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Found 169 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I've stumbled upon this trouble. Trigger with condition {!alive BombCluster_03_UXO1_F} count thislist < 1 doesn't seem to activate. What and where did i go wrong? Tried putting it with quotes, yet doesn't seem to work. Repeatable also doesn't help.
  2. Well, how can I make a trigger be activated when a whole group is dead? I found this in another topic with the same question but it didn't work for me : {alive _x} count units (groupname) == 0 tks in advance!
  3. Hey, I'm new to coding and mission editing in Arma, so please go easy on me. I'm attempting to create a template of sorts to build future missions out of, I want to have a clean, easy & modular spawn system that can be easily tweaked for different scenarios, I also want to do this without mods. I am aware of 2 main ways of handling spawning AI, "createUnit" and "BIS_fnc_spawnGroup" I'm not exactly sure what is best for my specific use case, and I'm not entirely sure how to use either of them properly. Essentially what i want to do is have a trigger spawn multiple units of my choice on a marker and then have the units move towards another marker, I also want to be able to modify the behavior of these units (ex. start on limited speed.) I have tried a few different methods to achieve this, these are the issues I'm having with each: With "createUnit" the only way i have found to spawn multiple units is to repeat the code over and over, I'm sure there's a better way to do this and if so I'd love to know. Also with my current setup i have to repeat the domove code for each individual unit, I would also like to know if there is a better way to do this. Here is the code located in the triggers "On activation" field: With "BIS_fnc_spawnGroup" I'm not entirely sure how to order the units spawned within to move towards a marker, I would like to know how to do this, and I also read somewhere that the group will not be automatically deleted when all units are dead so I added a line at the end, I have no idea if it works though. Here's the code for that from the triggers activation field: I read that createUnit is better for performance when paired with the sleep command, however i have no idea how that works, and I also have my doubts, at-least with my current code repeating the same lines over and over for each unit seems very inefficient, the BIS command seems much cleaner however i don't know how to issue a move order with it which is my main problem. Additionally i would like to setup a headless client but that's a whole different topic and I don't want to draw this out any further, though if you feel like you have some useful advice on that please do share. Thanks and any advice & methods is appreciated. ❤️
  4. Trigger Debugger This mod is a little extension to the zeus who with a button on the top right can toogle this tool that allow it to see all triggers on the map, and with right click on it being able to activate it, delete it or just see information about it. Core features See all triggers on the zeus map. See all modules sync to the trigger. See all things sync to the modules. Compatible with Zeus enhanced / Achilles. LOCAL MOD so no need to be installed on the server. How to use: On top right corner you will see this button: After that all triggers will appear on the map, with all syncornized things to the trigger, and modules syncronized to it With right click on the area of the trigger this menu will appear: Known issues Triggers with no area cant be interacted Plan to the future Make Triggers visible on zeus interface Edit Triggers Links Workshop GitHub
  5. Mr.Kritz but without the Kritz

    Making a tripwire flare to trigger an artillery attack

    Well, just what the title says, I want to know if there's any way to make so when a player (BLUEFOR) triggers a tripwire flare, the AI (OPFOR) in the mortars attack the zone where the player is, with a delay hopefully. Also, if possible, make this flare defusable or destructible. These flare traps I want to use are from the RHSAFRF mod.
  6. Guys, good afternoon! (or good night or good morning :]) I have a question about how I can create a script to activate a trigger to spawn a group of enemies. I believe that to activate the trigger I have to use this script: private _trigger1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _triggerMarker]; _trigger1 setTriggerActivation ["east", "not present", false]; _trigger1 setTriggerStatements [_opfor1 = [getMarkerPos _spawnTes1, EAST, _opfor1] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup]; _trigger1 setTriggerTimeout [10,10,10]; However I would like this group of enemies to be deleted when the player leaves the area... I keep in mind that for that I would have to use the script "this && !(player in thisList) deletVehicle _opfor1" but I don't know where I would put it this command since I didn't find anything about something like "setDeactivation". Does anyone have any idea how I could do this? I appreciate the help!
  7. I'm making a garbage man type of mission, basically you need to clean camp maxwell, the only thing I need now is to make the trigger check if everything inside it has been cleaned (basically deleted) I used the addAction command in combination with the deleteVehicle command to "clean" the objects. (also every object inside the trigger has the name rock followed by a number if it somehow helps you help me) I need the trigger to check if every object was deleted and if every object was in fact deleted then complete the mission.
  8. Hi, I'm relatively new to mapmaking and have been so far learning through trial and error (mostly error), but am currently rather stumped with a problem vastly outside my base of experience. I am trying to set a trigger to activate when players collect any 3 pieces of intel (of 6 available), regardless of the combination of intel collected. Only 3 pieces need to be found, and currently I am referencing their collection via a seperate trigger with 'thisNull objectName', as the intel is deleted on pickup, and then trying to get another trigger to check 'triggerActivated triggerName' (horribly inefficient, I know). Apologies if this doesn't make much sense, its 3am and mission making has fried my brain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Currently attempting to make a multiplayer friendly Zeus zone restrictions script. Basically, around my map, I need a kill zone that kills all units, players, or units editable by the curator, that leave the playable map area (enter the kill zone) after a ten second delay. I also need it so that if a player unit leaves the zone, they get a warning message too. I am using the "ModuleCoverMap" to show the playable area. Around the edges of the playable map area I have four triggers that start the kill script for the player/Curator editable AI. Above is a very basic (semi) working zone restriction script. Currently, if a single unit enters the trigger, the script starts running, the problem is, if another unit enters two seconds later, they only have eight seconds to leave the restriction zone, rather than the ten seconds they are supposed to have (they should be killed later than the first unit, but the two units die at the same time). Also, I am unsure how the titleText function works for clients. It says on Biki that the titleText is a local effect, however, I am wondering if there is a better function for showing a warning message.
  10. Hello, we are currently developing a Arma 3 sandbox server where you can basically do anything, the problem is, that the vehicles only respawn when they are destroyed, when someone takes a plane and lands it somewhere like molos airfield it will remain there until someone picks it up. I want that the vehilces respawn when thy are left alone but the built in feature doesn´t work at all, so my idea was to trigger the respawn like every 60 seconds that all vehicles respawn but how can i trigger every 60 seconds for ever ?!? thanks for your help Marvin Letsche Admin at German-Gamers.net
  11. Is it possible to set diesel storage tanks on fire after they are destroyed? The solution is probably pretty simple but I can't find an answer.
  12. I'm making a mission where there are 6 missions to do but I only want players to do 3 missions maximum The way I intend to do it is like so: - Every mission has an object "attached" to them - Once the players complete a mission, the attached object gets moved in the trigger - The trigger counts how many objects there are in itself and if the amount is equal to 3.. It gets activated How do I count how many objects are in the trigger and (optionally) how do I detect that a mission has been completed and activates a separate trigger? Thanks a lot ❤️ Edit 1: I found and edited a code, it works but only with units instead of objects but it's better than nothing: (count (thislist select {alive _x })) isequalto 3
  13. I'm editing a exfil but I can't figure out how to make a task appear after all 3 objectives are finished. I want it to be invisible until after all 3 objectives are finished.
  14. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Need help with a trigger

    I'm having trouble with my mission, I've been trying to activate a trigger only after 3 tasks are finished, I am currently using this ( this && ["AA"] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED" ) But I can't figure out how to add more tasks to it. I am also trying to make a task show up after all 3 objectives are finished. Hope I can get some help on this 👍
  15. So we are building a Arma 3 sandbox Server the problem is that many vehicles are often damaged but only slightly so that they don´t respawn i want to make a trigger which tiggers the vehicle respawn every 60 seconds so that there are only fully repaired vehicles at the Spawn if it´s possible to only respawn damaged vehicles that would be even better but i guess that´s not possible thanks for you´re help Marvin Letsche Admin at German-Gamers.net Edit: solved it with a respawn script
  16. Hello all! I'm working on creating a trigger that activates when a specific player enters a passenger seat of a helicopter. The issue I'm having is it can't be just any player, but one that activates a separate trigger. This will be used to create a task that notifies all transport pilots that a player is waiting to be picked back up at base, then accomplish when the player enters one of the choppers. If you have any ideas on how to accomplish this, please let me know! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  17. Hey guys, I am looking for some help and explanation on a trigger issue that I cannot seem to find a workaround for. It is most probably me being stupid and forgetting something obvious, but I will be glad if someone explained to me what I am doing wrong. I am trying to have a trigger add three hold actions (repair, rearm, reafuel) to a specific vehicle once it enters the trigger area. It is currently set up like this: Activation: Anybody Activation Type: Present Repeatable: Yes Condition: h1 in thisList; On Activation: [ h1, "Repair", "holdAction_repair_ca.paa", "holdAction_repair_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 8", "_caller distance _target < 8", {player playMoveNow "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic3"}, {}, {h1 setDamage 0; hint "Vehicle repaired";}, {player switchMove ""}, [], 10, 0, false, false ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, h1]; [ h1, "Rearm", "holdAction_rearm_ca.paa", "holdAction_rearm_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 8", "_caller distance _target < 8", {player playMoveNow "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic3"}, {}, {h1 setVehicleAmmo 1; hint "Vehicle rearmed";}, {player switchMove ""}, [], 10, 0, false, false ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, h1]; [ h1, "Refuel", "holdAction_refuel_ca.paa", "holdAction_refuel_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 8", "_caller distance _target < 8", {player playMoveNow "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic3"}, {}, {h1 setFuel 1; hint "Vehicle refueled";}, {player switchMove ""}, [], 10, 0, false, false ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, h1]; On Deactivation: removeAllActions h1; So it's pretty straightforward. The problem is, the action that gets added to the helo is added the amount of times that there are players on the server. That is, if I test it in my local MP I see them added once each (correct). If I launch the mission on a server, I see all three actions doubled (one for me and one for the server it seems), and when I entered with four other players the actions were added a total of six times each. I may be forgetting something obvious, but I just want the action to be added to the vehicle once per type (one repair, one refuel, one rearm). Otherwise once you approach the vehicle it just spewes a crap tonne of actions listed in the scroll menu. Thanks in advance for your help!
  18. Hi, Little method to touch off a dispenser while penetrating in an area. 1 place a trigger with the wanted activation, 2 place some mine dispensers (LOW DLC), name them 3 on act of the trigger: driver (thislist select 0) addOwnedMine md1; driver (thislist select 0) action ["TouchOff", driver (thislist select 0)] // where md1 is a name of a dispenser... NB: driver is just to touch off in case of vehicle entering. If you want, you can skip that (driver) but make your trigger activated on infantry only. Enjoy.
  19. Hi everybody, Im making a mission with multiples objectives like "Go to a location and kill a General" or "Go to another location take confidential documents and destroy enemy radar". But i have encountered a problem that is the game only support 288 NPCs, and Im looking for a way to spawn enemy units like CSAT and others to defend that locations where the objectives is, when a player like BLUFOR entering a trigger. Like the Liberation mission but with tasks already determined. It's basically the mission starts and the players can see what tasks have to do but only when the players " BLUFOR" gets closest to the objective the AI spawn to defend that location. I think with this mode i can make a mission with more of 288 NPCs bcs they only spawn when players enter the trigger. Anyway theres a way do to this? Can someone help me with that? Thanks :)
  20. To make it simple i want it like this Mission 7, tonk can survive or be destroyed Mission 8 only triggers if tonk survives (i know how to do this) Mission 8, tonk is either stolen or destroyed Mission 9 is triggered if tonk is destroyed (skips over mission eight) Mission 9, >>>tonk appears in mission, depending on if it was stolen in mission 8, or destroyed<<< that is my question please help thanks
  21. I want to make a big Sector Control mission in the editor and then export to Singleplayer to play. I put a lot of Sector Control Modules on the map in the editor, I set Spawn AI Modules for BLU and OPF and exported to Singleplayer, in the beginning everything worked as it should, AI spawns, moves, fights with each other and conquers Sector Controls by map, then after I clicked Save & Exit to continue this mission later. But after reloading the save game I noticed that me and the AI (BLU and OPF) can´t capture Sector Controls. Sector Controls do not change color, they remain gray. The modules seem to have stopped working after the reload and need to be reactivated via script? How can I reactivate this? I wish I could save this mission so I could easily reload and continue later. Not that I have to play the whole mission in one piece. This is very important to me! If anyone can help, I will be very grateful.
  22. So I've tried using the setrandomlip command. It works perfectly well in Singleplayer, but not on a dedicated server. I've looked into the .lip stuff, but honestly it's way too much work for just adding a minor detail in a mission. Is there a way to get setrandomlip working in multiplayer? Currently what I've done is set up a trigger using the unit's variable name to start randomlip, then another one to end it set to activate several seconds later. UPDATE: unticked "server only" on trigger. It now works.
  23. Does anyone know how I can get the range than a mine will trigger at? I've had a look through one of the configs for a mine but didn't find it, or what I thought would be it. Thanks.
  24. so I currently scripted out a situation where you try to release a civilian that's charged with explosives, thing is, the explosion is too big. It will destroy everything on a very big radius, I'm currently running ACE3 and also the bomb classname is "M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG", other bombs I've tried are "R_80mm_HE" and "Bo_GBU12_LGB" but they were still too big. I'm looking for something with a small radius that will kill the person next to it or about a radius of 5m-10m or anything around that if possible. Does anyone know? The bomb explosion class name or just the explosion itself? It would help a lot!! Thanks beforehand and wish you all best of luck! Edit: A good bomb is "M_PG_AT", but it is still sort of big!
  25. Hello all! I've been wanting to try my hand at some Arma 3 machinima, and I'm having a little trouble with trigger activation. I have two units (one AT team, and another rifle squad) operating near each other, with an OPFOR convoy expected to pass through on a road across a valley. I have the AT team move up and go stealth within site of the engagement area, then have a SCRIPTED waypoint to setCombatMode/setBehaviour so they attack the convoy (when OPFOR crosses a threshold, as per usual). That part works well. Where I'm having trouble is the rifle team: I would like them to stay stationary a 20-30 meters behind the AT team, and out of sight UNTIL the AT team starts firing rockets. At which point, the goal is to have them move up and engage as well. I've thought of a couple ways to do this, but not having much success. One thing I'm trying at the moment is have the rifle squad (unit2) spawn w Force Hold Fire and crouched, place a MOVE waypoint to bring them into contact, and link it to a trigger condition like: waitUntil { combatMode unit1 in ["RED"]; }; ... where unit1 is the AT team. However, I'm getting an error: "Condition: Type Nothing, Expected Bool". I'm sure there's likely a more "elegant" way to accomplish the end goal, but part of this effort is to learn the scripting language and syntax. Another option I'd like to explore when I get this figured out is to get a count of all rockets in the AT teams inventory, then set a condition to check when they drop below the initial number. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!