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  1. TLDR: How to delete reforger workbench (enfusion workbench) settings or reset workbench? Look up Arma Reforger Workbench using regedit and change or delete the settings to restore workbench. Long story: I had selected the SkyDome_Sun.emat file in the enfusion workbench (reforger workbench), this caused the workbench to crash. But before crashing, workbench managed to save the last opened file (SkyDome_Sun.emat). Now, every time I launched workbench, it would crash immediately. I deleted my project, launched into the vanilla reforger project, still crashed. I tried deleting my profile folders, I tried repairing the reforger tools on steam, nothing seemed to work, I deleted and grprj file that existed in my computer, tried %appdata% and more to find workbench settings, trying to RESET my workbench. Then I found that reforger workbench exists in the windows registry (regedit.exe) In regedit, I was able to find the registry that had saved the last opened file, I deleted the value of the file that was causing me to crash as soon as I loaded ANY project, now my worries were gone, the workbench launched again and I was able to play my favorite puzzle game, arma reforger workbench yet again! Since I cannot find anything about this online, I shall leave this post.
  2. FIXED(TLDR): Remove secondary versions of my mod (the one downloaded through the in-game reforger workshop). I've found the answer to this problem. I had to delete the addon from my in-game reforger workshop. Because I had the same addon name twice(although the folder name was different), the first one found was loaded in my peer tool. ( this may be also because I was using the tools before and now the reforger workbench has a different directory from the main game, or I just set it up in my main reforger profile folder inside My Games ) So now I ran peertool and it worked. Every time I make changes to files, I have to restart workbench completely for peer tool to connect correctly, but it works!
  3. https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/terrain-tutorial The terrain guide is hard to navigate right now, it would benefit from a interactive table of contents. - Show the user where they are on the page - Allow navigating between headers and paragraphs faster - Improve digestion of long posts There are actually many pages on the bohemia sites that have a lot to scroll through so a feature like this would benefit the blogs and stuff too!
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Mod_Project_Setup In the SQF portion of the biki, there are VERY helpful comments all around. Sometimes the examples and comments help me understand things way better. We want comments for the reforger and enfusion pages. Also I want to login to the biki with my current forum account and I get this error: I assume it's because of bots, but wouldn't it be possible to verify users, which have played reforger on their bohemia account (login in-game(reforger) or (reforger)workshop login)
  5. I think something like this is on the official reforger roadmap: https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/roadmap FIRST MILESTONE - GROUND SUPPORT I don't think there are any similar servers right now
  6. private _target = laserTarget player; private _heli = missionNamespace getVariable ['helicopter_2',objNull]; private _group = (group (driver _heli)); { if !(_x isEqualTo (driver _heli)) then { _x doWatch objNull; // this will cause the heli to move in a straight line and stop it from following waypoints _x doSuppressiveFire _target; }; } forEach ((units _group)); // The bottom part is if you wanna make them go back to normal flight // return everyone to formation (units (driver _heli)) doFollow (leader (driver _heli)); Something like this ^^ That's from a script that spawns in helicopter and lets the player control it via addactions (move, pickup, drop off, engage lazer) https://pastebin.com/1DN7FQu4 I don't have arma installed, so I can't test it, but it should work, or at least a place to start!
  7. Yes! You may manipulate the world editor camera speed using the camera menu! You can even hold shift or ctrl when dragging the camera speed slider to change the speed of adjustment!
  8. I tried to post some code using the code block functionality on the forum, but I miss clicked where the red X is on the image above. The code block window closed without asking for confirmation and everything in the code block window was lost forever. I do not wish to lose the code I wrote because my hand is inaccurate at clicking or if I sneeze and click. I think this may be a problem when writing code in the code window and then accidentally clicking anywhere outside the code window. It would be better to disable the off-window click or just have a confirmation.
  9. I kept getting an error when connecting a peer. (I was able to fix the issue), but I'm wondering if this is the correct behavior or am I wrongly configured somewhere. What happened? I made some changes to my test mod (added some new files etc.), ran world editor and tried to run with peer tool. Peer tool would not connect, it would get disconnected group 4, reason 2 20:50:52:552 RPL : ClientImpl event: disconnected (identity=0x00000001), group=4, reason=2 How I fixed it: I updated my test mod public version on the workshop (upload button in workshop). Launched the normal game, downloaded the updated mod from the in-game workshop, then I closed normal game and ran the peer tool, it connected fine! Question: Is this the correct expected behavior for the peer tool? Is there a faster/more efficient way to run peer tool for testing?
  10. Eventually I verified arma reforger (game) on steam and it was missing 2 files, then it started working again. My issue was setting the workshop source data directory to the arma reforger game directory data folder (inside addons). I couldn't find any other folders named DATA, so that was my choice. Then I restarted workbench and then I pressed the CLR button. If I set the source data directory as reforger game > addons > data, then restart the workbench and then click clr, then restart workbench, the bug reappears. The bug is fixed again by verifying my reforger game, so looks like pressing CLR deletes some files
  11. I was trying to get peer tool working and I think I cleared the source data directory. After that the arma reforger files in the resource browser show up as .pak files and nothing works. I tried using the clear all settings plugin in workbench, but that didn't help. I tried changing the source data, tried reforger and reforger tools folders. Didn't work What is wrong?
  12. tldr: A online website which provides help finding servers for arma reforger Whenever I have browsed for a arma 3 server or an arma 2 server, I have always done so using a website server browser. I usually used arma swec se ( a website which kept statistics of arma servers ) And more recently battlemetrics as they provide decent search functionality and also statistics. I know that these solutions were community made and maybe someone will make one for arma reforger one day as well! Or maybe bohemia can have their own server browser for reforger on the reforger website. What made such websites good? Accessing the server lists from phone and from any computer, without having to start the game. Statistics would help me understand at which times the servers are more active, allowing me to schedule my play sessions well. The extra search options and information was very useful to me, I could easily find servers with mods. I found one of my all time favorite arma 2 servers like that, It was a public ace server in arma 2, I would have never found it if it weren't for services like this! What I would like Maybe this is more for someone in the community to make a 3rd party website, but seeing as mod workshop is already in bohemia's hands, it would also be really cool to see an official service/website like this! Considering this is something that would benefit arma 4 greatly as well, maybe it would make sense to develop a website like this and find out what kind of features and things would help players find servers at a higher efficiency. Ideally it would be a website which can be viewed and browsed without logins etc. The server owners should be allowed to claim their servers to add extra descriptions, information, introduction video or tutorial and maybe even allow scheduling events. If bohemia had such a service, they could even provide an allowlist and sign-ups for servers, since the bohemia account is linked to the game. Anyway... I'm sure something like battlemetrics will have reforger eventually. I think I always have a harder time browsing, I always find such things very helpful for my multiplayer experience. Maybe others do as well? How do people even find servers?
  13. I found this thread because I have the same issue and It's not possible to search if someone has the same problem as me before creating a new topic, therefor I may now create new forum topics about reforger and enfusion modding which may already exist. Using google is a bad solution because it does not allow specifying reforger and enfusion forums. It's currently hard to get information about modding reforger and enfusion. Could bohemia create a version of the forum where only the enfusion and reforger parts are available to alllow searching with google more specifically? or maybe... consider a faster search for the forum 😄
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  15. Let's build an open, login free knowledge base for Enfusion! Which can be accessed with google and is hosted on bohemia wiki and bohemia forums, requiring no extra steps or logins to VIEW and access! So that our children and grandchildren can still access the information in the future, When they are asking the same question, that we had 10 years ago, they can find the answer to it in a forum or on the BIKI, instead of black holes of information such as discord sucking up all the knowledge from all the future ENFUSION users!! Cmon, Who's with me?