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  1. A little tool? A touch of class module here. (see 3rd video)
  2. pierremgi

    Vehicles command - Aaaaaaaagh!

    In fact, vehicles also returns crates and weapon holders. For example, when you kill a man (armed) , you create a weapon holder which host the primary weapon. So, you have plenty of unwanted "vehicles" which are not drivable vehicle at all. Welcome to ARMA! So, depending on what the crew becomes, you can have weapon holder(s) or not (the dummyweapon.p3d count = dead crew count outside of the vehicle). Sometimes, crew has enough time to jump out before explosion, sometimes they die on board, sometimes they vanish as the vehicle becomes a wreck (when you blow a Hunter with a single Titan missile) ... Note 1: the blown vehicle remains a count vehicle, but the designation changed for the p3d wreck model. An empty vehicle returns also the p3d model. Note 2: an edited (on map) wreck (as is) are not vehicles, but objects. So the vehicles command is weird as hell but you can filter the mess with: (vehicles select {(_x isKindOf "landVehicle" or _x isKindOf "air" or _x iskindOf "ship")}) for example. As there are plenty of weapon Holders, simulated or not, ammo crates... use landVehicle, air, ship. Note3: parachutes and ejected seats and canopies (since Jet DLC) are also vehicles... air . If you are purist you can add in filter: && !(_x isKindOf "Ejection_Seat_Base_F") && !(_x isKindOf "ParachuteBase") && !(_x isKindOf "Plane_Canopy_Base_F") Note4: if you don't want anymore destroyed vehicle, just add: && alive _x So: (vehicles select {alive _x && {(_x isKindOf "landVehicle" or _x isKindOf "air" or _x iskindOf "ship")} && { !(_x isKindOf "ParachuteBase")} && {!(_x isKindOf "Ejection_Seat_Base_F")} &&{ !(_x isKindOf "Plane_Canopy_Base_F")} }) To treat all useful vehicles, even spawned ones, in a loop: 0 = [] spawn { while {true} do { _allVehicles = (vehicles select { isNil {_x getVariable "passedVehicle"} && {alive _x} && {(_x isKindOf "landVehicle" or _x isKindOf "air" or _x iskindOf "ship")} && { !(_x isKindOf "ParachuteBase")} && {!(_x isKindOf "Ejection_Seat_Base_F")} &&{ !(_x isKindOf "Plane_Canopy_Base_F")} }); { // do what you want here for vehicles, for example: _x lock 0; _x setFuel random 1; // (for spawned vehicles on server) _x setVariable ["passedVehicle",true] } forEach _allVehicles; sleep 2; } };
  3. pierremgi

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Nice! waiting for a steam upload. Tkx
  4. More exactly "feedback trasher", considering the percentage of "assigned" topics.
  5. pierremgi

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Sure but one question: What is it intended for? I mean, the engine calculates path as well, so the command is just a kind of visual "debug"? In what manner this could be useful in a script?
  6. pierremgi

    Helicopters(only) huge lag as copilot

    Anything in rpt file?
  7. pierremgi

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    For findNearestEnemy: Not really.
  8. Depending on what you want. On my Arma, I guess same as yours, when a group is in a captive vehicle, even if the team (group) is not captive, the enemy will not fire at the vehicle! Even if the vehicle (captive) fires at enemy. If you disembark the non-captive group, the enemy will fire at it, as usual. Simple as that! Reproducible: - place an opfor squad; - place a Huron (armed) in front of it, 50 m high, this setcaptive true in its init field; - add a whole blufor squad into it; design the leader as player; Preview As you can see, the squad is not in the same group as the huron crew. The opfor never fire at helo The helo fires at them (captive doesn't mean friend) Order "disembark", the helo will land even if pilot is not on your group When disembarked, if you don't add any code, the blufor will be engaged by the remaining opfor.
  9. thisList refers to activation (preset condition like BLUFOR Present). thisList is not the result for some "count units" satisfying the condition field! Test in a trigger area, BLUFOR Present, place 8 BLUFOR & 4 Civilians In On act. field: hint str count thisList now, in condition field: this // returns 8 (the BLUFOR) true // 8 (based on thisList of course) what ever returns true // 8 OK Change the pre-set condition, thisList will return the preset count: - for None on preset and something true on cond. // 0 The trigger fires but there is no pre-set count. - for Anybody on preset and something true on cond (no matter what (like: {_x inArea thisTrigger && side _x == WEST} count allUnits >0) // 12 Here the condition is true (8>0) but thisList is not supposed to return 8 The result of the magic variable thisList depends on the magic variable this (the preset condition). NOTE: The trigger condition (preset and condition field) is checked twice a second but, when you are using a repeatable trigger, the on act. field will run the code at the moment the condition is true. That means thisList is the "actual array" at this moment. You need to deactivate the trigger in order to re-run the code, applying the new actual value for thisList (even thisList is actualized in engine of the trigger each 0.5 sec.). Important, for example, if you need to update the comings and goings in the trigger.
  10. pierremgi

    G-Steering indicator

    I'm not sure the Arma engine calculates the Coriolis effect (C) for the trajectory (depending on direction, latitude,... and asset movements)... Tell me if I'm wrong and then describe the parameters used in this calculation.
  11. pierremgi

    setUserActionText Command

    I directly place the items on the tables/shelves in 3den... If you leave sufficient room between them, there is no problem to pick what you want.
  12. The new (v1.92) alternative syntax of BB is fine. Now, what is your project for BB or else to be applied to all terrain objects?
  13. _ZoneTrigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [3500,295.67999,8200], false]; _ZoneTrigger setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; // or what you want (not used) _ZoneTrigger setTriggerArea [3500, 8200, 0, true, 500]; _ZoneTrigger setTriggerStatements [ "player inArea thisTrigger", "['ErrorTitleAndText', ['PVP-Zone', 'Du bist nun in der PVP-Zone! Feuer Frei!!']] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;", "['SuccessTitleAndText', ['PVE-Zone', 'Du bist nun in der PVE-Zone! Pass auf worauf du schiesst!!']] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;" ];
  14. In attributes (3den), for crates, the content (equipment storage) should be optimized, highlighting in any way the workable magazines when a weapon is selected. Actually, it's a big alphabetical list, mixing weapons and mags, with no hints about what can be loaded in what.
  15. Please do something for setUnconscious / incapacitated state. This is a great feature (SP scripted or MP vanilla) but not achieved: - Ais are taking command when a player (former leader) is unconscious but... * AI leaders are dumb and order some "get in" vehicle, probably in vehicles added to group, but no matter the situation, the distance, the efficiency in context, * AI leaders order some targets (or regroup/move) to unconscious player(s) or unit(s). That's totally weird. - When healed the player (leader) recovers the leadership but the situation is totally messed and there is no cancel on previous AI order. Please, Stop trying to manage the group while the leader player is unconscious! Make things like they are when a player is on DEAD-RESPAWN status. (there is no such handover and stupid orders, AIs just continue on their move and behavior). Thanks.