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  1. Replaced my ambient system with Mafia Teamwork, really cool in wasteland.
  2. I'm looking for players who would like to administer a server and for build a community. I'm running a server complete with custom code and procedural details like traffic, procedural building furniture and loot. I would like to code and make this a better and better experience with help from other interested players. Personally I just want to code and play. Discord https://discord.gg/kNVEy9X looting
  3. I'm a coder and I run a wasteland server. I'm looking for a squad to play on the server with and maybe to help admin as well. I'm ex infantry with operational experience in Afghanistan. I don't like milsim. I prefer pvp and open scenarios like wasteland :P.
  4. I've been writing code to optimize runtime and immersion. Here's a quick video I did of the features. If there is interest I will continue development and steer it with feedback. MTW integration House loot etc, prior to MTW Short Looting Video
  5. Combining elements from Escape from Tarkov, as well as just cause and GTA, this server brings ambience to a new level. Currently in development it has reached a playable point. Everything has been extensively modified, or swapped out. The current build is available on my server to play at warkin.info. I'm looking for beta testers and help with server admin. The mission can support more players but I only have a 20 slot server to host on for now. Long / indefinite server runtime, aggressive control of data leaks, provide non stop server up time without restarts Working ambiance throttles and doesn't stop even after 24 hours of server up time. Spawn as a random civilian with no hostility Each group is it's own faction Group heat system (all players are independent, neutral) until they become hostile) - hide your weapons ambient traffic - Enigma ambient pedestrians - Enigma ambient security forces furnished buildings and hidden loot - TPW furniture A3wasteland missions and features - A3 Wasteland Lockable inventory Planned Features Group alliances ability to hire persistent ai base building improvements heat system expansion full trade and economy system more traders More detailed loot tables additional factions more missions alliance held cities ambiance expansions including air traffic and boats. The following images are in game server run time. Direct connect at warkin.info, running vanilla.
  6. I'm running a server with my project, currently 20 slots, but could increase. I've taken on the dissension mission and i'm working daily to make it something truly amazing. Currently I've cleaned it up a lot an made it truly playable with long run times and extensive fixes. I'm looking to find people interested in playing as I've made something very fun, taking into account my real world experience to guide development in conjunction with some fun. The server makes a CTI island war truly persistent as the dissension framework saves progress(amazing work by genesis). I'm bringing rock solid performance and refinement to the project, as well as server only ambiance that will make civilians part of the battlescape while running 24/7. The development path is ongoing, but the project is playable on my server. If you've never tried Dissension before you're in for a treat. Genesis laid out a great framework to build on.
  7. I've revamped and updated Dissension with many fixes, so this amazing game-mode actually works and is optimized. I've got a server hosting it at I'm looking for help running the server if anyone is interested. The game mode is super fun and the combat feels like a good SP mission. Progress is persistent for character levels and the island campaign.
  8. ronin1979ca

    Arma Grand Theft Auto Ambience.

    It won't drop frames or lag too much. The ambient system is part of some more advanced stuff that improves everything. I do include a balancing algorithm that takes into account frame rate data, player count etc. It's not quite ai, but it shouldn't have any issues keeping the server healthy. The system is automated and smart, with stability and frame rate in mind. With enough people the ambient system will taper and eventually stop if necessary. My systems are also capable of running over a week continuously, without restarting. That means no pesky midnight restart. I also have a working version of exile, and my own CTI styled game mode. I am capable of coding my improvements into almost anything. I can use my systems on other game modes as well, improve run time and reduce lag etc. I'd like to host a server people will use. The more use the server gets, the more time I will put into adding content, improving missions and adding feature request.
  9. ronin1979ca

    Arma Grand Theft Auto Ambience.

    Is anyone interested in running admin for this server? If people are using it I will do more dev work and improvements.
  10. ronin1979ca

    Arma Grand Theft Auto Ambience.

    Run-time with my systems have exceeded one week during test cycles without issues.
  11. maybe you should send me a mod list and we can see how this looks in koti.
  12. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    My system of tweaks will allow a server to run indefinitely and not require a restart. I'd like to do something with it that people will use.
  13. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    Either of those work for me.
  14. ronin1979ca

    Is combined arms PvP possible?

    Combined arms game play really depends on players. I could script and edit in a coy sized objective, but the scenario would be too limiting and uninteresting for most players. conversely a mission gen with recon, infantry, armor, artillery, air and jtac for example is possible if there is an interest. if you have enough people who want something i can make it, and I've done enough combined arms work to know what it all means. The two projects on my website, warkin.info include systems not normally available, and include rapid battle procedure within the ai. I could even add dynamic smesc orders if you wanted. To accomplish all arms you would need ai like i develop to undertake most roles while players swap in, and a system for coordination and planing. The KOTI gamemode I developed may suit this niche, but I need people playing to host it on my server. Without any coding, just plop down an objective, get some players for the roles you want and communicate like you're on a radio. frag o's shouldn't take you more than 45 min.
  15. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    I'm down with pretty much anything. I run a server I can host arma on and would really enjoy rallying together a small community. my specialization is integration of various code, ai systems, database systems and optimization / debugging. The server will be up regardless, but it would be wonderful to make more use of it, warkin.info is a personal site of mine, but it can easily be expanded into a full community, and the warkin discord is there as well, with a Empyrion community already present. failing that i have been discussing work with some existing communities.