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  1. pierremgi

    My game run at 20~

    Don't. You must enable graphic settings by NVidia or even Arma. If you set them too low, the GPU doesn't work as required and your CPU works for that. You should run Arma on a SSD, not a HDD, with plenty of space. Then, don't forget to optimize the files (defrag) and check the integrity of the game files (already treated multiple times on forum). Mods and DLCs can be resource demanding, some maps also.
  2. Good day. If there is no specific class for your vehicle, but only appearance (textures) you would apply, you need to hack the spawn and apply what you want. Example: addMissionEventHandler ["entityCreated", { params ["_entity"]; if (_entity isKindOf "rhsusf_m1a1aimwd_usarmy") then { _entity spawn { params ["_entity"]; sleep 0.5; {_entity setObjectTextureGlobal[_forEachIndex, _x]} forEach ["rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_m1a1\data\rhsusf_m1a1aim_d_01_co.paa","rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_m1a1\data\rhsusf_m1a1aim_d_02_co.paa","rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_m1a1\data\rhsusf_m1a1aim_d_03_co.paa","rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_m1a1\loaderspintle\data\loaderspintle_d_co.paa","","","","","","","","rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_decals\data\labels\armyplt_abrams_d\1_ca.paa","rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_decals\data\labels\barrelart_abrams_wd\44_ca.paa",""]; }; }; }]; Your M1A1 is no more woodland but desert...
  3. pierremgi


    Yes, there are some parameters to be tweaked: I took "Hit" coef for ammo, and velocity, and "surfaceFriction" and "dust" for the terrain below crater. Not ideal but there is not so much parameter for impact or penetration. Note: All craters (I mean even caused by AIs fire) are treated. I tested with mortars, bombs, missiles... On the other hand, the crater holes are just depression on one point, not shaped ones like @h4wek did.
  4. pierremgi


    Yep, sorry for that. The first line creating the hashmap was not embedded as code! Corrected.
  5. CRATERS Hi all, This topic gave me an idea for scripting craters after an explosion. I share this code you can add in an sqf or a trigger set to TRUE, server only should work. I'll add a similar code in my "terrain & map interactive" MGI module. Parameters: none MGI_hashAmmo = createHashMapFromarray (("true" configClasses (configFile / "cfgAmmo")) apply {[configName _x, getNumber (_x/"hit")]}); ["MGI_craters", "onEachFrame", { _flyingProj = (8 allObjects 2); { if (isNil {_x getVariable "EH"} ) then { _x setVariable ["EH", _x addEventHandler ["explode", { params ["_proj","_pos","_vel"]; _pos deleteAt 2; private _hit = MGI_hashAmmo get typeOf _proj; private _calc = log ((sqrt vectorMagnitude _vel*sqrt _hit) max 1.1); [_proj,_calc,_pos] spawn { params ["_proj","_calc","_pos"]; sleep 0.1; private _crater = _pos nearestObject "#crater"; if (!isNull _crater) then { _pos = getPosASL _crater; private _surface = (configFile /"cfgSurfaces"/ (surfaceType _pos splitString "#")#0); private _depress = getTerrainHeightASL _pos - ((_calc/(getNumber (_surface / "surfaceFriction") max 1)*(getNumber (_surface /"dust") max 0.01 min 1)) min 3); _pos set [2,_depress]; (setTerrainHeight [[_pos],TRUE]) remoteExec ["call",2]; }; }; }] ]; }; } forEach _flyingProj; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; This code creates craters after explosion on ground (where Arma craters are). So, not on vehicles, not on buildings. Note1: Firing AP shell (armor piercing one) doesn't lead to explosion (Arma engine), so you need to fire HE shell for craters. Note2: at this time, craters after crash (planes) don't fire the code. this code is for EXPLODING PROJECTILES only. Feedback are welcome! Have fun.
  6. You can randomize a position from any reference like getpos player getMarkerPos "yourMarker" then, something like: _posit = getMarkerPos "yourmarker" getPos [markerRadius * random sqrt 1, random 360]; Note: the random sqrt 1 factor is a mean for linear distribution from center to border. If not, you have more chance for a point near center (density at random in circle area when called by distance/azimuth) Note: markerRadius can be found by (markerArea "yourMarker" #0) if a circle. For ellipse or rectangle, you can add condition and loop til the point is inside the area: private _greatAxis = (markerSize "yourMarker" #0) max (markerSize "yourMarker" #1); private "_posit"; while {_posit = getMarkerPos "yourmarker" getPos [_greatAxis * random sqrt 1, random 360]; !(_posit inArea "yourMarker")} do {}; _posit;
  7. Yes, run it client side (or everywhere).
  8. just in initPlayerLocal.sqf: [missionNamespace, "onGameInterrupt", { params ["_display"]; (_display displayCtrl 1010) ctrlEnable false; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler;
  9. No need for an addAction In initPlayerLocal.sqf (at root folder, where mission.sqm is): unitBackpack player setMaxLoad 10000; [missionNamespace, "arsenalClosed", { unitBackpack player setMaxLoad 10000; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; There is probably no way (imho) for setting this load during arsenal. But you can recover it after closing the arsenal. Better than nothing.
  10. pierremgi

    Weird bots on dediced server

    Bad scripting? If you don't have any script, just check your local files from Steam library, right click on Arma3 then properties and installed files / verify integrity of game files. same for Arma3 server
  11. pierremgi

    Alleged"s/Bailing_outs finds and stuff

    I created a module for that 😉. Compatible with DLCs and mods (CUP maps for example). Blowing or putting fire on gas, fuel tanks, fuel services & reservoirs, map embedded or edited ones. The fire or explosion depends on caliber/charge you fire on them : MGI Blast & fire Documentation Link
  12. pierremgi

    Add shake effects to custom camera

    Welcome on forum. No, addCamShake is local to player and works on current screen. You just need to decide when it begins and lasts.
  13. OK In warlords, you have one OPFOR base vs one BLUFOR base + several optional independent sectors. You need to choose the factions in Warlords init module, make your class CfgWLRequisitionPresets for spawning what you need. There are also response teams. These modules are supposed to be linked to Independent sectors. They don't spawn BLUFOR or OPFOR units when linked at bases, but independent ones. So, avoid any response team module linked to bases, and add/spawn reinforcement by another way. I created MGI modules for that.
  14. That works without error, for me. I just placed the code in a radio trigger, without any comment. Should work also in initPlayerLocal... so, not sure to understand. Sorry.