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  1. Psycho5553

    HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import

    How do you port Vehicles from Arma II to arma III ? i would love to know
  2. The title says it all. I really need help with it. i dont find an solution. please say step by step what i should do. im trying to convert an building
  3. Is there an way to get only some people be avaible to use it on the server? I would like todo so only some players can use it trought there Arma 3 UI or something
  4. Psycho5553

    Play music when you die?

    thank you im gonna check it out
  5. Hello! I was wondering if there is an way to start playing music when you die? I already have an good .ogg file track that is 23 Secounds.
  6. Hi : ) I want to make so when an Bluefor (player) comes with an vehicle into an trigger an civillian starts running to the road. I want it to look like the civillian runs infront of the car to die.
  7. Psycho5553

    Weapon Models

    Hello. im going to start making weapon models in Arma 3. Can anyone please send me tutorials. i dont know where to start!
  8. Hello :) Im trying to fix an intro at the start of an mission. but i dont know how to make an camera flying around or make music play at the same time. I want an camera flying around and text on the screen and music at the same time. Is that possible? i saw it on an TDM mission once
  9. Psycho5553

    Addaction GTA Style.

    Thanks Alot!
  10. Pull Out action I want to make an action on all cars that says ''Pull out'' And when you do it the guy in the car poofs/jump out (Like in GTA when u steal an car) But i need help with the SQF file. What should i write in it??!
  11. Psycho5553

    No AI spawn if no Player

    Ok thanks Alot!!! :)
  12. im just doing an simple mission with vehicle respawns and player respawn and stuff. But how do i do so when an slot is controlled by AI they dont spawn! they should only spawn when the slot for them is taken. Like they have in these ''Life'' missions. The character/Unit dont spawn until the player choose its slot. Hope I will get some help.