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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys! If you are anything like me you have a love and hate relationship with Buldozer. My main pet peeve ever since I started making terrains over a year ago has been precision of placing objects and selecting them within BD. Well here is my cure. I've made a few high precision cursor models that will let you place and manipulate the smallest of objects, Runway lights and similar. There are currently 3 different ones but more will be added. Personally I only use the small one depicted here. DOWNLOAD: INSTRUCTIONS: Back up your p:\core\cursor\cursor.p3d Pick one of the cursors in the zip file, rename it to cursor.p3d and replace the original. Enjoy!
  2. Hey all, I have what I assume is a pretty newbie question but no one I ask seems to know the answer and I wasn't able to find any info online: When I create a polygon to fill it with various trees, bushes, etc I'm forced to give it a unique preset name but I'm unable to find where I can reuse this preset rather than manually adding all the bushes/trees I want and tweaking the density every single time I make a new polygon fill. This is especially annoying with complex fills that include many different objects. Am I doing this the wrong way? If I do create a "preset" how can I then reuse that?
  3. Hi everyone! J cant move in buldozer, menu(F1) is bugged. Does anyone know how to fix it? .exe path: P:\buldozer_x64.exe launch parameters: -buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -disableSteam -noAsserts -cfg=p:\buldozer.cfg -showScriptErrors Data directory: P:\ (j have mounted project drive )
  4. Hi community - Disclaimer - I am not the best when it comes to explaining things to others. So please forgive me. - What is explained here is subject to change (this tutorial will be updated accordingly). - When a tools update is available (on main branch), after having installed the update be sure to verify game cache, extract game datas, and re-install buldozer before trying to do anything else. - The way things are explained here is the way I do it, there are other ways. - Introduction In this "tutorial" I will assume that you already have the tools installed (this step won't be explained here) and your directory mapping is the following: Arma 3 D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Arma 3 Tools D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools - Step 1 - Work Drive Folder Now we're gonna decide where we want our Work Drive to be located, go to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ and make a folder here, name it the what you want (mine is Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive]). Your Work Drive directory is now the following: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive] - Step 2 - Arma 3 Tools Directory Paths Setup Now that your Work Drive folder is setup you can now launch Arma 3 Tools from Steam. Once the window pops up, click on Preferences at the top then click on Options. Here you're going to setup your directory paths. According to what we previously done, the tabs should look like this: *Do not forget to uncheck Use default box as in the picture just above* Now click on Register, and you're done with this step. - Step 3 - Mounting Work Drive *Make sure both Arma 3 Tools (Arma3Tools.exe) & Steam (Steam.exe) executable are NOT run as administrator, otherwise your will be unable to mount your Work Drive* You can now click on Mount the Project Drive to mount your Work Drive, yay. - Step 4 - Importing Arma 3 Assets Click on Project Drive Management Then Extract Game Data Click on Run. When prompted, verify information and click Yes. Once the process is done, you get this: Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* - Step 5 - Installing Buldozer Now you can tick the Install Buldozer box. Click on Run. Once it's done close the little window and go back to Arma 3 Tools then click on Preferences then Buldozer Configurator. Choose the preset you want for both Object Builder and Terrain Builder then click on Apply configuration. Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* *While you're at it open steam_appid.txt and verify that its content is 107410* - Step 6 - Enjoy Everything is now set up, you can now begin to work on your project. Thanks for reading. - Related link(s) Work Drive (BIS) Project Space (BIS) Project Directory Migration (BIS) - Update(s) April 28th 2016 - First Iteration May 30th 2016 - Update 0.984 March 17th 2017 - Update 1.08 - /!\ Read last post /!\
  5. So I have been working on my terrain all day today and haven't had any problems until an hour or two ago when buldozer would just stop responding at startup and go straight to a grey world. The .RPT says that there is no world found? 16:30:24 DX11 - Initializing DX11 engine. 16:30:24 DX11 - Using DXGI adapter 0 (detected in config). 16:30:24 DX11 - Using DXGI adapter 0. 16:30:24 - adapter description : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 16:30:24 - adapter vendor ID : 4318 16:30:24 - adapter device ID : 6088 16:30:24 - adapter subsys ID : 160970818 16:30:24 - adapter revision : 161 16:30:24 - dedicated video memory : 3221225472 16:30:24 - dedicated system memory : 0 16:30:24 - shared system memory : 1073676288 16:30:24 InitSound ... 16:30:24 InitSound - complete 16:30:25 PhysX3 SDK Init started ... 16:30:25 PhysX3 SDK Init ended. 16:30:25 Preloaded entry States not found in config.bin/CfgGesturesMale/ 16:30:25 Preloaded entry Actions not found in config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/ 16:30:25 Preloaded entry CfgMovesMaleSdr not found in config.bin/ 16:30:25 core\skyobject\skyobject.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 16:30:25 core\sphere\sphere.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 16:30:25 No world found 16:30:25 [InitSoundMap] begin 16:30:25 [InitSoundMap] end I have reinstalled the tools and verified the files as well. Any ideas?
  6. Hi all I have an issue with my textures once Buldozer launches. My layers.cfg is perfectly fine and to my knowledge my textures have been converted to PAA from TGA via TexView so I don' think they're the cause. Any input or feedback on this issue would be great as I don't have a clue what could cause this. I personally think its the Sampler section of my mapframe as seen below, can you guys tell me if these values are correct or incorrect please. This is the issue I see in Buldozer so any help is appreciated.
  7. fixed it by creating a new map frame a few times and changing the height map. So far this is occurring on windows 10 64 bit. I did a fresh install of everything for Arma 3 Tools and Verified Cache through Steam which Validated 3 Files, Also used futuraToP to extract the game Data to make buldozer work for the updated scripts/road tool. I set Terrain builder to compatibility mode for windows 7 as Administrator checked. (It was working fine on windows 7 before , since I upgraded to win.10 I ran into problems with terrain builder being slow and unresponsive while loading up maps and closing dialog boxes etc.) ... Using L3DT to export terrain as 2048x2048 Asc or Xyz Format ( I prefer ASC which works best usually.) In Buldozer view The terrain is flat. In Terrain Builder Window, it's Flat without Colored Height Lines/Contours you would normally see on a working import ( Red,Orange Etc.) > I Tested to see if a BMP Works normally, and surprisingly it does work like Asc should be doing Like this BMP Import. Here's a picture of what It looks like when i import the terrain as Asc/Xyz. No Contours or lines for Elevation like Above. + Terrain is Flat with blocky water textures interrupting the "Smooth" coastline. And this is The result in Buldozer. Computer Specs: CPU: i5-4690k 3.5 Ghz GPU: GTX 970 4GB Ram: 8 GB
  8. Hi there. I have been out of Arma editing for a couple of months and I have restarted working on a mod. Last time I used the tools I had no problem but now I'm completely unable to make buldozer work. I have reinstalled the tools like ten times, followed the tutorials, tried to use arma3 exe instead of buldozer, but to no avail. I have even reinstalled Arma3 from scratch. Object Builder works, p:/ works, but I cannot make buldozer work. Each time I try to launch buldozer the dreaded "External viewer: Unable to create viewer" error comes. Any ideas???
  9. In the TerrainBuilder everything looks fine but as soon as I get into the Buldozer I get an error message and cant see any textures. If you need any more screenshots or informations pls contact me
  10. Hello All so i have started to play around with terrain builder working on a good size terrain but seem to have an issue when placing objects when in Buldozer i can select an object and move it then move to the next one only to see the object i have just place move by itself a few times i did wonder if it was a memory issue or CPU issue as its like its freezing or something but i have an i7 CPU and 32 GB of ram so the pc should be able to handle it This wouldnt be a problem if i was placing trees but is an issue when placing walls and buildings does anyone have any ideas that can help me ?
  11. Hi, There are many people having problem with buldozer, so if you still cannot open it I will show you how i made it, so maby it will work fine. Before we start, unfortunately you need to do this AT EVERY COMPUTER STARUP, RESTART ETC. Pssst if you can't move in buldozer just wait. 1.Open Arma Tools, go to Preferences and choose Buldozer Configurator. 2.Now DO NOT change anything just leave everything as it is and press APPLY CONFIGURATION and OK. 3. Open Object Builder or Terrain Builder (depends what are you going to use if both you need to open both). 4.1. In Object Builder go to File->Options and click on External Viewer and enter value: yourdisk:\yoursteamfolder\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe -buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -noLand -exThreads=0 -noLogs -noAsserts -cfg=buldozer.cfg 4.2 In Terrain Builder go to Tools->Preferences, in "exe file path" enter: yourdisk:\yoursteamfolder\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe and in "Launch Parameters" enter :-buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -disableSteam -noAsserts -cfg=p:\buldozer.cfg -showScriptErrors 5. Now everything should work fine to the next computer restart. Remember you need to do this everytime you restart it!!! I hope it'll help you. All the best, DesantBucie
  12. Hi All, Despite all attempts I am unable to see my map in Buldozer. This is a pretty standard map. These are my frame settings: and this is how I generate layers: This is my S_000_000_lco.png: and I've noticed that it generates a S_000_000_lco.paa which is empty: Here a link to file: https://cldup.com/L9m_O2N05M.paa This is my layers.cfg: class Layers { class formentera_seabed { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_seabed.rvmat"; }; class formentera_beach { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_beach.rvmat"; }; class formentera_ground_rocky { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_ground_rocky.rvmat"; }; class formentera_stony { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_stony.rvmat"; }; class formentera_dry_grass { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_dry_grass.rvmat"; }; class formentera_soil { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_soil.rvmat"; }; class formentera_dirt { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_dirt.rvmat"; }; class formentera_mud { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_mud.rvmat"; }; class formentera_grass_green { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_grass_green.rvmat"; }; class formentera_forest_pine { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_forest_pine.rvmat"; }; class formentera_concrete { texture = #(rgb,1,1,1)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,cdt); material = "Formentera\data\formentera_concrete.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="Formentera\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { formentera_seabed[]={{255,255,255}}; // white formentera_beach[]={{205,114,0}}; // brown formentera_ground_rocky[]={{255,255,0}}; // yellow formentera_stony[]={{0,255,0}}; // green formentera_dry_grass[]={{0,255,255}}; // cyan formentera_dirt[]={{0,0,255}}; // blue formentera_mud[]={{166,0,255}}; // purple formentera_grass_green[]={{255,0,255}}; // violet formentera_forest_pine[]={{255,0,0}}; // red formentera_concrete[]={{0,0,0}}; // black }; }; and this is my standard material template: ambient[]={1,1,1,1}; diffuse[]={0.25,0.25,0.25,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0,0,0,0}; specularPower=1; emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; PixelShaderID="NormalMapDiffuse"; VertexShaderID="NormalMapDiffuseAlpha"; class Stage1 { texture="Formentera\data\formentera_beach_nopx.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={5,0,0}; up[]={0,5,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="Formentera\data\formentera_beach_co.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={5,0,0}; up[]={0,5,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; Things I've tried: Using a normal map and exporting 5 + 1 (futura) Changing tiles size (2048 or 1024) Any input is warmly welcome.
  13. Every time I try to load my map into buldozer, it loads until it gets to "Extruding hills and valleys". When it gets here, it stops loading and if i try to do anything it says that buldozer has stopped responding.
  14. Hello, Ive got this problem where Buldozer just doesnt want to work. Whenever i press "Buldozer Configurator" it comes up with this error: Here is my P: Drive: So how do i fix this? Been going on for 2 days or so and im kinda tired of it. Been un-installing and installing it a couple of times to try and fix it with no result. Thank you for any suggestions that may pop up in the comments. - Mathias
  15. Hello there! I've been recently having this issue with Buldozer and I haven't been able to find a fix, so I come here to ask if anyone could help out or knows anything about this. I've already tried to re-extract my Game Data and updated everything. I hadn't used Terrain Builder in like two weeks since I took a little break, and didn't touch anything. Yesterday I wanted to get working again, and whenever I open up Terrain Builder, I get this message which doesn't allow me to proceed and keep working on my terrain/map project. I hope we can come across a fix for this since I'd love to keep working on my project! Thanks you for your time, below here I'll paste the error message: Once again, thanks you for your time and hope we'll find a solution together! Kindest regards
  16. So ive got this problem with buldozer where i cant move and the f1 menu looks kinda blank. its the same issue as in this post: and ive tried fixing it as in this post: i tried changing the launch parameters but it didnt work. thanks in advance.
  17. Hi i wonder if someone can help i have been following this, when i go to open buldozer and this is the error i get https://gyazo.com/4727f2e83b96d0a5e614f4c0ab535c46
  18. lappihuan

    Buldozer Tools

    Buldozer Tools by Lappihuan This is a successor to the Improved editor.sqs I’m pretty sure most of you know the following scenarios: “You work for several hours in Buldozer, the rain that is dropping since the last 20 mins is already annoying but the productivity and creativity is on fire. It keeps getting darker and darker and you think that it’s time to restart buldozer but you quickly want to finish the composition you are working on. BOOM! Out of nowhere TB crashes and your adrenalin rushes through the whole body, you didn’t save the project for the last 4 hours!!!†Result: things like this can throw your motivation off for several weeks. “While working on a town, you feel like there is a road missing or would like to move an existing one to fit your object placement better.†Result: you need to restart Buldozer every time you change your roads.shp which is a waste of time! “Players report that AI can’t properly use the awesome bridge you placed on the map, and you can’t figure out why they won’t use it.†Result: you spent many hours to tweak the road and bridge model with a eventual success or use a hacky solution like place an invisible road below the bridge. I hope to eliminate or at least reduce most of the above issues with the Buldozer Tools. Features: Reload roadsDefault key “1†Reset weather and timeDefault key “2†Toggle road diagnosticDefault key “3†Be aware, it can cause Buldozer to crash! DebugDefault key “4†execute the debug.sqf while buldozer is running (helps R&D) NVG and IR modeDefault key “N†Help DialogDefault key “0†Save notificationCustomaisable time in userconfig.sqf While the list is still quite small, I feel like it already has a big impact on the workflow in Buldozer. Installation For the sake of easiness I provide a scripts folder with everything needed in there. Drop the script folder into your P drive so it has the structure: P:\scripts\initBuldozer.sqf You can customize everything in there, but the config.sqf is the most important part for you. If something is unclear / could be made easier, let me know. IMPORTANT: delete or rename your current editor.sqs, so it won't conflict with this. Download Link Feel free to contact me on Skype/discord or here about suggestions, bugs or whatever. I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks to Pennyworth for the help!
  19. Hi, I could really use some help right now, I've been trying to create my first terrain using the Jakerod and friends Atlas guide (which is great). I've got as far as importing height maps, satelite and mask etc.... Generating layers great. Then I connect to Buldozer, which loads everything up as it should and I can't move whilst the External viewer displays the rendered terrain. I have to alt-tab back to TB. I've read a lot of posts relating to editing the startup parameters, defining in-game Development controls etc but nothing seems to work. I'd really appreciate any help at all. Thanks
  20. Hi y'all. Searched around and while others have had similar problems I haven't been able to find any help that might apply to me. Problem: Buldozer shows a 'blank' terrain, with a uniform white texture rather than the satmap or the close-up materials, after exporting layers and building terrain without errors. Like so. Here is a copy of my project folder. You can find the images in there, along with other files, and below are my layers and my .h files for ease-of-access: cfgclutter.h: cfgSurfaces.h: layers.cfg: Here's one of my three .rvmat files. The only changes I've made from the defaults is to reroute to the specific materials, and they're identical across the .rvmats (in terms of syntax): For reference, I've mainly followed the CPTNCAPS tutorial. Rebuilding my P: drive, Buldozer, etc. has not alleviated the problem, and my Buldozer config is default. I've redone the entire project from scratch up until this point and resulted in same problem. Can't find any immediately obvious errors, but I'm a newbie. I'd appreciate any help. (Also, I've run into another 'cannot find file P:/' error when trying to rebuild my layers, so if anyone can see any typos that I can't find, would help as well!)
  21. Hi there, I am having some trouble with my roads. I can no longer See them in buldozer (Yes I am using editor.sqs in 'scripts' folder) and I can't see them in Arma 3 either. I do not know what has happend but yesterday I could see my roads in Buldozer perfectly fine however now (the day after) For some reason they just don't Appear? Here is my Roads.lib: /* 1 - Main Road 2 - City Road 3 - Dirt Road 4 - Highway 5 - Path 6 - City Road 7 - E76 Highway 8 - sentiero 9 - pista */ class RoadTypesLibrary { class Road0001 { width = 12; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_main_road_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_main_road_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_main_road.rvmat"; map = "road"; order=1; }; class Road0002 { width = 8; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road_ca"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road.rvmat"; map = "road"; AIpathOffset = 2.5; order=2; }; class Road0003 { width = 8; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_road_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_road_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_road.rvmat"; map = "track"; AIpathOffset = 0; order=3; }; class Road0004 { width = 12; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_highway_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_highway_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_highway.rvmat"; map = "main road"; AIpathOffset = 3; order=4; }; class Road0005 { width = 5; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_path_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_path_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roaddirt_path.rvmat"; map = "track"; AIpathOffset = 0; order=5; }; class Road0006 { width = 10; mainStrTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road_end_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadconcrete_city_road.rvmat"; map = "track"; AIpathOffset = 2.5; order=6; }; class Road0007 { width = 12; mainStrTex = "a3\roads2\Data\asf1_dashedline_ca.paa"; // lowercase! mainTerTex = "a3\roads2\Data\asf1_dashedline_ca.paa"; mainMat = "a3\roads2\Data\asf1_dashedline.rvmat"; map = "road"; AIpathOffset = 2.5; order=7; }; }; Here are some Screenshots (In case you need to check something) https://gyazo.com/5a5da79580fac72f4e8d1a8768558231 - My Terrain Builder with Project Loaded https://gyazo.com/0a12c500f0a49751fcc175545f2f71b0 - My P: Drive Directory https://gyazo.com/deed7472caece8da14f2da91520e7582 - My Project Folder Please Let me know if there is any other files / Information that you need! Thank you very much!
  22. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the arma 3 editing/modding community. I've just started my first map but when I try to preview it in Buldozer its showing nothing. Does anyone happens to know how to fix this? Thanks!
  23. Hello, I´ve installed the tools again yesterday and set up everythings Properly (P was set and A3p ran through fine). But as soon as I want to run Buldozer I get this f****** Errormessage that absolutely makes no sense. As from what I understand is that the error must rest somewhere in the command line, but it doesnt matter whether I leave the startup Parameters by default (as they come right after installation) or if I remove everythings. The errormessage is always the same (except for the removed entries from the Startup Parameters Commandline. Only one thing always remains the same. It´s this part of the errormessage quoted below. This part always stays the same, anyways what I do. So what the hell is that errormessage supposed to mean and why doesnt any attempt to fix it do absolutely nothings. - changed the Buldozer path as suggested after A3P ran through - I ran A3P meanwhile a couple of times - I changed the Buldozer.cfg that I´ve recieved from someone where it works absolutely fine - I changed P - reinstalled ArmA3 tools - ran integrity check for the steam tools and for ArmA3 - I ran Buldozer with an absolutely clean Commandline It´d be great if someone knows whats causing this issue. I never ever ran into this in all those years before. May be it´s a simple solution, but I cant see it at the moment. Thanks and regards Memphis
  24. Make sure to use the new version called Buldozer Tools Improved editor.sqs This is an Improved version of the editor.sqs which can be used to execute code within buldozer. You can load and reload roads.shp while being in buldozer, additionaly it removes rain and sets the time to midday. This means, no more buldozer restarting for road adjustments and for the addicts no more rain and night. The key to execute the script is * on the NUMPAD, you can change the DIK in the script by editing the key variable. 1. Paste the code in your P:\scripts\editor.sqs 2. Make sure to set your path to your roads directory correctly 3. Make sure your road files are in the respective directory 4. Load up your buldozer and wait until you see your map 5. Press * [NUM], the reload should be quick but can get longer with extremely big and complex road networks P:\scripts\editor.sqs ; editor.sqs by Lappihuan and Sumrak ; due to sqs syntax the single line must be kept! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQS_syntax ; key to execute the script is * [NUM] ; roadpath: is the path to your roads directory in your project. ; dateArray: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDate ; key: https://resources.bisimulations.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes roadpath = "P:/mytag/mymap/data/roads/"; dateArray = [2001, 06, 22, 12, 0]; key = 55; _bulKeybinds = [] spawn {keyBind = (findDisplay -1) displayAddEventHandler['KeyDown','if(_this select 1 == key)then{result = buldozer_LoadNewRoads roadpath;setDate dateArray;0 setRain 0;0 setOvercast 0;}']}; You are free to use and edit this script how you like. If you have any bugs, suggestions or improvements please post them here. If you have or are about to make a tutorial, feel free to include the script in the source data. Thanks to Sumrak for pointing me out that display event handlers work in buldozer and providing a example code. I'm happy to see what you guys can come up with. Kind regards, Lappihuan
  25. http://imgur.com/EV1VXZa So I have recently installed arma 3 tools because I wanted to work on a map but I have followed videos to get it all to work but everytime I get this happen to me which just takes the piss. If anyone has any ideas pls help when you can. http://imgur.com/KaJ5gRn This is another error I get. Thank you Ill re upload the images to somewhere working once I can