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  1. bn880

    Bn880's Tracers V1.0

    ^ I approve 😄 and thank you RozekPoland! 😎 (To clarify it was more of an adaptation than a fix by Rozek, there was no bug with the initial release it was all on purpose. 😉 )
  2. Thank you Snake Man, nice gesture, I'm sure everyone will enjoy that huge terrain from a huge talent. And RIP Bushlurker. :(
  3. Job Title: Software Designer - Prague Position Description: Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is looking for a full-time software Designer to join the team in Prague to work on the Virtual Battlespace (VBS) flagship product. A Designer uses the mission editor, BISim’s VBS scripting, configuration files and other resources to plan, add, or modify features and content to VBS. It should be noted that--although occasional scenario development in the mission editor is required--the majority of the Designer's job will involve working with "code" (scripting and configuration files). In other words, a Designer's job includes much more in scripting and project analysis than it includes in mission editor usage. Key Areas of Responsibility: Focus on the end-user-experience, while working towards paid customer deliverables. Create and review project analyses and plans based on customer requirements. Develop scripted components using VBS/ArmA scripting language. Develop graphical user interfaces (dialogs). Repair and maintain existing scripted systems. Liaise with artists, programmers, content creators, QA, and sound engineers to effect necessary changes or fixes outside of Designer’s role or qualification. Document all work from beginning to end, including analyses, in-line code comments, and final implementation. Occasionally represent BISim to customers at events such as Government Acceptance Tests, military training sessions, or industry trade shows (typically as part of a team). Reporting to: Design Department Lead and Prague Team Lead. Desired Skills and Attributes: Be self-motivated. Be a team player; willing to work in a fast-paced environment while respecting the chain of command and established standards. Be requirement-focused; work to achieve customer or company requirements. Enjoy problem solving. Be comfortable with the Arma/VBS scripting language and configuration files. Have a professional or modding background in the ArmA/VBS community. Have some experience with other game engines and their pipeline. Experience using a number of collaborative and communication tools (eg: Skype, Google Docs, Confluence, JIRA, SVN). Capable of working within an Agile and Modified Waterfall development team/methodology. Education & Experience: 2+ Years developing modules or complex scenarios in ArmA or VBS, OR 2+ Years experience at military training center utilizing VBS1/2. High School graduate minimum, higher education a definite plus. Applicants must: Work out of our Prague office. Be capable of working in the English language (read, write, speak). Not have a criminal record. Treat every colleague with equality and respect. Comply with strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. Non-EU nationals who did not complete post-secondary education must pass Czech Visa entry test. What we can offer you: Full-time employment. A fantastic and fun working environment. An opportunity to be part of a fast growing and exciting company that is at the leading edge of gaming and simulation technology. 5 weeks paid holiday. The possibility of a year-end bonus based on performance. To Apply: Please send us your CV/portfolio with your community nickname, and a copy of your transcripts if any here, or email jobs@bisimulations.com.
  4. I believe that is intentional, it is the grass/foliage layer providing concealment at longer ranges. Because rendering that much grass at a distance would bring everyone's systems to their knees.
  5. Yep, seems to be helping a few users around here and on the bug tracker. But thanks for reporting the success for everyone else.
  6. Please try also the latest Alpha on Steam. Arma 3 properties > "BETAS" tab > Select "development - Development Build"
  7. bn880

    Cannot create DX11 device

    Meeh, this suggestion won't work in your case then. Sorry. There are specific adapter associations which would be incorrect if I sent you the cfg file, or anyone else for that matter. Thought this had gone through already.
  8. It was mentioned a few times in this forum that Zonealarm does not need to be uninstalled, see this as an example http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148945-Arma3-not-starting-due-ZoneAlarm-no-need-to-uninstall&highlight=zonealarm
  9. bn880

    Cannot create DX11 device

    You can try editing your cfg file; In Win7 at C:\Users\<yourWindowsUsername>\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\Arma3Alpha.cfg back it up first Find the line that reads and replace it with Then try also starting Arma3 with -nobenchmark after the edit. Edit: Otherwise make sure in windows that your card does not allow the 75Hz modes at all, you might need to go into some advanced driver properties/control panel to remove unwanted resolutions/refresh rates.
  10. bn880

    Cannot create DX11 Device

    Right, the 7900GS is under the minimum system requirements for A3. (8800GT is minimum in NVIDIA Desktop cards) Specifically you have 256MB of VRAM when 512MB is required. You can try however to see if you can get it to start by editing the config file by setting everything to minimum (search the forum for config setting editing), including resolution of 800x600. Use startup paramebers of -nobenchmark -winxp The real solution however is indeed to buy some new graphics card, I wouldn't buy with less than 1GB no matter how tight the budget.
  11. bn880

    Cannot create DX11 Device

    Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Set launch options Add -winxp That should force Dx9 compatibility mode.
  12. This is not meant as a developer solution but just as a troubleshooting step and possible temporary aid; In other titles that had this DXGI error it has helped some users when they underclocked their NVIDIA GPU's by some frequency, like 75Mhz. You can both try this by installing NVIDIA inspector, "show overclocking" window, and in there *reducing* the frequency (Base clock offset) of Performance level 2 by about 75Mhz. (If you choose to overclock remember that I nor BIS take responsibility for any HW damage) Additionally in your NVIDIA control panel, under "Manage 3D Settings", you can try forcing VSYNC on for Arma3 to limit FPS and check if that improves stability at all.
  13. Bit of an old thread, but uiSleep is a sleep method to delay script execution where script time/simulation time is stopped. uiSleep is basically using the system time and not simulation time. So in the cases where sleep command would get stuck indefinitely, uiSleep can still be used to effectively delay script execution. For example in a mission briefing or an editor or when simulation is paused in general.
  14. I would be a bit apprehensive about assuming that is all. I think I'll be slightly disappointed with Dinger if it is. :D Problem with releasing updated PBO's on a whim is versioning. Same filename etc. And if there is another update, or two... I'll leave that decision up to Dinger/Walker.
  15. bn880

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Happy birthday! Puberty is not long away. :p Great design, great memories.