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  1. Thank you Sam!!!
  2. Hello all. I've been watching a lot of tutorials and trying to search here on the forums for this answer, but I must not be searching the correct criteria. I am making Landing craft, and on some of the boats, the guard rails or poles that support different structures will essentially be the same part. Do I just model and texture one of the guard rails or poles and then copy and paste it? The same issue comes up when I designed a frame house (to make it look like it was under construction). The "studs" of the hourse, or the wood frame is basically the same item I suppose. In the videos I've watched, people don't really show this issue, hence the reason I'm asking. Thanks in advance
  3. raptor 6 actual

    How would you config a Hovercraft?

    I've just come across this thread, so I apologize if someone else has mentioned this....however, is there any chance that you can reverse engineer what Gnat has done? By that, I only mean, that he took a seaairplane that he had, somehow created either an invisible boat model where the floats are located, or he made a very, very small boat model and wrote a config so that the boat class took over as soon as the height of the seaplane was at a certain level above the sea. For the hovercraft, could you make it so that when the hovercraft comes into contact with land, or is at a certain height above the sea level, you can create either a small or invisible car, plane, or tank classed config to take over land travel. Hopefully, that makes sense and I haven't repeated what someone else has stated.
  4. raptor 6 actual

    Another Non-convex question

    Ah!!! Thank you for that bit of info. That makes me feel better. Cheers.
  5. raptor 6 actual

    Another Non-convex question

    Thanks for reminding me of the sample models. I did as you suggested and broke down the model so as not to have any concave items. However, when running STRUCTURE-->CONVEXITY-->Find Non-Convexities once more, it highlighted just as many verts. Upon looking at the test car in Sample Models, running the same process, even the sample car ended up with almost every vert highlighted. So, in a way that makes me wonder if I don't have Object builder setup properly, or if it's something else. Am I looking at this the wrong way by chance? @PuFu- I will get to that next, thank you.
  6. raptor 6 actual

    Another Non-convex question

    So, to start off with, YES, I did search first :) . However, even learning what the convex and non-convex means as far as polygons go, I'm needing help on the interior of a ship....to be specific, the "tank deck". I know of no other way to make this a "convex" shape. It fits inside the hull and I'm trying to make it a separate .p3d to cut down on total poly count in my main hull. Do any of you have a work around on how to accomplish this? Picture link is attached Thanks in advance for helping on the Landing Ship Tank (LST) picture available here
  7. raptor 6 actual

    CH-46 Knight

    Pertaining to your "test bird", do you or someone else have a tutorial on how to make rain drops appear on the window? I've seen it on a few other helos, but I think they were all under your work....I could be wrong on that.
  8. raptor 6 actual

    CH-46 Knight

    Great, in the future, I hope to just be able to send my attachments to you, so that no one needs to download a separate addon, however, I'll let you decide if you actually want to include them or not.Thanks for the reply
  9. raptor 6 actual

    CH-46 Knight

    I honestly don't mean this as a request and I'm just trying to plan ahead once she's released, but will the winch on the door have a memory point so that scripters can come along and add different attachments to the hook (if there is one at all)? Those different attachments could be a stokes basket, a jungle penetrator, etc, etc. Thanks
  10. raptor 6 actual

    CH-46 Knight

    I'm not sure if the Knight had this capability or not, but will you be adding IR strobe flashers to the lighting system? I know of a video that could explain my question better, but it's from another game, and I'm not wanting to offend anyone by posting it here.
  11. raptor 6 actual

    CH-46 Knight

    Are you going to make it so that stretchers can be added or attached to some of the cargo positions?
  12. raptor 6 actual

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    DeltaHawk, Are you willing to accept a dialog that comes up with a basic vest, and as you choose different pouches or what-have-you, it adds or takes them away on a 3d model? Or are you just wanting an action menu/scroll wheel interaction where you can choose different setups for gear and such?
  13. I honestly didn't know how to simplify the results of searching to find the correct answer to this problem. When texturing the guard rails on my ship models, do I need to unwrap EVERY SINGLE POST and chain? Or do I just model and unwrap one post, then after texturing it, do I just copy and paste it? Other wise, when I properly learn to unwrap a model, I'll be doing so for the rest of my life on just one model. I'm sure I'm doing this the hard way.
  14. raptor 6 actual

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Not to be troublesome about this, but in one of the pics, it shows a sign in front of a base with the title of "FOB Sarge." Correct me if I'm wrong, but during the Vietnam era, weren't most bases called Air bases, FSB (Fire Support Bases), or just FB's (as in Fire Base Gloria and Fire Base Lady Bird)? I understand this is just a simple board, and doesn't necessarily indicate the level of gameplay awesomeness, but it just helps to stay with the illusion. At the same time, I have quite a few models I've been working on that fit into both the WWII era and essentially into the Vietnam conflict after doing some minor changes. Those models are of the LST (Landing Ship Tank), the LCT mk 5 and mk 6 (Landing Craft Tank), the LCM III and VI(Landing Craft Mechanized), the LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle Personnel), the APB-24 (a Barracks Ship), a PT boat, the LSM (Landing Ship Medium), and finally the APA-45 USS Henrico. I'm only talented to create the 0.000 LOD. I'm trying to progress onto the 2nd step of getting these into game. However, if anyone would like to look at the work I've done this far, I'd be glad to produce the LOD/skeleton pictures to show originality and the lack of progress I've made with learning how to texture. I'd really like to see if someone could help get me into that next step, so as to contribute more to this mod. Let me know if you'd be interested in taking over if that'd be easier.
  15. raptor 6 actual

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great job on the sounds for the vehicles, it really adds to the immersion when you're ingame. Thank you for sharing.