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  1. genesis92x

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    It should be as simple as putting it into the right missions folder and loading it :/ are you getting an error?
  2. I know this is several days later - did you notice any difference between using agents as drivers instead of standard AI? If I recall in my previous testing - agents seemed to perform better in situations with setdriveonpath
  3. Make a request on the GitHub - once I get time I can get around to it. I typically don't have issues with them getting back into their aware behavior
  4. The skill settings are not in the CBA settings currently - they will be added once I get back to Vcom for the next update.
  5. I'm not sure exactly, but I don't see why MCC4 wouldn't be compatible with Vcom. The GAIA aspect and Vcom may play alright together. Vcom AI does not generate additional waypoints if there are already waypoints created
  6. Vcom AI does not make AI pick up weapons
  7. genesis92x

    Mounting and dismounting ai loop

    Not without some more intricate coding. I believe using the "TR UNLOAD" waypoint type will make any AI in cargo slots disembark and not attempt to enter the vehicle again...So making vehicles do this during combat will prevent AI from entering in repeatedly
  8. genesis92x

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Currently on steam I believe.
  9. I apologize, I have not. I have been slammed with multiple requests and projects at the moment. I will have to dig it up - I did not realize that code is actually missing from the current version! It essentially was very similar to how AI deployed static weapons, it looked at the classname of the backpack and created the vehicle that the bag was supposed to assemble. Mostly right! I would remove the // from that line. To make sure the difficulty gets set, I would make sure to put that code at the end of the init.sqf, after VCOM is loaded. So it will correctly override the settings. If you are using the script version (and do not have file patching enabled) I would change the defaultsettings.sqf file. located inside the vcom folder somewhere
  10. genesis92x

    FSM vs SQF

    Thanks for explaining it, instead of just linking to the wiki! There isn't much documentation on it 🙂
  11. genesis92x

    FSM vs SQF

    I'm no expert, but isn't it a little more complicated than that? FSM condition evaluation is on each frame and unscheduled. Do you mean that they somehow run on a 3ms schedule, but the code contained within the FSM is executed in an unscheduled environment? You are not allowed to use sleep/waituntil in an FSM.
  12. genesis92x

    Adding cargo to vehicles

    Should almost be treated like one. When I began scripting long ago - I found it rather silly and the 'helpful' applications of it seemed to be outweighed by the helpful applications of it. Much easier to just create a little script to handle unit init's instead of editor based init's
  13. genesis92x

    Adding cargo to vehicles

    Keep in mind (unless this has been fixed?) that if you add that command to a units init, it will execute everytime a player joins. So if you have a JIP mission, take that into consideration. It might help to name the units and add those commands into the init.sqf inside a if (isserver) then {};