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  1. GUI on top

    You can do what you want, adding a variable to enable or not the buttons on the first display. You should have all your display/ctrl in rscTitles then each depending controls (background, buttons, texts and tips,..) in a same display. Perhaps a view of what you really want to do could help.
  2. GUI on top

    I can't tell you how to fix that. On my mind, it's a normal behavior when you stack createDialog and createDisplay like this. Not sure, however.
  3. Added a slope for gun run. Better accuracy.
  4. GUI on top

    It's a question of layers. So depending on how the other GUI are written. You can also order these layers in your own display, using and ordering controls[] = {yourctrl1,yourctrl2,...yourlastctrl }; from yourctrl1 the farther, to yourlastctrl the closer.
  5. Why didn't you simply apply what Larrow wrote? triggerActivated yourTrigger in condition filed of the module(s) after naming the trigger: yourTrigger (or else in both module condition and trigger's name). You don't need any code on activation of the trigger. You want a delay? add it in the trigger. You want separate spawn? Use several triggers. You don't have to sync the trigger(s) to the module(s).
  6. As I said, there is no reason to fail with Schatten's code. Just test: this addAction ["test",{ params ["_target", "_caller"]; {if (local _x) then { _x moveInCargo car1; } else { [_x, car1] remoteExec ["moveInCargo", _x]; }; } forEach (units (group _caller)) },nil,0,false,true,"",""]; on an existing vehicle.That works. You problem here, is not the moveinCargo but the vehicle presence, as you spawn it. I guess you are applying addAction to the player (because the vehicle doesn't exist yet). Difficult to help with part of code without the main command: addAction! So, spawn your vehicle where you want (locally, or hosted here I guess) but wait for a little sleep to make it consistent on each PCs. I'd rather use bis_fnc_spawnGroup, far better than createGroup, createVehicle + crew... With Ais driving crew, the vehicle will be owned by server, anyway. Then apply the code as described above.
  7. Updating vehicle height on map

    // private["_name","_markers"]; waituntil {visiblemap}; _markers = []; // _anaccar = nearestObject [player, "ivory_suburban_anac"]; { _rand = round (random(999)); _pos = getpos _x; _marker = createMarkerLocal [format["%1_TRACKING",_rand],visiblePosition _x]; _marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_circle"; _markers pushBack [_marker,_x]; } foreach vehicles select { _x isKindOf "Air"}; while {visibleMap} do { { params ["_marker","_unit"]; _altura = (getposAtl _x) select 2; if(!isNil "_unit" && {!isNull _unit}) then { _marker setMarkerPosLocal (visiblePosition _unit); _text = format["Modelo-%1. Registro-%2. Altura-%3m.", getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> typeOf _unit >> "displayName"),_unit getVariable["anac_air","Desconhecido"],str _altura]; _marker setMarkerTextLocal _text; }; } foreach _markers; uiSleep 0.05; }; {deleteMarkerLocal (_x select 0)} foreach _markers;
  8. yourTarget animateSource ["terc",1,true]
  9. Updating vehicle height on map

    Perhaps, you should write your script here. It's difficult to fix it without any line. Anyway, this could be a simple loop to add, refreshing the position, height or what you need.
  10. The addAction command is AG EL . that means you can run it from server, and you will have the added action on units you want (bunch of players)... if these players exist when you call the command. For example, the result can be different if you disable AI (players slots) in lobby: in this case, switchable units are present on JIP, not before. You can apply also on objects, instead of players (intels, cars....) Then, your command condition will work as is: - if the addAction is applied to player, you have a real "on each frame" EH, testing your "condition code" for firing the code locally. - if the addaction is applied to an object, you have an implicit distance check, hard coded to 15m and you don't have any further "condition code" check, if out of range. Note: this embedded "onEachFramed" EH (perhaps more often checked!) can be easily used: Place in init field of the player: this addAction ["",{},nil,0,false,true,"","hint str diag_TickTime;true" ]; The "condition code" works fine here (true or false doesn't matter, you just need to return a boolean, there is no local code to run!. So, don't confuse the condition code (applied where the addAction is run) , and the local code itself (applied on caller PC by default, if no remoteExec).
  11. That's not the calculation for trajectory which makes me perplex. Same parameters will end with the same mathematical results everywhere. It's the fact that some players can have more than 200 ms for ping, some other only 20 ms. If your AIs is moving, how can you get the same hits/damage everywhere? Just with a simple delay due to (a variable!) ping? I suggested firing on animated Ais (like a guy repairing a vehicle) because it's evident. I tested and I'm sure JIP will not have a synced sequence with others. You can have a ending sequence on server and a starting one locally. If you shoot dead the guy at head (from hosted for example), you kill it but the head can be elsewhere in client animation, even considering the ping delay.... read: can have more than 200 ms of ping...
  12. @Larrow Sure, I don't know why Bi makes difference between "AL" and "AL with specific locality". I'm trying to explain what I guess: Compare the two commands: moveInCargo AL EG and allowDamage AL EG also but with a specific warning box for locality. On my mind, the moveInCargo could be applied where the unit(s) were defined. I was wrong.

    Disabled the weird possibility to switch backpack / parachute during the jump. Caused too much accident pressing the enter key.
  14. There is a remoteExec craze for moveincargo on this forum...