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Found 3 results

  1. [CooP, TvT, CTI] Dissension Objective Kill the opposing team's commander. That's it. That's the primary objective. There are hundreds of secondary objectives, but this is the primary one. Features Downloads: Update Time! Several bug fixes - Removed all nonsteerable parachutes to fix game from freezing. 1st Attempt at preventing AI units from getting stuck All players can construct items off the same crate to assist in building bases (will still require own purchased HQ) Fix for towns that have only 1 person left to cap. (Towns that report only 1 remaining WITH A FULL BAR have simply not been initialized yet). Several other small bug fixes Dissension Altis V1.2 Dissension Tanoa V1.2 Dissension Source Files The steam version will be updated once I can figure out this issue here. AI Commanders These AI commanders are more than your "capture closest territory" formulas. They come with randomized personalities and army traits. Personalities: These will dictate how the AI choose to engage enemies. Some commanders will like all-out blitzkrieg strategies while others prefer more subtle approaches. Army Traits: These will determine what the commander prefers to create their army with. Every commander will have the basics, but some will prefer more infantry while others will prefer more tanks. These traits interact with many variables to create a unique experience each game. Each of these traits can drastically change the approach the commanders take to the battlefield. Perhaps one commander prefers settings traps and ambushing enemies, while another prefers a Blitzkrieg approach, while yet another prefers to sit back and let the artillery do the talking. AI Hate Humans AI commanders always have something in store for players. They like to adapt to what players are doing. If they notice you using a little too much air, they will just order (which takes resources) a lot of anti-air vehicles, planes, or whatever they'd like. They will match your force with equal force, if they have the resources. Simply steam rolling over the AI with numbers will not be enough - you will need strategy. You will need to attack the AI from multiple sides. Have fun trying to simply "drop" onto the commander to kill him. He doesn't like that. WORK AS A TEAM! Dissension offers an actual difficult Players vs AI challenge. You have to work together. AI Base Construction The AI commander will dynamically utilize squads to defend, patrol, and assault areas. The AI commander will deploy structures and respawn points in new locations to keep the travel time to a minimum for troops while also generously giving out vehicles to select AI squads to traverse the distance before and after combat. Even bodies of water are not a problem as AI will automatically use aircraft to transport units AND vehicles across great expanses of land or sea. Each spawned unit takes 1 ticket and costs resources. It is vital that the AI commanders can quickly expand and spend resources effectively to produce a steady stream of units. Player Base Construction Players can construct their own bases where they can respawn, sell vehicles, sell gear, purchase gear, and purchase vehicles. Be warned, AI will actively seek out player bases if they are too close. Base Destruction Base objects must be destroyed by placing "explosives" on them. If the explosive is not disarmed, it will...explode... and destroy the structure. Players must protect their structures against enemy players and AI alike, lest your base be removed from the face of the planet. Randomized Map Resources Dissension can run on almost any map that has multiple towns and is properly configured, with a simple copy and paste setup. In Dissension, you don't just fight over the towns, you fight over everything. See that interesting point on the map? Yeah, you have to capture that. See that random little island that most people forget about? Yeah, that needs to be captured, prepare for an island invasion. Each map grid, and each town, produce resources for the AI commander's war machine. The more towns/grids you capture, the more cash you get as well. Every town produces a randomize amount of all four resources (Oil,Power,Cash, and Materials). Every grid produces 1 random resource, based off what map objects are around that grid. Advanced UI Design Navigate every feature the game has to offer right from the convenience of a single screen. This UI was lovely crafted by Soolie, a master of ArmA UI design. Supply Lines As the battlefield expands, so does the commander's need for supplies. Supplies must be ferried by players to local structures. Delivering these supplies gives the commander a nice boost of resources and you get a nice cut of the cash as well. Recruit AI Recruit AI into your squad to help man vehicles or to take with you into a town! Every 10 levels gives you one additional AI that you can recruit. Custom Medical/Engineer/Sniper System This comes with a custom medical system. It's simple, but effective. Engineers get rewarded for doing their job, and medics get rewarded for doing their job. You just revived someone? Well here you go pal, here's some nice cash and a little bit of XP. You just got revived by a player without a medikit? Well you're up, but pretty bruised and slow. Well, a FAK will get you up to a decent speed...but without a medic you won't be healed completely. Are you a sniper? Well don't worry if you don't get a lot of kills - the further you can shoot that enemy standing stupidly in the open, the more money you can get! Custom rearm/repair/refuel system Ha! You thought you could just hop into an artillery piece and saturate the map with arty without paying for it, didn't you? Well not only do you have to pay for the artillery. You have to PAY FOR EACH ROUND. Yep. When you go to rearm, you get charged for every round. Ouch. Better make sure those rounds count. This holds true for repairing and refueling, it will cost you. Non-Restrictive Leveling System What's this? A leveling system in an ArmA mission that doesn't simply let you unlock weapons? Weapons that you already paid to have? So, what. Your fancy leveling system must unlock the right to access vehicles? No? Hm. What does it do? The leveling system simply allows you to gain access to unique abilities that do not offer a severe advantage over the battle field. The heavier abilities take time to level to and are costly. While the most frequently used lesser abilities take a few hundred $ and allow you to resupply your team more effectively. You get the idea. It's a fun way to watch yourself progress without it overriding what you do. The idea is simple: Give the player more things to play with, not return what they lost. Freedom of Movement Just like many other CTI missions, the players are free to do just about anything. Perhaps you enjoy helping the AI take towns. Or maybe you enjoy setting up ambushes on convoys or supply lines. The sky is the limit and Dissension aims to create a fun experience no matter where you go in the world. Squad Radar What? Another scripted squad radar? Big deal. Wait! This one is fancy, I promise. See? Hit backspace there. You see? You can filter through all sorts of different modes. You can see names, primary weapon, secondary weapons, unit roles, or even disable it! Vcom AI Vcom AI is baked right into the mission, SO DON'T RUN THE MOD WITH THIS. This means that the AI are vicious in attacking the players AND don't break the mission. Because it was designed around it by the guy who made the mod! Would you just look at that. I hope you like being mortared. Vehicle Customization Feel free to deck out your vehicles with whatever gear you want! Take advantage of ArmA's customizable vehicles. Would you like to have 12 GBU's on that plane? Well you can do that! If you can pay... Parameters, Parameters, Parameters Almost everything about Dissension is customizable. Just look at the size of these parameters! I'm sure there is more...but that is all I will put down for now. Come play! Join in on the fun! Help test! Have questions? Want to play with a group? Have suggestions? Want to pick a fight? Come to our Discord! https://discord.gg/gxc2Wzy I spent many, many, many hours on this project. Feel free to warm your cold heart by donating to a poor ArmA 3 coder: DONATE TO WARM MY COLD HEART
  2. I've revamped and updated Dissension with many fixes, so this amazing game-mode actually works and is optimized. I've got a server hosting it at I'm looking for help running the server if anyone is interested. The game mode is super fun and the combat feels like a good SP mission. Progress is persistent for character levels and the island campaign.
  3. genesis92x

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    Dissension Alpha V0.1 Pre-Release What is Dissension? Dissension is a grand CTI with a focus on resource collecting, character leveling, base constructing, and out thinking the enemy. Dissension offers a unique experience when it comes to capture-the-island missions by challenging the players with AI commanders that try to outsmart you at every turn. AI commanders are assigned random personalities and traits that heavily influence the course of battle Players are just another tool that the AI commanders have in their arsenal. Players can choose to follow the orders given by their commander, assault territory, do supply runs, fortify positions, destroy enemy supply lines, or anything else they desire. The ultimate goal is destruction of the enemy commander. This thread is currently to serve as a way to communicate and collaborate with the community for creative ideas to improve Dissension before its first release. Below are features that are currently implemented, followed by features that are planned before first release. Hey everyone! I apologize for the silence, been working non-stop (I have 6 days off in a row coming up next week :D ) I have had time to work on Dissension and fix many, many, many bugs and problems that were reported. Such a complex and far-reaching mission is bound to be full of issues and bugs. Fortunately, a significant chunk of them have been squashed and dealt with. Although, I am sure some of the reported bugs remain, there is just so much to do :> So I want to push out another improved version. I have added a few extra features but it mostly focuses on bug fixing and smoothing out. GitHub Test Version of Dissension https://github.com/genesis92x/Dissension-20Altis.Altis Download the latest files here - be warned that this is a test version and it may or may not work! A 24/7 server has been setup that has Dissension Altis loaded onto it. It currently only supports 12 people at a time, but has been loads of fun to play on with a bunch of you :) Server Info: IP : Name: [US - COOP/CTI] Task Force Ronin /Dissension Test Server Discord Info: https://discord.gg/gxc2Wzy Changes The feedback I got from several groups was that it would be a good idea to more clearly show player/AI squads on the map and find a way to have more of a connection to them. Simply naming AI squads makes players more likely to support them/care about their progress. Keeping a squad alive longer could also have benefits in the future. In addition, letting players name their squads (and displaying their squad on the map), lets other players know where each group is and what they are doing. Making it easier to decide what group to join. The goal is to make players WANT to be in the same group and work together. CHANGELOG NEW: AI Groups are now assigned group names. These groups are persistent throughout the game, and maintain their group knowledge through respawn. NEW: Player groups are now displayed on the map. Players can now press U to make/join other groups. Players can name their group and invite others in. This will allow freshly joined players to see what each group is doing and join/ask to join that group instead of going in alone. NEW: Squad vs Squad report system. Players are now informed of which nearby squads are fighting (EX: “EAGLE is engaging PASTA”. This allows players to build rivalries or spread fear into opposing player groups. When your squad is engaged by an enemy squad a more obvious message is displayed on screen (EX: PASTA vs RAWRZOR). The color of the message dictates the enemy squad’s side. NEW: Nearby players all receive cash for one another’s kills. This will encourage players to group up and work together. NEW: All players in vehicles are now rewarded with cash for kills. NEW: POI’s (Points of Interest) are now capturable. POI’s are map specific locations (EX: COCOA PLANTATIONS, LUMBERMILL, SMALL PIER, RUINS, etc). These POI’s calculate their provided resources by what the POI includes inside its borders. NEW: Opfor Commander is fully implemented! NEW: Side specific markers. West/East can no longer see ANY of the territory owned by the other side. The only exception to this rule is when either side takes a territory owned by the other. NEW: Supply points will now spawn Aircraft that will attempt to retrieve supplies from supply points. However, AI piloting still seems very sketchy, so there is a good chance these will be replaced with Infantry squads that “carry” the supplies from point A to point B. Not happy about the frustration with AI doing supply runs… The other option would be forcing the players to deliver full supply points. NEW: Private Military Contractor Militia units are now uniquely kitted out. Works for Vanilla or RHS. NEW: Parameter for selecting wanted mod. Supported modes are Vanilla, RHS, and Iron Front NEW: Resistance towns now have the chance to spawn light vehicles. CHANGE: When playing with Iron Front, ARSENAL will only let you take weapons/most equipment from that ERA. (No A3 or RHS weapons when playing with Iron Front). CHANGE: Boat transports now completely cache the group and virtualize the transportation. If the boat is destroyed while transporting the squad, the whole squad is killed. This was done to support mixed AI groups with several vehicles and AI on foot. CHANGE: Supply points are currently using helicopters instead of trucks. The AI are not smart when it comes to picking up supplies…. This might be changed later to the commander requesting players to pick up the supplies and bring them back. FIX: Many, many, many RPT spamming bugs FIX: Many of the missions now respect the currently selected mod. FIX: Iron Front forces forced to appropriate sides when spawning in….Americans are Blufor. Germans are Opfor. Russians are Resistance. FIX: Vehicles are appropriately filtered when playing with Iron Front. FIX: Capturing certain locations did not work properly. FIX: Re-wrote part of the defense spawning for AI. They groups are now larger. FIX: Arsenal bugs out on Dedicated Server FIX: Joining in Dedicated environment would break the game :< FIX: JIP for the server is now working. The only exception seems to a few markers not populating correctly. KNOWN BUGS -When playing on a dedicated server from the very beginning, it may take a while to be moved to the correct position at the commander. This is due to the server still marking all the appropriate locations and spawning in the appropriate units. For now, the players can either wait for the Barracks to be created before spawning in, or simply waiting at spawn to be correctly teleported. -Still, sometimes the UI will randomly disappear. Respawning should now resolve this. My Youtube Channel about ArmA coding and creation. Current Features Intelligent AI Commanders Map Generation and resources AI Navigation & Deployment Easy-To-Use Interaction Menu Freedom of Movement To Be Completed Before Release Supply Lines OpFor Commanders AI groups and Mod Support Player Missions Fleshed out Personalities So, I am writing this way to early in the morning so I just included what was at the front of my thought. Please feel free to post questions, ideas, and other comments - I enjoy working with the community to develop a more compelling experience. Thank you, Genesis