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  1. Screenshot of bug Memory point: Maingun : usti hlavne konec hlavne coax :usti hlavne3 konec hlavne3 obsgun: usti hlavne2 konec hlavne2
  2. CN_Lurker_1011

    Gunfire smoke is locked

    Ok, Resolved, usti hlavne is not assigned to the otocHlaven in the memory LOD...
  3. CN_Lurker_1011

    Gunfire smoke is locked

    model.cfg https://pastebin.com/HdmzHtrh cfgvehicles.hpp https://pastebin.com/8jpxNaAt
  4. I want to use the sound config of official Tank like MBT_01(Merkava) MBT_02(T100) MBT_03(MBT52) for my custom tank, but i cant find the Sound config files and i dont know how to attach it to my mod (Only found the official *.wss of inbuild tanks) Anyone know How to use inbuild sound.hpp directly, or where is it? I do not want to rewrite the sound.hpp of arma samples and test the codes one by one
  5. CN_Lurker_1011

    Sound config issues

    got it, it is located in the sound_f, a config.bin including all the vehicles...
  6. Where is the model.cfg of official vehicles (e.g. T100 M2A1) located in? i try to learn modding from Arma sample files, but i found there are many problems in the sample tank (Test_Tank_01) and i cant fix them, than i try to debinarize the official P3d and config.cpp but did not find anything about model.cfg.
  7. CN_Lurker_1011

    model.cfg issues

    Question solved(XD), the model.cfg inside the p3d can be read directly by Eliteness of mikero's Dos Tools....thanks for your information