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  1. Ok, I will remove the links for now. Thanks and sorry for the frustration.
  2. Hmmmm... not sure why its not working. I downloaded and tested each of the three uploads to make sure they all worked. Sorry about it not working for you. Which one did you download from? I will remove it until other mirrors are generated. As for the performance hit, on my system I dropped 1-3 FPS when in built up areas as a result of the higher poly-count buildings. In more open areas, I have not seen any reduction in FPS. I normally run with at least 5,000 meter view distance but will crank that up to 19,999 meters if I am using air. Hopefully, it will still run very smoothly on everyone's systems. If not, I can look at adding additional LODs to help with the CPU/GPU workload.
  3. Thanks Lao - have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
  4. Thanks gabravo! I appreciate the praise.
  5. Will upload some new photos soon
  6. Hello all, I have completed the next round of corrections. The map is technically still in BETA as there are some things that are not yet complete but it is nearly done. Please see the first page for download information. I greatly appreciate any mirrors or hosting as that site is a bit of a pain in the neck to get the download. If anyone knows how to contact Six so that the addon could be added to the Six Updater, I'd appreciate you letting me know. As for changes, there are many but the highlights are: * Updated models (improvements and enhancements) - I've compromised the low poly count of the first models with a call for higher poly buildings * mountain terrain is more rugged in the central mountain region (as a test) and makes it much harder to drive a vehicle through the actual mountains - it also makes fighting against infantry all that much harder and more rewarding * additional settlements and significant changes to former built up areas * reworked the satmap and heightmap for better alignment and more realistic looking terrain * all addon files now have BI signatures I've been working on some missions but they are not quite yet ready for a release as well (I could use some testers if anyone is interested). If you are willing to help with making missions, please let me know and I will include them in a mission pack to be released soon. Also, if you're a mission maker that would grant me permission to modify your mission for this terrain, please just let me know. If you're part of a large squad based group (e.g. ShackTac, 15th MEU, 1st MSOB) and have missions you'd like me to convert, please just let me know where I can download the missions and I will work on converting them. As always, your feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Hopefully, you'll see how former input from you has resulted in changes to this version.
  7. Delta99, I'll look into that and fix it before the next release. Thanks!
  8. Delta, thanks for the feedback. I've been working on the buildings and map a bit but not as much as I'd like to in the past few weeks. I am hoping to release the 1st update next week (but no promises). The firing ranges (at least some of them) are to the northwest of Mainside. If you follow the road north out of mainside, turn east at the first main intersection (you'll pass by a large rocky outcropping) and then find yourself in a valley between hills to your north and south. There are a number of buildings in this area. The firing ranges are just to the north of these buildings. I'm sorry I don't have a grid for you at the moment - I just wanted to get you pointed in the right direction.
  9. There are actually a lot of wrecks strewn around the base (mostly for target practice). There are a lot of wrecks in the main side area that are not really there. In real life, there are a lot of civilian vehicles as well as a ton of military vehicles (wheeled and tracked). I've been working on the buildings and island textures (and minor areas of height map/elevation). I am hoping to have the next version out soon (and hopefully with Six support).
  10. dbelnomi, what do you mean another strip? Do you mean parallel or perpendicular to the one that is there? Can you tell me what you want it for so I have a better understanding of the need?
  11. Do you have a mission that I can use to test this?
  12. jadehorus, thanks for the feedback! Hopefully, the airfields are large enough that you can conduct realistic training/flight. ChrisB, thanks for the screen showing TPWs great effects! Is that a default building or did you add it during the mission? The reason I ask as that I was having trouble getting the lights to work with the buildings that are embedded on the island (and not put in during the mission). Alderman, thanks! I will be releasing the V2 signatures with the next release. I will also see about getting on Six. Dragon01, lol! I should have put in a small Vegas on the map to completely remove the need for the real Stumps! lol jumpnjack, thanks for the feedback and the video! I enjoy setting up a few tanks and random patrols in the desert and then hitting them with the A10 from altitude. Panimala, I am working on the building models and have added a number of walls and general clutter around some of the towns. _William, thanks for adding the terrain to your PlannedAssault website! For those of you that haven't tried that site yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is really awesome for making missions (SP). gatordev, thanks for the great feedback! I have been working on the buildings and your comment has helped me to narrow down what might be wrong with the buildings. frostybowman, thanks for your comment! I also have the basic terrain for Fort Irwin. I started it several years ago and it has been sitting on my hard drive all that time. Perhaps, once this one is completed, I will finish that one. :) Regardless, both Irwin and the Stumps are horrible, little places that God sends soldiers/Marines to for punishment. lol Sakura_Chan, thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do to add in some sort of horizon to get rid of the problem you've noted. I tried a few things a while back but I will look at it again to see if I can fix it. Laqueesha, thanks for helping! Quick update: I've been working on the models to improve their general appearance while still keeping a low poly count. I've also been working on the height map and terrain texture. Basically, I've tried to align the washes/arroyos and the satellite texture better. I've also balanced out the tones for the mountains to make them more realistic.
  13. Panimala, I am glad that you are enjoying the map. I will eventually submit it to sixupdater (probably with the next release). As for the general clutter around villages, is there anything you'd like to see specifically? There are a few "villas" in the SW quadrant of the terrain that have already had some additional attention. Have you seen any of these compounds yet? If so, is this what you mean or is it something else? As for Takistani buildings, I have stayed away from those so far (as a lot of other islands already use them (among other reasons)). I 'may' release a separate version of the terrain that includes only ArmA2 buildings (and dependencies) if there is a demand for it. Thanks for the feedback! panther42, I used that tutorial (and examined a ton of other island configs). I am using the latest patched version (not the beta). The AI lands correctly but turns off the runway at the first taxi and gets out. I have added additional taxi-out positions to start from that point to take them to the far end of the runway but the AI acts like that data isn't there. I am sure it can be done with scripts of somebody's addon but I'd prefer it work without any need of additional work. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I am eagerly listening! Nikiforos, thanks! I really enjoy hiking in the hills at night. I toyed around with some ideas to get the lights to "twinkle" but couldn't get it to work and haven't had time to go back and look at it in more detail. If you or anyone know how that could happen, I'd be more than happy to implement it. As far as I know, this is currently the only terrain that has such night lighting - I don't know if others have tried and reject it or not but I think it looks pretty cool (especially from the air). ChrisB, AI pathing is the highest priority right now. I will be away this weekend but once I get back next week, I will go back into the models and see what the deal is with the paths not working correctly. I honestly am not sure why the AI are not seeing the data. I created most of the paths over 2 days, so they should basically be the same. Again, not sure why some work and some don't - anyone have any suggestions? On the same note, I will hopefully upload at least all the unbinarized models of the buildings so people can see how pathetic the models really are. :) Hopefully, other, more skilled and talented people can help me get everything fixed up. Have a great weekend everyone!