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  1. A rscTitle with a radar backGround. Extract of code here: _group_icon_radar = (uiNameSpace getVariable "Glasses_Grp_WtoS") displayCtrl 5000; _group_icon_radar ctrlSetText "A3\ui_f\data\IGUI\cfg\Radar\radarbackground_ca.paa"; Then group player positioning, green to red health status, icons for typeof vehicle/units... At least you can see who is wounded, where your medic is or if someone has boarded an helo + some other settings. (created on oct 2014)
  2. The good question is, what are the targets? Any enemy officers, any known/reveal enemy, some specific units in a scenario?
  3. ai dive bomb in vtol

    LOL. The only AI behavior to disable for driver is AUTOCOMBAT. It will stay in aware or careless mode as gunners can be in combat mode.
  4. This script is now entirely rewritten for better reliability in medic actions. I have to test some scenario before releasing it. Should be SP/MP compliant. But, I'm not sure to make a "server only" script.
  5. That's agents. Not same as units. I'd rather skip butterflies, rotten rabbits... and bees.
  6. or with cursorObject == theTarget
  7. Yes, you're right. The "skip waypoint" trigger works. It's the only case to make it work correctly with any waypoint. The setWaypointActivation works weirdly with some other basic condition (like radio alpha instead of skip waypoint). The vehicle moves but the land is broken. Anyway, The "loiter" MUST BE the last waypoint, ever, and there is nothing to do with it, except perhaps, delete it and script something else with better waypoint. Introduced in Arma 3 and makes group loiter around a position. If group is on foot or inside a ground vehicle, then group will just stand around and the LOITER waypoint will act as a MOVE waypoint. If group is inside a plane or helicopter, they will circle the given position. Important note: a group inside a helicopter or plane will not circle the position of the LOITER waypoint if another waypoint was added soon after adding the LOITER waypoint. Instead, they [ the group ] will just MOVE to the position [ of the LOITER waypoint ].
  8. It's two different problems: - loiter is definitely supposed to be the last waypoint, never completed! (but what for, in this case?). You're right. It's broken. This waypoint is so bad scripted that it's broken with it's own timer completion (timer works but waypoint becomes a simple move) - the waypoint activation by trigger breaks any type of the following waypoint, probably because the unit is still ready. You can test with a "move" one instead of "Loiter". Your helo will never land neither. But it's easy to insert an extra "move" waypoint before the "land" one.
  9. Sorry, but it seems to me , some buildings, like Tanoa control tower have building positions (easy to check with a simple order to subordinate or with the command), but no path LOD at all. Easy to check: the AIs disobey and never reach some upstairs positions. So I agree, if no position, no path. But on the other hand, some positions doesn't mean path. So, players are able to go up a ladder (water reservoir) or inside a control tower (The Tanoa one, different from Altis one), and you can't say when an AI can reach his position. That's a problem is try to issue for AIs medic assistance. My question needs still answer: is there a way to detect if paths are present in a building?
  10. Is there any improvement for that? I'm trying to send an AI unit at Tanoa main airfield control tower (balcony). I succeed in placing some helpers to check building positions. That's not the problem. I attached a waypoint to the building then used setWaypointHousePosition command, and that fails. The unit goes under the position but on ground. Ai never ever try to climb into the tower. If i'm right so far, just mentioning houses/objects where a player can climb on ladder/stair, there are: - houses/objects, like reservoir tower, with no path, no buildingPos, just ladder for players, - houses/objects like Tanoa control Tower, with no path, but some building positions. The kind of disappointing position you can ask your subordinate to reach (HUD), then hear a "no sir" because he's polite. - holy houses/objects, probably, with paths and building positions. (I should avoid Tanoa!). I'd like to known if there is some project about that, but right now, if there is a command/function able to check if there is some path inside a building, just in order to skip some unreachable waypoints if not. Thanks
  11. Simple Auto-Teleport Trigger

    No. thisTrigger (in one word) is a "magic" variable referring to the trigger. player inArea thisTrigger && !(playerSide == west) then, yes, vehicle player setposatl [5844,11332,0]; Trigger must be none, none, (preset condition) and repeatable, executed everywhere (not "server only").
  12. Blackfish and loiter

    It seems to me the loiter waypoint is circling clockwise ! That's incompatible with left-sided guns of the Blackfish. Same for any last move waypoint: the aircraft is circling clockwise.
  13. Interesting but very difficult! That's as you said: "anyone to make AI's driving smarter?" You can read pages of discussions and critics, but no solution at all. Here is the same. You have to override AI's FSM behaviors and write yours. Not sure the result can be at desired level. Or you can script some added behaviors, like group splitting and searching on player's position, or script for AI's healing any friendly units while in combat.... and stack all these scripts in a mod or not. The risk is simply to make AIs dumber and dumber, due to CPU overflow and scheduler limitation.
  14. Simple Auto-Teleport Trigger

    your "thisList" refers probably to anyplayer or anybody presence condition. These conditions doesn't trigger when player is in vehicle. Don't ask me why! But, usually, that work for vehicle player in thislist (then player can be infantry or driving a car) . Don't tick the "server only" box. The workaround can be: player inArea thisTrigger , working both in vehicle or not.
  15. Reworked to allow specific vehicles, passed as objects, or array of objects/sides. See parameters. Corrected impossibility to respawn a specific vehicle several times. Next step: respawn ticket.