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  1. pierremgi

    Static drop on map click

    Did you search for HALO jump? It seems to me this topic is often discussed.
  2. "Huge problem" indeed. If a Krystal ball should suffice, let's bet on side of your units.
  3. - killing topic goes well withe the eventHandler "killed" or MEH "entityKilled" - you can use a "detectedBy" trigger instead of "present" one.
  4. You should rethink entirely what you want. As is, it's not understandable and that's not so clear for you: - you are searching for some trucks (array) - then, delete them - create some arrow signs instead, ... with the truck's direction (why not) - then disabling simulation on these arrows?? You should directly hide/disable sim on trucks then enable/un-hide them with code. Or, you can place markers/logics/triggers, with specific names you want, in which there is the class of what you want to spawn... or, apply some classes to an array of positions...
  5. Is it possible to open the FSM editor from Notepad ++? I failed to add this in (tools?). I'm testing this editor.
  6. Understood! in initPlayerLocal.sqf Player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", { params ["_badass"]; {[_x,false] remoteExec ["setCaptive",_x]} forEach units _badass; }];
  7. In initPlayerLocal.sqf (add it in your mission folder if not yet present) if (group player == whateverGroup) then { Player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", { params ["_unit"]; _unit setCaptive false; }]; }; I'm not sure to understand the difficulty or.. what you want exactly.
  8. Very few commands/functions are missing in Poseidon (sublime text2) and it's handy to strike F1 to jump into the BIKI reference for any of them. Not sure I'd like to move at this time.
  9. You should read the biki description and apply your code on the parameters. I'd rather use firedMan... on players instead of allUnits (if I'm right with your aim).
  10. You don't need 2 triggers. Perhaps one for the area... and just a condition for your code in your event handler. Simple as that. The understanding effort is on your side.
  11. Normal. _unit doesn't mean nothing in your trigger. It's a little bit weird to activate this kind of EH in a trigger. Prefer player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage"]; _damage = if (_unit inArea theTriggerNameYouWant) then [{_damage * 0.5},{_damage}]; _damage }];
  12. try something like: 0 = [] spawn { zz = (units sqd1 + units sqd2); { sleep 0.5; moveOut _x; _x leaveVehicle helo; _x addBackpackGlobal "B_parachute"; helo land "none"; } forEach zz; };
  13. pierremgi


    @Spartacus20 Corrected this stupid bug! Thanks for report. @LCpl Lighthorse Answered you on Steam. At this time, no change.
  14. pierremgi

    Zone Protection

    The zone protection works with the module + a logic "area" + a trigger which must be activable. (BLUFOR PRESENT or else) Once activated, the player will die if staying inside the area. Applies on player only.