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  1. pierremgi

    add Insignia to AI

    _AI_Leader is an object (unit), "I_officer_F" is a class of unit. You can't compare them by equal term. if (_AI_Leader isKindOf "I_Officer_F") then .... "LIEUTENANT" or "SERGEANT" are not insignia but rank. see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia
  2. Don't forget the lin es about batteEye. If I'm right, no matter a server is yours. If battleEye detects a potential cheat, you can be banned. (to be confirmed)
  3. _trenchPositions are objects extracted by nearObjects. I copied the Blitzen88's code, confused with this name, which is probably a test one with arrows. Anyway, you're right getPos is for objects and _pos is already a position.. Corrected.
  4. You can have a look at cfgWorlds reference. Don't bet too much on maxHillAltitude token because it's missing on most of the maps. But you could use it like this: _maxAlt = if (getNumber (configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "maxHillsAltitude") >0) then [{getNumber (configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "maxHillsAltitude")},{ <your code ending by the returned value>}]; Depending on what you intend to do, see also: fog tokens like startFogBase, haze tokens... in the link above.
  5. Really? I can't guess you don't know the difference between a string and a global variable. There are sometimes little issue with written classes and copied classes, even if it's exactly the same (even case). Copying/pasting can solve this kind of issue. No other clue.
  6. Different errors each time... A class name is ALWAYS a string. You must pay attention for syntax if you want to progress in scripting. count AllPlayers > 0 && { { vest _x == "V_RebreatherB" && headgear _x == "H_PilotHelmetFighter_B" } count allPlayers isEqualTo count allPlayers } or, as beno_83au wrote, use goggles for goggle/mask. If you don't want to make mistake, equip your player, ESC, then in debug console test : vest Player uniform player headGear player goggles player on watch lines. copy/paste the result.
  7. You can use also deleteAt command private _units = units group leader; private _trenchPositions = getpos _SquadLeader nearObjects [_TrenchPosObject, _Radius]; // I can't check that private _trenchPositions = _trenchPositions call BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle; // no need to shuffle each time { if (count _trenchPositions >0) then { _pos = getpos (_trenchPositions deleteAt 0); _x setpos _pos; } else { deleteVehicle _x; } } forEach _units
  8. Depending on what your primary weapon is...
  9. I didn't mention any name for vest (or any gear) because on ground, you set name on ground weapon holder (or crate if any), which is the container, not the content. I mentioned class names, so string like "H_PilotHelmetFighter_B" for a headgear and/or "V_RebreatherB" for a vest. (examples. I can't guess your gear classes).
  10. Nope. No ACMI pod on aircraft (or vehicle), no replay possible. The first part could be a workaround based on unitCapture, and the replay, as spectator.... That could be a community project.
  11. No delay needed, you just have to use a basic trigger none none , server only, not repeatable, on condition: count AllPlayers > 0 && { { vest _x == "equip1" && headgear _x == "equip2" } count allPlayers isEqualTo count allPlayers } on activation: setTaskState or BIS_fnc_taskSetState script note: I don't know what your CNRN equipment is made of, so, as example, I chose "equip1" class as vest and "equip2" class as headgear. Of course you need to use the required class(es).
  12. Read BIKI: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec Side - The function / command will be executed on machines where the player is on the specified side.
  13. Triggers (repeatable) are also loops. If an event handler doesn't exist, you can use scripted loops, or generic onEachFrame EH with drastic conditions. Triggers and loops are working fine. You can set the loop (and now trigger) interval. And you can decide extra conditions like knowsAbout changes. I suggest you to set a threshold for any changing value: here knowsabout can evolve from 0 to 4 and it's useless to "react" for all changes: 0.541, 0.687,... 1.488... 4. Imho the interesting threshold is 1.5.
  14. You will not fire the EH "fired" with the truck horn. The simplest way. No need to add ied (but you can if you want). Add a trigger (not server only), condition: TRUE (instead of this) on activation: [] spawn { waitUntil {!isNull findDisplay 46}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["mouseButtonDown", { params ["_display","_button"]; private _car = objectParent player; if (!isNull _car && {_button == 0 && driver _car == player && _car isKindOf "car"}) then { [] spawn { _car = objectParent player; sleep 1; _car setdamage 1 } }; false }]; };