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    Yes! just enter this string on the "init" of the vehicle: this SetVariable ["LUCE", true], / / for Lightbar this SetVariable ["AUDIO", true], / / for Siren or VehicleName SetVariable ["LUCE", true], / / for Lightbar VehicleName SetVariable ["AUDIO", true], / / for Siren ---- to turn off just change in: this SetVariable ["LUCE", false], / / for Lightbar this SetVariable ["AUDIO", false], / / for Siren or VehicleName SetVariable ["LUCE", false], / / for Lightbar VehicleName SetVariable ["AUDIO", false], / / for Siren :)
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    Many texts are mirrored, because the textures are on one side only ..
  3. Hello everyone , this is my Police Mod for ArmA 3 Description This mod contains the cops and the criminals. The mod also includes vehicles for the police, like policecar, helicopter, offroad and such. I hope you like 'em. Content 6 Police Units 5 Police Vehicles Siren & Lightbar 3 Criminals Units ​ Included files demian2435_police.pbo Credits & Thanks Bohemia Interactive - For the most beautiful game in the world Fr3eMan - For his kindness and great help All photos can be found on: https://imageshack.com/a/AUMb/1 Download on Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23712
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    Police WIP

    is not very simple, but I'm working on .. :)
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    Police WIP

    Version 1.0 download page: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169417-Demian2435_Police_Mod&p=2568834#post2568834 Hello everyone! I am pleased to present you a new WIP POLICE .. I hope you enjoy it, I'm happy to get positive and negative comments, to improve it. Units have already been created are: - Policeman - Policeman (Heavy) - Police pilot - Swat leader - Swat sniper - Swat - Police car - Police offroad - Police helicopter - Swat offroad - Swat hunter - 3 units of criminals I leave you with some pictures of the unit:
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    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    the best mod ever!
  7. Demian2435

    Blastcore A3

    great job, I want to try it!
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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    hello, I wish I could show you my mod, but I did not understand the process, I hope someone can help me .. thanks