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  1. pierremgi

    Detect sea

    surfaceIsWater doesn't work for inner lake anyway. Just for sea (salt water ? )
  2. pierremgi

    Deploying mission

    So it's two different topics. - you can test many things like functions in cfgFunctions in any scenario without restarting Arma. - once these features are OK, you can pbo them in an addon. So, you'll use it but your scenarios will depend on that addon. You can have specific addon for server (like spawn of units) or or for clients (like HUDs), or general (most of the case because several functions may have to run everywhere). - once your addon loaded, you can preview your scenario without restarting arma for tuning the specific feature of your scenario.
  3. pierremgi

    Deploying mission

    If I'm right, cfgPatches is for addon then config.cpp. So, why in description.ext? description.ext is fine for cfgFunctions and the classes described in the link. Your class testparams should be in class params (you can select them in lobby, so MP only, for SP you can grab the default value, see BIS_fnc_getParamValue)
  4. Yes, first of all, try to define what is an abandoned vehicle. // empty ? yes, but not enough // in sight of any player ? // distance from any player ? // for a certain duration ? ("during" is not the same as "since")
  5. pierremgi

    displaying successive hints

    @Larrow Thank you very much! Cherry on the cake, your control is fine! Very good script (as usual).
  6. pierremgi

    Path to AI footstep sound fx

    Yep! depending on surface: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Surface_Sounds https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/68326-custom-sounds/
  7. initPlayerLocal.sqf is local, "getInMan" EH is AG (argument global), so all the units, players on other PCs included can fire the EH (on the local PCs, so on all players' one in game). The code will run everywhere locally, so you will deleteVehicle several times (that doesn't throw error) You're checking every 5 minutes... That seems good for performance, but your condition is : _veh != objectParent _plyr && _veh distance2D _plyr > 1000 && ((crew _veh) isequalto []) As you can see, there are some redundancies. crew _veh isEqualTo [] sounds good. _veh distance2D _plyr > 1000 can be fine for all players who jumped once into this vehicle. But you can have players who spectate the deletion (who never embarked into it). Note: You could avoid multiple deletion by some extra condition like: if (local _veh) then {deleteVehicle _veh} local means that only the PC which own the vehicle (last player as driver) will delete it. On the other hand, I can't say when an owned vehicle (by driving player) will be back in server. Probably if this last driver quit the game... I'm not sure it's the only case. So, right now, your EH will not fire on dedicated server, for abandoned vehicle on server, if you have this local condition... Perhaps, it's better to run the deletion on all played PCs, without consideration about who own the vehicle, never mind the multiple deletion. Anyone has a better answer?
  8. pierremgi

    Heli Land

    Not saying there is some difficulty in waypoint or helipad. Just saying: helo1 land "land1" is not a correct syntax. In other world, you don't need to name your helipad. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/land 😉
  9. pierremgi

    Deploying mission

    Test and final addon can be different. If you mod new units, new weapons or new magazines (as examples), you'll need a config.cpp and pack your addon. Now, if your addon is just made of sqf scripts, there is no reason for testing the pbo, as you can write a scenario and add many functions, musics, sounds... in description.ext So, depending on what your final addon is made of. I worked all my advanced modules with a scenario and all functions from description.ext, before making a similar config.cpp for the addon folder. See also my link above and this (old) open topic.
  10. Hi all, Team switching is one of the weirdest feature in Arma. If you are playing in SP, with several switchable units, some behaviors can be lost. If you switch, you can loose all supports (BI standard support modules). Reproducible, Vanilla, 3den: Add units: player + playable ones Add an artillery (the support type doesn't matter, it's just an example) Add the artillery provider module add the requester module link the artillery to the provider module, the provider to the requester module, the requester module to all switchable (playable in 3den) units. Preview Starting as player (the player unit in 3den), gives you the artillery support. No problem. Starting "as character" from any other playable unit does the trick also. No problem. But, each time you press "U" (or whatever key for switching menu) and you choose another unit, the support menu disappear. NB 1: No matter the method used: editor or scripted links with BIS_fnc_addSupportLink, the supports are lost on team switching. Only the first unit played at start can call supports. NB 2: a little workaround, tested but not guaranteed: addMissionEventHandler ["teamSwitch", { BIS_requesterFSM = nil; [yourRequestModuleName] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_requester.sqf"; }]; Now if you switch, the support works.... A remaining point I failed to correct: At your first support call after switching, a hint message will say: "provider not available". Which is wrong. The support works.
  11. pierremgi

    Heli Land

    No. check syntax for land. You can't specify a peculiar helipad. You land on the closest available (or a safe position if any).
  12. pierremgi

    Deploying mission

    What I do: If your addon doesn't need a config.cpp and what you want to test can run from description.ext (like cfgFunctions), there is no need to pbo your mission for testing the sqfs efficiency. When you restart a preview, all description.ext, mission.sqm and sqfs are reloaded. In editor, check for your settings/preferences/Misc/recompile functions. So, do you need a config.cpp and pboed files for your test? From BIKI: The Description.ext is used to set the overall mission attributes or to define global entites that will be available for other scripts. It is placed in the mission root folder and uses the same syntax as the config.cpp file, but supports only a limited number of config classes. Additionally, many attributes can also be set via the Eden Editor, where changes are automatically refreshed upon scenario preview. In the 2D Editor the mission has to be reloaded for changes to be applied
  13. pierremgi

    Return value from function

    The ancient note you can read if you click on view history and compare 8 nov 2019 and 12 jan 2020 .... and I suppose we are not alone to remember that. Now, in the front BIKI params page, we still can read: It is a good practice to make your local variables private (through private or params) in order to avoid overwriting a local variable of the same name. Until further modification? So, @Dedmen & @killzone_kid That could be great to precise if params worth private for avoiding an overwrite of the local variable. I'm not sure the @kauppapekka comment was wrong and yours garble this functionality. Thanks for all the readers.
  14. pierremgi

    displaying successive hints

    Yes, thanks for your comments. Managing an array seems to be a good solution. I'm not fond of an each frame EH just for hints, performance on mind. Creating a specific control? Same remark but the added value is that you don't care for some native hints (like "provider not available") which could override your hint. That was also an attempt... I'm not really trying to hack the IGUI, just trying to wait for no message displayed in order to display one, then following one... So, the message queue is a trick, the moment to display an element is another one (especially if I want to use the native hint).
  15. Hi all and happy new year, I probably missed some topic about my aim. I need (MP scenario) to display some hints to players. I don't have problem to remote execute that but the fact is these hints are spawned depending on some success or phases of the scenario. My problem is that the hints crushed them and sometimes there is no duration between them, so the information is lost. There is no command or function detecting if a hint is displayed (or perhaps a control?). So, it's difficult to manage a kind of queue (the exact time for starting a hint has less importance than the information). I'm looking for a code able to queue some texts (queue must be adaptable, not fixed in advance) and displays them as 10 sec. per hint, as required, all game long. All ideas are welcome!