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  1. I have a simple suggestion and think others might agree. On the pre-game screen players can "thumbs up" when ready to play, but most of the time all do but maybe one player so we all have to wait still. My suggestion is that if at least half (50%) of the players "ready up" the 10-second timer should start then. This would speed up matches and not have everyone have to wait due to one or two players just waiting out the whole timer.
  2. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  3. "Noticed problems with helicopters." With the advent of air transport in the experimental branch, and further introduction into the main game, some errors have not been fixed, they may not be for everyone. When starting the Mi-8 engine, when the main screw is untwisted, its texture or model disappears, which causes flickering. When taking off from Mi-8 and UH-1: The control pedal is locked with the LEFT position, what does not allow landing by plane, which takes the air vehicle only to the left and a crash is made..
  4. NOTE: 2.14. PROF/PERF up! you don't need a new client on the PERF/PROF server! there is a branch on steam you may use, but beware that sometimes data on Dropbox are newer due to manual build e.g. on weekend: Servers (down, up only if needed): PERF = STABLE branch compatible, no debug layer, no #captureFrame nor diag_captureFrame PROF = STABLE branch compatible, with debug layer, with #captureFrame / diag_captureFrame possible server fps increases and clients may experience higher fps too downloads
  5. First of all want to say that this aspect of ArmA series has been much improved from previous tittles but is missing the gritty feeling of other Tactical shooters of the genre, SQUAD, Project Reality, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, etc Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167121 Some Ideas to improve the "feel" of gunplay / infantry Weapon RECOIL - Overall recoil feels pretty ok, allthough could be a bit more while standing unsupported - Add VERY SNAPPY (barely noticable) amount of camera recoil impulse based on ratio of weapon weight to ammo caliber and weapon attachments (ex Squad, Hell Let Loose, Project Reality) - Impulse has to be very snappy and short and be over before you can think about it (Anyone who fired a gun IRL with cheek rested on the stock will know what I mean) Weapon Resting / Deployment - This is a must for all weapons not just the ones with bipods - Resting for all weapons - Resting of Left / Right sides of the gun on objects such as walls, ex: Weapon Sway - Weapon sway is basically not a thing in Reforger - Increase weapon sway while standing un-supported - Would accompany proper weapon resting / deployment - Make it so you actually have to think about instead of just standing up in the open spraying full auto like in COD / Battlefield / PUBG - Make stamina actually matter when it comes to weapon sway Weapon Suppression / Explosives Supression - This is a must IMO - Add bullet supression from other games (SQUAD, Hell Let Loose, Project Reality, Post Scriptum, etc) based on the weapon cailber - Good change to PVP, eg Conflict - Should also work on supressing AI - Makes firefights longer and more enjoyable, encourages team work, instead of current Arcade flow Weapon Muzzle Effects - Make muzzle flashes for small arms cast a bit more light on surrounding objects while in a dark shadow, inside of a building during the day based on the Muzzle Device, obviously muzle breaks > flash hiders > supressors - Flash hiders are good at hiding flash it is true, however they still give off light IRL to nearby objects shooting in an indoor range. Youtube videos do not do it justice - Muzzle flashes for weapons such as the .50 CAL and KPVT should give off a lot more light to surrounding objects especially the KPVT during the day - Add physics force emitters and effects to muzzle devices that would kick up dust / dirt / trash / foilage, etc based on the muzzle device and the materials of the objects surrounding the muzzle - Make the smoke puffs from weapons stay around for A little bit longer Weapon Ammo Counter - Get rid of live updating ammo counter on the bottom right - Add check mag functionallity with something like "Alt+R" or some other key, where the character checks the mag - The magazine bullet counter icon would update only after checking the mag Weapon Sounds - I think overall these are a great - Shot sounds could maybe have A LITTLE more "POP" to them, and a little more "POP" in the reverb - Shot sounds could be A LITTLE louder, - Currently gunfire just does not give you that "Oh Crap"/"Grittyness"/"Danger" feeling that games like SQUAD and Project Reality do - There is already a sound mod "War Tapes", which makes things louder, it is indescribable how much it changes the feeling / percieved danger of a firefight Launchers - Add backblast damage to launchers - Add a snappy Lighting flash to launchers to light up the surrounding objects from backblast when fired - Add sizable physics force emitters and effects to launchers that would kick up dust / dirt / foilage from backblast when fired - More smoke from launchers, make smoke puffs from launchers stay around much longer - This way you actually have to think when and where you fire from Grenades - Grandes are pretty much useless, you can stand 2-3 meters away looking right at it and it will not even leave a scratch - Increase shrapnel range for thrown and underbarelled Grenades to their realistic values - Add short and bright flash to grenade explosions lighting up everything nearby - Add physics emitters throwing up dust and dirt in addition to the current generic effect - Add a single VERY SHORT AND SNAPPY camera shake impulse and very short ear ringing or sound fading out effect based on proximity to explosion eg Grenade, RPG backblast, etc Bullet impact VFX - Needs work most of the effects seem the same with different color. I would look at SQUAD as en example, their VFX is pretty good - Metal impacts / sparks emit light to surround objects Stamina / Climbing Walls - This is a great addition to ArmA however right now feels way too arcady - Climbing animation should be 2-3X longer or even more if the player is carrying a lot of weight - Should not be allowed to climb if not enough stamina - Cost of stamina to climb should increase with weight of carried items - Add feature from Post Scriptum to drink water from Canteen to rapidly replenish stamina Character Movement - Separate Sprinting from Jogging/Running - Put character in the weapon down Jogging animation on the last "Scroll Wheel Up" setting regardless if the primary weapon is on safety or not - Separate Animation for Sprinting maybe with the weapon held in 1 hand muzzle up like in "Ground Branch" or just on the side like in "Hell let Loose" or "Red Orchestra 2" - Separate Animation vs just sped-up JOG/Run would make it obvious that sprinting is "Very Fast movement mode with Limited duration" vs I will just hold down Shift and end up jogging anyway - Biggest problem is characters are able to JOG Sideways at high speed while firing accuratley down the sights, resulting in circle-jerk Counter-Strike fights - Couple of solutions: - Substantially increase weapon sway while side-strafing at high speed - Do not allow players to look down the sights while strafing at high speed - Automatically slow down players to a reasonable, much lower side-strafe speed when player looks down the iron sights while side-strafing Footsteps - Could be a LITTLE bit louder - Increase the range of footsteps sound, so they can be heard from further away - Seems like footstep sounds for some materials are missing? - Add wet variation to footstep sounds, when the ground mateiral is wet, it would mix in or play different footstep sound Hills / Mountain Terrain - Movement in mountain / hill terrain makes no difference to flat or open fields - Characters are able to run up way too steep of a slope - Characters Sprint FULL SPEED up incredibly steep grades, this is cheesy - Movement up hill makes no difference to stamina? - High ground should be an advantage and difficult to attack requiring you to think about the approach instead of just YOLO sprinting full speed up a cliff Foilage / Bushes / Tree branches - Most bushes / Tree branches missing sound when player runs through them, add sounds for moving through all foilage - Sound of movement through foilage / crop fields / bushes / tree branches needs to be LOUDER, heard from MUCH FURTHER away, - Add sounds of branches / wood cracking and snapping, and rebounding when walking through bushes and thickets - Thick Bushes need to be an obstacle, slowing character movement down SIGNIFICANTLY, should not be able to sprint full speed through thick bushes, way too arcady - Add animations of bushes / branches moving around when disturbed by characters - Make it so you actually have to think about it sneaking up on players / AI instead of rushing full sprint - Add sounds and animations of bushes / foilage / thickets / branches disturbed by vehicles "SpinTires Mudrunner" is a great example - Trees / bushes should not just fall down when hit by vehicles, but should deflect away from the vehicle with sounds "SpinTires Mudrunner" as an example Wind Effects - Tree branches / Bush deflection / Wind sound is too small for moderate winds, needs to be increased - 7 m/s is around 13.6 knots and foilage is barely moving until turned up to 15m/s or ~30 knots
  6. It's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Experimental build in one centralized place. The changelog thread can be found here. This thread mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic. Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker. Thank you!
  7. https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/terrain-tutorial The terrain guide is hard to navigate right now, it would benefit from a interactive table of contents. - Show the user where they are on the page - Allow navigating between headers and paragraphs faster - Improve digestion of long posts There are actually many pages on the bohemia sites that have a lot to scroll through so a feature like this would benefit the blogs and stuff too!
  8. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166734 After about 50 hours playing Conflict and Game Master with some convoy missions there is no way to keep an engine running when exiting the drivers seat except to switch to passenger seat before leaving the vehicle. - When exiting the drivers seat the engine should not automatically turn off - When driver is killed the engine should not automatically turn off - Under-fire the extra few seconds of engine start combined with Entry animation really matters and often makes the difference between getting away or getting headshotted while trying to start the engine. - This is problematic because it does not give player the flexibility to keep engine running if that is players intent. - It is easy enough to Tap "R" before Tapping "X" to leave the vehicle with engine off if that is players intent. - This small detail makes vehicle gameplay more immersive. - Please at least make it an option configurable in the Settings menu for Reforger / Arma 4. -Thank you for reading!
  9. So I'm a sucker for small details. Quick and briefly I'll say to look into vehicle damaged models(blown up state), needs a revision. I don't think that an rpg round to any vehicle should make all its tires dissappear or like on the humvee, where the A pillar I believe is bent inwards. The vehicle destroyed state models are the same of an aircraft Guided bomb that's done its job on them. The vehicles should stay as they were before they were destroyed, here is an image of what just an rpg does. Knocks the motor out , but all tires are there, not lowered from missing suspension due to explosion(the most common model developers use for games, the lowered to the ground and slanted wheels damaged model). Just knocks the vehicle out. All tires should stay on, or atleast disappear if a missle or rocket directly hits the wheel. What we don't want for the game is some Regular objects as aftermath of a battle. We want damage that tells a story of what happened there. I guess what I'm trying To say is that after vehicle is blown up it just looks like an object we could can place there from the objects list in armavision. Remember never do copy and paste methods to your games. Next would be smoke columns should be much taller. Much much taller. And last longer I'd say. Other than that, you guys are killing it and I highly enjoy the game! If you guys truly listen to the community. I'd assume we'll see these changes !
  10. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166662 - Hit reactions and death animations and screams are extremely cheesy - The overexaggerated fall animation combined with high pitched "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" is funny and not even a little bit immersive - Reminds me of Chuck norris movies, 1950's WW2 movies, or shitty low budget documentary re-enactments - Please look at something like excellent "Project Injury Reaction Mod" for Arma 3 or Escape From Tarkov Thanks for reading!
  11. The audio changes which delayed Development branch updates are now partly published. As with most of these large tasks, this is ongoing work and so the current state is not considered final (in some places it may be worse for a little while). Effectively the core foundations are in place and now each individual asset needs tuning and fixing. We feel it will improve the soundscape in the final game :622: Senior audio team member Ondřej Matějka goes over the details:
  12. 1) In these two comparison pictures Im completely static, not moving my mouse just using eye focus, see the difference in building model? Its roof is getting lower as I zoom in. It also looked like bullets are going thru texture (not sure about that one) Its immersion breaking. My settings: model geometric detail and object draw distance -> both set on ultra 2) Other thing is player movement in some cases on steep/angled surfaces, player character gets stuck in kinda like stepping-over-in-one-spot animation when turning around on spot (most noticable when crouching). 3) Sometimes I cannot crouch when standing too close to walls, objects or standing in doorframe (my hardware is working) same is happening in dayz also. Character is probably assuming hes got no space to crouch, so I sometimes end up pressing my crouch button like 6 times before dying, since I could not take cover for no obvious reason xD I just want my character to bend his knees on SPOT on SINGLE push of ONE button. (noticable when standing in corner) I would love to see some improvements for immersion friendly character movement and behavior, so players can feel for their character, more simply predict and understand player movement. Thank you for your great game! For real, its really great!
  13. Drnyh5n1

    Visual Inaccuracy

    body of dead russian should not be visible in this field, Ive got my 'grass view distance' set to max.
  14. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166665 Here are some of the biggest issues, please take a look at EFT as it is much more intuitive system, and can be made to work on consoles without massive "Dumbing down" There is a reason players love it so much and consider it the "gold standarad", it is simply because it is intuitive and makes a whole lot of sense 1) Every player wearable has the same amount of visible slots but different "Capacity", this is highly counter intuitive, for example players cannot put M249 belts into any ALICE vest except ALICE machinegunner, even though it looks like there is enough slots for it, yet we can put RPG's into the M70 Parka for the FIA. 2) Most magazines are the same slot size even though they are pistol / Rifle / M429 / RPK / PKM / Even 100rnd .50 cal boxes are 1 slot same as a bandage or a compass? Makes no sense. 3) Get rid of % Capacity of wearable items, keep the weight, make slot arangement represent what we can fit into vests, backpacks and pockets. 4) Make magazines, grenades, and all items non-stackable in the wearables but stackable in ammo boxes / vehicles. With a ceritain quantity limit per box representing the size (depth of the box). 5) Make magazines / belts / RPG's / an appropriate # of squares based on item size. 6) Make slot arrangments on vests unique and based on the capacity of that pocket. That way it is CLEAR on WHY a certain vest works with things like M249 magazines while others do not. 7) R key with item selected to rotate the item 😎 Bonus: Server side option to make only items on vest / pockets / hotkeyable, and magazines only from vest / pockets reloadable (launchers reloaded manually from backpack). Ai would ofcourse ignore this setting Thank you for reading!
  15. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166663 Equipment slots seem a bit weird compared to even Arma 3. Its great that we can take off our pants and shoes and everything this is great, but could use more slots. If this is not planned for reforger please add this for Arma 4 1) Separate slots for webbing/vest and body armor (same as Escape from Tarkov) which can be combined (greyed out) for body armor with integrated pockets (soviet 6B-5-15 vest, modders can add plate-carriers etc) - US Army would get PASGT for armor and could put things like ALICE webbing on top - Soviet Army would get something like 6B2 with ability to put Lifchik and other vests on top 2) Belt as a seprate slot. Would be combined (greyed out) if the belt is part of the rig, or is incompatible with body armor / vest. There are already belts in-game with items seem to be disappearing from them when they are uneqipped, yet the belt stays behind. This would allow different belts with carrying capacity in combination with the vest / rig / armor. Future proof for more modern equipment such as battle-belts etc https://imgur.com/a/RSq8tz6 3) NVG slot, If reforger does not get NVG's because we are supposed to play in the dark with flashlights that is fine, please give us some way of adding them to helmets / head in ArmA 4 4) Face cover slot -> Bandanas / Ski Masks / Shemagh 5) Eye slot -> Where are our glorious Top Gun Aviators? 6) Arm bands -> These were used since at least WW1. In Vanilla they could be used just to identify medics, but this slot would give communities and mission creators a lot of freedom to run games the way players like to - Server side option to make them removable -> A way to identify nekkids from a distance through optics and binocs and not get penalties for Friendly Fire 7) Gloves -> We have boots, please add gloves. In my opinion, one of the major attactions of games like this is that we (Grown Men) can dress up our unique tacti-cool operators and participate in missions with our friends 😎 Left / Right shoulder patches -> please bring this back from Arma 3 -Thank you for reading!
  16. Hey, after roughly 5000hrs of CTI on Arma 3 and 90hrs on the Conflict gamemode in Arma Reforger, here is some some things I noticed: Its great that you added med boxes with bandages to the smaller towns, but for some reason Military Base Levie and Military base Villeneuve dont seem to have any. (Or am i blind?) Why is the number of radio backpacks in larger military based (Matros, Levie , Villeneuve, etc) limited but in small camps you can get an unlimited amount? (In the radio tent you can get an unlimited amount). Wouldn't it make more sense the other way around? Mobile HQ engine should be disabled when deployed so new players dont accidentally take it and drive away. Many dont seem to understand what the MHQ does, and it can be very frustrating when you spend a lot of time to bring and hide it near the front line. Then somebody just drives it into the enemy camp and gets it destroyed. It is impossible to dissembled e.g. the armory in order to change its side. AI of towns sometimes spawns on the location of armory / vehicle depots, forcing you to kill them in order to be able to construct them (happens e.g. Quarry) Spawning on someone with a radio backpack spawns you exactly inside them: The radio operator might kill you, when hes shooting while you are spawning You are stuck inside each other, neither can move. You have to go prone to get unstuck Constantly people spawning inside you, getting you stuck is very annoying. I must note however, that the backpack spawning mechanic is really nice in general, as the make people automatically form squads on the fly. The Field Manual about constructing structures does not explain how to rotate them. Why no backpacks on the armory? At least in only on big mil bases? (Levie and Villeneuve) Makes it very difficult to utilized the LMGs, as you can not take a spare magazine for them (doesnt fit into default clothing). Many towns have 0 bunkers than can be placed (or rather are actually usefull), while others have dozens in a larger radius around the town. Add a few locations that could be favorable for e.g. Machine gun nests especially on key towns, in almost 90 hrs of Conflict I have not see them get used once. Meaux is a positive example. The bunkers actualy provide cover for both attacker and defender, and can be used to e.g. watch the street. Similar this should be done on other towns especially on key towns at large highways: Tyrone has pretty much no useful bunkers that can be build, despite being fairly open and a key location (e.g on the road to Hornbeam Valley, or the road to Montignac) Simons Wood is also very open and flat, next to a big road, yet almost nothing can be build there Some sort of respawn for AI defending a location should be added, in late game there is usually nobody defending any objective, especially in towns far behind the front line. As a result it becomes a "town rushing", where you race from one town to the next as fast as possible. Maybe an option to respawn town defense on the command center in exchange for supplies? Or like Naval bases these towns should be reinforced automatically every 30min if they are "secure" Spawn locations inside towns are weird. Sometimes the spawn point is inside the tent, sometimes outside. Sometimes in the center of an open field with no cover nearby (e.g. as in Mil base Levie). Is that intentional for balance? As a result on some towns it becomes very easy to just lock down the spawn, by spawn killing. Sometimes spawns are too close to the radio. This makes it very hard to capture the town, as enemies can respawn next to you while you configure the radio. Meaning you need to deplete all their spawns first before being able to cap the point. This is not possible alone and needs at least 3-4 people to accomplish. Balance: Overall the Russian forces currently seem quite a bit stronger. Not only do they by default have a Full automatic rifle, but they also have access to 45 round mags, and vehicles like the BTR. The full automatic rile is a big advantage in cqb. Vehicles like BTR are not very strong in fire power, but the armor allows somebody to sit inside and act as a fairly secure spawning point. While armed Humvees are faster, the gunner is exposed and an easy target, so is the driver and the other passengers. Russian forces can also get ammunition for free from the green forces, as they also use AKs, RPGs and SVGs. This allows you to operate longer without having to switch weapons or worry about ammunition. Bugs (I try not to list engine specific issues): Armories tend to revered to the american side when the server crashes and a save is loaded. (Noticed it on Military base Levie) Sometimes disconnected users with a radio backpack retain their spawnpoint, allowing you to spawn on it forver, and the enemy cant do anything about. Though Most of the time spawning on it gets you killed (spawning in the sky or under ground). Edit: I think this is related to the invisible glitch Respawn screen is terribly inconsistent. Sometimes even allows you to spawn on already lost towns. incorrectly shows 0s to spawn on radio backpacks when its still 30s+ randomly spawns you at other towns spawns you at a different undesired location when the selected spawn point becomes unviable towns have to be re-slected multiple times to ensure you are spawning at the correct location Spawning on someone while he is in a car, can cause you to first be placed in front of the car before being moved into a seat. This can kill you instantly as the car will run you over before the script can move you. It is also very confusing for the driver, as he cant tell if somebody actually spawning in the car, or spawned on the road and is left behind.# Disconnected users sometimes leave their body behind, this comes in the form of an unkillable AI that just stands around. Often found on spawn points in towns. (Cleanup needed). Sometimes during capturing a base radio, the progress is reset and you have to start anew. Overall I really like the game mode so far. The dynamics of player squads, of attackers and defenders, works well. Key towns like Tyrone, Meaux , Montignac, Entre Deux, Matros, and Provins make really great for battles due to their terrain and connection to the road.
  17. BohemiaBeck

    Forums Upgrade

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, the forums have now been upgraded. Please use this thread to provide any feedback you might have. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  18. Hey folks! I'm looking for feedback on a mission that I built recently in the eden editor. Took a lot of work, but want to make it better with anything I can. My knowledge base for scripting or coding is fairly limited (other than the youtube stuff I've learned from) so if you have efficiency recommendations that use scripts, or otherwise, I'd love to hear them. Required mods will be in the steam description. I'll post the links to an ACE version and Non-ACE version that are on the Steam Workshop. You can render the feedback here or on the steam site, but any input is much appreciated! (ACE Version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2809026965 (Non-ACE Version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2809866742  Thanks again to anybody who provides feedback! S/F, Chesty
  19. Hey everyone, we have released a first iteration of the Linux Dedicated Server as reported in SITREP #38. It's still a little bit experimental so we would very much appreciate your feedback and experience running it. Please report any bugs to our Feedback tracker (use the fields Platform, OS and OS Version to describe you distro as best as you can) while general feedback should go directly into this thread. There are some known issues so be aware of them when you run the server: Also note that java version 7 is required to run the server (even though it's disabled in-game) so you will have to set path to 'libjvm.so' correctly for your distro. Example usage on my debian: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/lib/i386/jamvm ./arma3server -netlog -config=Arma3_Server.cfg Enjoy!
  20. Please use this thread for discussion specific to the Release Candidate (RC) branch on Steam, when it's available in the weeks leading up to a release. The preferred method of reporting issues in that build is the Feedback Tracker. Thanks!
  21. Hi there, in the recent update of development branch you will find the new version of announced (http://dev.arma3.com/sitrep-00030) fatigue mechanics improvement which we prepared for you. As the design of such an important feature is inevitably burdened by many subjective feelings and opinions we decided to inform and discuss it's implementation with you. Therefore I would like to gladly ask you for a valuable, constructive and civilized feedback upon the issue. Hopefully, it will help me a lot to tune that feature according to your sound objections, good suggestions and overall gameplay feelings. So, this update will affects three main issues: 1) Animation slowdown. The more you are fatigued, the more sluggish and cumbersome all your movement becomes. Simple as that. However, not every animation could be slowed down by the same degree without odd side effects. Thus it's quite tricky to set up the values for every respective animation correctly. If you find out some unexpected motion that goes simply "too slow", please, let me know. Also I would like to hear from you if the current overall slowing isn't too much, or if you generally feel that it could be even more severe. As I said, it's very subjective issue and many different opinions will arise for sure. 2) Fatigue gain from inventory load. The more you are loaded, the sooner you get exhausted by doing exhaustive actions. I've made the progress of fatigue gain from inventory load much steeper to force you to consider your carried equipment with greater care. Let me know if it's not too punitive, or, if you feel that it could be even more severe. 3) Weapon sway. Believe it or not, weapon sway behavior is inevitably connected to fatigue. Thus the recent changes will certainly have an impact on it. We wish to improve the sway mechanics even further, so every feedback regarding this issue, regardless if it's just personal opinion or shooting range testing video, will be also much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your feedback and stay tuned.
  22. Hi there, in the recent update of development branch you will find the new weapon inertia mechanics together with adjusted breathing and weapon sway. These changes are going to significantly improve the overall weapon handling in our game. Therefore we would like to start this thread to share thoughts and discuss opinions about these important improvements to our game. As with fatigue mechanics before, we would like to gladly ask you for a valuable, constructive and civilized feedback upon the features of weapon inertia, sway and breathing. We would like to gladly ask you to refrain from discussing other features like weapon resting / deployment, bi-pods and so on. We clearly recognize them all as an important issues, but such discussions are completely pointless here. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  23. Enhanced visual feedback SINGLEPLAYER ONLY About Squad Feedback aims to enhance AI / player communication via visual cues so you receive the same information your AI team does, including team status and known enemy locations. Features This mod can display the following information about each unit in your group: Index Its number in your group If it's the group leader or formation leader Group leaders will have their index between chevrons (like <1>). Formation leaders will display a ^ besides it (like 1^). If the unit is both it will be displayed like this: <1>^ Role Based on attributes and currently equipped weapon, which can be different from its class Class Health status Ammo status Team color Distance Alive status Dead squadmates can display a relevant icon (a skull) after a configurable time delay Also, as part of the group you can also receive information about current known enemies, including: Current or last known position Distance You can toggle the visibility of each one of those mentioned above in the Addon Settings panel. Occlusion Enemy units are subjected to occlusion and visibility checks, trying to emulate the way AI detects and follows threats: Enemy Tracking Devices By default, known enemies will automatically tracked whenever you have equipped one of the following items: Combat Goggles (any version, including balaclavas) Tactical Glasses (any version) VR Goggles Assassin Helmet (any version) Defender Helmet (any version) Fighter Pilot Helmet (any version) Special Purpose Helmet (any version) You can toggle this option off or add more gear with this feature by adding class names (without quotes and separated by commas) in the HUD Display - Advanced section of the Addon Settings panel. Default Keybinds Display Squad HUD (Toggle): TAB Display Known Enemies (Toggle): Ctrl + TAB You can change those keybinds by going to: Options > Controls > Configure Addons (in the lower part of the controls window) > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) Changing Settings You can change the default settings by going to: Options > Addon Options > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) If you hover over a setting's name a tooltip with extended information about what it does will be displayed. Credits CBA_A3 - Without this the customization options wouldn't be the same. Also, some nifty functions were used killzone kid - for the very useful zoom function "pulse" by Trendy from the Noun Project, used in the logo Permissions This project falls under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).
  24. Centar23


    Why would you nerf the rewards for shootouts? I know you want more people to play your game and spend money; heck I have on it, but to make the rewards now so low? I used to play shootout all the time even when I wasn't that good and I'd get second and sometimes first place but now with only ten food and ONE crate for a win? It's no longer even worth it. I love your game, the loot aspects, the shelter, everything but this season I'm hurt because I have to work. Crates are worth less XP and there aren't as many p boosters in the battlepass. Again I know he point in a game is to make money and I'll continue to play but all this season did was hurt those of us who can't play all the time.
  25. Evening, An easy one for you. The runners that appear giving you helpful hints etc., You still have one saying that mortar strikes have started for campers, just needs removing. Cheers