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  1. I'm Danish myself and would be able to help out. How many mods do you need installed? Is this just "server setup" or mission file setup too? You can add me on discord @ Mathias#0002
  2. @Tom_48_97 Thanks for your reply. Whenever i use the one in project drive management > Show debug this just comes up: Which i don't think is much of a help due to it closing instantly as i press any button on my keyboard. Thank you for letting us know there is a fix on the way. - Mathias
  3. Yes, its mounted. When i run diagnostics a lot of text comes up and suddently disappears into this:
  4. Hello, Ive got this problem where Buldozer just doesnt want to work. Whenever i press "Buldozer Configurator" it comes up with this error: Here is my P: Drive: So how do i fix this? Been going on for 2 days or so and im kinda tired of it. Been un-installing and installing it a couple of times to try and fix it with no result. Thank you for any suggestions that may pop up in the comments. - Mathias