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  1. MOD updated to 5.4.0 version  changelog WEAPONS - HK MP5 (new model) - classname HAFM_MP5A4 (old one has been replaced). - HK MP5-EOD-GL (new model) - classname HAFM_MP5A4_EOD. - Police units updated also.
  2. MOD updated to 5.3.9 version changelog WEAPONS - G3A4 (new stock model part added) - classname HAFM_G3A4 - Units updated also.
  3. Old post I know but just in case someone will need this ... class hide_mount { type = "hide"; source = "hasOptics"; selection = "mount"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hideValue = 0.0; unhideValue = 0.1; };
  4. MOD updated to 5.3.8 version changelog WEAPONS - Sig Sauer P226 (new model) - classname HAFM_sig226 DRONES - Greek Pegasus II UAV (new model) - classname HAFM_Pegasus AIRCRAFT - MFD fonts fix
  5. Αplion

    HAFM Air mod RWR config fix

    Sorry for necro-posting but ... how did I missed that ? @drunkenjawa if you are still active please contact me ...
  6. Pegasus II UAV - WIP
  7. MOD updated to 5.3.7 version NAVY - Added Boats, Ships and Submarines owned by Hellenic Navy. NEW CLASSNAMES BLUFOR Side HAFM_Naval_CB90_BLU HAFM_Naval_GunBoat_BLU HAFM_Naval_MEKO HAFM_Naval_Replenishment HAFM_Naval_Russen HAFM_Naval_RHIB HAFM_Naval_214 HAFM_Naval_209 HAFM_Naval_SDV Indep Side HAFM_Naval_CB90 HAFM_Naval_GunBoat HAFM_Naval_MEKO_IND HAFM_Naval_Replenishment_IND HAFM_Naval_Russen_IND HAFM_Naval_RHIB_IND HAFM_Naval_214_IND HAFM_Naval_209_IND HAFM_Naval_SDV_IND
  8. MOD updated to 5.3.6 version - New G3A3 models and textures - New G3 scope and silencer - Some general tweaking
  9. There is a classnames.txt file into my mod root folder which contains all classnames..
  10. Small fix released for a conflict reported on Kiowa missiles.
  11. Yes, when this bird will be out of any issues I'm planning to make a standalone version too. BTW ... a friend informed me that my NAVY mod can be responsible with missiles issue you reported ... I'll check on that and fix it.
  12. I can't reproduce any error regarding missiles on AT version http://prntscr.com/vb4ljx ... try only with HAFM and CBA mods as might be some other mod conflict. Please let me know the results. About flight characteristics, are still on beta phase. Thanks for reporting.
  13. New update released (Steam) version 5.3.5 HELLICOPTERS - New helicopter added, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (under beta version till no issues will be reported). - An overhaul to some of the helicopters adding PhysX and tweaking their performance (still some more work needed on that part). NEW CLASSNAMES BLUFOR Side - HAFM_Kiowa - HAFM_Kiowa_AT Indep Side - HAFM_Kiowa_Green - HAFM_Kiowa_Green_AT
  14. Small teaser images ... soon on release.