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Found 97 results

  1. NOTE: 2.06. PROF/PERF up! you don't need a new client on the PERF/PROF server! there is a branch on steam you may use, but beware that sometimes data on dropbox are newer due to manual build e.g. on weekend: Servers (down, up only if needed): PERF = STABLE branch compatible, no debug layer, no #captureFrame nor diag_captureFrame PROF = STABLE branch compatible, with debug layer, with #captureFrame / diag_captureFrame possible server fps increases and clients may experience higher fps too downloads
  2. Enhanced visual feedback SINGLEPLAYER ONLY About Squad Feedback aims to enhance AI / player communication via visual cues so you receive the same information your AI team does, including team status and known enemy locations. Features This mod can display the following information about each unit in your group: Index Its number in your group If it's the group leader or formation leader Group leaders will have their index between chevrons (like <1>). Formation leaders will display a ^ besides it (like 1^). If the unit is both it will be displayed like this: <1>^ Role Based on attributes and currently equipped weapon, which can be different from its class Class Health status Ammo status Team color Distance Alive status Dead squadmates can display a relevant icon (a skull) after a configurable time delay Also, as part of the group you can also receive information about current known enemies, including: Current or last known position Distance You can toggle the visibility of each one of those mentioned above in the Addon Settings panel. Occlusion Enemy units are subjected to occlusion and visibility checks, trying to emulate the way AI detects and follows threats: Enemy Tracking Devices By default, known enemies will automatically tracked whenever you have equipped one of the following items: Combat Goggles (any version, including balaclavas) Tactical Glasses (any version) VR Goggles Assassin Helmet (any version) Defender Helmet (any version) Fighter Pilot Helmet (any version) Special Purpose Helmet (any version) You can toggle this option off or add more gear with this feature by adding class names (without quotes and separated by commas) in the HUD Display - Advanced section of the Addon Settings panel. Default Keybinds Display Squad HUD (Toggle): TAB Display Known Enemies (Toggle): Ctrl + TAB You can change those keybinds by going to: Options > Controls > Configure Addons (in the lower part of the controls window) > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) Changing Settings You can change the default settings by going to: Options > Addon Options > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) If you hover over a setting's name a tooltip with extended information about what it does will be displayed. Credits CBA_A3 - Without this the customization options wouldn't be the same. Also, some nifty functions were used killzone kid - for the very useful zoom function "pulse" by Trendy from the Noun Project, used in the logo Permissions This project falls under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).
  3. Please use this thread for discussion specific to the Release Candidate (RC) branch on Steam, when it's available in the weeks leading up to a release. The preferred method of reporting issues in that build is the Feedback Tracker. Thanks!
  4. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  5. The audio changes which delayed Development branch updates are now partly published. As with most of these large tasks, this is ongoing work and so the current state is not considered final (in some places it may be worse for a little while). Effectively the core foundations are in place and now each individual asset needs tuning and fixing. We feel it will improve the soundscape in the final game :622: Senior audio team member Ondřej Matějka goes over the details:
  6. Centar23


    Why would you nerf the rewards for shootouts? I know you want more people to play your game and spend money; heck I have on it, but to make the rewards now so low? I used to play shootout all the time even when I wasn't that good and I'd get second and sometimes first place but now with only ten food and ONE crate for a win? It's no longer even worth it. I love your game, the loot aspects, the shelter, everything but this season I'm hurt because I have to work. Crates are worth less XP and there aren't as many p boosters in the battlepass. Again I know he point in a game is to make money and I'll continue to play but all this season did was hurt those of us who can't play all the time.
  7. Evening, An easy one for you. The runners that appear giving you helpful hints etc., You still have one saying that mortar strikes have started for campers, just needs removing. Cheers
  8. Hi, I've been playing Vigor for a couple of weeks now, and I've been having a blast with it. I'm enjoying it so much I wanted to do something I don't do, and try to voice my opinions and concerns for the future of Vigor directly to the devs. The first thing I wanted to address is the major changes coming to the game with season 7. Firstly, timed safe and locked container. These are set to be removed in S7 and I'm sure you guys are aware that a lot of the community doesn't want to see them go. Having multiple loot events and multiple exits allowing you to choose different approaches every game is part of what makes Vigor so fun. I know they will still be available through upgrading loot in pre-game lobbies, but please hear me when I say that this won't work. I could count on one hand the number of times I've seen loot or the crate actually get upgraded in a lobby, and I've played over 60 encounters. The simple fact is no one wants to spend their crowns on that. I'm guessing that most likely you guys see this change as a way to sell more crowns, which I understand. It's a free game you guys have to make your money somehow.. but as I said no one upgrades loot in lobbies, so that wouldn't really work, AND there are so many other ways that you guys could sell more crowns without taking away things that no one wants to see go. Like maybe shelter customizations; furniture presets, pets, and different color schemes. I'd definitely pay for those.. or just shower us with more cosmetics, as it's a small selection currently. Things like that. I also wanted to bring up locked exits and the camper mortar system. So I haven't been able to find much info on this, but apparently some (or all) exits are going to be locked and will require so many materials before leaving. I along with some of the community feel this is too drastic of a change and one that won't benefit gameplay at all. First and foremost because there's no leave game option. There have been plenty of games I've spawned into and immediately either (A) had severe server connection issues and had no choice but to go straight to the exit, or (B) had something urgent IRL to attend to and again had to leave immediately. This new mechanic would completely negate the ability to leave when things like that occur, and so the player would just be screwed. Secondly, sometimes you have a bad streak of games and want to just go in and grab a little bit, maybe snag one kill and then get out to boost your confidence back up, this would again negate that ability. And it's not like people could do this to farm XP, you earn virtually nothing for quick games like that. And lastly on the exits, having the freedom to leave whenever you want is simply just one of the coolest aspects of this game. It's unique and doesn't feel cheap, being that it's very easy to get gunned down on your way out, but then even that doesn't feel cheap because of the crows indicator at the exits. It's just perfectly balanced as is to me. Not to mention that locked exits would just be furthering similarities between this game and Escape From Tarkov, and I don't want to see this game labeled as "just a clone" by people who haven't played it, because it has the potential to be so much more. Lastly I just want to mention the camper mortar system. There's basically no info on how this is going to work yet, but regardless of the specifics, it's just seems like a bad idea. Let me preface this by saying I am definitely against camping, and by camping I mean sitting in one spot almost the entire length of the game. The thing is though is I've genuinely never encountered actual campers in Vigor, and I'm pretty sure that because they don't really exist. The community of this game is great, far separated from the likes of the CoD or Fortnite community, and I think the people you've had crying about campers have actually been just that, people who came from communities like those. I've seen this happen multiple times, people who don't understand that the person that just killed them hadn't been sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for them.. they simply just heard your footsteps and got into position to ambush you, something almost everyone does. So I don't think this "camper problem" is near as bad as you guys believe it to be. Furthermore this mortar system seems like a catalyst for some very unfair deaths if someone is doing just that, waiting to ambush someone they hear coming, or stuck behind cover in a stand off because you both heard/saw each other and know exactly where the other is hiding, something that happens frequently. I could go on about why this system is a bad idea and why I've already seen a lot of negative responses to the idea, but this post is long enough lol. So in closing, I feel as though the immediate future of the game should focus on ironing out the bugs and connection issues it currently faces, and implementing smaller things to bring more life to the game like more customization of the shelter and ourselves... rather than adding/removing things that so drastically shift the dynamic of the gameplay. The formula we have currently in season 6 is honestly perfect and A LOT of people have been saying this. No one would be upset if the core gameplay elements we currently have, stay exactly how they are. Thank you for taking the time to read this post that got way longer than I intended, and I really hope that the devs will see and consider what I've said. Even if it's too late to change these things by the release of S7, I hope you will take this feedback into consideration for future updates. -PHVNTOMLORD
  9. Vikvendi

    Combining crates.

    So a lot of loot (Weaponry etc) in this game seems to be pretty dependant on loot crates, and thats fine as there is a myriad of methods to obtain them. I've noticed that generally speaking we can only systematically earn common/uncommon crates as rewards though (challenges ommited). I thought it might be cool to incorporate a crates combining system. In which for example; 6 common crates can be combined into one uncommon crate, to use the system requires forking out some materials with alternative option to use crowns also. The amount of both to use this system increases depending on the loot crates rarity. Just a quick overhead of how this would look in theory; 6 Common crates +2k materials or 5 crowns= 1 uncommon crate. As for how this would look in game, it could be added as a new shelter upgrade perhaps? 4 stages of upgrade that allow you to combine up to a higher tier of crate with each progressive upgrade on the shelter upgrade. Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi there, direct your feedback on the official Arma 3 Launcher here. This is (non-exclusively) related to the Launcher being the default way to launch the game starting from Thursday 26/03/15. Thanks :) Reminder: bugs still belong to Feedback Tracker in the Launcher category.
  11. Hi, I've been playing this game since Season 1 and I've been playing a lot because i LOVE this game, it has a great potentiel ! You did an awesome job ! So first, congrats. Regarding the last update (6.1) : COOL : - New stuff during matchmaking games (container, time safe...), that's really great !! - Choose the music in the menu, that's really cool ! - Open the windows from the exterior : awesome - New crates : resources / shootout / weapons - New map TO BE IMPROVE : - Shootout : a lot of lags... I think there is too much people on the map. 8 players should be enough and it will make less lags. - Gestures : please add new ones! It's really fun to use it in matchmaking - Shelter : you really need to develop this part in my opinion ! I think there is a lot of things to do in the shelter menu. New shelter levels ? A new shelter once you finished the main one ? Develop more activities ? Having the possibility to invite your friend(s) to be with you in your shelter ? - Charging menu / map : maybe you should add in the charging menu what lighters/vinyls/trolls are available on the map for the game you are charging ? - Lighters : as the Fiskeri map is no longer available... how do we get the lighter Fiskeri now ? - Bombs : they should do more damage... like at least 75% of your health to be really efficient and maybe improve the visual effects in order to see where it exploded if you are far from the bomb. - Blue safe : lagging again, we you do the code the safe close again right away. so you have to do the code and then open it again, not cool. Thanks, LeiTo.
  12. Hi, We're Onepixel and we're looking for your feedback on our proposal. We'd like to create a East and West German Based Roleplay Server for Arma 3. Before we start on such an endeavour we'd like to gain some feedback on if you'd like to see things like this, alongside the best ways you think we could do it. We won't go into much detail as to the specifics of the server because we want that to be guided by the community. This is why we've attached a survey. Once the survey is complete and based upon the feedback we'll start developing this, alongside opening a Discord. We have the expertise required in Server Management, Business and Community Management to bring this kind of thing to Arma, all we need now is your feedback. I can tell you that we're planning on creating an authentic experience that will aim to be as realistic as possible. Feel free to ask any questions on the steam thread and please consider filling out the survey here using our typeform (https://opxl.typeform.com/to/gsfC47Cp). We won't sell any of your data (we do ask for you email IF you want to subscribe to updates about the server, this is explained in the survey and is OPTIONAL. Many Thanks Friz, Joseph, Lewis, Matrix, Light and Kevin
  13. BohemiaBeck

    Forums Upgrade

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, the forums have now been upgraded. Please use this thread to provide any feedback you might have. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  14. As the new mode Shootout was announced I was pretty excited to say the least but playing for the first time was extremely disapointing. It was laggy, buggy, and not very smooth in terms of framerates. (I play on the first gen Xbox One so I dont know how the Slim and X handle) I found myself spawning in as somebody else, not even a default rainjacket, legit someone else XD I don't know if I just have the worst connection in the world but I was getting shot by people before they came around the corner so that could just be me but still, I feel it could be optimized more. Audio has always been a bit of an issue in this game but because of how the map is layed out and the design of the buildings its near to impossible to tell if someone is in front of you or above you 30 feet behind, sound is super consistent on being bad. The "Skill based match making" XD I might be alone on this one but I feel like I am no where near the skill level of people I am in a game with. It could be that all the people who were waiting on the update for months just came back and its flooded with decent players for now. Either way I think there shouldn't be a baby system to get people through their first game, it gives a false sense of safety and then they get in a match with some of the people I have trouble with and unintall anyways. I touched on this in the shootout topic but it feels 10x laggy-er than before. Again could just be me but it seems alot worse. The map selection is something I'd like to see brought back still. It makes for multiple unwanted games, like I dont want to play Dverg Forest 4 times in a row... And the featured map should ALWAYS be something different, not just a map that teamers have an easier time in. Make some new weather conditions on old or new maps but if you put in a map that new people think is new they meet people who team and thats an unistall moment to have sometimes. Give us back map selection. I'm excited to see where this game goes from here as always. Hope you devs are all safe from the bullshit going on right now.
  15. Chase Maks


    I love the game has great potential but have ran across many issues from random spots in the map u can get stuck on and not get free to not b able to shoot when u should ...for instance if your in a house and some one is let's say camping the safe upstairs if u were to try and pop the door way to shoot at him there is a big delay b4 u can shoot initially allowing the other person To play u out without any issue also have had problems of getting to close to someone and not letting me shoot and he is still able to so if I cant shoot u, u shouldn't b able to shoot me basically...I also find some guns with common rounds are mu h stronger than those with purple rounds that's shouldn't b the case since it takes longer to acquire said guns ...I'm mainly referring to the adr it is accurate but the power behind it is god awful ...i try to go to other guns but the recoil on them are also god awful u cant aim down sights what so ever or your guns going all over the place..there's also issues with distance shooting when your only 20 feet away your gun should not b that inaccurate regardless of down sights or over the shoulder since technically it's the same damn thing your character still shoulders the weapon I've had issues where I shoot at a guy and the room 2 feet away and my bullets go everywhere but him and no I'm not a bad shot I'm actually one of the better players that can wipe a map single handedly but it seems lately I been getting lucky headshotted more than dying by a real gun fight ...I cant count the amount of times if riddled a person just to have them turn and get 1 to 3 shots of and I'm dead or catch me on the run through the trees but when I actually try to aim for the head I seem to miss everything even though my cross hairs are dead on just certain mechanics in this games I horrendous..for now these are my main issues there should also b more upgrades for your cabin especially for your weapons who wants to wait 6 hours for a damn gun that's ridiculous it's bad enough the game is pay to play if u ever actually wanna do anything worth doing but yet the game would rather give u crafting time reduction for consumables that u dont even need to craft cause people bring them in like crazy so it's really a pointless upgrade at least until the started adding other stuff that really dont help u in the game at all
  16. mescot

    Just my 2 Cents

    Im pretty fresh to the game, just started to play in December 19, but i like it really hard. Many Players complain about the Game, sayim it doesnt Reward you good enough etc. Yes, it has Bugs. Yes, it isnt perfect. But for a FREE Game its still pretty awesome. Battlepass Season 1 was hard to Deal with if u arent a very good Player with much Time to play. But the actual Battlepass is really fun to grind. I like the new XP-System, good improvement. Took me to Battlepass Level 32 in just a few Days. And I am not the best Player and dont have more than 1-2hours/Day to play. And i also like that i didnt had to pay a single Cent to get the Premium Pass in Season 2. Just collected my Crowns out of the Antenna, the Daily Challenges and Crates collected in the Game and ta daa after a while i got my 900 Crowns. Im really looking forward to Future Improvements and new Content that we will get. Just to remind: For Free! Just my 2 Cents.
  17. Kyle Hoey


    Just a bit of feed back on my experience . 1. Nerf the p90 or ADR I think it's called . This gun is way over powered in my opinion, any 1v1 fights with this gun and your going to lose unless you have the same gun then it's 50/50 2. The loot . My opinion again , some might disagree but I think loot from the barred house and air drops are kind of bad . If nobody boosts the loot which majority of the time they don't then it's kind of pointless going for these two things , the risk out ways the reward by loads . I find the best way to get loot is just by killing players . Maybe put 2 common crates as solo and 4 common creates in team matches at least it's worth getting then . 3. Loot boosting . I think this should be lowered to like 10 crowns instead of 30. It takes a while to accumulate crowns and this is the reason why majority of players don't boost , even if you do boost its not saying your going to come out alive and wasting 30 crowns each time is alot . I understand it's a free game and you got to make money but would be nice to see a decrease in loot boosters . Like I said in number 2 kinda pointless going for objectives other then killing players . 4. Crafting consumables. Please add the option to craft more then one at a time . It's annoying to keep having to do one at a time . 5. More basic loot from houses . " Go to interest spots on the map to get the best loot" hmmm not really . Iv been in so meny houses that have absolutely nothing inside them and it's frustrating , again just might as well kill players. I think that's it and all these are just my opinion , feel free to disagree and tell me why in the comments . Thanks
  18. Hey everyone, we have released a first iteration of the Linux Dedicated Server as reported in SITREP #38. It's still a little bit experimental so we would very much appreciate your feedback and experience running it. Please report any bugs to our Feedback tracker (use the fields Platform, OS and OS Version to describe you distro as best as you can) while general feedback should go directly into this thread. There are some known issues so be aware of them when you run the server: Also note that java version 7 is required to run the server (even though it's disabled in-game) so you will have to set path to 'libjvm.so' correctly for your distro. Example usage on my debian: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/lib/i386/jamvm ./arma3server -netlog -config=Arma3_Server.cfg Enjoy!
  19. Laurent L


    What new puzzles or features would you like to see in the game? Leave us your feedback about the game, the Bohemia Incubator website and forum.
  20. almanzo

    Feedback Thread

    And nice to see Bohemia dedicate some resources towards testing new ideas and experimenting in coordination with the community in such a way. Will definately give it a go! Good luck with it!
  21. Leaflets are a scripted feature meant for use in playable content most of all (Laws of War DLC). There is some Sandbox compatibility, but since they are not fully engine-driven, they are also limited in some areas. For this reason they are not by default added to the Utility Drone (but can be added as special 'weapon' via pylon settings or scripting). Notes: Find a start of documentation on the Community Wiki. We've extended the feature to allow for full-screen inspection of the info stands (Faction Showcase IDAP e.g.). We'd prefer specific issue reports on the Feedback Tracker.
  22. Mines (specifically detection) are another existing feature that we've had a chance to make a few improvements to with Laws of War DLC (as a platform update for all). Most of these changes have already been on Dev-Branch for a while and we've read your feedback so far. We'll divulge more of our goals and details over the next weeks in the form of OPREPs for example. Note that we've wanted to preserve backward-compatibility as much as possible, limiting some more drastic changes. A clear example is the 15 meter detection range. Sure, we could decrease it, but it would potentially unbalance any existing scenario with mines. Note: expanded Community Wiki documentation is in progress. Specific issues go to the Feedback Tracker as per usual. What changes does this cover? Most characters are now less adept at automatic visual identification of mines. You will need to manually T-reveal them in more cases (also depending on difficulty options). Note that in order to disarm mines, you need to have revealed them. Many other factors influence visual identification: night-time, being in a vehicle, hidden in vegetation, etc. The Mine Detector has the same 15 meter range as it always had, but is slightly less 'magical' now. An Info Panel is used to show the approximate location around you ([ or ] by default). It pings off nearby detected mines, but does not yet reveal their type (potentially offset cloud symbol). Audio cues reveal the direction and distance of the nearest unrevealed mine (also without the panel open). Vehicles can have their own Mine Detector with custom range and Info Panel (see the Demining Drone). Most explosives should receive their own placement / deactivation SFX (WIP). Many explosion SFX were tweaked. The Radio Protocol message that is triggered when a mine is discovered has 'spam control', so it's not repeated too often in a large field. disableAI "MINEDETECTION" can disable an AI's mine detection abilities.
  23. Fred2832

    Broken Reload glitch

    I have found many occasions where another player without a weapon would grab the package and leave undamaged due to a reload bug. For example: Using a thompson and the m1911, i shot the player multiple times (im unsure how much damage i dealt), however, my weapon would not allow me to reload, and in the bottom right corner there was simply a dash (-) instead of my ammo count. I had over 50 ACP rounds in my inventory. My character would not reload, and therefore the player escaped. This left me especially frustrated as I along with a few other players placed coins on a better package drop. I hope someone in the development team sees this and finds out this bug for themselves for a fix. I love this game, it’s an excellent idea and very fun when crashes and bugs don’t ruin the experience. thanks, Fred
  24. For the Arma 3 Alpha we have decided to make use of our own Feedback Tracker (FT - opened with the release on March 5th). Some of you will wonder why we do not use the DevHeaven Community Issue Tracker, so I will try to explain our rationale in this post. First of all, let me thank the people involved in running CIT, such as Sickboy, kju and the rest of its admin staff! Big thanks as well to those who took the time to report issues, work on good repro methods and validating fixes. This has especially helped with the ongoing development of the Operation Arrowhead beta patches. It's good to have a dedicated place to track issues, rather than to contain it all within the forums. That leaves these forums to be a place of discussion and community collaboration. For the Arma 3 Alpha we however wished things from the tracking platform that CIT did not currently do. I have no doubt its creators could eventually implement some of what we needed, but we had to get it up and running very quickly. Most of it was about direct administration control and connections to our own web services. In our vision for Arma 3, the consistent and complete package is important. We feel the Feedback Tracker is part of that, and so it should feel as close as possible to the rest of the websites and the game. If we decide to make a subtle change quickly (e.g. an artwork or disclaimer text), we need to be able to immediately get it done via our own web team. We are also expecting an influx of people who have no experience with CIT or our community at all. We need a platform those people can easily find and use. They should not be confused about whether the platform is official or not. In the end though, no matter what platform is used, the goal is for us to cooperate with you: developers and the community. We'd like to ask you to help us to do that. By reporting issues to us in a good way, we can do our best to correct them. By voting you let us know which issues are of key importance to you. On our end we are getting our pipelines ready to be able to more frequently update the game during Alpha, Beta and the main release. We'll have a default branch on Steam where we release major and tested updates. Interesting for rapid iterations is the Development branch, where we'll let any of our developers update data much more frequently. Sometimes this will break that branch, but a key differentiation to OA's beta patches: data updates are used more. Fixes are not primarily focused on the programmers. Also let me introduce you to our Senior Quality Assurance team member: Astaroth. He will be your Community QA Liaison - which means he'll help the team stay aware of issues being reported and voted on. That's not to say the rest of the team will not also be using FT: we are encouraging as many of our developers as possible to keep an eye on it. We hope CIT can continue to provide its excellent services to many other projects such as the community's. Please join us in creating a stable and optimized Arma 3 game
  25. Hi guys, A recent development branch update introduced, among the other things, a new Weapon Resting feature. Note, please do not confuse it with weapon deployment, which is something quite different. Resting is an automatic mechanism that detects object geometries around the shooter's elbows and the weapon itself. When you are standing still - and if solid geometries are detected within the given radius - it grants you a reasonable reduction of weapon sway, inertia and recoil penalties. This way, you could finally properly utilize your surroundings not only for cover but also to find a sweet spot for precise shooting. This feature changes one important premise of stance stability: it is no longer true that prone is the most stable position in every situation. For example, when you will be firing too high in prone your weapon and arms might cease to be rested on terrain below and thus your stance precision will actually become worse than in crouch. The introduction of this feature is the first step towards more sophisticated weapon stabilization improvements that are about to come with Marksmen DLC. We are thankful for all your constructive feedback upon the subject matter. Thank you very much, take a rest and enjoy!