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  1. Moving Targets

    Is work, but not properly, I mean the target spawn and move but very slowly each 10 seconds more or less. Do you know how to fix the speed trouble?
  2. Yes, I tried to use onTreeDblClick but probably i make some mistakes. Anyway also this information are very helpful, for what I saw there aren't much sample about this kind of UI, I will try rewrite the script better.
  3. Hi all! I'm trying to give to each tree child a command, but unfortunately till here I just made some finite list of errors... Now, this part of the below code working, but I've little experience on UI scripting and I really have no idea to how assign a command on each child, thanks in advance. tvClear 456; [] spawn { disableSerialization; _display = findDisplay 1500; { tvAdd [456,[], _x]; } forEach ["PARENT 1","PARENT 2"]; { tvAdd [456,[0], _x]; } forEach ["CHILD 1","CHILD 2"]; { tvAdd [456,[1], _x]; } forEach ["CHILD 3","CHILD 4"]; };
  4. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    Working fine also with unit/vehicle on sea.
  5. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    Now let's concentrate on festivity We will see on next year...
  6. Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    Hi all, during some test I recognise this code work on land but don't work over sea, any suggestion or correction? No errors are reported both in debug and rpt. _grp = createGroup east; unit1 = _grp createUnit ["O_diver_F", [5700,5900,0], [], 5, "FORM"]; null = [[unit1, 100, 15, "marker0", "marker0", 100, true,"AWARE","RED","NORMAL","FILE",0,30,0,[false]],"USPS.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2];
  7. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    Yes all waypoints are generated by function. Download link Update, if i try to use the BIS_fnc_taskPatrol on a boat in editor they start to move slowly on the sea to some waypoint created on land position, usually to south-east direction, I suppose this is because the function is original of Arma 2, and when they create it don't take in consideration ASLW position. Boat 1 Boat 2
  8. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    I try also with 100mt but same problem, but I recognise to some class of vehicle do not create waypoint at [0,0,0], but for Ifrit ("O_MRAP_02_hmg_F" or "O_MRAP_02_gmg_F") also if I increase till 500mt range and anyway this vehicle have a waypoint at [0,0,0]. For all in all condition when they arrive at last more nearest waypoint the vehicle do not move from there. So I do another exercise, I increase the marker surface to the same maximum range 500mt, I put by editor on map several different kind of land vehicle, including 3 different Ifrit with range form 49mt till 500mt and no one create a waypoint at [0,0,0], and the only vehicle immediately freeze wad that have some waypoint complementation area collide with another waypoint complementation area, if range is 49mt but the waypoint complementation area do not collide the vehicle continue the patrol normally, but also in this case I had the Ifrit with 300mt range when arrive at last waypoint remain freeze on this position. All vehicle int where _x is different range from 49mt till 500mt. [group this, getPos this, _x] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol;
  9. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    I try to change terrain, and I choose the virtual world, because I recognise sometime the vehicle when start to move if hit a bush or a stone the driver freeze on this position, and sometime restart to move in a few second, more frequently remain just freeze. So on the empty virtual world some vehicle haven't create the waypoint at [0,0,0] but remain freeze and the driver complete all waypoint just without moving (see the below video), others vehicle create the waypoint at [0,0,0] and start to move, but when complete all the waypoint around the marker area just stop, driver switch off the vehicle engine and stand by on this position (second below video). I try to spawn an helicopter and do the both error, create a waypoint at [0,0,0] and pilot automatically complete the others waypoint without move form original position.
  10. BIS_fnc_taskPatrol

    Hi Davidoss, also in this way the vehicle have a waypoint at [0,0,0] and random freeze. I always working with displaying script errors and I also check the rpt file, and with my script and your I don't have any error message. I was thinking to try open a bug ticket but before I wan to check if anybody know a solution.
  11. I'm working on a quick script for create a unit/vehicle to patrol a specific area delimited by a marker. So for avoid to use any kind of script I try to use the BIS_fnc_taskPatrol, and working, almost... Any kind of spawned object (land, sea, air) the group commander receive the waypoint and give the order to move to the driver, but for each unit/vehicle I spawn all receive a waypoint at position [0,0,0]. Sometime do not create any problem, the unit/vehicle simple patrol the area nearest the assigned marker, but some time the ai/vehicle start to move to the position [0,0,0] or more frequently remain freeze for few minutes or completely do not move from starting point. So I try to use a more big marker, maybe wasn't enough big to permit the function to work properly, but same issue. I try to spawn outside the marker area the unit/vehicle, and anyway the group commander have a waypoint at [0,0,0]. Last year I had a same problem by using the SHK_patrol script, the ai moves between the waypoint and at the end start to move on position [0,0,0], this is the code I used for spawn the unit/vehicle if anyone can clarify me if I do something wrong or what else, thanks in advance. _unit = ["O_MBT_02_cannon_F","O_APC_Tracked_02_cannon_F","O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F","O_MBT_02_arty_F","O_MRAP_02_hmg_F","O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F","O_MRAP_02_gmg_F"]; _grp = createGroup east; _veh = [(getMarkerPos "Marker0"), random (360), (_unit call BIS_fnc_selectRandom), _grp] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; null = [_grp,(getMarkerPos "Marker0"), 35] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; Some pictures here below
  12. Wiki offiline

    Thanks mate! Is better than nothing, I hope BIS will take in consideration to create an offline version for the community.
  13. Hi all! Exist somewhere an offline version of community wiki as BI Simulations Wiki? I find an oldest post similar but just about a single page here but nothing more.
  14. BIS_fnc_wpPatrol

    Thanks guys!
  15. Hello! Anybody have idea of how work this function? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_wpPatrol And the difference with BIS_fnc_taskPatrol?