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  1. Shack Tac's "The Game"

    What happens if you just kill a random person? Can you just kill cops? Do you have to be the one killing your target or is it ok if he just dies? Do you have to survive for a certain time or be the last man alive?
  2. Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    Really? How big area? I've yet to experience stuttering with a few hundred units, but low fps. maybe it's just something that runs in unscheduled, so it will take noticeable time to check 600-700 objects... I thought the grid system would work good for that, that sucks. Can you elaborate on your situation? How many players ? how big area ? How many objects ? Any extra things running? (ace,cba, cup?)
  3. ASR AI 3

    Having trouble finding out the variables. Do CBA settings allow disabling most scripted features? I have some special ai behaviour for some special missions, don't want anything unexpected. The config edits should not break anything, worried about scripts!
  4. ASR AI 3

    Can ASR ai be disabled with a command for per mission basis at all?
  5. Arma3 Videos

  6. Haha, that reference in the new image <3. Thanks for the update. Great stuff! I still tweak for weeks. But I had no it's you!!! Thanks for the song as well!
  7. Arma3 Videos

    With a bunch of mods and advanced features, fun can still be had ! :D Extreme seriousness and ranks [✘] Extensive simulation and deep mechanics ? [✓] Fun [✓]
  8. Server FPS limit testing

    8 Players reporting "very smooth experience". But I never told them anything. So I assume it's not completely placebo. ~150 avg. on server. Dropped to ~50 during most intense combat. I'll prep some tvt scenarios, because I'm interested if this will remove a lot of kill trading? In theory it should.
  9. Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    I've had a 4870x2 and got a 7970 atm. I can say that I've been let down and will get nvidia for my next card 770 came out like a month after I got my 7970 (SAME PRICE) and I borrowed one and got ~10% better perf. in arma 3. I've never been a part of any team/cult, because tribalism is stupid. But I can say I've not had a good experience with AMD, but I've had no experience with nvidia in long term...
  10. Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    Low preset (+ reshade) i7 4770k amd 7970 Thanks for the pentium tests @oldbear @Shaky-AK I'm looking for a budget build. Just need to decide between a 7350k and G4620 :\
  11. Server FPS limit testing

    Do any of the tech people here even know if arma could essentially provide faster updates to players when running ~100 fps. Similar to the benefits that bf4 got from it's 120 hz servers. If we could get updates out every 120th of a second instead of every 50th of a second, it would be a very good improvement for pvp.
  12. Server FPS limit testing

    Tell the players that you turned on a new ai server side mod. And that it will probably have negative effects on fps. If they still its smoother its not placebo
  13. Server FPS limit testing

    This should only be helpful if you run small scale PVP missions. The amount of benefit will reduce the bigger missions and more players you have. This might be good for when you use headless client 'tho. Keep those server scripts running quick and more updates per second.
  14. TotesGotes' Weapons and Gear

    The images you've posted seem very bleached and dark on my screen. Very nice mod, thanks! Good and simple.