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  1. james_manring

    ASCZ A2 Community Map Fixes (for AIA TP/SA)

    A lot of the waterlines do not appear unless you are above them in altitude. You'll notice on Gulf of Aqaba that there are some fountains that only glitch out when you are above ground level too. As for Miroslavl, you should be able to make configs that replace the configs inside in an addon mod with versions that blank out the changes. That would not require people to start opening and rebuilding mods. Hopefully it can be done without messing up ArmA2 stuff as the folder structure isn't the same.
  2. james_manring

    ASCZ A2 Community Map Fixes (for AIA TP/SA)

    I'm pretty sure kju already knows. It is ArmA2 ponds found in those two PBOs in A3MP under the Misc folder. If he hasn't fixed it yet it just means they both have missed a few ponds that were not in a subdirectory they thought to peek through. I did some comparing of configs. It appears your fix for Aliabad removes Takistan as a parent class for the map. That removes the CfgSounds that it used to inherit from Takistan, thus presenting the error. Try adding this to the MCN_Aliabad class. class Sounds { sounds[] = {}; };
  3. james_manring

    ASCZ A2 Community Map Fixes (for AIA TP/SA)

    I am not sure about the missing sound config. I get the message too. Are you sure you have your logs turned on when you check?The waterline is a problem with Ponds that were not replaced in A3MP inside A3MP_Structures2_Data, and A3MP_Structures3_Data. I informed Alduric of this a few months ago and all he had to say was arguing that I was wrong, though actually fixing it myself proved I am correct. I'm not sure what to do about it other than create a patch that replaces those pond .P3D files inside the Misc folders with a blank one and overwriting Alduric's PBOs as a dependency until he is willing to admit there is a problem and correct it. I might just do that and release it if it won't cause any problems within the community or break any rules.
  4. james_manring

    United States Air Force

    Hey I wrote you a PM a month or so ago about fixing the geometry LOD for the wheels on the C-130. They are not round enough for ArmA3, a common problem with aircraft models imported from ArmA2. That is why there is so much friction on the ground and sometimes they get so damaged you cannot raise them. In my PM I had offered to do all of the work for you. I am curious as to why there is no reply and if otherwise you are willing to take my advice onboard and do it yourself. The C-130 will never function or take off from a rough or shorter runway as it should without wheels with more sides.
  5. james_manring

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Oh no, Jeza, I think you are misunderstanding. A3MP has by design replaced the ponds with an empty model since the beginning, thus removing the bugs the engine has in displaying the ponds. This would leave an empty hole for the fish to flop around in. Not exactly what you're looking for. What I am trying to tell Alduric is that he missed a few of these ponds that were being replaced by emptiness. If you start up the following you will see ponds being used that are sourced in A3MP: FATA - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22057 The version with ponds. Obviously, the version without them works but that is not the point of this exercise. (Uses ponds found in A3MP_Structures3_Data.pbo) Aliabad - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16711 (Uses ponds found in A3MP_Structures2_Data.pbo) Napf - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17088 (Uses ponds found in A3MP_Structures2_Data.pbo)
  6. That is why I mentioned ArmA 2 Buildings. There are many ArmA2 maps that are able to be used on ArmA3 with A3MP or All-in-Arma. Many of the village buildings for the middle east or africa, especially community made ones, are much lower in height and logically could use a buddy system to put men on the roof. I think they will be within the 3-3.4m range but wanted to make sure you had considered those in your testing.
  7. james_manring

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Not all ponds, which is why I asked about the remaining ones.
  8. james_manring

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Have you talked to the All-in-arma guys about using their empty.p3d file to replace all of the remaining Ponds in your next release? It would allow more maps to be used without problems.
  9. james_manring


    I've been getting the same since the last time BIS updated it. I have used it as an excuse to become more familiar with Mikero's utilities. His Addon builder is excellent. It takes a bit of work to get everything for it set up, but once you do it will stop your headaches.
  10. I think I might be in love. If you are familiar with the buildings used on ArmA 2 maps and could make sure that this new buddy feature works well with the typical single story building heights that would be awesome. The group I play with has a tide mod and the ability to get on top of buildings to be picked up by a helicopter in a flood would be invaluable.
  11. Would you consider adding some kind of grappling hook feature to this in the future that enables climbing to higher rooftops?
  12. james_manring

    Addon Bulder SitRep

    I tried to get that tool that was suggested above working instead so I can actually do my mod work tonight, and it tells me it cannot detect Steam Tools though they are painfully obviously installed. I guess we are stuck waiting for BIS to release something new.
  13. james_manring

    Addon Bulder SitRep

    Still no answer on Prefix? That is VERY important!
  14. It was great having contact with you and trying to help work on some of your aircraft. You might as well consider releasing those balanced unbinarized models here. I can send you a zip of them again if you would like.
  15. I like the idea of some faster running animations and dual propulsion modes. I'd also like to see something like afterburners from aircraft mods that have an on/off function turned into jump jets with a variable input level function (toe break or throttle) for mechs. I'm a fan of the MechWarrior style military mechs from the BattleTech universe and can see that what gmwo is doing here will one day make those and other mech series very possible to implement in ArmA.