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  1. pierremgi

    Object Random Spawn

    There is no reason to quote a position. Positions are arrays [ [3158.96,5770.6,3.36632],[3444.22,5934.86,6.1],[3487.09,5941.93,5.83216],...]
  2. Typically the reason why I created my spawn group(s) module.
  3. Place all EH referring to players in initPlayerLocal.sqf You can add a little condition inside a EH to remote it once the unit is no more player. The units still exist when a player leaves. You can create a vehicle by createVehicle . This command is EG so the vehicle is created for every PC. You can pass it to server by remoteExec it on server.
  4. pierremgi

    scripted trigger question

    Your trigger is an object. You can set a variable on it: _a setVariable ["Bpos", _bpos]; In trigger statement: thisTrigger getVariable 'Bpos' Example: 0 = [] spawn { _a = createTrigger ["emptyDetector",getpos player]; _a setTriggerArea [200,200,0]; _a setTriggerActivation ["WEST","present",true]; _buildings = nearestObjects [getpos _a,["House","Building"],350]; _building = selectRandom _buildings; _bPos = getPosASL _building; _a setVariable ["Bpos",_bpos]; _a setTriggerStatements ["player in thislist && !(thisTrigger getVariable ['bpos',[0,0,0]] isEqualTo [0,0,0])", "player setposASL (thisTrigger getVariable 'bpos')", ""]; };
  5. pierremgi

    Checking civil passport or id card

    Make it simple. Choose an item as ID card, to be present in AIs inventory for clean unit. No item..., do something... It's up to you. You must work also! When checked (addAction or holdActionAdd function on AIs), if certain AI (it's on your side) do something... same.
  6. It's strange that a simple check for integrity of local files (from steam arma properties) didn't do the trick, but if I'm right this was never considered here.
  7. pierremgi

    Opening/Closing USS Freedom doors via script

    This script allows you to start with island doors opened on USS Freedom (simple question of animation state). There is no script for opening non-animated doors, which are just on object as drawings. (They would open on non-exiting room anyway). Perhaps, the script is not enough for all openable doors of the carrier. I focused on island.
  8. I forgot this (old) point. And as no impact on my work, I doubted of your code as you didn't uploaded it in integrality. And perhaps, there are some conditions for experiencing the bug or not (custom textures, specific textures...). That's why the forum is fine. And without polemic, your title pushed me in a wrong way. I focused on the absolute systematic issue for nuts.
  9. Why did you include resincl.inc ? (and how you didn't you get no error?)
  10. As said, my script, and addon (10,000+ subscribers) are working as usual, using setObjectTextureGlobal, even if you didn't test them by your own.... But, on the contrary of you, a doubt stays permitted. So, if you have time, do not hesitate to open a feedback ticket with step by step reproducible bug.
  11. Hi all, I caught a problem recently, building an addon. I practice that very often, so it's not an addon problem. Furthermore, the addon is correctly pboed : - in a Microsoft account for W10 (I barely use that because I don't want to be connected at any personal account for days) - in my local account, used daily for an age, working correctly until last week. But only if I disable the "Sign output pbo file" recently. The error is: Build failed. Result code = 1 cfgConvert task failed. CPAcquireContext failed So, I thing I have now a problem with the DSutils.exe environment. Of course, everything is updated: W10, steam, arma, arma tools... I reinstalled arma tools... check integrity files (sometimes broken and reacquire 1 for nuts) Any clue about the link between a local admin for W10 (instead of Microsoft account) and this issue ? Truly W10 is a pain.
  12. And? - you're on a forum, and not in a private place, even if you started the topic. Be ready for discussions; - the title is excessive, but, if you can reproduce a bug (without missing some recommendation from BIKI), the good practice is to write or implement a feedback ticket; - on the other hand, the setObjectTextureGlobal is not a broken command. I'm using it, in my MGI Respawn Vehicle module which work in MP as well, for textures precisely. Here, you can find a light scripted version. - the setObjectTexture is not mandatory to be remote executed if the code runs on each PC (see very basic example 4). Remote exec it, only if you need to run this command locally, for broadcast the result; - I hope I added some good remarks or tracks for future readers. Your solution works but that doesn't mean we can't dig into these two commands a little bit.
  13. something like that?: 0 = [] spawn { [ <yourPositionHere>, "Sh_82mm_AMOS", 20, 10, 2, {false}, 0] spawn BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual; _timer = diag_tickTime; while {diag_tickTime < _timer + (10*2)} do { { private _light = '#lightPoint' createVehicle (getPosVisual _x); _light setLightColor [255,255,255]; _light setLightAmbient [25.5, 25.5, 25.5]; _light setLightIntensity (if (sunOrMoon > 0.5) then [{30000},{300}]); _light setLightDayLight true; _light setLightUseFlare true; _light setLightFlareSize 4; _light setLightFlareMaxDistance 2000; sleep 0.3; deleteVehicle _light } forEach (allMissionObjects "#explosion" ); }; };
  14. pierremgi

    12 hours later in MP

    Why this line? if (isDedicated) then {}; Other remark: You want to display a dynamic text. Displays should stay local. (so the code must be ready on each client PC). Then, all you have to do on server, is to trigger this code at due time. You'll gain in performance. Make a trigger (not server only) or publicVariable a variable for setting TRUE a condition (everywhere locally).
  15. zomb0 zomb1 zomb2 must be existing objects. If not... your compiled array (mine also, it was another mean) will return [<any>,<any>,..] So no error but nothing to do with that.