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  1. gitanoiwan

    drop picked up objects

    I don't understand: "they don't die on me if I pick them up" i mean when i use a ace command like carry or something they don't disappear from the map so they keep the name obj1 , obj2 and so on i make a MP mission so it's not only one player that pick them up
  2. gitanoiwan

    drop picked up objects

    I used 4 Kostey's map case, 2 Kostey's notebook , 1 Kostey's photo, and 1 laptop. Isn't there a way to use there class name in the trigger to fire it ? or make them ACE object so they don't die on me if I pick them up ?
  3. Hi all, I picked up 8 objects all named obj1 ....... obj8 , and need to bring them to a certain place on the map. I put down a trigger and call this one tr1, this trigger needs to activate when all objects i picked up are are droped from inventory in this area. wrote it like this : Condition : obj1 inArea tr1 && obj2 inArea tr1 && obj3 inArea tr1 && obj4 inArea tr1 && obj5 inArea tr1 && obj6 inArea tr1 && obj7 inArea tr1 && obj8 inArea tr1 On Act.: hint "it works" but it doesn't seems to work, does someone have an idea what i did wrong?
  4. oke !!! thnx for the fast responce
  5. Hi everyone, Can someone explain me how i can despawn untis when i'm not in the trigger anymore, can't get ik working oke {deletevehicle _x} forEach (units _???); there is the problem , i don't know how to name the groups that i spawned in. Thnx!