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  1. pierremgi

    Randomly crashing when tabbing out

    It seems to me you can crash also with other games like GWR. So, Steam or even NVidia bug? I experienced that on Squad also.
  2. It seems to me you just have to use the 3den menu: scenario > export > export in sqf This menu will use the BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF anyway. You can previously read what will be exported in clipboard. As you can see, the init can be made of: if you are using 3den or custom compositions (group/props or custom) Here camp Courage & roadblock (vanilla). What layers are made of: So layers (you can create several of them sorting units+ waypoints in a layer, objects in another one), can be white or blacklisted in init. Blacklisting a layer: I didn't find what is the use of _idBlackList (in exported script). Perhaps some future functionality. Some for pushing back a number (id) for each object in _objectIds. You can customize the loadout of your units. Example: I duno why there is a double ;; at the end of setName, setFace... but that shouldn't be a problem. You can see how things work for creating units,groups, waypoints, crew, vehicles,modules.... btw. As little example, if you set the presence to false (or 0%) you will see an added conditions (if (false) then {...} (or if (random 1 < 0) then {...}). There is no menu/function to "import" this stuff. You just have to create and execVm this sqf. - after saving + exporting to sqf, just create a new mission; - save this empty mission (no player, nothing). You'll create a folder with a short mission.sqm inside (very basic with the position of camera in fact). Say your mission name is: emptyMission; - In the file explorer create two new files (it's a working example): one named init.sqf, one named whatYouWant.sqf, in the folder of emptyMission (where the mission.sqm is); - in whatYouWant.sqf, paste the code you exported to clipboard; - in init.sqf , just: [] execVM "whatYouWant.sqf"; Just Try this emptyMission. All the stuff comes from the whatYouWant.sqf. The mission.sqm stays light. More than this, you can spawn some layers during the mission. It's a way to spawn exactly what you did in editor, when you want. Play with the layers, avoid double, i.e. just one root layer. So, all spawned layers but the first must have : private _layerRoot = false; instead of; private _layerRoot = (_allWhitelisted || {true in _layerWhiteList}) && {!(true in _layerBlackList)};
  3. Hi dedmen nice to read you! Did you succeed in applying the EH "explosion" on the HMS Proteus, which is a structure without damage, or on the speedboat on which the submarine is attachedTo? After several trials on my side, I didn't find any EH triggering for such case (neither hit/damage nor epecontact). The reason why I searched for another mean. waitUntil {uiSleep 0.3; {_x distanceSqr _this < 2600} count allMissionObjects "#explosion" > 0}; You write that makes no sense ... but that work. The uiSleep is an habit (perhaps bad, but I didn't find any literature about any problem of using it instead of sleep). I did that from the moment I scripted for MP scenario (the game continues to run on pause). I found plenty of qualities with uiSleep but I'm fond of more detailed discussion about that. The allMissionObject "#explosion" is probably not the best solution, I admitted, I tested FPS and found the uiSleep (or sleep if you want) 0.3 is a good deal between FPS saving and explosion catching. I tested and re-tested, and you? For params, you're correcting me "passing _local data from a scope to another one", for "grabbing out of the _this". Thanks for such precision. Not sure to understand the difference at my level... but it's important to underline such point, because this confusion is too often made (search for: arma variable passing) by even skilled authors. I hope such skilled people as you will take time to write a little working script as answer of this topic, far better than mine of course, with the same determination as you did for your explanations. Thanks again.
  4. pierremgi

    Looking for help

    You should post here.
  5. I duno why, sometimes there are invisible unwanted characters in forum editor. Copying/pasting can fail and throw errors in Arma. Usually, in debug console or other editor, you can track them moving the cursor. This one seems to stay twice at a character, while scanning the code. You can remove them. But that could be nice if this problem would be solved here.
  6. you can use code { } instead double quote " " in addAction. It's far easier in any sqf editor for tracking errors. And the quadruple quote "" "" will stay double " ". Side note: before the quadruple, even if it works, you could use the single one ' '. So working hierarchy is: " ' "" "" ' ". Where you can use code { " ' ' " }.
  7. Just mine. I'm fond of less mod as possible. Some of them are great: CUP, UNSUNG above all as they come with map + units. IFA3_AIO also. I created a bunch of modules for helping mission builders, but my scenario don't need this mod. Did you try: if (isServer) then { private _coolDown = 20; _coolDown spawn { params [["_coolDown",10],"_allVehicles"]; while {true} do { _allVehicles = vehicles select {isNil {_x getVariable "vehiclepassed"} && _x isKindOf "car"}; { [_x,_coolDown] spawn { params ["_veh","_coolDown","_pos"]; while {alive _veh} do { waitUntil {uiSleep 2; _pos = getpos _veh; speed _veh < 1}; uiSleep _coolDown; if (speed _veh < 1 && _veh distanceSqr _pos < 25 && !isPlayer driver _veh && currentCommand _veh != "") exitwith { {_veh deleteVehicleCrew _x} count crew _veh; deleteVehicle _veh; }; }; }; _x setVariable ["vehiclePassed",true]; } forEach _allVehicles; }; }; }; This work for any car (only), edited or spawned. Perhaps you should decrease _cooldown (here 20) for faster deletion. If not, I'm not sure to understand your parameters, but there is (most of the time), a solution.
  8. It seems to me that's the case for radio and speech. Not tested deeper, but I'm using it for CUP vehicles
  9. At start, the unitCapture was made for helicopters. You can run it also for boats, without weird behavior. On the other hand, you experience such bad behavior with land vehicles. Imho, the best thing you can try is to use your recorder points for path with the command setDriveOnPath To answer you question, it's possible to repeat the engine on, but not very immersive and the animation stays ugly.
  10. That means you are inside a panther. So, why not a script like ear plugs (not specific to interior ambience but efficient for any sound in this case, using fadeSound).
  11. onEachFrame { _units = player nearEntities [["CAManBase","air","landVehicle","ship"], 17]; _units = _units - [player]; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (([player,"view", _x] checkVisibility [AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld[0,0,0],getPosASL vehicle _x])>0) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }; But, you can use the stackable version: ["myCodeForTags", "onEachFrame", { _units = player nearEntities [["CAManBase","air","landVehicle","ship"], 17]; _units = _units - [player]; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (([player,"view", _x] checkVisibility [AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld[0,0,0],getPosASL vehicle _x])>0) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;
  12. Are you using naval mines? What is made your explosion of? Anyway, here is an alternate solution: - place your speedboat, name it speedboat, add waypoints; - place your HMS Proteus, in its init field, write this code: this attachTo [speedBoat,[0,0,-3]]; this setVectorDirAndUp [[0,-1,0],[0,0,1]]; 0 = this spawn { _sub = _this; waitUntil {uiSleep 0.3; {_x distanceSqr _this < 2600} count allMissionObjects "#explosion" > 0}; detach _this; {speedboat deleteVehicleCrew _x} count crew speedboat; deleteVehicle speedboat; _timer = diag_tickTime; while {uiSleep 0.1; diag_tickTime < _timer + 30} do {_sub setVelocityModelSpace [0,-5,-3]}; deleteVehicle _sub }; Optional : Smooth the waves (to zero) in environment menu. Probably not the best solution, but the first one so far 😉 Enjoy.
  13. I wrote my opinion. Nothing to add, and especially nothing to remove. What I'm sure, there is nothing "magic" in your post.
  14. That' because I gave you an example with car1, car2, car3 which MUST exist. You have to adapt the code to your existing cars (or use my first solution with isKindOf "car") That doesn't matter but if your crew jump out of car, the car is abandoned, not stuck, so out of my script scope. I don't understand That's the Jebus problem but there is some code/script to avoid that. I made and shared my own respawn vehicle script, spent a lot of time on it. As said above, the first solution applies, even with spawned vehicles.