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  1. sizraide

    setDamage not working.

    Works wonderfully, just a tiny bracket mistake in your part where you have } instead of ) next to > 0.1. Other than that it works! Thank you!
  2. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission. I have this script in the initLocalPlayer.sqf, basically I want a specific number of AI's to immediately die (setDamage 1;) when they loose health. (get shot by players) I've tried damaged and hit eventhandlers but it doesn't work, any help?
  3. Thanks for responding quick, before I test this I wanna learn how this script works because i'm trying to improve my knowledge in scripting. Would you mind telling me step by step why and what your script does in each line?
  4. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission where a player has to infiltrate a base and silently kill all enemies. and i'm creating an eventHandler that creates a trigger at players location when the enemy fires (when enemy detects player) Here is my setup, I have 11 enemies named from first1, first2, first3, first4, etc. In their init field I have Then in the enemy_detected.sqf I have Now my issue is when I load into the mission I don't receive any popup screen errors and nothing happens when the enemies start firing. I have an AI (called activation) that is on "disableAI "MOVE";" and will walk into a trigger area that will spawn enemies around the player in a separate script. (Supposed to represent that the enemies shooting attracted more enemies to player location) Also, I have a removeEventHandler to remove the added event as soon as the fired event happens. I'm also curious because I don't have much experience with scripting but would this work with COOP? because I created this script intended to work for COOP.
  5. I got it to work! Removed the "_" behind heli1 and it worked somehow.
  6. This _x is confusing me alot, how exactly do you use it?
  7. Doesn't work. No error messages popping up, just heli won't turn on its engine and move.
  8. Sorry, basically it didn't show any error messages. The heli wouldn't turn on its engine. I'll try your method again.
  9. Well nevermind what I said, but I tried your solution and it didn't work but after some researching I came up with this and it works. I couldn't get the count for players inside heli1 to work. ended up comparing if all playable units are = all players.
  10. Thanks for the solution! Just asking I currently have "playergroup = group this;" in each players init, wondering if this affects the script?
  11. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission and I have a script here that enables the helicopter "move" and turn its engine on when the player enters it. How can I make it so when the entire "group" of players enter the heli the heli turns its engine on and starts moving.
  12. Okay, sorry about that ill clarify more clearer. Im scripting for a COOP mission. Basically, I have a script already that makes OPFOR not attack the player when they're wearing Takistan uniform (Takistan are the OPFOR) The task I set for the players is that they're going through a heavily hostile area filled with OPFOR AI and they must meet their squad at the end. I want the players to actually get shot when they encounter any BLUFOR AI wearing the Takistan uniform to make it seem like the the AI mistaken the players for being OPFOR when they're not.
  13. Here it is, it's in the player Init.
  14. So this works, but the BLUFOR AI shoots me regardless of what I wear now, even if i'm not wearing anything.
  15. Yes, my players are BLUFOR, basically I have a mission where they went through an OPFOR base wearing OPFOR uniform. And I want them to take it off before meeting their BLUEFOR AI squad so they won't get shot.