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  1. f2f_bho

    Mk19 Smoke rounds

    cool , i am going to look into this alittle more
  2. does this still work in Arma2 ? http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/8335-the-overlay-maker/page__view__findpost__p__110695 Those programs are very intresting, they do exactly what we are looking for.... if anyone has contact with spooner still i would like to speak with him or someone on that team on a port over from Arma to A2/OA.
  3. here is an image of what i am looking to do , But in MP, in game editing(NOT) mission editing in the editor. there is a difference , i want real time mission map mark up with a better array of symbols. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/wordpress/wp-content/gamereviews/pc/steel/tactical_map.jpg (523 kB) This would further build upon unit control while in multi player- and organized CooP missions such as Insurgency , DOM and specialized squad missions
  4. Okay been wondering about this for awhile, But how would one make better or add to the in game marker system, the finger paint style makers do the job , but i feel are not as in depth as they could be as far as map markups go.... what i need answered: 1). do i need BIS's permission to try and do this? 2). What PBO(s) do i need to locate and open? ---------- Post added at 02:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:41 PM ---------- i have seen Some mods that have editor placable markers, i do not want to do that. I want to be able to place and erase as the mission changes, with better markers than those already present.
  5. yes, we are kinda holding off on some things to see what A3 is gonna offer as far as better dynamics and functionality ---------- Post added at 09:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:42 AM ---------- anybody know where i can get the glt gauge pak myke had out awhile back
  6. the aircraft is out in a beta with 2 paints of real world aircraft now, not sure yet if it will include kits?textures for other squadrons.
  7. Some WIP images of the New Cockpit
  8. f2f_bho

    Mk19 Smoke rounds

    Again thanks for the replies, we will look into that , looking forward to the mission upload....
  9. f2f_bho

    Mk19 Smoke rounds

    thanks for the response Bad Benson, i think he wants to stagger the rounds like tracers, having a smoke round every 10th round spotting target area ... is this a plausible and possible mod/script?
  10. Hello community, A fellow member of my squad wants add smoke rounds for the Mk19 Grenade launcher, as i have not finished any weapons(ammo) as of yet i am alittle behind on what needs to happen to define a new Ammo class for this weapon, any and all serious replies will be taken into consideration...thanks
  11. f2f_bho

    Model Merge

    i actually need to stop procrastinating and learn SA's Arma tool box
  12. okay have some light updates to share have been busy in the personal life lately , but getting back to business. have some Mesh Detail updates that had been bugging me, still have some other issues but these where the easiest to fix so that's where i started.
  13. f2f_bho

    Model Merge

    copy , i will just rename them by hand until i figure it out, just thought i could get a good fast answer here ,i appreciate the look tho..
  14. f2f_bho

    Model Merge

    I had some very thin faces in a few areas on my harrier mod, in the process of improving the model for a future release, i use max exclusively except for the selection naming in my lods, however when moving from Max to O2 and back O2 renames the objects to "objXXXXX verses what i named them . i was wondering if anyone( probably will regret this) has a work around or do i just need to manually rename the selections back again in O2 when i have improved my design.