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  1. D3F3CT3D

    2020 Config.cpp / [request]

    thanks for that it works, Do you know how to fix Black Ground Texture's I'm Getting these as I build.
  2. Getting back into terrain building and looking for a working config.cpp latest version for arma.
  3. How Do I take the coordinates from Open Topography into Terra Incognita to get the exact same Bounding Box to make a perfect replica selection.. Open topography comes with these coordinates after selection. for example I highlighted the coords in red which i think I can port into Terra Incognita. Terra Incognita : I dont know how to input these values to match open topography.
  4. fixed it by creating a new map frame a few times and changing the height map. So far this is occurring on windows 10 64 bit. I did a fresh install of everything for Arma 3 Tools and Verified Cache through Steam which Validated 3 Files, Also used futuraToP to extract the game Data to make buldozer work for the updated scripts/road tool. I set Terrain builder to compatibility mode for windows 7 as Administrator checked. (It was working fine on windows 7 before , since I upgraded to win.10 I ran into problems with terrain builder being slow and unresponsive while loading up maps and closing dialog boxes etc.) ... Using L3DT to export terrain as 2048x2048 Asc or Xyz Format ( I prefer ASC which works best usually.) In Buldozer view The terrain is flat. In Terrain Builder Window, it's Flat without Colored Height Lines/Contours you would normally see on a working import ( Red,Orange Etc.) > I Tested to see if a BMP Works normally, and surprisingly it does work like Asc should be doing Like this BMP Import. Here's a picture of what It looks like when i import the terrain as Asc/Xyz. No Contours or lines for Elevation like Above. + Terrain is Flat with blocky water textures interrupting the "Smooth" coastline. And this is The result in Buldozer. Computer Specs: CPU: i5-4690k 3.5 Ghz GPU: GTX 970 4GB Ram: 8 GB
  5. Downloaded a Map 40x40km from Terra Incognita.... My Question is How to import this .Map ( Saved As OziExplorer from Terra Incognita) into Qgis. Thank you. - I followed this tutorial > https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:satellite-texture-terra-incognita
  6. recently it started having these bugs / terrain glitches? config.cpp - https://pastebin.com/B5unxRcr project_packing - https://pastebin.com/taXeKPB5 binlog https://pastebin.com/dW09aznR
  7. I know nothing about coding , its a working bulletcam script But i would like it to have changes. Can somone edit this so it can do slow motion while the bullet is travelling..... and add infinite camera time as it seems to Exit Camera due to reasons when shooting Long distances. Maybe the bullet has a timer/expirey on its active state? , and also Have a Delay Period at the end to see the Target Shot that is Customizable to any number of Seconds. To Recap. the Changes. I want. Changes. - - - - player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; _cam = "camera" camCreate (position player); _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"]; waitUntil { if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true}; _cam camSetTarget _missile; _cam camSetRelPos [0,-3,0]; _cam camCommit 0; }; sleep 0.4; _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"]; camDestroy _cam; }; }]; Credits:
  8. D3F3CT3D

    Bludclot's Buldozer Cursors.

    how did you do this ? ? ~ Thanks! Open Object Builder click the Color Pallet button next to the folder icon under Texture after selecting cursor and pressing " e "
  9. I believe I forgot to Export Mask which has a check for rvmats. derp derp? I delete everyhting in layers. > generate layers , wait.... > Run bat for converting to .paa Run buldozer > This Layers folder Does not Contain Any .rvmat File at all.?? 3,698 files including .paa and .png from generation. EACH .RVMAT Is directed Properly example :" texture = "arcticisland\data\beach_nopx.paa"; " Layers.cfg class Layers { class sumpf { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\concrete.rvmat"; }; class grass_green { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\grass_green.rvmat"; }; class concrete { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\concrete.rvmat"; }; class forest { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\forest.rvmat"; }; class beach { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\forest.rvmat"; }; class strdirt { texture = ""; material="arcticisland\data\strdirt.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="arcticisland\source\maplegend.png"; class Colors { /// color names should correspond to surface layer names sumpf[]={{255,255,0}}; strdirt[]={{0,0,255}}; grass_green[]={{0,64,0}}; concrete[]={{96,96,64}}; forest[]={{0,96,0}}; beach[]={{96,64,0}}; }; };
  10. D3F3CT3D

    Need Guidance

    This : http://terrain.party/ for heightmaps. Not sure how well it works for north america terrain. This for satellite texture downloads. https://greatmaps.codeplex.com/ Have you watched CaptCAPS youtube series? Thats where I started.
  11. Going off this Youbtube video here: Seems easy enough to create some detailed terrain with some work. Never used mudbox before , And the extracting displacement maps are turning into Squares. If anyone has some knowledge for this would appreciate it .
  12. Thanks for that, Changed it to here : D:\Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive] , and whats the reasoning behind this?
  13. I forgot to do this simple thing , Uncheck " Use Default " under Settings.
  14. Im not sure why its using my c:/ drive which is a size minimal ssd and will probably not be good for big projects. This is where its installed to on my games D: drive , I setup a blank folder " Arma 3 Tools [P] " where I want it instead.. Do i uninstall and reinstall somehow ?