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  1. Sniperwolf572

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Just to add some info, as it wasn't immediately clear to me as to how launching/recovery works, until I opened up the functions: Launching: Place the boat as vehicle-in-vehicle in the boat rack, get in the boat, use "Unload vehicle" action, you'll be teleported to the appropriate location Recovering: Get close to the boat rack, a hold action will appear to teleport you into the rack On another note, I love the inner corridors and the effort put into connecting the majority of the ship into a relentless functional experience. It would be nice if the isolated upper area was connected through the currently non-usable doors/some kind of a ladder/staircase dropping down to the main deck/hangar.
  2. Sniperwolf572

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Not sure if you're aware, but you can already do this somewhat. Not sure what the defaults are, but CTRL+Numpad numbers can move and lean the head around in most vehicles. For example, head is down and to the left observing the top of the hill or head is slightly up and to the right, checking if there's anyone near the rock. They're under "View > Move Head ..."
  3. Sniperwolf572

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Nice job, a welcome return. Minor gripe. Most positions inside the vehicle seem to be in an incorrect spatial relationship with the exterior model. For example, "glass" viewports seem to sit way lower than they are positioned on the outer model. It's noticeable if you have a reference object in front of the viewports. When sitting still in the water, from inside, the viewports often go underwater, even though they are at least 30cm above water when viewed from outside.
  4. That should be correct, yes. I think they wanted to do something, but in the end they left it as an exercise for the reader to implement any kind of hostile marking as they didn't want to open the "what is considered a bulletproof hostile identification" and "friendly pilot piloting a hostile factions plane" cans of worms.
  5. Your install is fine, it's working as intended. The script command should be confirmSensorTarget.
  6. Sniperwolf572

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Nope, 4 years, 7 months, 27 days since Alpha. Minus 5 months 29 days from that since v1.00. If you want some random analytics: If you look at the time between the release date and the expansion release for previous titles, the average percent of games time-to-sequel that the expansion was released on for each is around 27% of time-to-sequel. Considering when APEX was released, Arma 4 is looks like to have a average release date of around April 7, 2025, and the best case (33% of time-to-sequel) is February 20, 2023. So it looks like Arma 3 might end up to be 10 years old until the next sequel. Average time between titles is around 4 years (and we're already past that point :P) and longest case so far is 5 years, 7 months (OFP to A1. If you read between the lines of various official communication, it's a record that is probably going to be broken). But then again, lumps of salt, it's only 3 data points.
  7. Sniperwolf572

    Tanks - Autoloader Wish

    I don't see anything preventing anyone from actually making a tank with a working loader position. But why would you anyway. You don't need the commander as is, let alone a loader. If the AI is manning it, it's a waste of system resources, if a player is manning it, he won't be manning it for long. Unless someone really has a hard-on for QTEs. You could make it so if you don't hit the R button in time, you drop the shell on your foot or something like that, yeah? Chance to load a wrong round or fumble it somehow in a way that destroys the entire tank! They could even make it like Division for UAVs or Battlefield tablet commanders, where you can connect to the server and be a loader of a tank from a tablet! Load 4 rounds in perfect timing and the next shell loaded gets a damage boost! Unlock extras like, grippy gloves, increased upper arm strength, in-the-zone and as a final upgrade, an autoloader!
  8. Sniperwolf572

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    You asked what the "Support Type" is for, and the answer is that it's for the same feature as I described above. UAV Support waypoint (Place Waypoint -> Right Click -> Type -> Support) puts the UAV in "Support Mode" where the UAV will respond to any team leader calling it for support from the "Backspace-5-1-1" support menu. But I just tried it, and the game actually crashes every time if you call for support from UAV.
  9. Sniperwolf572

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Support is just another waypoint type, you can read more about it here. I don't remember using this in Arma 3, but in OFP, there were missions that used this feature, where you as tank crew would request support from trucks waiting in the back. If my memory serves me well, the command number combo to enter that menu was was something like 5->1->[support type]. In this video, at around 6:58, you can see Yankee Black 1 call for support and Golf Black 1, which is waiting at the support waypoint, replies to their call and arrives sometime later. So the intended behavior probably is, that if you have a medical drone with a support waypoint, it would go there and wait for the call, then move to whoever requested medical support until they signaled that the support is done.
  10. Sniperwolf572

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    East Wind used to be 3 campaigns/parts (Survive, Adapt, Win), as for the original release of the game the campaign was unfinished and parts were released as they were completed, months apart. They've been all merged into a single campaign now (East Wind) as all 3 parts have been released and keeping them separate served no purpose as they are meant to be played chronologically.
  11. Sniperwolf572

    Picture in Picture

    If by "handle it" you mean cut down your FPS drastically even tho the maps are the size of your nail clipping with the amount of enemies you can count on your fingers after you were in a horrible tablesaw accident and simulation complexity of counting sheep in bed, then yes, it handles it really well.
  12. Sniperwolf572

    Water Downgrade

    Not only is the RL picture saturation/contrast adjusted, the "2016" picture isn't even what it currently looks like ingame, water reflections can be turned off if you don't like them, and contrast/saturation can be adjusted in game as well to your liking. Tweaking with some ingame settings you can get the similar oversaturated blues, oranges and greens as in the RL picture. I've lived on the Mediterranean coast for 6 years, and I'd never claim that RL picture looks accurate.
  13. Sniperwolf572

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    If you are rolling on the ground with some speed, and the throttle is at 0: - The wheels on the Shikra don't rotate. - The rear wheels on the Buzzard don't rotate, the front wheel starts to rotate really slowly.
  14. Sniperwolf572

    Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    There is nothing to worry about. Arma 3 team handles communication beautifully and whenever they plan on stopping the patches, you will be guaranteed to know. Compared to ArmA 2 and older products where you couldn't really guess when a patch would hit or what it would even contain. Arma 3 team has spoiled us on the communication front. Spurred by the incoming 16th anniversary, I'm compiling some data on the Arma history right now but as a sneak peek, average time between the 45 non-hotfix patches we have had is: Pre-release: ~17 days Post-release: ~ 1 month Post APEX: ~2 and a half months.