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  1. cool=azroul13

    Arma 3 LINUX not recognizing some DLC!!!

    You're using the proton version, not the arma linux port ? I don't have any problem with the proton version, but I don't have the contact dlc. I'm using fedora, maybe debian is not up to date for steam.
  2. You'll need to be more precise: What's your computer specs ? Is it the first time it happens ? Do you update your game before it happens ? Do you verify the integrity of yours files ? Do you run any mods ? Can you post the rpt file ?
  3. You Should look at the "killed" eventhandler:
  4. Have you tried to replace the lines I quoted in my previous message (2nd I believe) ? I think it will correct the first problem.
  5. cool=azroul13

    If I hit an unit, then die

    You can look at the "handledamage" eventhandler: Something like that but I'm a bit rusted.
  6. I just download the script link in bardosy's first post and I had no error when I tried it. I just put the following line in the medic init: Can you give more information on what is the problem you encounter ?
  7. cool=azroul13

    Delay on a waypoint activation

    Hello, First I think your post should be on the Arma 3 Editing/ Mission Editing section. Then, you need to place a move waypoint on your unit with the timer option set to min40 mid40 max40 and add a GETIN waypoint link to your vehicle.
  8. My bad I forget the end brackets: I test it and it works, it's just a hacky way to do it as the medic is "spawned" on the injured unit. Avibird For Bardosy's script, it works well, there is just one line you could change if you want the medic to perform his animation (and not the unit to heal himself):
  9. Hello, For your first post, it seems you simply need to replace The correct answer will be: For your question about bardosy's script, do you have any error ? I just look at the script and see no command that seems no more relevant.
  10. cool=azroul13

    Animated Grenade Throwing

    It's a really nice work !! I love all the little details !
  11. cool=azroul13

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Avibird&&Barbolani : The Dorelax should work only for civs, for campfire it only works during nighttime. Jdmt : Do you initialize scripts before UPSMON ? It should be solved with the next version. Asdonnik : It's not an error just debug lines. It should be gone in the next version. CorAx : I need more informations (vehicles types, situation ? ) kvntvan : Can you show me what you wrote ? Thanks for all yours reports, Aze
  12. cool=azroul13

    AI discussion [Any Branch]

    Is the "knowsabout" command still usefull ?
  13. cool=azroul13


    If I'm remenbering it well, I think it needs an array of position as first parameter or an object: So it should be: [getmarkerpos "mrkgreen_1",[0,300],random 360,0,[2,200]] call SHK_pos;
  14. cool=azroul13

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Do you try with (_this select 0) and not (this) as first parameter ?
  15. cool=azroul13

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    From what I understand of the module, it should be something like that: nul = [_this select 0,"alpha","stealth","line","limited"] execvm "scripts\UPSMON.sqf" For choosing randomly the marker you can do this: in your init.sqf: Markers_Array = ["alpha","bravo","papa","tango","charlie"]; in the module: nul = [_this select 0,Markers_Array select (floor (random (count Markers_Array))),"STEALTH","LINE",â€LIMITEDâ€] execVM "scripts\UPSMON.sqf";