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  1. I tried to add damage textures to my tankX vehicle following the wiki, but i found the collision between physX object (vehicles) and Non-physX object (player) stopping running after tank destroyed, it seemed as if Geometry_LOD had been removed from the vehicle. it is not occurred in my wheeled vehicles. the only way i found for this issue is to make a standalone wreckage model in a new p3d with new geometry LOD, and attach it with Main p3d by proxy, just like the vanilla Tanks, it is very inconvenient and the camo of wreckage cant be changed when the camo of vehicle model is changed.
  2. Solved by copying Memory LOD form AFV-4 , but i still dont know which memory points are particular for amphibious vehicles Also, i had rewrited the model.cfg and CfgVehicles, but nothing change before i copied Memory LOD form AFV-4 Memory point my wheeled APC used to solve the issue Momery LOD my tracked APC used, also my Wheeled APC used before(just remove some wheel axis/bounds)
  3. I try to add memoryPointsLeftEngineEffect="EngineEffectL"; memoryPointsRightEngineEffect="EngineEffectR"; to my config and memory point, does not work
  4. I copy the PhysX part of APC_Wheeled_03 (AFV_4 in game) for my Wheeled APC, and followed all the steps of ShipX on the BIS wiki, everything working fine, but it does only floats (always keep on the speed of 8km/h when floats) does not steer or accelerate in the water(No propelling force, No friction, just like a space ship lose power in outer space) I had tried to copy the PhysX part form BTR80 of RHS, also not work, (not the problem of PhysX i guess) (Important)Also, my animations what use the sources of "InWater" "propeller" does not work, like the game dont think my APC is floating on the water I have made one successful Tracked Amphibious Vehicles before use the PhysX from BMP3 of RHS CfgVehicle: https://pastebin.com/uZrniYr3 PhysX.hpp: https://pastebin.com/E2Fv0vev buoyancy=1 was added to the geometry LOD and geometry_physX LOD (i confirmed it deterministically)
  5. CN_Lurker_1011

    Textures cause extreme FPS lagging

    thanks a lot, it worked it is the first time i'd heard of " sections" after i made 8 vehicles for my New PLA mod
  6. T100 My custom vehicle 1 34600 faces in totall ( 58000 tris) 2* 4096*4096 textures 2* 2040-2048 textures 1* 1024*1024 textures 1* 512*512 textures More faces, high resolution textures , But high FPS My custom vehicle 2 18377 faces in totall ( 31388 tris) No 4096*4096 textures 3* 2040-2048 textures 1* 1024*1024 textures 1* 512*512 textures less faces lower resolution textures, But unbelievable FPS FPS would be increased if i remove all the textures If i work in a wrong way, both of my custom vehicles could encounter same problem, but not
  7. CN_Lurker_1011

    Texture on tracks issue

    T100 My custom tank (ZTQ15) With 49 ERAs applied, ERAs can be hide after hit My custom IFV(ZBD04A), imported into AA3 yesterday
  8. CN_Lurker_1011

    Texture on tracks issue

    But some of my vehicles can cause an extreme FPS lagging, My game can run at 100+FPS even i spawn 10+ T100 (R5 5600X is a very good CPU for Arma3), but get 40+FPS if i spawn only three of my modding vehicles(such as the vehicle in the screenshot above), FPS can be increased if i remove all crews.
  9. CN_Lurker_1011

    Texture on tracks issue

    Ok,i found the answer in our forums, select the face and click the Move top
  10. Screenshot: everyone know how to fix the issue in the red cycle radically, i use blender with Arma toolsbox
  11. Main code: MOI=16; dampingRate=1; dampingRateInAir=1; My entire physX.hpp : https://pastebin.com/SCB9N5UJ screenshot: memory points and wheels
  12. CN_Lurker_1011

    Gunfire smoke is locked

    Ok, Resolved, usti hlavne is not assigned to the otocHlaven in the memory LOD...
  13. CN_Lurker_1011

    Gunfire smoke is locked

    model.cfg https://pastebin.com/HdmzHtrh cfgvehicles.hpp https://pastebin.com/8jpxNaAt
  14. Screenshot of bug Memory point: Maingun : usti hlavne konec hlavne coax :usti hlavne3 konec hlavne3 obsgun: usti hlavne2 konec hlavne2