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  1. Break what??? 0 = [] spawn { _gwh = createVehicle ["WeaponHolderSimulated_scripted", getPosATL player vectorAdd [0,0.5,0.3], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _currentWItems = (player weaponAccessories currentWeapon player) select {_x != ""}; {_gwh addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} count _currentWItems; player action ["DropWeapon", _gwh, currentWeapon player]; player action ["DropBag", _gwh, typeOf unitBackpack player]; }; Note: The 2 lines with _currentWItems are useless with dropWeapon action (at least in Vanilla).
  2. To go further: In mission.sqm, placing 2 different markers, one "select" iconed and on "ellipse" area, the items are: class Item8 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={6952.6099,0,7400.3501}; name="MGI_LOC_xx6953yy7400"; type="Select"; id=8; atlOffset=-2.6600001; }; class Item9 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={6689.7407,9.9277344,8665.3623}; name="marker_7"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ellipse"; a=500; b=500; id=9; atlOffset=-40.554852; }; So, why is it impossible to add an area marker with create3denEntity??? At BI devs: this could be a feature request?
  3. hmmm Don't forget some mods are mandatory: All of them creating a specific entity via editor. That can be any modded object/unit/module... So, you can recommend the usage of sound mods like JSRS, or enhanced movement, advanced slingload... but as soon as you place a CUP or RHS or IFA3 or... unit, it's dead. Your client must have the mod. To go a little further, you can scan for some mod, for very limited enhancement. For example, having a TFAR radio, for example. You can scan, like George said, if the player has this mod or not. Then, you can spawn a TFAR crate on a marker if OK, skip that if not. In SP, it's easy. In MP, you have to check that locally but spawn the crate locally also (createVehicleLocal). Then all players with mods could benefit of the radio mod, while others will not see the equipment...
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to script some plain ellipse markers in 3den I have my own module for that. If I use the createMarker command, everything goes well but these markers vanished at preview. Normal. But when I come back to 3den, the markers are no more present. I don't want that. So, I'm trying to use create3denEntity. that means to know what the cfgMarkers class is: _mk = create3DENEntity ["markers", "class", position] The problem is that all available cfgMarkers classes seem to be for iconed markers but not area ones. I tried "system", "ellipse", "", "empty"... Only empty is a defined class, so it's works... for an empty marker. Then I added lines like: _mk set3DENAttribute ["itemClass","ellipse"]; _mk set3DENAttribute ["markerType",1]; _mk set3DENAttribute ["brush","solid"]; Nothing works. The marker remains "empty". Any idea to add a solid area marker by create3denEntity ? Thanks
  5. I can' see any emitters for your aim. Perhaps : "test_EmptyObjectForBubbles" createVehicle position player; but no small explosion.
  6. Don't necro a post, even yours. Yes, AI groups are crazier than ever but you should read some posts about that. Not saying you'll have a solution. There are opened tickets about group behavior.
  7. Bof, Are you sure you explored all the possibilities like the EH family for anim? Or, You can on each frame a simple rotation, but you're you sure to execute that in the right order (see 1st note here) ? Difficult to answer you on vague information.
  8. yes. + sound. Did you try a simple hand grenade?
  9. First of all, are you sure your code needs to run on each frame? We don't know what you're speaking about. Neither the code, nor the needed frequency and the locality of your code.
  10. The on act field of the trigger must return nothing (no code, no value). So, the handle of the script (here 0) is just for this aim, this "equality" returns nothing). You could write some other handles like myCode of 1 or null, as far as you don't use it further. For spawn, follow the BIKI command. And more. There is no reason to get just one rotation with my code... except if your radar (like Cronus) detects an enemy unit (even infantry! ). Once again, BI decided to do "too clever" behavior, just forgetting the aim of an Anti-Air radar.
  11. pierremgi

    Helicopter Strafing Run

    Brutal? I'm not sure the helos made a great score (as usual), but it's not the problem here.
  12. Local? created locally? In that case, they are not visible by the other players. Owner can be a client (Zeus) but it should be created globally (createVehicle). And then, even if owned remotely, it will be detected by nearObjects. Problem should be rather on task propagation/sharing.
  13. Removing all the mods, then working inside mission.sqm could be long and tricky. Try to do the contrary. Reload all your mods as when you wrote the mission. Some of them could warn for removed or renamed vehicles/objects but it's easier to work from here. You should still have a mission.sqm.old in your folder if your mission comes from 2D editor.
  14. pierremgi

    inidbi with remoteExec?

    An error can hide another one.
  15. Probably because you're inside an unscheduled scope, not allowing the sleep command. Try: 0 = [] spawn { while {alive radar} do { { radar lookAt (radar getRelPos [100, _x]); sleep 2.45; } forEach [120, 240, 0]; }; };