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  1. That's too bad, he does some excellent work.
  2. I am moving toward a milsim experience. currently hosted as Red Devils
  3. If you're still around I would like to discuss partnering on a project
  4. This Mission is still around, I have not been hosting but may again if there is interest.
  5. I stopped hosting this, but it still works and I am can provide ongoing updates if there is interest.
  6. I like your mission setup. If you're interested, we could coop a project. Here is what I was working on.
  7. User Mission Request Thread

    I have a really advanced mission framework and can run this kind of setup. Also I'm looking for someone with a group who wants to use the mission/server. If anyone on here has a group and want's customized version of this mission on a server let me know. The only caveat is that I would like my framework to be used. As it stands my RHS version focuses on the USMC, Semper Fidelis.
  8. I'm glad you like it, I don't always keep them alive that long either. Congrats on leveling enough to get them. I'd like to get enough people interested to complete a round or two. It's kind of like DOTA in a way, and hard to make a huge difference vs the AI with one player online.
  9. Bump - looking for community partners.
  10. I'm willing to partner with a community or group if they would be willing to administer the server. I could also allow them access to the warkin.info website.
  11. Right now economy is not affecting the soldier armament. ie: money isn't required to change load out. It only affects vehicles and recruiting AI. The control for load outs is whether you control the territory, you can't change load out/rearm in enemy territory. I think it is really fun that way myself. I'm busy with school now, so I won't be doing any work on this unless there are people playing who want changes. Thank you for the question and checking out my video,
  12. I pay for the server, and don't host it to make money. Also I want to keep control of my work.. If I were you I'd appreciate someone is willing to host for free and that I'm willing to share my work. I would prefer to see people using it, but if no-one does, I can always use the server to host another game or my unity projects. Take it or leave it. This is how I'm sharing this mission. I may release when I get to a certain point. But not at this time. The intent was to keep it under wraps for eventual Tournament style play. If enough people played it I would develop and post tournament stats etc, and offer prizes. Of course this would be out of my pocket or through donations. Personally after playing almost every mission out there and owning a ton of games, I enjoy this the most and have poured hundreds of hours into working on it to make it right. I would love it if others got enjoyment out of it too.
  13. The ai will intelligently take/retake hexagons. I do not have a download as the mission is mostly server side. I plan on player led development. ie: if a player-base develops, they will determine mods and the future of the project. Further I would like to enable tournament modes and a strategic mode combined with the mission rotation. IE fight for each part of Altis. Earn bonuses for control, create sub factions etc. The server address is located in my signature.
  14. Server Dependent, can be run with any mod ****This can only be played on the ts.warkin.info server as server-side is not released, please watch video**** /\ New Video /\ Server and mission Explained. SO I've been piecing together a mission using a lot of community content as well as a ton of my own script to get it all together. It features procedural map objective generation, efficient scripting and a powerful database. It does borrow from wasteland and CTI, but I looked for solutions everywhere. While not everything is perfect yet, it is very playable and will save your levels etc indefinitely. It's got a ton of scripts running server side while keeping the FPS high, so it's smart capable. It's got drop in / drop out saving that will enable you to play a few minutes at a time, but contribute to the big offensive. There is a full economy, and you can also level your AI. You have a choice of 12 persistent AI as you level up who you can recruit at ease and who are saved with my drop in feature, as well as vehicles etc. The mission is town focused, but every part of the map can be captured for income. Please try it out, and comment to steer it's development. The server keeps good frame rate in spite of producing many AI in individual cities. Custom loadouts are available not only to you, but to your ai with minimal effort. As an external influence I reference 'Jagged Alliance'. Lightning Warfare = "Warfare with a small unit, co-op focus" 1. Towns will be connected in territorial mode 2. Every town will have same items available for purchase 3. Each captured town unlocks extra units and gear in all towns. 4. Fast travel will be available between towns 5. Winning condition: Capture all towns. 6. Database deals with per session and infinite saving. 7. Procedural Map with fog of war 8. Player Economy 9. In depth squad management and persistence 10. You can recolor and uniforms, see photos below 11. Rearm and re-equip you or your squad members in minimal clicks. 12. Save and utilize custom load outs for player and squad. 13 In depth medical and support scripting, ai ability to save you when injured. Not a full list, but here are the major imports. - Improved FAR Revive medical simulation - Outlawed Mag Repack - R3F logistics - Building loot spawning - Rewritten Digital load out system - Rewritten Hunter Six ai system - Taw View distance - Seth Duda Advanced Towing & advanced sling load - Outlawed Mag Repack - Zod Take down - Rewritten inidb - Rewritten A3 Wasteland - Rewritten Squeeze Hex warfare Planned additions - Sniper, SOG centric mission support. High value targets : Personnel responsible for logistics, killing will inhibit reinforcement. FOO/FAC: Responsible for coordination of Air support; Killing will disable enemy air support for a time. GUI's - Simple yet powerful Manage your squad, customize your team (Player and AI level saved in DB) Procedural Strategic Map - works on any island and identifies objectives Deep player customization, and more to come Running IFA3