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  1. I'd rather use allowFleeing 0 and addWaypoint.
  2. Do objects and items affect FPS.

    Even in an empty map, native buildings can impact FPS. Do the test to scout 360° at entry of the town. No need to add any objects. Of course, with an empty map, FPS stay at a very decent rate. Each time you can use simple objects, do it. Verify if this option is available in edited attributes. If not, you can disable simulation for some decorative non-interactive objects. Spawn active units/vehicles at the right time in your scenario.
  3. Any array starts at index 0. If you want the 1st element you refer to index 0 (array select 0). So, with 4 element arrays like your units, the last one, "B_HeavyGunner_F", will be selected by index 3 (array select 3).
  4. Refill vehicle ammo

    For your Wipeout, and all vehicles with pylons, use setAmmoOnPylon to refill easily. Have a look at "see also" BIKI commands.
  5. WW2 Bomb Run

    This kind of behavior can be hard to do if you try to reach a real bombing (adding multiple enemy targets, or laserTarget in ww2?...) As, nobody will scout for falling bombs (objects as projectiles with cinematic), I suggest you to simulate that: Place a marker above your town, with area, then, as example for an aircraft named bombing1 : On condition: bombing1 inArea thisTrigger On act: bombing1 spawn { params ["_plane"]; _salve = 10 + ceil random 20; _bombing = 24; _vel = velocity _plane; _h = getPosATL _plane select 2; _dir = getDir _plane; _pos = getPos _plane; _bombingFall = 4; sleep _bombingFall; _timer = diag_tickTime; for "_y" from 1 to _salve do { for "_x" from 1 to _bombing do { _posGround = _pos vectorAdd [((sqrt _h)* sin _dir) -20 + random 40,((sqrt _h) * cos _dir) -20 + random 40,0]; _offset = _vel vectorMultiply (diag_tickTime - _timer); _upDatedPos = _posGround vectorAdd _offset; _upDatedPos set [2,0]; _blast = createVehicle ["HelicopterExploBIG", _upDatedPos, [], 0, "NONE"]; sleep random 0.2; }; sleep random 2; }; }; You can play with delay, area, and all parameters, pushing maths with a true falling time...
  6. Not the problem. You can add/remove support links with commands like synchronizeObjectsAdd , AG EG btw, or use in the same way BIS_fnc_addsupportLink on server. When you "draw" a link in editor, between two modules, you don't ask yourself if server will see it (and it does via mission.sqm everywhere). The problem here is: typeOf (_this select 0) isEqualTo "player" has no sense. ("player" is a simple string without interest and not a kind of anything). You can use hasInterface, if you want, for no gain.
  7. Why not simply check your rpt file for your test and sqf beyond? The link and discussion are rather old but most of msg are understandable. I can't see the finality of your topic. You can built your work like: yourTest = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "yourTest.sqf" This command is very useful (at least for me!). Now, if you intend to manage some condition along with an error occurrence, I think it's weird. First aim should be to avoid any error! And, even if some BI commands can throw unexpected result, you can use an arsenal of tools to workaround that, in a decent way. params , isEqualTypeParams ,...
  8. One of these solutions will end. Difficult to say in what order: - the kid will grow up; - BI will improve the server admin; - you will group all players against him.
  9. arma freezes on splash logo

    Did you ALT TAB to another app? I had several crashes with that.
  10. Wow George, you make me a centenary by extrapolation.
  11. As you can see, bis_fnc_removeSupportLink waits for two params: requesterMod and providerMod but bis_fnc_addSupportLink has 3 entries: caller, requesterMod, providerMod I tested that several times and didn't find any difficulty so far, so i suggest you to test at your turn this process, if you have time: - Place all modules and links as usual, except the link between caller(s) (playable units) and the requester module. That seems to me logical in MP. You want to distribute or not the support(s) for each player. - Script your conditions for adding/removing support(s) in this way: * Adding conditions: [_player, RequesterMod, objNull ] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; // here there si no added value to re-link requesterMod and providerMod. You can let the providerMod, anyway. * Removing conditions: [_player, RequesterMod] call BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink; // That works and it's MP friendly. You don't remove a link between requesterMod and providerMod but between player(s) of your choice and requestedMod. As Larrow said, the bis functions will refresh all that system.
  12. That's probably because you run the script twice! I don't have this problem at all, nor double spawn, neither error msg. Tested with hosted + client.
  13. moving marker in server

    @Barba-negra You should change the title of your topic because it's not related to remoteExec but the way to display markers (or icons) on map. As any display, you should think to make it local, i.e. for the player, locally. As said previously, you can use EH "draw" for icons or polygons... That's probably your best bet. You can also display moving markers. In this case, You can script for server and createMarker (globally), or, script for each client/hosted and createMarkerLocal. The first solution needs to broadcast markers and positions (done by the commands themselves). The second one needs to run the script everywhere but don't impact the network. As you started with markers, I suggest you, in initPlayerLocal.sqf : addMissionEventHandler ["Map", { params ["_mapIsOpened", "_mapIsForced"]; if !(_mapIsOpened) then { {deleteMarkerLocal (_x getVariable ["mked",""])} forEach (< your array of units here >); } else { { _mk = createMarkerLocal [("mk"+str(_x)),getpos _x]; _mk setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_arrow"; _x setVariable ["mked",("mk"+str(_x))]; [_mk,_x] spawn { params ["_mk","_unit"]; while {alive _unit && visiblemap} do { _mk setMarkerPosLocal getPos _unit; _mk setMarkerDirLocal getDir _unit; sleep 0.1; }; }; } forEach (< your array of units here >); } }]; Markers are created when you open the map, and deleted when you close it. No impact on FPS. everything is made locally. EDITED: I saw you changed your title for Markers in server.... Well. In this case, it's weird to use a EH "map", deleting or creating global markers. You just have to create them and move them... as they must be permanent for any player. So, global markers have no added value in this case. You should think about that. As already said, the goal is to display locally (when opening map) some local result (marker local or icons).