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  1. benargee

    Stopping a playsoud3d

    Try destroying the object the sound is attached to?
  2. benargee

    Arsenal on Respawned Vehicles

    Yes, sorry. I made a few corrections to my post, syntax was off. For use with multiple vehicles, it works and it does so automatically. The expression field in the vehicle respawn module gets called every time it respawns a vehicle that it was synced to. _this select 0 refers to the vehicle that was created by the respawn to replace the old destroyed or abandoned one. It passes [<new vehicle>, <old vehicle>] to the expression field. Since the expression field gets called every time each vehicle respawns, including all vehicles in the call can create issues. In this case it doesn't because arsenal can only be initialized once. The reason this is bad is because it will create a bad practice to use that method for other script to be called. You will end up calling code more than it needs to be. Say you want to add a certain amount of weapons to the newly respawned vehicles cargo. As soon as another vehicle is respawn, all vehicles will have that weapon cargo added AGAIN and will go above the limit you intended them to have. This is only one example. It's not horrible but it's unintended behavior and might just cause users to ask more questions without understanding why this is happening. I'm just trying to address this before it becomes a problem for many people. For even greater flexibility and automation, add this to the init field { ["AmmoboxInit",[(_x),true,{true}]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; } forEach synchronizedObjects this; This will automatically add arsenal to all objects that were synced from the start. You wont have to add code to every vehicle's init field manually any more. This is useful since "Expression" only gets called after a vehicle is respawned and not on the original. "this" refers to the vehicle respawn module. "synchronizedObjects this" refers to all objects that were synced to it for respawn. Hope that explains it
  3. benargee

    Arsenal on Respawned Vehicles

    Best practice is to use the expression field of vehicle respawn: ["AmmoboxInit",[(_this select 0),true,{true}]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; (_this select 0) refers to the new vehicle that is being respawned. the method you are praising may lead to issues down the road.
  4. benargee

    Arsenal on Respawned Vehicles

    There should be an init expression field in the vehicle respawn module that gets executed when the vehicle respawns. you use "this" or "_this" (cant remember which one) to reference the vehicle that is spawning.
  5. You should really edit your original post to state this.
  6. Can you specify what those objects were? List their class names.
  7. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_execVMonly requires one argument but can optionally take two. Either should work.
  8. Shouldnt it be ["scripts\prepPlayers.sqf", "BIS_fnc_execVM", false, false] call BIS_fnc_MP; and not [{execVM "scripts\prepPlayers.sqf"}, "BIS_fnc_execVM", false, false] call BIS_fnc_MP; Also I imagine Zade_BOC_FNC_AddChestBackpack is adding an action the unit locally to where it is called(server). In other words, only the server can activate the action and not the player. addAction must be executed on every machine that interaction is to be enabled.
  9. benargee

    I have a Microsoft Windows phone

    Most app developers look at market share when choosing what platform to develop on first.
  10. To be honest I have had no Issues with my 1.62 dedicated server with 25 people in it. Maybe you need to reset your server cfg files or something. try Arma3Legacy160
  11. Even if I knew it would be against forum rules. I would technically be providing information on how to acquire pirated software since Arma 3 and Server are only officially available through Steam. Have you tried 1.60 instead of 1.58 or 1.62?
  12. You cant. They usually only keep the previous version up. 1.60 is still available. Whats the point in rolling back that far for a server anyway? Doesn't it drastically reduce your player base since most people are on 1.62?
  13. Can you please add this option to TADST . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Server_Options loopback = true; Puts dedicated server into LAN mode and allows multiple LAN or local clients to connect to the server under a single steam ID. It is very useful for testing missions on a single machine without having to bug others to help out. Currently I have to enter this manually every time I resave settings in TADST. Very annoying. I am not faulting you, but this should have been added back in Arma 2. Check box labeled "Loopback" or "LAN Mode" Should suffice. Thank you again. :)
  14. It probably uses a different range for min and max value when using that source.
  15. Yes I am aware windDir is a command that returns a number just like direction. That's why I am saying source might not be looking for a scripting command or sqf statement. It might be something on it's own. If anything you need something that returns radians and not degrees since it requires a value between pi and negative pi. I think this is what you are looking for https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Model_Config#Animation_sources You might have to use "user" since I can not find one for wind direction. I think then it is script driven via https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animate. I know the advanced flight model shows a working wind gauge when in a helicopter.