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Found 59 results

  1. COMBAT REALISM SCRIPTS DESCRIPTION: Combat Realism Scripts is a totally addon-free set of light weight scripts for Arma 3 which enhance the gameplay in your mission. Features are SP, MP, and Dedicated compatible. Script will deactivate itself if it detects ACE running. VIDEO: SCREENSHOTS: N/A FEATURES: Features listed in italic font are not yet developed Backblast - Knocks down & severely injures those in your backblast radius Cookoff Deafness Disposable Launchers - Single-use disposable launchers Flashbang - RGN Grenade acts as a flashbang; also blinds AI Flashlight - Simply plays a sound when you toggle your flashlight/laser Fragmentation Grenade - RGO Grenades spew shrapnel upon detonation Hand Flares Holster Weapon - You can holster your sidearm/sling rifle on your back Interact Medical System STFU CARL - Mutes your character's voice Shoulder Tap Surrender - You can surrender. You are released when a friendly is <3m away Tactical Hand Gestures - Perform tactical hand gestures Tactical Point - Player points at what he's Tactical Pinging Tear Gas Weapons Animations - Appropriate animations when mounting/dismounting attachments Weapon Jamming - Rare chance for weapon to jam while firing Weapon Safety - Switch weapon to safe, to help prevent negligent discharges Wire Cutters More features may get added to the list. All features can be easily configured / disabled by the mission designer. TO DO LIST: Improve/rewrite current features (They're mostly proof of concept and need to be expanded upon) Add the features listed in italic font KNOWN BUGS: Post-process effects do not reset after being backblasted Weapon attachment animations play when moving attachment into/out of container CREDITS: Phronk: Script Creator Bohemia Interactive: Sounds, models, textures, animations TESTERS: Chaser (ATCAG) KingCarter (ATCAG) Phoenix (ATCAG) PRYMSUSPEC (22.NOV.2017) Version: 0.1 Size: 22 KB DOWNLOAD LINK - (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Steam Workshop - Unavailable) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Armaholic) CHANGE-LOG: (22.NOV.2017) - v0.1 Initial release
  2. Hello! I have been trying to make a wheelchair (Yes a wheelchair!) go faster (It currently goes about 12-14 km/h) I would like it to go 200 km/h. I can´t figure it out my self, I have tested to use "limitSpeed" and "setVelocity" but the problem is that I am not really so good at scripting so I would like to get some help to get it the script to work. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, It's quite annoying when someone else has used the gunner seat of a Heli, offsetting its position, and you later decide to Manual Fire from the pilot's seat and have a misaligned gun. I've been putting a lot of effort into setting up a script that can deal with this via a User Action, however I'm getting a few errors. A few of them are about missing " ) ", " ] ", " ; " (though I have done my best to never leave these out, including using a bracket checker plugin), or invalid variables (which is probably because it's checking a variable before it's set). To summarise, when a player pilot is in an armed Heli, they shall get a user action to centre the turret. This will have either the current AI or a temporary, invisible AI in the gunner seat target a spawned marker in front of the vehicle (if a player is in the seat it won't affect them). I currently have five six files in relation to this. EDIT: Below has been updated to the latest working script - If you get errors make sure there's no invisible characters using Word It requires CBA mission.Malden\init.sqf mission.Malden\description.ext mission.Malden\functions\functions.hpp mission.Malden\functions\fn_centreTurret.hpp mission.Malden\functions\fn_allowCentreTurret.sqf mission.Malden\functions\fn_turretDir.sqf Currently, unit spawning, marker generation and AI watching are working as intended, however the user action does not appear and if i set off turretdir.sqf manually ( [] execVM "turretdir.sqf"; ) it errors. EDIT: All working as intended. I'm not as proficient at SQF scripting as I'd like to be, so I've probably made some very obvious mistakes. Any help setting this up correctly and optimising would be appreciated. I will keep trying in the meantime.
  4. Hi All, First time on these forums. I've created a unoptimized script that clears roads of obstacles to make it easier for AI to navigate past the clutter. It works to clear the roads but takes so damn long to execute. Any ideas here? Basically, the script works by looking for all roads within a radius then obtains all the nearest objects on that road and hides them. //0 = [player,1000,10] execvm "clearroad.sqf"; //here's what to put in the init.sqf //item 1 is the object that will be the center e.g. player //item 2 is the radius where all the roads that will be impacted e.g. 1000m around the player //item 3 is the area of the road that will be cleared e.g. 10 meters of road to be cleared _pos = _this select 0; _radius = _this select 1; _radius2 = _this select 2; _roadList= getpos _pos nearroads _radius; _notobjects = []; _i = 1; _arraycount = count _roadList; while {_i < _arraycount} do { _arr = nearestObjects [getpos (_roadList select _i), [], _radius2]; _arr2 = nearestterrainObjects [getpos (_roadList select _i), [], _radius2]; _notobjects = _notobjects + _arr + _arr2; _i = _i + 1; }; {hideobject _x} foreach _notobjects; kind regards, Lemon
  5. Gentlemen, I finally got around to turn a script collection into a addon, ready to be uploaded to steam. I however need to provide the user with a ingame/eden editor module interface so the user can adjust the settings of the script/addon before i can release the addon in order to make it customizable. E.g. disable feature 1 from spawning, increasing the amount of times feature 2 spawns, define classnames for an array and so on. I have unsuccessfully tried to wrap my head around this wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules I get the example from the wiki above to work in Eden Editor, however, I get quite lost when trying to adapt this example or create a new module from scratch for my addon. What do I want to do: Let the addon user define variables in Eden Editor that will then be executed accordingly in the features of my addon according to these settings. I want to have a "module - mask" per feature that lets the user change or set variables that have so far been defined and altered in a settings.sqf. (see below spoiler) As an example for the feature that spawns Banditcamps: the below variables need to pass on as true, false or representing a number, so once a feature is executed, it can access these variables with the desired values. Ideally i am looking for a template with a few options to enter a number, and a few options for true/false and one or two to enter a string (classnames, or marker names for arrays). Any help, insights or link to alternative guides is greatly appreciated!=) cheers Vd

    Scripts Discussion

    Scripts Discussion Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Scripts used alongside Ravage Mod. For anyone who has interest on scripting : I also suggest to follow , the BIS Forum Members below , who really help and share their work and knowledge : # the list is off course on random. https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/900806-pierremgi/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/770615-larrow/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/832107-grumpy-old-man/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/773718-hazj/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/842941-davidoss/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/906542-schatten/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/759255-mrcurry/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/792430-dedmen/ I thank personally and public , this members , for everything so far. An updated List will be available here : List : 1.GF Unit Spawner Script
  7. Hi, all Does anyone have a copy of these scripts, both by General Barron, they'd be happy to share? The latest version of the custom formation script is 1.5 - I am unsure what the latest version of the squad rush script is. Thank you!
  8. I've been using this script for some time by JohnO that I stumbled across in some forums and I made it a point to make his script even better! This is a good script to use to make any survival scenario better! As In my case I use this script with my Ravage releases. The Script: Changelog/ edit notes: v1.5 JohnO- Removed legacy fatigue settings and put new stamina settings in v2.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - added colorization of effects to make them more "appealing" v2.5 MuRaZorWitchKING - made script compatible with Ravage fireplaces that the player can place on ground v3.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - tweaked distances required to be from fireplaces/buildings for warmth v4.0 MuRaZorWitchKING - added in land vehicles being another form of covering for players to use for warmth so buildings and fires aren't relied upon Readme: In Order to use the script you need to have an init.sqf file that needs this script loaded into it in order for it to be used. In order for the script to work properly you ARE going to need the classnames of the list of clothing you are wanting to use for the player to get cold in. READ THIS: The classnames that you add into the script ARE THE COLD CLOTHING, everything listed will be a cold outfit, everything NOT listed will NOT be a cold outfit. THESE CLASSNAMES NEED TO BE FILLED OUT BY YOU: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ //Civilian "", //Soldier "", //Guarilla "", ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Once you figure out the classname of the outfit for example "U_C_Journalist" then you will place the name inside the "" and you will separate each item with a comma as seen in the example. If you want a FULL release of the script (filled out with all the classnames) I will be happy to help, this is more of a very simple layout, and should be taken as such, this script is for YOU to customize to your scenario/map wants and needs. ///////VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Please take note this is NOT my script, this is just someone else's work that I have revamped for a re-release. If the original author of the script no longer wants this up, this post WILL be removed. I hope you all enjoy this, JohnO did an amazing job on the script and is the original Author of it, I just thought it deserved a little more tweaking and a re-release. :) PLEASE REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDITS TO ORIGINAL AUTHOR: JohnO Link to Author's Original release: https://www.exilemod.com/topic/7717-detrimental-weather-effects-script/ ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Update for Frigid water Settings The Script: Simply add this script into your init.sqf in order to use it :) //PLEASE READ: YOU ARE FREE TO EDIT THIS SCRIPT, CHANGE IT WHICH WAY YOU WANT, BUT I WOULD LIKE CREDITS PLEASE. @GEORGE FLOROS GR Also helped me correct my errors after typing this script, couldn't of done it without this guy! ////NOTES: Both of these scripts are compatible with one another and work greatly paired together. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hypothermia Script / Severe Weather based off of JohnO's weather effects script: Simply put the script in your init.sqf for it to be initialized. Please Read: This script is based off the Detrimental weather effects script by JohnO, so similarities will exist, as I used Detrimental Weather effects as a template for this script. this script uses wetness as a buildable value that can build up to a deadly level and can leave you with Hypothermia... You will need shelter, fire, and of course you will need to stay out of rough weather... This script is only active is severe weather storms, if the weather isn't above a factor of 0.6 then this script will not be called... This script is for a severe weather system only, unless edited. All three scripts seem to work together, I cannot say this is for sure or certain, but in the playtime I have been using them I have seen them work... In order to get all three to work together you must edit out all the "_rainLevel" lines in the weather effects script... So both scripts aren't searching for "rain". ALL FOUR SCRIPTS COMBINED MAKE FOR AN EXTREMELY REACTIVE WORLD THAT IS TOUGH TO SURVIVE IN. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Simple "Cold Altitude" script:
  9. Hi all: Maybe everyone have complained about AI aim is too accurate, but I got a opposite problem. It’s usually happened in my mission,AI has poor aim performance in mid range , like 2 squad shot each other I see them used more than 6 mags then may able to kill one of the enemy.....so I wonder is any scripts able to make it’s must be hit targets during the complex shot time(like among each 10 shots must contain one time shot able to on target) Then still any way able to let AI fire the weapon and also keep moving but not stand or lay down?(like AI move forward and firing in same time) Thanks for help.
  10. This is a complete script tool suite Bohemia Interactive's game engine used in ARMA II and ARMA 3. Poseidon Tools supports all text files (Scripts & configs) used by the Real Virtuality. Initially, this project was named "BI PTE" (BI Plain Text Editor) and was renamed Poseidon Tools when it was publicly released, in august 2013. So, the name, Poseidon Tools, is a tribute to the very first version of the Real Virtuality engine, "Poseidon", which is the base of all the Arma series. Latest announcement: Version 0.994.211 Features Project management Instant Project Switch Distraction Free Mode and full screen Split Editing (Can display up to four file on the same screen) Auto Completion (based on commands and existing text in the file) Current and parent brackets highlight Persistent sessions Snippets (eg: file header, control structures, game functions etc…) Syntax highlighter (for SQF (from ofp to arma 3), SQM, HPP, CPP, EXT…) Full support of SQF & SQS, XML, Cpp, CFG, RPT Can open RPT from the menu (Arma 3, Arma 3 diagnostic, Arma 2…) Can open SQM, BIEDI with Arma 3 Magic key F8 File diff Support of Mikero Tools Support of Arma 3 Tools Refresh the opened files everytime you get back to it Macro creation Documentation link and so on… Notes Some features require Arma 3 Tools installed; Every new release require a full clean install; Some other features require Mikero Tools installed; This is not an official tool, use at your own risks; Documentation is here: http://tom4897.info/projects/poseidon-tools/ I urge you to read the documentation and especially the shortcuts list Download Poseidon Tools @ tom4897.info - 0.994.211 Poseidon Tools @ armaholic.com - 0.994.209 Thanks Sublime Text devs, JonBons, Yourry, RawLine, Arma3.fr, Bohemia Interactive, The community, Arma2-wiki.fr, Armaholic, Arto, Tigerforce, Colin T.A. Gray, Will Bond, Lord, Noubernou, Mikero, Private Nelson, Sho
  11. As the title says, I'm needing help calling a script once the character touches the surface of water, I have tried calling in the script from a game logic module but when I attempt that on the intro of the mission the script is running and it begins and it bugs out, any help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if it's as simple as // while {surfaceiswater (getPos Player)} do {execVM "Coldwaters.sqf";// or some type of call like that, but I keep getting errors in my expressions as I don't know the syntax very well, thanks! If it cannot be called by a Gamelogic module then I'll be needing help with inserting the call at the beginning of the script as well. :)
  12. Good guys, I would like you to help me with this script: It turns out that I made this script with the purpose that when a unit is eliminated depending on the side it is, it does an action, but I do not know what it would be doing wrong. this script if it worked as it wanted in dedicated server: FAM_DeadCivilianCount = 0; publicVariable "FAM_DeadCivilianCount"; { if (side _x == Civilian && _x iskindof "Man") then { _x addEventHandler ["killed", { ["Civil", ["Han Matado un Civil. Penzalización -2 Puntos!"]] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_showNotification"]; FAM_DeadCivilianCount = FAM_DeadCivilianCount + 2; publicvariable "FAM_DeadCivilianCount"; }]; }; } foreach allunits; But when I combine it in this way for the other side: FAM_DeadCivilianCount = 0; FAM_DeadPlayerCount = 0; FAM_DeadPEnemyCount = 0; publicVariable "FAM_DeadCivilianCount"; publicVariable "FAM_DeadPlayerCount"; publicVariable "FAM_DeadPEnemyCount"; { if (side _x == Civilian && _x iskindof "Man") then { _x addEventHandler ["killed", { ["Civil", ["Han Matado un Civil. Penzalización -2 Puntos!"]] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_showNotification"]; FAM_DeadCivilianCount = FAM_DeadCivilianCount + 2; publicvariable "FAM_DeadCivilianCount"; }]; } else { if (side player == WEST && player iskindof "Man") then { player addEventHandler ["killed", { ["JugadorDead", ["Miembro de equipo Muerto. Penzalización -1 Puntos!"]] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_showNotification"]; FAM_DeadPlayerCount = FAM_DeadPlayerCount + 1; publicvariable "FAM_DeadPlayerCount"; }]; }; } else { if (side _x == EAST && _x iskindof "Man") then { if (FAM_DeadPEnemyCount == 20) then { publicVariable "FAM_DeadPEnemyCount"; objetivoTareaTres = objetivoTareaTres + 2; publicVariable "objetivoTareaTres"; ["tareaTres", ["20 Enemigos Muertos. Reciben 2 Puntos!"]] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_showNotification"]; //hint str cash; }; _x addEventHandler ["killed", { ["JugadorDead", ["Miembro de equipo Muerto. Penzalización -1 Puntos!"]] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_showNotification"]; FAM_DeadPEnemyCount = FAM_DeadPEnemyCount + 1; publicVariable "FAM_DeadPEnemyCount"; }]; }; }; } foreach allunits; It throws me an error and I would like to know how they help me in Server to work correctly. thanks and regards.
  13. Hello I am REALLY bad at doing scripts, I tried looking for a way to add a custom alarm to and object that will be able to set off via scroll wheel by anyone... I could really use some help.
  14. Hey guys, I recently started mission making again and found three of the older scripts I used before very useful for my new mission, but I won't work. I don't get any errors in the server logs but players are still able to access vehicles which should be restricted. I would appreciate any help on this: this is the first one called pilotCheck.sqf: _AllowPilots = ["rhsusf_army_ocp_helipilot", "rhsusf_army_ocp_helicrew"]; while {true} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; alive player}; if (!((typeof player) in _AllowPilots)) then { private "_v"; while {alive player} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player != player}; _v = vehicle player; if (_v isKindOf "Helicopter" && !(_v isKindOf "ParachuteBase")) then { if (driver _v == player) then { player action ["eject", _v]; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player == player}; player action ["engineOff", _v]; hint "You must be a pilot to fly!\nJoin Us @ http://fox-command.de/"; }; }; }; } else { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; !alive player}; }; }; second called foxlock.sqf: /* Checks if the player attempting to get in pilot seat is both a pilot and is whitelisted in the _SOAR list of player UIDs. Add more UIDs to the list as follows ["UID", "nextuid", "lastuid"] Use with care, [FOX] EiQuantumXo */ _SOAR = [/* Fox Command Unit Last Updated: Friday, 31st Aug., 2018 Updated By: [FOX] EinQuantumXo, Julien] */ "765xxxxxxxxxxx294"/* xxx*/, "765xxxxxxxxxxx938"/* xxx*/, "765xxxxxxxxxxx896"/* xxx */ ]; _AirRoles = ["rhsusf_army_ocp_helipilot", "rhsusf_army_ocp_helicrew"]; _RestrictAir = ["B_AH9_F", "O_Ka60_F", "RHS_UH60M__MEV_d", "RHS_AH64D", "RHS_CH_47F_light"]; while {true} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; alive player}; if (!((getPlayerUID player) in _SOAR) && ((typeof player) in _AirRoles)) then { private "_v"; while {alive player} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player != player}; _v = vehicle player; _t = typeof _v; if (_t in _RestrictAir) then { if (driver _v == player) then { player action ["eject", _v]; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player == player}; player action ["engineOff", _v]; hint "Authorized FOX Pilots Only!\nJoin Us @ http://fox-command.de/"; }; }; }; } else { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; !alive player}; }; }; third called foxlock2.sqf (isn't used actively): /* Checks if the player attempting to get in driver seat of armed vehicles is whitelisted in the _SOAR list of player UIDs. Add more UIDs to the list as follows ["UID", "nextuid", "lastuid"] Use with care, [FOX] EiQuantumXo, Julien] */ _SOAR = [/* Fox Command Unit Last Updated: Friday, 31st Aug., 2018 Updated By: [FOX] EinQuantumXo, Julien] */ "765xxxxxxxxxxx294"/* xxx */, "765xxxxxxxxxxx938"/* xxx */, "765xxxxxxxxxxx896"/* xxx */ ]; _RestrictLandSea = ["B_Hunter_HMG_F", "B_Hunter_RCWS_F", "B_SpeedBoat", "O_Ifrit_MG_F", "O_Ifrit_GMG_F", "O_SpeedBoat"]; while {true} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; alive player}; if !((getPlayerUID player) in _SOAR) then { private "_v","_t"; while {alive player} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player != player}; _v = vehicle player; _t = typeof _v; if (_t in _RestrictLandSea) then { if ((driver _v == player) or (gunner _v == player)) then { player action ["eject", _v]; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; vehicle player == player}; player action ["engineOff", _v]; hint "Authorized FOX Drivers/Gunners Only!\nJoin Us @ http://fox-command.de/"; }; }; }; } else { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; !alive player}; }; }; I call them through the init of every playable unit with this code: nul = [] execVM "pilotCheck.sqf"; nul = [] execVM "foxlock.sqf"; nul = [] execVM "foxlock2.sqf"; this addMPEventHandler ["mprespawn",{nul = [] execVM "pilotCheck.sqf"; nul = [] execVM "foxlock.sqf"; nul = [] execVM "foxlock2.sqf";}]; Thanks for reading and helping, greetings Quantum
  15. Hey. I have one problem. How to make Insignia work properly. this works just fine as long as you're alive. But when the player dies and then spawn again that insignia is gone. how to fix this bug?
  16. i am a noob, i know that. im trying to create a server side addon that i can put my scripts/functions in. i have a test setup that is just supposed to do hello world. can someone please tell me what im doing wrong. thank you for any help. image of my current setup. https://imgur.com/a/cfRcA3i
  17. Hi guys I got some problems, Is there any way to call land crops as support units just like the showcase,if I need help I can call them from command menu and them will move to my location. Then ,the second problem,is there any scripts which effectively let plane drop bombs? In fact, I use DAS air support mod for long time but after the last update this mod sometimes not work ,planes only able to drop LGBs to target highlighted by laser and still only with a single bomb,I just wonder some ways able let plane drop more bombs in once time. Thanks
  18. So basically, I was wondering if there is any way to add a role into my server, where a player can control static AA such as a Praetorian or Centurion from their UAV terminal? Is there any script that would allow this to work on the server?
  19. GF Use Every Uniform by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: GF Use Every Uniform , a simple example on how to. You are free to do anything but i would like to give me Credits for this! Simple and easy to use and adapt . Have Fun ! Installation / Usage: For usage instructions and information of how to use the GF Use Every Uniform, please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission. Place in your mission the files . There is everything included , in the example mission , to copy paste in your mission . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQF_syntax Don't try to open this with the simple notepad. For everything that is with comment // in front or between /* means that it is disabled , so there is no need to delete the extra lines. You can open this ex: with notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and also use the extra pluggins (this way will be better , it will give also some certain colours to be able to detect ex. problems ) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680 or use any other program for editing . For the Compilation List of my GF Scripts , you can search in: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215850-compilation-list-of-my-gf-scripts/ Notes: It is just a simple example ,how to be able, to use every Uniform , from every side. You have to put a Civilian in the editor and then link him with another AI , from the desired side. You can copy the example (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) to your mission. It's working with every addon. Credits and Thanks to : Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: v1.0 Forum topic: - Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=40096 Armaholic GF Use Every Uniform
  20. Interesting problem I know. It probably is something quite simple but I can't figure it out. Now, I'm fairly new to scripting (about six months) so I'm not 100% sure what I should do. The basic premise is that the player has a UAV with an M136 launcher on it. The drone then fires that launcher. Got that part down. I've even got it so that the drone rearms when it goes back to "Home". Now, what I'd like to do is to have the players rearm it in the field. They can have a launcher on their back, bring the drone to them and then attach the launcher onto the drone. The drone has a new launcher and the player looses theirs. Here is the code that I have so far. I know that it must be very simple but any help is very much welcome in advance. For you're consideration, I'm using ACE, CBA, RHS (All four modules) and more quality of life mods. Nothing that would effect scripting in any way.
  21. On the wiki for execVM is says: "The script is first searched for in the mission folder, then in the campaign scripts folder and finally in the global scripts folder." I read and and then tried adding a simple hello.sqf waitUntil {player == player}; hint "Hello!"; into ".....\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\[current profile]\scripts\ folder" and a 0 = execVM "hello.sqf"; in the init field of the player. But it come back with a 'can't find' message. I've tried various other folders at random. Has anyone got this working in Arma3. Have I missed something simple?
  22. Hi everyone, I don't know how to get script created markers to show up in my dialog's map control other then using "onMapSingleClick". When I create a marker by script it shows up in the in-game map but when I open my dialog the marker does not show up in the dialog map control. Can anyone help me out ? I've searched the internet for any post about this but couldn't find anything. Cheers.
  23. ARMA 3 my issue is i have a custom script for store items my store works great so far but i have a issue where when i buy a item it will take my money even without giving me the object i am trying to buy because of no space in inventory i have a working store script & a working (check inventory script) i was wondering if i am able to merge the two scripts ??? any help would be great TY ALSO: the items i am calling are for Ravage Mod (if that matters) *MY: init.sqf: money = 0; * Player addaction/unit/custom store TRIGGER: this addAction ["(Tent Folded) $500","scripts\store_systems\gear\gear(TentFolded).sqf"]; *Item/store/ script NAME: gear(TentFolded).sqf *Item/store/ SCRIPT(please help merge the 2 scripts below this line)####### _cost=500; if(money >= _cost) then { money=money-_cost; hint "-$500", player additem "rvg_foldedTent"; }else{ hint "You Need More $$$"; }; *Script i have for checking carry weight (works alone off same trigger when added to My gear(TentFolded).sqf) if (player canAdd "rvg_foldedTent") then { player addItem "rvg_foldedTent"; } else { hint "Not enough space"; };
  24. ok guys all i want when player enables the earplugs go to disabling earplugs. i have manage to eneable earplugs but i cant disable i dont know what i did wrong if somebody can help _a = 0; // call enableEarplugs; enableEarplugs = { removeAllActions player; player addaction ["Enable Earplugs","earplugsPutIn.sqf"]; }; disableEarplugs = { removeAllActions player; player addaction ["Disable Earplugs","earplugsTakeOut.sqf"]; }; if(_a isEqualto 0) then { _disableEarPlugsVariable = [""] call disableEarplugs; _a = 1; }; if(_a isEqualto 1) then { _enableEarPlugsVariable = [""] call enableEarplugs; _a = 0; };
  25. To cut it short since im a bit tired, i've run across peopel abusing their admin powers in Arma 3 Zeus of the Official Servers in an pretty much (what i would guess) permanently bannable way. I dont know if BIS is already aware of it and working on a fix but there are Admins using a Script (the one which'sName ive found out is called jam.) which they can copy paste into the Admin Console that activates a 3rd Party anti-Player kind of thing which kicks Players of the Server that are on something like a Blacklist and also keeps them kicked as long as the Server wont be restarted. If i understand this right since apparently i am on that list now too, an server i have played on had that activated and the admin was being extremely abusive with his powers. So ive asked the Players if we could vote a new Admin who isnt using his powers to troll and annoy us with ear raping Sounds, GBU's spawning ontop of us, him activating himself God Mode etc. has gotten that Admin angry and he put me on that Blacklist. Now after that has happend and apparently many peopel use that script when becoming admin, i get automatically "kick-bannend" for asking peopel on another server to vote for a new not abusive admin. Is that fair? No. Does that offend the Terms of Service Contract they're bounded to? I defently think so. My Question now that i want to PLEASE have answered is, if there is a way to get such Scripts bannable and removed from the Game since basically peopel something like "permanently" ban you from Zeus for trying to stop them from abusing their Powers ON OFFICIALY NOT TO THEM BELONGING SERVERS. Kind regards -Daniel DE Also excuse my broken english/gramma but im tired as hell coming home after an hard week having to deal with such bs. That kinda of fucks your Brain pretty badly.