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  1. -DL- Shane-uk

    adding objects from Malden addon

    thanks RoF that worked
  2. -DL- Shane-uk

    Terrain builder objects moving by themselves

    i got this sorted in the end i started terrain builder from its own shortcut as admin and it runs fine now rather than running it from arma tools
  3. hello all Just a quick one really how do i add objects from the Malden addon into terrain builder i only really want the big green domes and green bunkers everything else in in the normal arma files i have extracted the PBO and saved that to my P drive as it shows in the game files, i place the object yet when i open in Buldozer it cant find the textures for them, i have tried to add them in the a3 folder as Buldozer is trying to find them there and i have tried from the addons folder where i placed the extracted pbo any help would be great
  4. Hello All so i have started to play around with terrain builder working on a good size terrain but seem to have an issue when placing objects when in Buldozer i can select an object and move it then move to the next one only to see the object i have just place move by itself a few times i did wonder if it was a memory issue or CPU issue as its like its freezing or something but i have an i7 CPU and 32 GB of ram so the pc should be able to handle it This wouldnt be a problem if i was placing trees but is an issue when placing walls and buildings does anyone have any ideas that can help me ?
  5. -DL- Shane-uk

    Argo - Sobre as Armas:

    Marcelo_Bressani sorry mate but please can you post in english ....... but i think this is what you were asking:
  6. -DL- Shane-uk

    How to download/share editor missions?

    if you want to play a homemade mission with your friends you can host your own server from your pc and invite your friends to it if you want to share the mission so someone can edit it you can just send the mission file to them
  7. maybe he has the people he needs now ?
  8. @EricR maybe add him as a friend and invite him to our discord chat ..... for our little community design group
  9. the back packs are a waste of time as you cant carry extra ammo in them so theres no point to them at all
  10. -DL- Shane-uk

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    then in that case you will just have to do the same as everyone else and pay to reset your skill tree until you find a gun you like
  11. -DL- Shane-uk

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    for those who dont speak / read czech if you want to try out the weapons go to the armory and try on the shooting range .....
  12. -DL- Shane-uk

    Init: Spawn Troubleshooting on Editor Mode.

    make a MP missions folder .... thats all i did then added all my custom map .pbo files into it
  13. -DL- Shane-uk

    Getting kicked off from games

    maybe take a screenshot and post it here ?
  14. -DL- Shane-uk

    Missed the points on my account!

    love it :) hopefully we will see more accounts going the same way :)
  15. -DL- Shane-uk


    but also in editing this file it would then create a mismatch for anyone joining the server unless they had the same copy as the server .....