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  1. They do have side actually (but in my scenario there won't be any empty aircraft so it won't return "CIV") the description of "side" function and thanks a lot for that
  2. That's exactly what I was trying to say, and my problem is I have no idea how to get the number of the aircraft on player side when a player is trying to purchase another aircraft
  3. I'm a noob for scripting so plz forgive me if I say something stupid. I'm trying to make a script to limit the number of fixed-wing aircraft for each side cause spamming aircraft is so annoying. I tried this to count the number of planes of opfor: _countEastVehicles = { side _x == east } count vehicles; _eastVehiclesInArray = []; { if (side _x == east) then { _eastVehiclesInArray set [count _eastVehiclesInArray, _x]; }; } forEach vehicles; But How do I get a number in return so I can compare it with the vehicle limit?
  4. This is the SQL file from a3wasteland, and what do the characters at the end of the line mean?
  5. very helpful, thanks a lot!
  6. So I made a simple blacklist script like this (this is the best I can do with my knowledge of scripting...) _blacklistedUIDList = ["UID12345678"]; if (getplayerUID player in _blacklistedUIDList) then { ["<t color='#ff0000' font='PuristaBold' align='center' size='3'>You're Banned</t>", 0, 0.9, 30, 2] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; endMission "Banned"; }; if (true) exitWith { sleep 3; ["<t color='#ffffff' font='PuristaBold' align='center' size='2'>Welcome to the Server</t>", 0, 0.9, 30, 2] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; playMusic "gameIntro"; }; So every time I want to add a new blacklisted UID I'll have to reupload the mission file, how can I store the uid list serverside?
  7. Eroge

    Solo Tank Script

    Just let you know, this script stopped functioning for no reason (the AI driver is still in the driver's seat but wont receive any command) after working properly for like 20 minutes in my vehicle deathmatch PVP mission. I'm still looking into this trying to figure this out... I wrote [] execVM "solotank.sqf"; in the initPlayerLocal.sqf
  8. I'm using the official sector module, so I suppose the expression field of the module could do something?
  9. Does this radar detect the shells that would fall in the range of detection, or it detects the shells that already entered the range of detection? Cause I want to modify this script into an arty warning script for vehicles like Warthunder
  10. Is it possible to change the color of the smoke according to the occupier of the sector (or change the picture of the sector icon)?
  11. I tried that mission, but when the mortar shells incoming I only got hint instead of siren...
  12. Very interesting script... but I can't get it to work! I did exactly what you wrote in readme, and I didn't hear the sirena for the whole time. I could really use a video tutorial
  13. Sorry for that confusing description... and yes I want the class name of the vehicle