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  1. Delta One Zero

    Task Force 121 pack by Fox '09

    Not entirely, if anything I was actually hoping that there would be plenty of vests that similarly (as per the AWS Strike etc) have limited load capacity to "force roles" if you will. Thanks for answering the question all the same, and I'm seriously looking forward to this stuff being released as it's pretty damn impressive thus far. Cheers mate.
  2. Delta One Zero

    Task Force 121 pack by Fox '09

    Fox, I noticed on a post on the previous page you mentioned the AWS Strike vest would be limited to 4 primary and 2 pistol mags. Now will this be the only vest that has that setup, or will there be other vests that are similar to this where what you see on the vest in question would correspond to how many magazine slots that are available to the player? I definitely think this is a brilliant idea if it is indeed being considered/implemented on a greater scale, particularly for playing out specific roles for any given mission (ie: light load/reconnaissance-based missions etc.) Thank you very much for any answer you provide to this question, and in turn all the efforts you (and everyone else involved) is putting into this addon.
  3. Delta One Zero

    Task Force 121 pack by Fox '09

    Slightly random question perhaps, but will you be varying up the types/number of gloves that are going to be worn by the Delta Force units during the course of development/upon release? As I notice that you've been using those mechanix gloves in a few screenshots and had wondered if anything else might be considered ie: Oakley SI Assault Gloves or some other form of hard knuckle glove etc. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work. Seriously looking forward to using these units in the future.
  4. Delta One Zero

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    Yeah true enough, particularly given the smaller barrel on the Mk14 could allow it to fill a different role from the long barreled M39. At the end of the day it's not like the weapons couldn't be added via the init line when in-game, but it would be nice too see it implemented either via some optional config for the units or by default (but I suspect the second option is highly unlikely.)
  5. Delta One Zero

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    What would you do with the Scout/Sniper team? Give them a M39 EMR or some such?
  6. Delta One Zero

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    Wasn't it someone called Norrin who made the Pistol Holster Script? Could've sworn I had seen that name mentioned on a couple other addons floating around. Looking forward to these Marines either way, damn nice looking units.
  7. Delta One Zero

    US Army 75th Rangers by Rhodesy

    Some excellent units Rhodesy. Little suggestion however, given you have a face mask on the Machine Gunner have you considered perhaps doing a version without one (slightly altered name in the editor perhaps.) That or alternatively have a Machine Gunner class with the 7.62mm MG (Mk48/M240) and a "Automatic Rifleman" with a 5.56mm MG (M249/Mk46)? Another minor suggestion, would you consider perhaps doing something with those empty thigh holsters? Perhaps use the proxy/script method as is shown on Schnapsdrosels Mercenary/Black Ops pack where if you have a pistol in your inventory it appears "in" the holster, and in turn when your holding the pistol the holster is then empty. Thanks very much for the great unit pack either way. Greatly appreciated.
  8. Delta One Zero

    RH wip thread

    Definitely would be nice to see some of those M249's/Mk46's etc get a Eotech optic (and/or a Aimpoint CompM2). Will the Mk46's get a vertical grip like you have on the Mk48 too? Thanks RH, seriously looking forward to these.
  9. Delta One Zero

    Rhodesy's Projects

    Maybe something similar to these? (minus the female members of the "Ghost" team.) http://www.ghostrecon.net/images_site/gr2teamupdatedo.jpg
  10. Hi there Nixo & OscarMike, is there any chance for one or two rangers with some form of drop-leg thigh holster such as a Nylon and/or Safariland 6004 SLS holster (with pistol model proxies)? Two images below show holsters being used. Albeit the first one appears to be from a MILES training exercise. http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa88/Alex_Atak/75th%20Ranger%20Regiment/mkiiiff1.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/2m5e6pf.jpg Thank you very much for any consideration you give to this.
  11. Delta One Zero

    OA desert mercs

    As bugkill and Psychosim mentioned, definitely a mixture of pistols such as a Beretta, Glock 17 and Colt M1911. Chest-rig mounted holster as bugkill mentioned would also be nice. Thanks very much for considering my request Schnapsdrosel, greatly appreciated.
  12. Delta One Zero

    OA desert mercs

    Decent looking units Schnapsdrosel, any chance for putting a pistol in the Saferiland/Thigh Holster though? Cheers.
  13. Delta One Zero

    RH wip thread

    Thank you very much for taking my request for the FN F2000's into consideration Robert. And thanks for the link Jadehorus, will definitely have to try those out.
  14. Delta One Zero

    RH wip thread

    Hi Robert, Could you please consider doing a FN F2000 pack sometime in the future? Either just ones with the 1.5x optic with/without the F2000's Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module. Or possibly also some F2000 tactical (railed) variants with a variety of optics like the Aimpoint, Eotech and ACOG. Thank you very much.
  15. Delta One Zero

    Generic Special Forces

    Very nice units nixo, any chance however of adding a pistol model inside the thigh holster though? Excellent work.