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Found 26 results

  1. Is it possible to merge two layers in TB? I've got about 4 different layers for my forests and shrubs 😄
  2. I've been teaching myself terrain building these past few days. So far I've only been using L3DT's generated terrain, but I want to create a map using a small island off the coast of Scotland. I was just wondering what software I need to use to do this - I tried a bit of googling but couldn't find much. If you have any good tutorial or know how to do it then please let me know! (also sorry if this is a stupid question i'm still new to all this).
  3. Base Builder for ARMA III, ver. 0001 (2019) This MODULE is compatible with BASE GAME (current version) Base Builder under construction... Download: you_fnc_camp readMe: Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND) Have fun!
  4. So, im trying to do my thing making a map and everything, then when i go to generate layers it throws me up this error https://gyazo.com/7e6be1efbd9454e8d22ff9f7c2f1f97f It used to say about not finding "P:/" at all but now it changed to the one mentioned up above. Yet when i load the layers.cfg file in it shows me a green check mark but then throws an error up. Shown in video here https://gyazo.com/aa0ad9a10ef6e64d4ed48da6fb5c8001 I will provide the script from the layers.cfg file below class Layers { class gdt_rock { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_rock_co.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_rock.rvmat"; }; class gdt_gras { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_gras.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_gras.rvmat"; }; class gdt_strbeach { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\strbeach_co.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\strbeach_co.rvmat"; }; class Legend { picture = "Dave_First_Island\source\mapLegend.png"; ); ); class Colors { gdt_rock[] = {{255, 0, 0}}; gdt_gras[] = {{0, 0, 255}}; gdt_strbeach[] = {{0, 255, 0}}; }; }; Forgive me if there are any mistakes its just im not the best with this type of language in specific. But any questions or help would be sincerely appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Hello !! First of all i read this topic: And i creat this topic in a french forum but nobody can help me after 3 days: https://altisdev.com/topic/13345/terrain-builder-s_000_000_lco-paa I write now in this forum because i think, you are more qualified :P So i have the same probleme and i can't solved :( I have some screen like: https://www.casimages.com/i/181021073223407977.png.html and https://www.casimages.com/i/181021073225241112.png.html Thank's for reading me :) I have a little gift for my hero ! Have Fun !!
  6. Is it possible to get anywhere real world height map with seaground height map in one piece ?
  7. I'm making a plane and trying to mimic the sample model plane as much as possible. It has proxies for bombs on the pylons so I'm currently trying to do proxies for my plane and struggling due to almost zero documentation online for how to actually create a proxy in Object Builder. -In Blender, in the resolution LOD, I built a triangle on each pylon marking the location and made them a vertex group named "ProxyPylon1", "ProxyPylon2", etc. and export with the Arma Toolbox for Blender -In Oxygen, I right-click that selection and click "Move Selection to Proxy (All LODS)". -Then I direct it to "P:\a3\weapons_f\dynamicloadout\pylonmissile_1x_bomb_02_f.p3d" and click OK. -It pops up a window that says "Proxy object P:/[etc.] already exists, overwrite?" -I click "Yes" and it does two things: 1) renames my selection to "proxy:...\pylonmissile_1x_b..." (much is truncated by the window) and 2) moves the triangle to 0,0,0, i.e. not on the pylon. -If I now start Bulldozer, there is no apparent change and no bomb shows on the pylon or anywhere I can see. I can't find anything online actually describing how to set up a proxy. I'm betting what I'm doing above is wrong, somehow. I've tried a few variations on the above with no success. So, how do you actually do it?
  8. Downloaded a Map 40x40km from Terra Incognita.... My Question is How to import this .Map ( Saved As OziExplorer from Terra Incognita) into Qgis. Thank you. - I followed this tutorial > https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:satellite-texture-terra-incognita
  9. Whenever I try to generate layers in terrain builder, I get this error: 23:57:44: Can't load image from file 'P:\': file does not exist. 23:57:44: Layers generation - PNGOVerlapV3Style.cpp bool V3PictureDataMod::LoadFromFile( const char* filename = "P:\" ) Unable to open the image file. 23:57:44: Layers generation - Unable to load the file "P:\". Here is my layers.cfg: class Layers { class swp_samavia_sand { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_sand.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass1 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass1.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass2 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass2.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass3 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass3.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass4 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass4.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass5 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass5.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass6 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass6.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass7 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass7.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass8 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass8.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass9 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass9.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass10 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass10.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass11 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass11.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass12 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass12.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass13 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass13.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass14 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass14.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass15 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass15.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_grass16 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_grass16.rvmat"; class swp_samavia_gravel1 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_gravel1.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_gravel2 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_gravel2.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_gravel3 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_gravel3.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_mud { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_mud.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_stone1 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_stone1.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_stone2 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_stone2.rvmat"; }; class swp_samavia_stone3 { texture = ""; material = "swp\swp_samavia_terrain\data\swp_samavia_stone3.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture = "maplegend.png"; class Colors { swp_samavia_sand[] = {{ 230, 230, 120 }}; swp_samavia_gravel1[] = {{ 175, 160, 130 }}; swp_samavia_gravel2[] = {{ 175, 160, 131 }}; swp_samavia_gravel3[] = {{ 175, 161, 131 }}; swp_samavia_grass1[] = {{ 156, 194, 75 }}; swp_samavia_grass2[] = {{ 158, 198, 90 }}; swp_samavia_grass3[] = {{ 155, 195, 90 }}; swp_samavia_grass4[] = {{ 160, 200, 90 }}; swp_samavia_grass5[] = {{ 140, 185, 70 }}; swp_samavia_grass6[] = {{ 140, 185, 72 }}; swp_samavia_grass7[] = {{ 110, 190, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass8[] = {{ 140, 195, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass9[] = {{ 150, 180, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass10[] = {{ 150, 195, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass11[] = {{ 160, 195, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass12[] = {{ 170, 180, 70 }}; swp_samavia_grass13[] = {{ 170, 190, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass14[] = {{ 130, 192, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass15[] = {{ 120, 190, 80 }}; swp_samavia_grass16[] = {{ 110, 180, 80 }}; swp_samavia_mud[] = {{ 200, 170, 100 }}; swp_samavia_stone1[] = {{ 120, 121, 120 }}; swp_samavia_stone2[] = {{ 120, 120, 120 }}; swp_samavia_stone3[] = {{ 80, 80, 80 }}; }; };
  10. Hi, how can I make a selection like in this picture? http://imgur.com/YpDvXg4 Thanks Regards CSSx3
  11. Hi everyone. I´m working on a terrain, I've paked it and uploaded to steam. It´s working fine... but, with no objects in map, only roads. Why? I've edited the objects map in Eden Editor, but, when I import the objets to terrain builder, only a few of them appears on the map. When I created the templates library, I "Automatically renamed" the duplicated templates, could that change of names affect the objects importing?
  12. I'm experiencing a problem with my Object Builder viewport. The mouse constantly flickers while trying to move the camera around, and the sensitivity of the mouse is painfully slow, likely because of this flickering. Even with Direct3D enabled this issue is apparent. My mousepad is 8 inches wide and utilizing all of that space with the mouse doesn't even move the orbit of the camera 90 degrees. This has occurred for months now and I'm dreading the mere thought of opening this program because how strenuous it is. Please, does anyone have a fix, or any idea on where to start to fix this? I've tried reinstalling Tools. I've tried countless combinations of settings in the compatibility mode for the program, yet nothing has worked. I'm running windows 10, and I've heard that the fall update may have caused similar issues. Has this bug really gone months without resolution?
  13. Hello! The problem is that I registered in the Layers.cfg texture, but they are not displayed. And not one. There is only one texture throughout the map. I ask for help from the knowledgeable. And I'm sorry for making mistakes. Layers.cfg class Layers { class coastal_rock { texture = "TestMap\data\gdt_soil_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\gdt_concrete.rvmat"; }; class Underwater rock { texture = "TestMap\data\os_valouny_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_valouny.rvmat"; }; class sand { texture = "TestMap\data\beach_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\beach.rvmat"; }; class hlina2 { texture = "TestMap\data\os_hlina2.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_hlina2.rvmat"; }; class os_trava2 { texture = "TestMap\data\os_trava2_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_trava2.rvmat"; }; class dry_grass { texture = "TestMap\data\grass_green_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\grass_green.rvmat"; }; class gruntglina { texture = "TestMap\data\os_hlina2_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_hlina2.rvmat"; }; class gruntpustyna { texture = "TestMap\data\os_valouny_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_valouny.rvmat"; }; class steep_dry_grass { texture = "TestMap\data\os_skala_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_skala.rvmat"; }; class steep_cliffs { texture = "TestMap\data\os_forest_co.paa"; material = "TestMap\data\os_forest.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture = "TestMap\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { // color names should correspond to surface layer names sand[]={{230, 230, 120}}; os_hlina2[]={{175, 161, 131}}; underwater_rock[]={{120, 121, 120}}; Coastal rock[]={{120, 122, 122}}; os_trava2[]={{140, 195, 80}}; steep_dry_grass[]={{170, 180, 70}}; steep_cliffs[]={{80, 80, 80}}; }; };
  14. Hello my boys, im searching some recent tutorial of how to create easily an arma 3 map from nothing. Sorry for my bad english (lol) and greetings to pole message.
  15. Hello all i have been following a tutorial on getting started with terrain builder, however i have got to the point where you load buldozer and i get this error. my layers cfg is this. My MapFrame settings are these. however the files its looking for do exist any help would be apreciated.
  16. Swedish Pyromaniac

    Terrain won't show up in Arma

    I am following a tutorial to help me with my first terrain. Tutorial: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial I wanted to test the terrain in the Eden editor, but my terrain did not show up on the list. I used pboProject to binarize it, then I mounted the pbo to Arma. This is my config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class swp_Ukanta_terrain { units[] = { "swp_Ukanta_terrain" }; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Map_Stratis" }; }; }; class CfgWorldList { class swp_Ukanta_terrain{}; }; class CfgWorlds { class Stratis; class swp_Ukanta_terrain: Stratis { cutscenes[] = {}; description = "My First Terrain"; worldName = "\swp\swp_Ukanta_terrain\swp_Ukanta_terrain.wrp"; author = "Swedish Pyromaniac"; icon = ""; previewVideo = ""; pictureMap = ""; pictureShot = ""; newRoadsShape = ""; centerPosition[] = { 2560, 2560 }; ilsDirection[] = { 0, 0.08, 1 }; ilsPosition[] = { 0, 0 }; ilsTaxiIn[] = {}; ilsTaxiOff[] = {}; drawTaxiway = false; class SecondaryAirports{}; class ReplaceObjects{}; class Sounds { sounds[] = {}; }; class Animation { vehicles[] = {}; }; class Subdivision{}; class Names{}; }; }; If you need me to show any other files from this map, please ask.
  17. Every time I try to load my map into buldozer, it loads until it gets to "Extruding hills and valleys". When it gets here, it stops loading and if i try to do anything it says that buldozer has stopped responding.
  18. So my issue is quite simple can someone help me with my vest clipping my character. I've copied the sample vests selection groups as close as possible example would be "Spine1","Spine2","LeftArm","LeftArmRoll","LeftShoulder" etc.. But i still get major clipping when the weapon is raised. Any help or input is appreciated and if you need any more info to help me just ask. Images Many Thanks -Irish
  19. Hello, I've recently started to try and learn how to create my own things for Arma (so it could be something realliy stupid :P), but I'm now running into a problem where it gives an error saying "Cannot Open Object" followed by the path to the .p3d file In the config.cpp when I try to spawn it in in the editor in arma 3. I'll try to give as much info as I can. When trying to find out what's causing this I've eventually tried just getting a box in game and it still gives the same error. In my rpt it also says: 13:51:57 Warning Message: Cannot open object jsd_test\jsd_test_box.p3d 13:51:57 jsd_test\jsd_test_box.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 13:51:57 jsd_test\jsd_test_box.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape Which I don't understand as the box does have a visual LOD and a geometry LOD, and the object does show properly in object builder and bulldozer. my config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class JSD_Test_Box { units[] = { "JSD_Test_Box" }; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Static; class JSD_Test_Box : Static { scope = 2; model = "\JSD_Test\JSD_Test_Box.p3d"; displayName = "JSD Box"; editorCategory = "EdCat_Things"; editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Default"; }; }; I've uploaded the .p3d as well: https://mega.nz/#!q9hzXJoA the .pbo: https://mega.nz/#!GgJh2Qzb My addon builder settings, unsure if it'd help: http://imgur.com/IDN5e7v The way I've created the box is in blender (with that blender toolbox thing), set it to the custom LOD and export as a .p3d. Then open it in object builder, copy the box into a geometry LOD, use Structure > Topology > Find Components. I hope I've given enough information to be able to work this out, as said earlier I am very new to this so it might be an extremely stupid thing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. Hello community! I need some help. I have been trying to get an arma 3 model into the object builder to be exact if it matters it's the ia_soldier_01.p3d file. As soon as I press open in the object builder and select the file it crashes! No message nothing! It just crashes! Any help is appreciated!
  21. SOLVED: I didn't think to load the template libraries from the old project before attempting to import the objects via exported .txt file. I got sloppy and disorganized across a bunch of folders and decided to start a fresh, consolidated project in terrain builder for my island and I successfully imported the old terrain, satmap, mask and all that. Everything is there, including the roads. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to export and import all the objects. I've tried exporting them but they just go into a "file" file and do not show up as a choice when I go to import them. Anyone know the trick for this one? The terrain is identical, I just need the objects copied over in their correct locations. Thanks for any help on this one!
  22. Addonbuilder keeps deleting my vehicle's config files during the PBO process. It still adds the model and textures however, with the exception of the .RVMATs.
  23. colddna

    Clutter Issue

    7:27:20 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/kapolei/Clutter/DefaultClutter.model'. 7:27:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 7:27:20 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/kapolei/Clutter/DefaultClutter.swLighting'. 7:27:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 7:27:20 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/kapolei/Clutter/DefaultClutter.scaleMin'. 7:27:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 7:27:20 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/kapolei/Clutter/DefaultClutter.scaleMax'. 7:27:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 7:27:20 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/kapolei/Clutter/DefaultClutter.affectedByWind'. 7:27:20 Warning Message: '/' is not a value class DefaultClutter; class Grass_Green1: DefaultClutter { model = "arma3map\kapolei\clutter\c_StrGrassGreen_group.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.6; swLighting = 1; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1.0; }; i dont have any errors in pboproject but once i load my map into editor i get the message above
  24. This script allows you to build pretty much whatever you want using a dialog. You can maneuver the object using various different buttons on the keyboard. Not all types of objects are included as some don't work well with being referenced after they are placed, and some don't have a display name so they are omitted. This script mainly contains things like walls and some military towers and buildings (also includes some smaller objects that can be used to decorate). Once an object is placed it can be moved again as long as it was you that placed it. You can also delete any objects that are relatively close to you (and are owned by you). The rar file contains both the source mission file and the mission pbo. Implementation is simple, merge the description.ext and the init.sqf and drag over the .hpp files. Controls: T - Open Menu H - Place Object C - Lower Object B - Raise Object SHIFT + C - Rotate Object (left) SHIFT + B - Rotate Object (right) Mirrors: Dropbox Armaholic
  25. Hello everyone! Together with the announcement of the October plans for Take On Mars, today we released a major update. Landing a complete integration of Steam Workshop, several new side-missions, the Workbench suite for mod-makers, alongside various other improvements and fixes, the 'Mars Builder' update expands the game’s universe and adds new dimensions for players to explore. The addition of Steam Workshop to Take On Mars enables players to upload, play and share a wide range of player-created content – including new terrains, models, and scenarios created with the in-game 3D editor. To kick things off, our team created and shared an example mod pack, which includes a new crater location, a 4WD Buggy vehicle, plus a few options for customizing the Buggy with alternative sounds, configurations, equipment (turrets), and textures. The Take On Mars team is also proud to announce the upcoming Deimos update. Available on October 3rd, this free update includes two brand new locations for you to explore, and a vehicle designed for zero gravity environments, the Zero-G Probe. Furthermore, the update brings along several new features, such as ‘Dynamic Mission Generation’, which dynamically creates photo, exploration and analysis tasks around the player’s location. Another feature is the overhauled ‘Part Failure System’, which makes part failures much more reactive to the weather conditions and player’s actions. Related to weather conditions, sandstorms, strong winds, and dust devils will also be making their debut in Take On Mars with the planned October update. The free Deimos update will be made available through an automatic Steam update on October 3, 2013. After this date, the price of Take On Mars will be also increased to 13.99 EUR/ 17.99 USD/ 11.99 GBP. The game is currently available on Steam (Early Access) and Store.bistudio.com for 9.99 EUR/ 12.99 USD/ 8.99 GBP. Change Log: [color=#000000][font=Arial] 9th September 2013: [/font][/color]- Fixed globe zoom issue in the main menu - Fixed shadow issue of Crater models on Deimos - Improved shadowing by sun on Deimos 6th September 2013: - Added the external Workbench editing suite - Added instrument info (power generation, range, etc) - Updated instrument descriptions in the Rover Lab 4th September 2013: - Added instrument descriptions to the Rover Lab (no longer WIP) - Increased resolution scale of Terrain Imager cameras 3rd September 2013: - Added support for custom content via addons, including locations, vehicles and so on - Added night time lighting to the Mars Yard - Removed several obsolete files 2nd September 2013: - Added WIP Deimos location - Added WIP Zero-G Probe 30th August 2013: - Fixed science target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5540 0000300 - Fixed APXS bounding box in mission Ancient River Bed 0000288 - Adjusted the science target priorities and task order in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 6983 29th August 2013: - Fixed gripping to floor while trying to thrust in Lander - Fixed EAS flashing READY while in use 28th August 2013: - Added Flight Mode activation for Landers, enabling the player to move a landed Lander - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 1967 0000270 26th August 2013: - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 23th August 2013: - Fixed analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5871 0000286 - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 6275 0000285 - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 22th August 2013: - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 2824 0000281 - Victoria Crater campaign adjusted - New mission added to Victoria Crater campaign - Added more stones on Victoria Crater map 21th August 2013: - Fixed noticeable texture repeating on Kaiser Crater dark dune, adjusted corresponding mission 0000069 20th August 2013: - Added 4 large Tech 9+ side mission to Kaiser Crater campaign 19th August 2013: - Added Picture-In-Picture update rate setting to options menu - Increased max vehicles per location from 32 to 64 - Increased max locations from 128 to 256 - Removed old part failure system - Fixed snap-to-place free-fly cam issue when leaving a vehicle - Fixed Picture-In-Picture camera 1 not disabling when broken - Fixed Picture-In-Picture resolutions not being scaled by camera type - Fixed noise-grain effect related out-of-memory freeze on very low-end systems 19th August 2013: - Increased thruster strength for small lander - Fixed APXS science target in Kaiser Crater side mission 6983 0000225 - Fixed analyze targets in Vicotria Crater mission ref. 7123 0000221 - Fixed floating stones in Victoria Crater - Added more stones to Victoria Crater 17th August 2013: - Fixed E3 Gale Crater scenario problem where the Sky Crane had no fuel 16th August 2013: - Added limited fuel to landing systems (Lander thrusters, Retro Stage thrusters, Sky Crane thrusters) 0000046 - Added fuel tank level indicators to the landing HUD - Added indication of emergency landing mode to landing HUD - Added hint to Gravon overlay for its menu (P) - Fixed Invert Vertical Axis toggle in options menu 0000172 - Fixed issue where HUD grid showed up in 3rd person view during landing - Fixed APXS and Drill targets in Large rover mission on Victoria Crater 0000227 - Fixed APXS target in mission Group of impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000253 - Fixed APXS target in mission Two impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000018 - Fixed Drill target in mission Three depressions on Gale Crater 0000244 - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission 3, Dark Dunes 06 0000266 - Changed default thrust button to left shift 15th August 2013: - Added uploading of photos to Steam via the vehicle's photo viewer on the map - Reduced opacity of landing HUD grid - Removed HUD modes from the Radial Menu (to be used for dynamic actions) 14th August 2013: - Added manual landing of vehicles (Landers and Rovers) 0000070 - Added T5 Small rover - Adjusted descent cam rotation by 90 degrees - Adjusted landers thrusters to keep straight while thrusting - Adjusted priorities etc in several Kaiser Crater missions 13th August 2013: - Fixed DAN science target in mission 4681 0000248 - Fixed Floating rocks near Kaiser Crater 0000250 - Fixed floating/clipped rock near ancient river in Kaiser Crater 0000243 - Fixed floating rock in Kaiser Crater map 0000140 12th August 2013: - Added map zoom to cursor instead of center 0000050 - Fixed non-scanable rocks in Kaiser Crater misson 5044 0000213 - Fixed photograph rock bug in Kraiser Crater plateu 0000214 - Fixed photo targets in 2nd mission on Kaiser Crater - Adjusted cameras on T5 Large lander (NAV cam replaced by TELE) - Optimized calling of sky preset change 9th August 2013: - Added WIP landing HUD to Landers, currently not fully functional - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Removed noise in 3rd person cam, even if no cams are present - Fixed Gale Crater Impact Crater mission photo targets 0000198 - Fixed issue where turning off GUI elements did not work for landing HUD - Fixed Landers not switching between landing and ground HUD 8th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of objects such as static objects to allow addition of more objects to locations - Added clearing of duplicate ID objects, such as rocks and static objects - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Increased range for APXS slightly, making it easier to reach targets - Reduced random part failure to make landings less error-prone - Fixed an analyze target in Kaiser Crater not being completable - Fixed duplicate IDs on 2 science targets in Kaiser, causing hell - Fixed several side missions where the material was set to STONE, not ATMOSPHERE - Fixed problem with Gravon not being unpacked on the Steam build, causing a crash 0000143 7th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of Space Program Science Targets to allow addition of more missions to locations - Added more small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the further issues with Gravon - Fixed the issues with the photo targets in Kaiser Crater 0000087 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Victoria Crater - Changed one of the scientists in the lab to be kneeling 6th August 2013: - Added TextListboxWidget functionality to script to edit contents of each column using SetItem() - Added Feedback Tracker ID to issues in the Change Log - Added more people to the Mission Control room - Added scientists in white overalls to the Rover Lab - Added several small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the issue where the variable Hotspot_CurHi could go below 0, causing a crash - Fixed the issue where airbags deflated while still bouncing, damaging the rover 0000138 - Fixed the physics detail issue where small or medium rovers would not land 0000035 - Fixed the issue where switching from Space Program to Editor left you with a static camera 0000009 - Fixed a crash in the CTR tab when pressing SELECT and no items were present 0000016 - Fixed the terrain not meeting up with the rock walls in Gale Crater 0000023 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Gale Crater - Optimized several shaders 5th August 2013: - Added the Change Log viewer to the main menu - Added 'Never freeze on alt+tab' launch parameter to Steam - Fixed an issue with the Night Owl achievement, where an Editor-spawned vehicle could not complete it - Fixed several issues with the Gravon arcade console - Fixed the issue where the low resolution camera effect was carried over to the main menu 0000019 - Fixed an issue with the main and menu renders not filtering on resolution scales of greater than 1x - Fixed levitating rocks in Kaiser Crater 2nd August 2013: - Enabled the Gravon game console in the Mission Control room - Fixed a crash with Index out of range (-4 >= 256) in scripts/Entities/VehicleWidgetHandler.h:108 0000029 - Hid 3 achievements by default 1st August 2013: - EARLY ACCESS RELEASED