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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a script for crafting guns and vehicles? Like a player would need to gather materials to create steel from Iron and Coal. 15 steel to create a MXM and other materials to create attachments. Vehicles the same way. If you know how to and could help me i would appreciate it. If need payment we can talk about it.
  2. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Arma 3 Tools Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if an update is very broken or very epic. Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  3. Hey, I'm the owner of a small malden life community and was wondering if an experienced/reputable dev would be willing to do some work on the mission file. Here is what needs doing: - Green zone weapons drop automatically when shot, needs to be not dropped when shot as it is used for duping - View distance only 800m even when settings are increased - make cops spawn with rtu uniform - cops on revive loose their uniform texture, needs fixing so they dont - after players died, they respawn with same ammo, needs fixing so all ammo is lost - lsd and uranium cant gather even with perk and needs fixing. Only 2 runs which require perk - add AMS and ARCO to rebel shop and donator shop - Make insurance on all vehicles free - make vehicles non-exploding - tempest device not auto-gathering, needs to be fixed - Decrease number of cops needed to rob gas station to 3 - Fix the auto restart maverick script to work - Remove speed cameras maverick script - make car tuning maverick script not avalable for cops to use - In-game market menu is not working in phone as civ: https://gyazo.com/360afb9e403b8c01f137459114d3ecdd - Cars spawn with a toolkit inside - add nightvision to rebel and donator shop - car menu dispaying fuel and speed broken: https://gyazo.com/a64526d8fef703b24e0be6eeeadbb328 - Unflip timer of a couple seconds rather than instant - make cso and pcso only access rangemaster belt as vests. - PC has access to all below + tactical vest - Chief Detective has access to all below + carrier lite - Superintendent has access to all below + V_PlateCarrierSpec_rgr (special carrier rig) - COM has access to H_PilotHelmetFighter_B (helmet) - Add compass to cop shop - need names of the .png/jpg used for medic hummingbird and orca Some things are easy and will take no time, some are difficult If you could, please post how much you could do the work for, what you can do (if you cant do all of it) and any reputation/experience you have Thanks
  4. Hello all i have been following a tutorial on getting started with terrain builder, however i have got to the point where you load buldozer and i get this error. my layers cfg is this. My MapFrame settings are these. however the files its looking for do exist any help would be apreciated.
  5. I've very nice news about headless client (HC) which is variant of dedicated client for server use we will be rolling out soon (days) new test version for both linux and windows - no more steamclient nor steam account with game ownership needed for HC - HC needs only steam dedicated server binary and set of commandline params - auto-connection recognize & detection of HC by server (server needs some config to allow that) - multiple HC per server are supported - HC can be primary used to offload AI work and secondary for some script jobs - logic for mission & scripting operations with HC introduced - HC are autoassigned to slots - HC are not visible to players - HC are visible to admins - HC isn't counted against playercount in server list - BattlEye supported (1.36 RC2 released 28.11.2014 18:00 CET) today's DEV: •Added: Enable new headless client implementation - see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Headless_Client for more details note: known limitation, none (except some AI bugs, need repro/confirm) note: what needs to be somewhat tested/determined/improved/changed is disconnect & reconnect of HC and all related to that post bugs, feedback and ideas below
  6. Hello Arma community i am here today on behalf of ExileGamingRP i am looking for the help of the community. I am looking to employ developers for our new RP server. We are looking for people that can moddel, script and or help the development of our mod. Please comment below if you are interested or send me a pm. Thanks.
  7. I found that problem for a while on stable and dev branches. More than half a year, probably. Some particles disappear in seconds after been spawned. That is a huge problem for modding and visual appearence. But today I found that diagnostic exe on DEV branch is free from that problem! I just want to ask game developers to fix that problem in standart exe files on DEV and STABLE branches. Thank you. Check it out, look at dirt tentacles on arma3_x64.exe: and arma 3diag_x64.exe
  8. I'm after a modder that can make a standalone door object that I can place at the entrances of buildings that don't have doors. I'm currently working on a mission and a lot of the buildings in the map don't have doors, so I'd like just a door object that opens and closes like normal and possibly lockable? Should be a relatively easy mod, but I've got no idea when it comes to object addons and stuff like that. I only script. Cheers
  9. Official Arma 3 Launcher feedback thread for Dev-Branch version.
  10. Maybe I found a good way to reproduce the Arma3 3FPS bug. Set resolution down to 1080p (in my case i usually use 1440p)Set all Settings to low. then set everything up too ultra(except textures let them be low) arma will start to go from 900mb vram(low settings) up to 1.1gbvram(ultra ones), now set the resolution up to 1440p(1920x1200) arma uses 1,2gb vram. set supersampling to 200% arma now takes huge 2.2gb vram. finally set textures to ultra. arma now gets blackscreen ( i alwas get this one after 3 fps bug) check out logfile now: DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY, like everytime i crash after 3fps bug. additonal strange stuff in log: 16:46:04 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B) 16:46:04 Virtual memory free 106 MiB (111935488 B) 16:46:04 Physical memory free 7690 MiB (8064290816 B) 16:46:04 Page file free 8919 MiB (9352835072 B) 16:46:04 Process working set 2993 MiB (3138584576 B) 16:46:04 Process page file used 3416 MiB (3582570496 B) so why it is strange? cuz i'm using a gtx 1070 with 8gb vram, and even windows added another 8gb optional dedicated ram of my 16gb ram to it so it can use up to 16gb of vram, arma it self uses its max of 3gb ram if in need + pagefile. so it seems the bug is caused by an dx 11 driver level issues if i'm right? tested this procedure on a modded mp server to reach the stress level of the game easier, but the behavour should be same like without mods because of the vram issues of 4gb max. btw added you, so we maybe find an easy way to share the .rpt files that may help you to investigate the issue. // issue is same with and without profiling.exe Additional info about my complete sys: win 10 x64 i7 6700 gtx1070 @ 8gb gddr5 (samsung vram) 16gb ddr4 @2166 265gb ssd (pagefile used by os) 1tb hdd /pagefile used by os) rpt log when crash is starting: then some time everything was fine again(report of bug and bug ended 15:57:28, but then blackscreen(16:15:50) while .rpt was saying: hope this can somehow be fixed soon, because i think this still can happen in 64bit version that is developed. if devs need full report logs or other details, just give me feedback and i will do my best to help.
  11. Arma 3 Publisher Thread for your feature requests, discussion, update announcements, etc. To report bugs please use our feedback tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/ - project Arma 3 - category Tools
  12. This is the place to find latest info about suppression mechanic in Arma 3 and also the place to post feedback about it (mainly about features already implemented in the game). Suppression mechanics in the game Mechanics, rules and outcomes implemented in Arma 3 up to date AI looses good aim when under fire Basic info: AI gets suppressed by bullets flying by, nearby bullet impacts, explosions and by direct hits. Every single such "event" increases the AI suppression by small increments from 0.0 to 1.0. (it is possible to fully suppress the AI with about 5-10 bullets) The suppression continuously decreases in time. AI with higher skill recovers faster (at avg. skill it takes several seconds while @ skill 1.0 the recovery from suppression 1.0 is almost instant) The more powerful ammunition the bigger the beaten zone. (the more powerful ammo the slower the suppressive effect decreases with distance from the target when compared to a weaker ammo) The suppression doesn't have any immediate effect on units in vehicle turrets (incl. static weapons). But it still has an effect on units that are firing from the vehicle with personal weapons or units that have disembarked the vehicle. Configuration and script commands - AI prioritizes cover that is not suppressed Basic info: When selecting a new cover position the AI prefers a position that is "under control" of its own side It hasn't been under enemy fire recently It is not in the fire sector of a superior enemy force Feedback tracker: AI Suppression Player Suppression Known issues: Suppressive fire command doesn't work
  13. Hello all Small and short bugreport; In dev build no. 1.59.135857 some of the single player campaign are missing. there isn't anymore the list/sections with "Survive", "Adapt" and "Win". its finished somewhere in the middle of the 2nd episode. pls fix it, i would like to continue the campaign ;-)
  14. Myself and a friend are currently looking for an experienced developer to aid in the development of an Altis Life server and in the future perhaps a Life Mod What will be required 1) Implement New Scripts (New shops, edit shops) 2) Familiar with editing servers using Remote Connect on a Virtual Dedicated Server (Setting up the SQL database as well as experience editing within an FTP) 2) Add Custom Skins for Players and Vehicles 3) Modify the Altis Map to resemble the United Kingdom (Speed markers, Road markers, etc) 4) It would also be great if you can make custom scripts to be implemented into the Mission File 5) Modify the map to add : Training grounds for Police, Custom Areas for Rebels 6) Implement an military option for civilians to join, for example cutting off a part of the map to be controlled by an anti-police military. Our idea for the server Our basic idea for the Altis Life server is a UK themed, Strict Roleplay. For example Police will only carry lethal weapons if they have the correct training etc. For the time being we believe it is best to have no Mods to hoepfully create a playerbase so that in the future we can start using Mods to make the Server more unique. Payment Unfortunately we can not offer any real world payment in exchange for your servicesExtra Information Currently we do not have a Teamspeak server, however in the very near future we will have one, as well as a website A list of features that we want added to the server is now currently being made and will be given to the developer when complete The Virtual Dedicated Server will be hopefully purchased within the next few weeks If you believe that you are able to help us out feel free to add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/theom9/and we can discuss there. Thanks in advance, Theo
  15. Has anyone noticed mods gone missing between branch switches? It seems some mods get deleted and then have to be redownloaded during these changes (happens automatically). I haven't pinned down exactly how or why, but i've noticed mod folders completely disappear from the ARMA root folder (not just in the launcher...) If anyone has any insight, i'd appreciate it and maybe a way to stop this from happening... Thanks all.
  16. The VhC is the new system responsible for the customization of vehicles, either, defined or randomized. It consists of a set of config properties and classes and a set of functions. It has been introduced in order to replace the old system which consisted in a set of scripts. [vehicle player, ["blu",1], ["AddBenches", 0, "AddTread", 0, "AddHoldingFrame", 1, "AddTread_Short", 1]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; More information available here: http://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-vehicle-customization Usage for designers Mission designers will find what they need with the following examples, which cover most of the cases of use of the system. In addition, an example mission has been published in dev branch of Arma 3 Tools. Parameters: 0: vehicle to customize 1: Variant (textures) BOOL - true to restore default texture source ; false to skip texture source change VOID - Nil to skip the texture source change ARRAY - Array of texture sources with their given probability: ["textureSource1", 0.5, "textureSource2", 0.5] STRING - Variant class name(from the configFile >> cfgVehicles or from the missionConfigfile >> cfgVehicleTemplate) SCALAR - index of the texture source (same as the old system) 2: Animations BOOL - true to restore init phase of every animation sources VOID - Nil to skip change of the animation sources ARRAY - Array of animation sources and probability: ["AnimationSource1", 0.5, "animationSource2", 0.5] STRING - Variant class name(from the configFile >> cfgVehicles or from the missionConfigfile >> cfgVehicleTemplate) Examples: Do nothing because default VAR texture and VAR animation are "false" result = [this] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Restore default texture and animation sources (reset) result = [this, true, true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Randomize everything according to the config file result = [this, "", []] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; //<-- Prefered result = [this, "", ""] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Skip everything result = [this, nil, nil] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; //<-- Prefered result = [this, false, false] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Apply the given texture and ignore the animations Priority is given to [missionConfigFile, "CfgVehicleTemplates"] result = [this, "TemplateName", nil] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; random weighted on the given texture sources and their probability, then randomize the animation sources according to the config file result = [this, ["MyTextureSource1", 0.5, "MyTextureSource2", 0.6], []] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; MyAnimationSource1 phase has a 50% chance to be set to 1 and MyAnimationSource2 has a 70% chance to be set to 1 result = [this, nil, ["MyAnimationSource1", 0.5, "MyAnimationSource2", 0.7]] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; MyAnimationSource1 phase will be 1 whereas MyAnimationSource2 will be set to 0 result = [this, nil, ["MyAnimationSource1", 1, "MyAnimationSource2", 0]] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Change animation sources with a given template result = [this, nil, "MyTemplate"] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; Usage for Modders On the other hand, in addition to the documentation (still wip), modders will find examples of implementation in the samples (car and boat) of Arma 3 Tools (dev branch only for now) As per usual, issues, feedback and suggestions are very much welcome :cool: This feature is still actively developed, meaning it will be adjusted and extended during the upcoming weeks. To be 'extended'...
  17. Hi all - just a quick question, I'm not sure if it's feasible - but... I was wondering if one can force a vehicle to move along the road despite a unit being on it. Essentially, I want to disable whatever it is that forces the object to stop, because it detects it will collide with another object. Ordinarily, I'd just use the unitCapture function, but as we all know, it doesn't work well on land based vehicles. The problem I'm trying to resolve, is to have a vehicle stop at a checkpoint when the AI's driving. Unfortunately, because there are units at the checkpoint, it is causing some odd behaviour and the vehicle does not stop very close to them. Either that, or the vehicle goes off the road, or veers to one side. Any ideas? :D Thanks as always, in advance guys!
  18. ***If you do not have a way to view this video in 3D you can turn 3D off and watch it in normal 2D in the settings below the video. For those of you that have 3D glasses, 3DTV or 3D monitor.....prepare for bombs and bullets to fly out of your screen
  19. Greetings! I'm currently building a Mod Database app and I'd like to collect feedback as to the attributes that I am assigning to each mod. So far I have: Category Tags Requirements (Tags) Author Images 1/2/3 Featured Image Youtube Link Version License License URL Code Repo URL (Bitbucket/Github/Other) Mod Website Overview Features Changelog Credits Excerpt BIS Forum Link Any missing or not needed/redundant? Second question, should I allow anyone to add to the database any mod/mission or should only the author be able to?
  20. This is a small units addon I'm using for my gaming team needs so I've decided to also puplish it for anyone else might find it useful. It is based on simple retexture presenting some ISIS warriors (Islamic State). These units are using default A3 weapons and there is no other mod or addon dependency ... you can find all classnames into the txt file included (also a server key is included). Nothing fancy ... just some units. Note : into classnames txt file I forgot to mention some backpacks classnames ... so here they are ... Download Link : REMOVED THIS ADDON NO LONGER SUPPORTED AS IT SEEMS THAT MANKIND STUPIDITY HAS GONE TOO FAR (see quote below) Aplion
  21. I am wanting to re-texture Hunters for use in a PMC clan but cant seem to find any psd templates anywhere..are these available anywhere or even possible to get? I did a search and only came up with Infantry templates no vehicles..any help would be appreciated. Diesel