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  1. Not sure if you ever got your answer to this, but setting the rocks to disable simulation in Eden fixed the problems for me and gave me an almost 10-15 frame boost in FPS. Setting them to simple objects using the following script (grabbed from Reddit): 0 = [this] call bis_fnc_replacewithsimpleobject; made it a little easier on dedicated servers when playing multiplayer. I also used zoning outlined by Karmaterrorᵁᴷ's comment on steam to help optimize large missions with many sets of rocks in different places. Hope this helps anyone who's having this issue!
  2. This may be a little late to the party, but if anyone else was looking for the solution and couldn't get pierremgi's code to work, use this version of it instead: this addEventHandler ["AnimChanged", { params ["_unit", "_anim"]; if (["halofree",_anim] call Bis_fnc_instring) then {_unit switchMove ""} }]; The problem with the other code was the hint line causing issues. Just tried it on my floating platform with enhanced movement enabled and every jump that used to throw my character into a freefall dive loop now just stands straight up!
  3. I am creating a mission where I am using a texture loaded on a "User Texture" object in game, and I am trying to have the image rotate around the X axis continuously while the mission is running. Is there a simple script to do this? I presume it uses some sort of loop but I can't figure out adjusting timing (for example: 5 rotations per minute)
  4. www.ZeusMissionGen.com So after playing Arma 3's public Zeus mode for a while now, I've noticed that sometimes you get into a server with a bunch of cool people and they want a mission quick. The problem is that it takes a while to think of a good story and even longer to implement it. Now we actually have a way to shorten one or both of those processes, the Zeus Mission Generator. I built this website for Zeus' who need quick inspiration for a mission. The generator does two things: gives you random mission ideas, and creates scripts that can be pasted into the debug console to create fully made missions and starting points right from the get-go. Features Gives random ideas for missions Creates scripts for pre-made playerbase (starting point for your missions) Can generate up to 7 static pre-made missions on the map so players can operate while you're creating your op Newly I've introduced a options for player bases including size (small, large), and whether to include aircraft and foot patrols. I'll be adding more features such as new base locations and maps in future updates, so if you have any ideas let me know here. Also I am aware that the debug console no longer works on official public zeus servers, but they still work on unofficial public zeus servers.