit} do { _Raggio = floor random _Radius_Patrol; _DecMezzo = floor random _limit_vehicle; _DecEdifici = floor random 3; _Stanza = floor random 5; _NonMuovere = floor random 8; _myGroup = createGroup civilian; { _soldierName = _x select 0; _soldierRank = _x select 1; _soldato = ["C_man_1","C_man_polo_1_F","C_man_polo_2_F","C_man_polo_6_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _tempSoldier = _myGroup createUnit [ _soldato, _pos, [], 0, "FORM" ]; _tempSoldier setRank _soldierRank; _tempSoldier setVehicleVarName _soldierName; missionNamespace setVariable [ _soldierName, _tempSoldier ]; publicVariable _soldierName; }forEach [ [ "civ1", "SERGEANT" ], [ "civ2", "PRIVATE" ] ]; if (_DecMezzo ==0 && _Use_Mezzo) then { _veicolo = ["C_Offroad_01_F","C_Truck_02_transport_F","C_Van_01_transport_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _Raggio =_Raggio *5; _truck = _veicolo createVehicle getPos civ1; civ1 moveInDriver _truck; civ2 moveInCargo _truck; }; if ((_ActiveFH) AND (_DecEdifici==0) AND !(_DecMezzo ==0)) then { doStop [civ1, civ2]; civ1 setpos (nearestBuilding civ1 buildingPos _Stanza); civ2 setpos (nearestBuilding civ2 buildingPos _Stanza+2); } else{ if (_NonMuovere ==1) then {} else { if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "cba_main")) then{ [_mygroup, _mygroup, _Raggio, 5, "MOVE", "CARELESS", "WHITE", "LIMITED", "STAG COLUMN", "civ1 spawn CBA_fnc_searchNearby", [3,6,9]] call CBA_fnc_taskPatrol; } else { [_mygroup, getPos _fulcro, _Raggio] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; }; }; }; _Origine=_Origine+1; }; deletevehicle _fulcro;