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  1. This is an assumption, I may be wrong.... Having problems with high numbers of players (50-60) which comes about on free weekends. Server itself is not overloaded, missions being run have been proved before in the past with more than these player numbers....seems to be a battleye server issue not coping with the players. Been happening on and off over the weekend. My thoughts. If possible Can you increase the BE server capacity whilst these free weekends are running yplease.
  2. terox

    Mission load path

    you could create a symbolic link to your user folder, only downside to that is server will only load missions from there.
  3. terox

    Mission load path

    If this is a dedicated server then........ server runs missions from "***arma3 root***/mpmissions folder They have to be either 1) Manually selected by a logged in admin 2) Automatically loaded in a cycle using the " class Missions { }; " listing in your ******.cfg file found in your arma3 root folder You can run a mission from here that has not been pbo'd ie still in an unpacked folder which you can copy over from your user folder No Idea if TADST does this differently as i have never used it
  4. terox


    Their server. If your not happy the way they run things, you have 3 choices Use another server Run your own server Stop playing The one thing that wont help you is complaining on a forum that is specifically for Server admins and server administration expecting sympathy from the very people that give you a free gaming platform using their own time and efforts and often at their own expense.
  5. you should post your rpt into pastebin, not have a downloadable linbk for it. Have you tried debugging your issue as described in this thread ? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/172834-tutorial-debugging-server-issues-eg-not-loading-correctly/
  6. terox

    Mission name standard

    this was initially attempted in OFP, there was never an agreement because of Linux capitalisation issues and spaces. The general concensus was mission type tag ..... co, ad add an @ if it uses addons player numbers ..... 03, 99 (precede numbers less than 10 with a 0) mission name ..... whatever version v01 example co 03 mymission v01 co@ 03 mymission v01 and to keep the field empty in the mission.sqm/editor that overides the filename This way the overall decision making of which mission to load eg Mission type Minimum number of player slots required was easy to navigate for the admin when selecting a mission and tidied everthing up ideally this should have been implemented in the mission editor so a template filename system, could be automated it never happened Mission devs would create the following filename in the mission editor co_03_mymission_v01...... to save that ridiculous anbd still existing c0%2003%20mymission%20 etc etc then the server dev could quickly remove all the underscores with a mass file rename tool and jobs done
  7. well the mission you loaded requires an addon the server is not running whether you think it is or not. It isn't. So go through your -mod line looking for syntax issues etc with the mod line, the mod folder etc maybe -mod=@mod1;@mod2;mod3;mod4;@zombies -servermod=@inidb2 . should be -mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3;@mod4;@zombies -servermod=@inidb2 . if you used the non official but commonly followed mod folder naming convention, eg each mod folder starts with an "@"
  8. it is defined in the mission file in the description.ext
  9. Need all the rpt file not just the bit you think is important. Forget the steam hasnt initialised bit, thats normal So can do nothing but guess.... If you can find a similar line in your rpt file.. Then your server has fully loaded it is just not been seen by the outside world, most likely 1) Firewall/port issue 2) It isnt reading the .cfg you think it is and is showing to the outside world but not with the server name from the cfg that didnt load Please follow this guide and if you still cannot get your server to show up then add the requested information at the end of that thread
  10. Follow this especially the mod section If still stuck follow this If still stuck do as the debugging tutorial asks and paste that info here..
  11. terox

    Server name robbed

    Speak to those running the servers
  12. terox

    Servers/ Groups for new player

    If you want to get into multiplayer I would advise you download teamspeak. This still is the main hub of most established communities. When connecting to a new server the first thing you should ask for is their teamspeak address and then join it. That alone will have a positive effect on your experience and the admins and players established within that community are more likely to warm to you and help you. The worst thing a new player can do is come onto our servers, not even attempt to communicate, not respond to requests to communicate and have no clue what to do because they don't ask..... This then leads to an admin having to kick them off as they drive blindly into an enemy AO about to wreck a coop mission. This spoils the fun for the players trying to immerse into the mission and puts a dark cloud over arma gaming from the newcomers perspective. Your obviously not that kind of player Michael, you've just proved that by posting your question on here. You are welcome on our servers on our public gaming nights if it fits in with your time zone and am sure you will be welcomed on all the other milsim servers out there due to your positive approach.
  13. you are trying to load a mod that requires another mod, you need to install the required mod or remove the mod that requires it, no other way
  14. proving a vanilla server with only vanilla content should be your first step. No point in even trying a custom mission until you can achieve stability at the base level