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  1. pierremgi

    S.O.G. Prairie

    Play with Unsung mod and create your scenario (I guess you're not lazy) if you want Air combat.
  2. Done: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2867244805
  3. Emptied group (dead units) are deleted after few seconds. If you want to be sure you can use _group deleteGroupWhenEmpty TRUE ; // in your script, once created.
  4. No. In module, you can select which AIs can rearm. If you do that for all sides, you ruin the performance some where, for heavy scenario. So, as stand alone mod, only rearming player's units can be done safely. In MP, the mod needs to be authorized by server admin.
  5. If units and positions are limited and not so randomized (defined number and type of units), you can easily avoid all these scripts, using the editor and deleting at random all unwanted placed units, once in game.
  6. just an example: onMapSingleClick " params ['_pos','_units','_shift','_alt','_dir','_leader','_dist']; _units = units player; _leader = leader group player; _teleport = _units apply {[_x,[_leader distance _x,_leader getDir _x]]}; { _x#0 setPos (_pos getpos (_x#1)); } forEach _teleport; ";
  7. pierremgi

    BIS_fnc_typeText2 safezones

    In this BI function, the position of the control is set by: _control ctrlSetPosition [_posX,_posY - _h - 0.01,safeZoneW,_h] // syntax: [_x,_y,_w,_h] You can play with _posX and _posY _h depends on the height of the Text (font); _w set by safeZoneW is consistent... _h set by _h? instead of safeZoneH, don't ask me why. What you could try is something like: [ [ ["June 27th, 1967, 12:00", "align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold'"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Central Highlands near Cambodian border", "align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold'"] ], -0.6, 1.3 ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2;
  8. TaskState doesn't work (BI function or command) when you change the state of the task on map, from created to assigned. Very old known issue. Cherry on the cake, you must pay attention for: task,... taskId,... module name. - A task is not a string, not a variable, but a task; (a type apart. Use taskNull for non-existing task) - taskId is a string, at least in BI functions, without quote in module ... (or a number? like in currentTask player returning something like: Task blabla (id 0). here id 0 is for the first parent task I guess ); - module name is a variable. In your case, the condition you can check is: player call BIS_fnc_taskCurrent isEqualTo "0001" for Assigned task (so, as current one) TaskName can help also: taskName currentTask player // will return "0001" instead of: Task 0001 (id 0) So you can use that also in the event handler (in initPlayerLocal.sqf), instead of a trigger: player addEventHandler ["TaskSetAsCurrent", { params ["_unit", "_task"]; if (taskName _task isEqualTo "0001") then {hint "Task 0001 is been ASSIGNED"} }];
  9. pierremgi

    Simple Destruct Script

    private _target = _this; // _this is your crate! private _posit = getpos _this; // (_this select 0 ??? no-sense) private _charge1 = "vn_m14_grenade_ammo" createVehicle _posit; _charge1 attachTo [_target, [1.0, 1.0, 1.0]]; // check your offset. Yours is wrong (4 elements) sleep 2; hint "----RUN---RUN---RUN----"; sleep 3; hint "---------10"; sleep 1; hint "--------9"; sleep 1; hint "-------8"; sleep 1; hint "------7"; sleep 1; hint "-----6"; sleep 1; hint "----5"; sleep 1; hint "---4"; sleep 1; hint "--3"; sleep 1; hint "-2"; sleep 1; hint "1"; sleep 2; hint ""; _charge2 = "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle _posit; _charge2 setDamage 1; deleteVehicle _charge1; deleteVehicle _target
  10. pierremgi

    String Comparisons

    This could help: compatibleMagazines
  11. You're right, a trigger is also an area. Deleting it may delete the area as well. You can also thisTrigger enableSimulationGlobal false on it, that will stop the condition check. In MP, deleting a trigger works fine. There is no error on deletion, global or local (server) (you can delete the same object on server only or globally without fails). For simulation, use enableSimulationGlobal for server only triggers and enableSimulation for non-server-only ones. Yes you can! You can change what you want by script: activation, interval... by setTriggerXXX commands. Note (about trigger's locality for further readers) :
  12. It's totally useless for a non-repeatable trigger. There is no deactivation (code) and condition checks for nuts! deleteVehicle thisTrigger could be added at each end of activation code in this case. A pity BI didn't code that for non-repeatable trigger.