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  1. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    I've already tried it but without success ... who knows I might figure out something different. But the problem is that I will not add ships with full interior (except bridge) so this option will be useless. Still is an option on the back of my mind so we'll see ...
  2. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Also some more ships will be probably add as this FREMM frigate (WIP) ...
  3. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Ships are subject for update in order to be equal mod as submarines. This will be my next project.
  4. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    @cpt.ghost ... can you read my posts more carefully next time please ... ALL mods testings MUST completed primarily with just the MOD you are testing and their requirements ... and you just telling me that you reported issues using more mods while you testing that ? anyway .. when/if you will find what other mod has causing conflict I'll be glad to read your next report. Please don't make me be rude as on that message ... I spend much time to looking about your reported issue with no obvious reason. Thanks for understanding that.
  5. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    ok here you are ... submarine submerged to periscope depth and final target (last waypoint) the hangar on malden airport ... waiting to tell me if same procedure is followed by you as also that you don't using other mods except this one and cba ...
  6. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    I'm uploading a video showing the sequence ... wait until I've post it please ...
  7. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Have you updated the mod on its last version ? also a video could help to understand the reported issue as hasn't reported by someone else so far ... are you using ONLY this mod and CBA_A3 to reproduce the issue ?
  8. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Hot-Fix Released Version 1.3 Changelog - Torpedoes have new thrust logic. - Bubble issue fixed (this was causing all crash issues plus the DX11 issues). - Zero divisor issue by status display fixed. - TFAR 1.0 compatibility added.
  9. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Not yet such an option ... we'll try to add it on future updates as for the moment we are working to solve some reported issues.
  10. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    The issue was standing only for harpoons ... torpedoes had no issue on that so it is the same as before about them.
  11. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Hot-Fix Released Version 1.2 Changelog - Sub loadout issue fixed. - Sub aground issue fixed. - Crash issues (We assume that we fixed the crash problem but still we need your feedback to be assured). - Config issues fixed. - USS Virgina name fixed. - Vehicle GPS fixed. - Harpoon against submerged subs will not work. SDV units will not be attacked by harpoons.
  12. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Also note that if you will dive too close to seafloor then the sub will stop diving and will try to go on surface ... its a fail-safe system which we have added for avoiding collision.
  13. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Turn Sonar to "Active" and use Captain Status GUI ... you will find this info in there (about seafloor).
  14. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    We gonna fix that don't worry mate ... have a nice sleep :)
  15. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Is there any chance to update to DX12 (your card supports that) and try the same ? ofcourse if you won't do that there is no problem and I can understand ...