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  1. Main test of this helicopter will be on my main HAFM mod ... after that and when everything will be fine, I'll also publish it as standalone with retexture permissions as on my EC635.
  2. Some wip teaser images of what might coming next ... http://prntscr.com/uf42za http://prntscr.com/uf43j0 http://prntscr.com/uf43yp
  3. I'm still on Summer vacations ... I'll fix that as soon as I'll be back home.
  4. MOD UPDATED WEAPONS - UNITS - CRATES - ITEMS - One shot disposable launchers added - M136 & M72 (no new classnames - thanks to Devastator_cm for scripting). - Units now are using this mod weapons, equipment and optics mostly. - Some crates issues fixed. - Ballistic helmets and a balaclava added (new models). NEW CLASSNAMES - HAFM_Mask (Balaclava - Black) - HAFM_tacticalHelmet (FAST Ballistic - Black) - HAFM_tacticalHelmet2 (FAST Ballistic - Black/Headset) - HAFM_sealHelmet (FAST PJ Helmet - Black) - HAFM_PBR_Helmet_Bow (PBR Ballistic - Black/Headset) - HAFM_PBR_Helmet_Bow_Green (PBR Ballistic - Green/Headset)
  5. Basically I'm working on most of these which will be released on next update together with some tactical ballistic helmets plus other things.
  6. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Thank you ... appreciate an "non-asking something" nice word 🙂
  7. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    All ships are fully textured .. in case you are talking of details and interiors, the answer is no ... for the moment we made a mod working for those who want to have real (as possible) naval battles. Not static objects. Also it is not possible to walk on those ships ... game engine does not allow that, unless you will use some kind of scripting ... so for the moment don't ask for that. This mod so far took us a long amount of work on all aspects of it ... I suggest to enjoy it as is, instead all the time asking for more ships and/or things that are against game engine allowance. Thanks for understanding that.
  8. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    These are static objects not ships ... cannot sail.
  9. It is the correct thread as you are talking about my base HAFM mod. Air part of the mod needs to be re-worked as left aside for many time through BIS updates. I'll check on that remarks too ... thanks.
  10. Αplion

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Maybe I've missed that, but why "Two Sierra ALL-IN-ONE via Mega" file is password protected ?
  11. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Mod Updated ... - Added: Ship horns - Fixed: TFAR Vehicle Radios by some ships (were missing or had wrong side radio) - Fixed some ships sound issues
  12. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    MOD updated ... fixes for Dedicated Server issues of - CIWS - Sound Effects
  13. My main mod (not the naval part) can be found here and Kabar knife is just an item (you can find it under "Props - Things - Food" for the moment. I've added this knife after I saw your script (the 3d model was ready from past time) and thought that would be useful. Glad you liked my mod m8.
  14. I hope you to find some time to work further on this script m8 as it looks very promising and will be a very nice addition for all mission makers here. Thanks for your work so far.
  15. Also just noticed that your script doesn't seem to work on MP ... not sure if it is something by my side ... I'm using this addAction which works fine on SP. ThrowAction = player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Throw Knife</t> <img size='2' image='\HAFM_Objects\data\ui\ico_hafm_knife_ca.paa'/>", {["Land_hafm_knife_F", player] execvm "scripts\throwKnives.sqf";},[],1.5,false,true,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; ... and I have inserted, of course, my knife classname into your script as well.