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  1. OK. Could you tell me more about what happens? Do you have a vanilla drop? Is this for all players or JIP only? (OK for player(s) who triggers and/or present, but not joining after the drop...) Which other mods are you using?
  2. Hey Pierre MGI. First off I love your mod. Second I have tried for a few days now to get your the drop vehicles instead of crates Module to work on our Bro Nation WWII server it works if I host a multiplayer from the editor but not when I upload it to our live server. Side note we have 60 player slots

    or is there some way to script it in 

  3. Yep! Difficult to satisfy everybody on every contexts. Reaming or fleeing, that's the question. Doing nothing is the worst case, imho. Fleeing is something you can manage by setSkill command on "courage" , independently from the ability for reloading. Each time I use my module, AIs don't jump at once on a crate. I have a very little idea about all Vanilla FSMs involved on the way an AI manages targets, then prioritizes them, then chooses among its weapons. The way my module runs for possible rearming on corpses or else is not perfect, but not too bad (some priorities are done, like distance to magazines of course). Obviously, it's always frustrating when a unit is shot trying to pick something in a crate. No realistic? Well, if you consider, Vanilla arma with a poor order from player asking to rearm or take a weapon, in a big menu list, without any sort and any idea about the position of this possible rearming, there is a huge gap for improvements. 🤣
  4. Not so immersive and realistic. AIs or players don't have anything to do. If you need such infinite ammos, it's straight and simple: // in init.sqf (or even a trigger (NOT server only) set to TRUE as condition, without comments//): MGI_fn_infAmmo = compile " params ['_unit','_muzzle']; _unit setAmmo [_muzzle,(_unit ammo _muzzle) + 1]; "; // for edited units { _x addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ params ["_unit","","_muzzle"]; [_unit,_muzzle] spawn MGI_fn_infAmmo }] } foreach allUnits; // for spawned units addMissionEventHandler ["entityCreated", { params ["_entity"]; if (_entity isKindOf "CAManBase") then { _entity addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ params ["_unit", "", "_muzzle"]; [_unit,_muzzle] spawn MGI_fn_infAmmo }] }; }];
  5. You could try my "TERRAIN & MAP INTERACTIVE" module which allows you to repair at gas stations (any mod/DLCs) if you have toolkit. (see options) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222362-mgi-advanced-modules/?tab=comments#comment-3344822
  6. what do you mean? sqf is a file, where you can add an action by addAction, or triggered by addaction itself (see Leaopard20 remark at bottom of the link I wrote above). You can pass parameters to an sqf like this: params ["_aa","_bb","_xx"]; [_aa,_bb,_xx] execVM "yourpathFromMissionFolder\yourfile.sqf"; See also: Introduction_to_Arma_Scripting If you follow and learn most of the links, you'll improve your skill for scripting.
  7. addAction say: teleporter1 addAction [ "teleport test", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; hint format ["the object is: %1, the caller is %2", _target,_caller]; _caller setPos [worldSize/2,worldSize/2,0] }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 50, false, "", "" ]; if you write as shown: params ["_target", "_caller"]; (at least) _target is the variable for the object (teleporter1 for example) and _caller is the caller, usually the player triggering the action.
  8. pierremgi

    Problem with playing through VLAN

    No, that's same files. Btw, check integrity of game files in steam library, ARMA3 properties.
  9. The rearm module works with all DLCs and mods. The fact is you need to wait for a low on ammo for primary weapon of the AIs (chosen in module of course). All other solution like no ammo (so the unit can't fire and act the event handler "fired"), or without primary weapon (for same reason) can't work. You need to make the unit fire (mandatory), reach a low on ammo for primary weapon (mandatory, there is no check of secondary or handgun weapon before that), be within a radius of a corpse / crate/ dropped weapon, filled with compatible mags, or another primary weapon (2nd choice).
  10. I didn't dig in this script. Just dampening a hard while {true} loop or equivalent. Not sure you can use vehicleCargo commands (so, with a consistent result about canVehicleCargo) with such vehicle cargo. On my mind, vehicle cargo are cars/APCs not all vehicles/objects from cfgVehicles. Not tested. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport
  11. pierremgi

    JIP Woes Regarding Unit Loadouts

    OK, I got it! I never disconnected/back to lobby, staying in a vehicle. On reconnection/back in game the uniform and vest are missing. It seems there are some feedbacks in tracker for setUnitLoadout with server: https://feedback.bistudio.com/search/query/zMIm7Cjamb64/#R
  12. pierremgi

    JIP Woes Regarding Unit Loadouts

    Hello. In your video, when reconnected, you are neither with former gear nor scuba gear. If you were in full scuba gear, you should have a rebreather (vest) and the action menu ready for former gear. With former gear, a uniform should be visible. Here, you have a weapon (diver) but neither uniform nor vest. I can reproduce that in my own dedicated server, with 2 players (Vanilla, but I guess it's not important) So it seems there is a lack of sync in this case. You can check for my (public) variable still OK in debug console (if allowed) : player getVariable "savedLoadout" , after reconnexion of course. Did you place the code in initPlayerLocal.sqf ? And important did you let the sleep command at the begin of the code? It seems to me important. Add more seconds for further check. No clue about what happens in your case. The incomplete loadout (you have a SDAR as weapon) is not easy to understand.
  13. A while do loop should be smoothed by a sleep command. Without it, the loop runs too often (more than every frame, if I remember) for such aim. If you intend to run it when game paused, change sleep command by uiSleep one. while {uiSleep 0.2; !_full} do ....
  14. pierremgi

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    The reason why I scripted the AI fire (HE) against infantry in "Enhanced turrets" module, from MGI advanced modules As you noted, some DLC/Mods are HE ready, like SOG or Unsung . My module works for A3, CUP, RHS, AMF, CSLA, Global mobilization. IFA3 resists for unknown reason.
  15. pierremgi

    JIP Woes Regarding Unit Loadouts

    Yep. Here is another way. I'm using just 1 addAction (with different menus), and I prefer a code rather than 2 sqf. I add also a team switch option (in case of use for the team switch menu). in initPlayerLocal.sqf: sleep 1; // important as far as the loadout of a player may be not instantaneous! private _isScuba = getText (configfile / "CfgWeapons" / vest player / "ItemInfo" / "vestType") == "Rebreather"; private _actionMenu = ["<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip SCUBA Gear</t>","<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip Loadout Gear</t>"] select _isScuba; // make a loadout for diving: player setVariable ["scubaDiver",[ ["arifle_SDAR_F","","","",["20Rnd_556x45_UW_mag",20],[],""], [], ["hgun_P07_snds_F","muzzle_snds_L","","",["16Rnd_9x21_Mag",16],[],""], ["U_B_Wetsuit",[["FirstAidKit",1],["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_red",3,30],["20Rnd_556x45_UW_mag",2,20],["16Rnd_9x21_Mag",2,16],["SmokeShellBlue",2,1],["Chemlight_blue",4,1]]], ["V_RebreatherB",[]], ["B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverExp",[["ToolKit",1],["MineDetector",1],["DemoCharge_Remote_Mag",3,1]]], "", "G_B_Diving", [], ["ItemMap","","ItemRadio","ItemCompass","ItemWatch",""] ] ]; // core of the code in action private _actionCode = { params ["_tgt","_caller","_id"]; private _actMenu = (_tgt actionParams _id) select 0; systemChat _actMenu; if (_actMenu isEqualTo "<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip SCUBA Gear</t>") then { _actMenu = "<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip Loadout Gear</t>"; _caller setVariable ["savedLoadout",getUnitLoadout _caller,TRUE]; _caller setUnitLoadout (_caller getVariable ["scubaDiver",getUnitLoadout _caller]); comment "<other stuff here>"; } else { _actMenu = "<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip SCUBA Gear</t>"; _caller setUnitLoadout (_caller getVariable ["savedLoadout",getUnitLoadout _caller]); comment "<other stuff here>"; }; _tgt setUserActionText [_id,_actMenu]; }; // add action: ptboat addAction [_actionMenu, _actionCode,nil,7,false,true,"","_this in (crew _target)"]; // optional, in case of team switching possibility: addMissionEventHandler ["TeamSwitch", { params ["_previousUnit", "_newUnit"]; if (!isNull ptboat) then { private _isScuba = getText (configfile / "CfgWeapons" / vest _newUnit / "ItemInfo" / "vestType") == "Rebreather"; private _actionMenu = ["<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip SCUBA Gear</t>","<t color='#FFFF00'>Equip Loadout Gear</t>"] select _isScuba; ptboat setUserActionText [actionIDs ptboat findif {"Equip" in ((ptboat actionParams _x)#0)},_actionMenu]; }; }]; Note: The initial loadout is saved in a (public) variable on the unit of the player. It seems to me a way for recovering the loadout (saved when action was triggered), even after a crash.